Patriot Convention


This is the one election that in all of our history is a fork in the road that we had better choose wisely.

This next president will appoint several Supreme Court justices.

That alone should be enough to make everyone sit up and take notice.

If HRC is allowed to stack that Supreme Court, the country is gone.

It is that serious. There is no turning back, none.

We will not have the luxury to say, we can hang for another 4 years.

The communist planks are all in place…

...that ball is at the finish line and just needs that last punt over the goal posts and it is game over.

That one issue will have ramifications for decades.

Your children and grandkids will experience the full weight of that one issue alone.

Monday, May 7, 2012

If they can do it why can't we?

Vox Popoli

Bermuda boots out its longtime immigrants:
A British family who lived in the colony of Bermuda for 20 years were ordered to leave because its government is clamping down on immigrants from Britain. Stephen and Kirsty Tomlinson and their two children were given barely a month to get off the North Atlantic island after his workplace burned down. Now the couple have swapped sandy beaches and sunshine for concrete and drizzle after returning to Mr Tomlinson’s home town of Hull, east Yorkshire. They were ordered to leave despite their daughter Holly, 12 and son Joseph, six, being born in Bermuda, a British overseas territory in the North Atlantic.
It is ironic indeed that Brits are being kicked out of Commonwealth nations even as millions of Commonwealth citizens are permitted residence in Britain. And it is simply ludicrous that the wealthy Western nations continue to pretend that what other nations are doing to their citizens is either impossible or immoral. Notice that once the British man lost his job, he was given one month to leave despite the fact that they'd been there for 20 years and their children were born there. And furthermore, notice that mere place of birth is not sufficient to provide citizenship.

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