Patriot Convention


This is the one election that in all of our history is a fork in the road that we had better choose wisely. William Faulkner On Gettysburg

This next president will appoint several Supreme Court justices.

That alone should be enough to make everyone sit up and take notice.

If HRC is allowed to stack that Supreme Court, the country is gone.

It is that serious. There is no turning back, none.

We will not have the luxury to say, we can hang for another 4 years.

The communist planks are all in place…

...that ball is at the finish line and just needs that last punt over the goal posts and it is game over.

That one issue will have ramifications for decades.

Your children and grandkids will experience the full weight of that one issue alone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Resistance To Tyranny


A Primer on Armed Resistance 

 When resistance is justified 

 Anticipating government response 

 Gaining public support for the Resistance 

The overt and covert wings of the Resistance 

 Training and supplying the armed wing of the Resistance 

Clandestine communications and encryption 

 Gathering tactical and strategic intelligence 

Ambushes, Sniping, Sabotage, Raids 


  1. I'm waiting for the Idiot's Guide.

  2. Matt Bracken wrote a detailed review on the Amazon page for the book.
    Roger, that would be the one I need also :)


    1. :) Well, we are all on the same page tonight.:)

  3. Thanks for the link Brock. Just ordered it. Won't be able to read it until I get home in Feb from Afghanistan but is exactly what I was talking about in one of my comments on another post. The Special Forces Manual on Unconventional Warfare is a good read also and as every good Ranger knows the Ranger Handbook is useful to have. Ever read any of the Foxfire much to little time...

    1. Our library has a few of the Foxfire books, they're great!

    2. Please take care of yourself while you are in Afghanistan and any other theaters. Do they still call them that? Thank you for your service. I am constently trying to educate people about United Nations and Rules of Engagement and how stupid it is for our military to abide by their rules. I pray for all of our military to be safe and to come home now.

    3. how stupid it is for our military to abide by their rules.

      Asinine, indeed.