Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Joe Lonsdale: Google is not a patriotic company

Via Anonymous


  1. I may have jumped the gun on this recommendation, it's a MSM source after all.
    Come to find out an underlying narrative to Thiel's personal interest. He does us 'seemingly', very vague must be vogue.
    Considered relaying an English written article from a 2009 Norwegian Pring scandal. Seven victims came forward, as members of the community (ie not snatched off the street). One being a female who became a cop, recognized many of the 'Law' administrators as her abusers. One case sketched 4 perps who looked like JEp, Maxwel, Wex, and a bad A. Weiner(cong). Apparent snuff film in evidence, one who got out claimed she would have been such a victim. Couldn't bring myself to post as bestiality pics were on the page among descriptions you don't want to read.
    Wex own Seagrams and record labels that promoted hip-hop early. Trump found out, from the artist, they were 'encouraged' to promote alcohol and racial tension.