Monday, July 9, 2018

A democratic revolution has just begun in Vietnam: Massive but orderly protests across the country hint at the beginning of the end of Communist Party rule

Via Lê Bá Dzũng

Vietnamese protesters shout slogans against a proposal to grant companies lengthy land leases during a demonstration in Ho Chi Minh City on June 10, 2018. Photo: AFP/Kao Nguyen
Several protesters carried American flags and anti-communist slogans such as “Down with communists” and “Down with traitors.”

On June 7, a group of about 300 ordinary Vietnamese in Phan Ri Cua City of Binh Thuan province formed the first rally against a draft law on special economic zones (SEZ). They had trouble before with an ongoing Chinese thermal power plant investment project in their own province and were opposed to more such Chinese investments.

Two days later, tens of thousands of workers at Pouyuen footwear company in Tan Tao Industrial Park, Ho Chi Minh City, went on strike against the SEZ draft law.

The following day, on June 10, many demonstrations sprung up in other cities throughout the country, including the capital of Hanoi, Nghe An, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa, Dac Lac, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, My Tho, Vinh Long, Kien Giang, and Ho Chi Minh City.


  1. Holy shite.
    That will be very interesting. How might the protests affect travel?

    1. I'm sure the government will do everything possible for tourism not to be effected. They're making a fortune.

  2. Heh Brock don't you wish you were visiting right the FUCK now ! watch the commies boarding the helicopters and fleeing for their lives SAT'CONG'

  3. I guess this is good, but I'm not fully a believer in democracy for everyone.

    If they get a truly better government, resulting in a truly better society, then good for them. Maybe we can declare victory for the Vietnam War now.

    I'm certainly glad to remove all connection with Communism. I'd rather see traditional Vietnamese kings than Communist elites, even if not an improvement. Communism is just disgusting, and it's disgusting not simply because it doesn't work. Nevertheless, I'm wary of revolutions, even a revolution against a Communist society, since you had said it's not so bad today.

    It's interesting to me how in Venezuela, the government seems to be relying on the military to keep order, just like an historic tyrant. So, these Marxist movements always end up terribly, just as tyrants did.

    Maybe we'll eventually see China transition. The Chinese Communist Party should be mortally humiliated to have ever revered Marx. If China continues to reject democracy, fine. The Chinese have already rejected Mao. They should take the next obvious step, jettison Marx entirely.

    1. it's not so bad today.

      Yes, it was bad from 1975 until 1986 when the Vietnamese Communists realized that their system wasn't going to work in the South. A friend of mine who spent more years there than me stated when he finally went back about 10 years ago "if I had been put into a time capsule in 1975 and I was let out in 2002? I would have sworn the South won the war.'