Monday, June 21, 2010

Seceding From the Empire (part 1)

This video features a talk by Mike Tuggle for the North Carolina League of the South (LS). Mr Tuggle is a Board Member of the LS.

The New and Old North Carolina State Flags

'The design provided by William Jarl Browne and adopted by the Convention was described as having a red field with two bars making up the fly; the top one blue and the bottom bar white. Centered on the red field was a white five pointed star. Above the star, in a semi-circular mold, was the date May 20, 1775 representing the much questioned "Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence." Below the star was the date, May 20, 1861 representing the date of North Carolina's secession from the union.

This flag was carried by the North Carolina Regiments, along with the Confederate colors, throughout the Civil War [sic].

After the war, North Carolina, like other secession states, adopted a revised design for their state flag. In March of 1885, a bill introduced by General Johnstone Jones was passed and the design of the North Carolina State Flag changed for the last time.'