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NC: HB 246 The Gun Rights Amendment & HB 144, the Homeschool Education Tax Credit
Representative Larry G. Pittman
North Carolina General Assembly
House of Representatives
1321 Legislative Building
16 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, NC  27601-1096

About time.

HB 144, the Homeschool Education Tax Credit, would give homeschool parents a non-refundable tax credit of $2,500 per year per child they educate at home.    This is based on the State’s figures of approximately $5,000 per year spent by the State per student in the government run schools.  It is a tax credit of half that amount each for homeschool kids.  It is meant to give some relief for homeschool parents who are paying their taxes to support a system of education for everyone else’s kids, while having to pay to educate their own kids on top of that.  I am considering similar legislation for parents who send their kids to private schools; but I think someone else may already be working on that.


HB 246, The Gun Rights Amendment, would amend Article I, Section 30 of the State Constitution by removing language against concealed carry and replacing it with language that limits the places and situations where concealed carry may be prohibited, and commits the State never to confiscate our citizens’ weapons and never to cooperate with any other entity (such as the federal government or the UN) that might try to do so.  I think this one will have a lot of support, but may be held up in committee, also, just because the leadership will consider it too controversial and they don’t want to deal with any amendments to the State Constitution this year.  We’ll see.  Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC) will support me on this one.
I have also prepared a companion bill, which would not be a constitutional amendment, to clarify further the rights of our citizen gun owners, and I’m waiting for it to come back from Bill Drafting now.  I’m calling it the Enabling Patriots Act.  I have worked very closely with Paul Valone, of GRNC, on this one.  It has been a grueling process trying to get these two gun bills right.  It took much longer than I expected to get them written, especially with everything else I am so busy doing.   When it is ready, that will make five bills on which I am the author and primary sponsor, all of which have to do with upholding our citizens’ rights, which is the only reason I came to Raleigh in the first place.

Worth Reading: Federal action against patriot groups in US?

From: L.W.

From our brothers in Ohio

For dissemination throughout the Frontiersmen and to our friends

RE: Federal action against patriot groups in US

Today at 10AM there was a very large meeting at the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJIS) headquarters in Clarksburg, WV. The meeting was held in an auditorium and included everyone – from agents to the secretaries. The meeting was organized by the Director of the Biometric Identification Management Agency (BIMA), Colonel Bolo (ret.).

Bolo summarized the purchase of 24 new armored vehicles (each costing $400k) and the recent appearance of 20 mobile headquarters that are now present at the facility. The mobile units are semi-trailers with attached generators in the front; are of a shiny, mirrored-silver finish; and have no identifiable markings on them at all. There are 20 of them parked (visibly in front) at 1000 Cluster Hollow Rd, Clarksburg, WV as of today. Additionally, there are 24 armored cars (the same ones we have seen with DHS markings) parked in a different lot on this property, but they too may be visible.

The Colonel went into great detail on a list of patriot/constitutional groups. According to witnesses, this is a list that may be identical or very close to the one put out by the SPLC but had over 1000 groups on it. He explained that although groups may take advantage of the 2nd Amendment debate to garner followers now, at the heart of all these organizations is a racist core; one that poses a threat and will need to be dealt with soon. This is when he tied the armored cars and mobile command trailers to ‘the mission’.

The armored cars (those at the facility and nationwide) are to effect high-risk warrants on the ringleaders of the listed various groups with command centers being placed as necessary. The DHS and FBI are planning to move at one time against the listed groups; with SWAT teams being utilized against the more threatening ones. The colonel explained that all these groups have been successfully infiltrated and the leaders identified. He also explained that this is part of the new Internal Security Force that the president has been alluding to. In answering a question from an attendee regarding the mass purchase of ammo, he also stated that the buildup of arms and ammo was specifically for this ‘mission’.

The witness has told me that after the meeting, everyone they seen were against this. People were complaining, shaking their head in disbelief, and asking what the heck going on. According to them, NOBODY (including federal agents present) planned on going along with this and many even talked about how this will ignite a war.

The report I received can be verified through any personal contacts you may have at this center or connected to the agencies mentioned. You may also visibly inspect the lot for these trailers by driving to the location in Clarksburg. The witness was extremely bothered by the meeting and has said ‘it is coming and a hell of a lot sooner than people think’.

I used to think that mass roundups would never happen – but with this new information, I can clearly see that this is exactly what is going to happen (at least to a certain number of militia/patriot groups). And inevitably, any action this crazy will result in a reaction by others. The specter of Civil War in this country is a real and present danger folks – prepare.

NOTE: I did ask a whole bunch of additional questions which hopefully will be answered soon.



HK 121 - General Purpose Machine Gun

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Universal Machine Gun. Modular. Reliable. Superior.As the successor of the MG3, The HK121 opens a new era of universal belt fed 7.62 mm x 51 machine guns. Compared to others, the gas operated HK121 offers an intelligent and contemporary build standard, with numerous technical and ergonomic innovations. The mounting interface of the HK121 is compatible with MG3 mounts and tripods already in service. The universal HK121 can be used by dismounted infantry in the ground role, as well as for air defence or as a vehicle mounted/co axial machine gun.approx. 600/700/800 rounds/min

Very Impressive and stable platform. It can be fired from virtually any position including standing. Virtually no muzzle rise with a 7.62!
I am astounded at the ease in changing the barrels as well as the very low recoil forces it has.As a former machine gunner, I am in awe of these new German machine guns. Good grief.... Amazing rates of fire. If only they had them on the Eastern Front.... I would damn sure hate to be "down range" facing these weapons.


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Desperate times: Marines told to 'save every round'


 Desperate times: Marines told to 'save every round'

Posted by CNN's Kevin Liptak

 United States Marines are being told to preserve ammunition and gasoline as a deal softening the impact of automatic spending cuts continues to elude leaders in Washington.

                                                                       More @ CNN

Kerry Announces $250 Million in U.S. Aid for Egypt

Secretary of State John Kerry this week promised $60 million in relief supplies to the Syrian National Coalition

President Obama has approved an additional $105 million for "urgent humanitarian relief efforts" in the Horn of Africa

Air Force Chaplain Awarded Bronze Star for PowerPoint Teaching Proper Sensitivity for the Koran

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 He he had any patriotism he would turn it down.

An Air Force chaplain has been awarded a Bronze Star for his service in crafting an especially good PowerPoint about how to treat Islamic religious materials with sensitivity, according to Ohio’s Dayton Daily News. After U.S. troops in Afghanistan accidentally burned copies of the Koran, sparking riots that took over 30 lives, Lieutenant Colonel Jon Trainer came to the rescue:     
After the accidental burning last year of Qurans by U.S. troops in Afghanistan sparked deadly rioting, an Air National Guard chaplain from Springfield stepped in and potentially saved countless American lives.
For his effort, Lt. Col. Jon Trainer received the prestigious Bronze Star — a medal given for heroic or meritorious achievement in connection with operations against an armed enemy.
And he did it with a PowerPoint presentation. . . .
Within 48 hours, Trainer developed a PowerPoint presentation on the proper handling and disposal of Islamic religious material that was seen by every American — military and civilian alike — in Afghanistan. The presentation then was distributed to the U.S. for use in all pre-deployment training.
The piece explains that Trainer also helped teach service members just how wide the breadth of their sensitivity had to be, covering what constitutes Islamic religious material in the first place. “When a Muslim writes down even a few verses from the Quran on a piece of paper,” he told the paper, “that immediately gets that same protected status.”

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Video shows Washington, DC drive-by shooting that injures 11

One of the victims was shot in the back, but most were only hit in their arms or legs, The Washington Post reported. The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. on North Capitol St.

The video shows the victims falling to the sidewalk as the vehicles drove by and opened fire between two parked cars in front of an eight-story apartment building and then sped off.

After a similar incident in the neighborhood in October, police said the shootings appeared to involve a dispute between residents living on either side of New York Ave., which runs through the district a few blocks north from the Capitol.

Chief of US Pacific forces calls climate biggest worry

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 Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III met privately with security and foreign policy specialists at Harvard and Tufts universities Thursday and Friday.


 America’s top military officer in charge of monitoring hostile actions by North Korea, escalating tensions between China and Japan, and a spike in computer attacks traced to China provides an unexpected answer when asked what is the biggest long-term security threat in the Pacific region: climate change.

Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III, in an interview at a Cambridge hotel Friday after he met with scholars at Harvard and Tufts universities, said significant upheaval related to the warming planet “is probably the most likely thing that is going to happen . . . that will cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about.’’


Assault Weapons Ban 'Just the Beginning'


Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), a member of the Democratic Party’s leadership in the House of Representatives, suggested to Jason Mattera at a Feb. 13 women’s rights rally that plans for an assault weapons ban and private-sales background checks were only the beginning of a broader gun control agenda extending to handguns as well.

Schakowsky evidently did not recognize Mattera, a conservative video journalist and senior investigative reporter for Talk Radio Network, who infamously confronted Vice President Joe Biden in the Capitol.

(Mattera introduced himself to Schakowsky by name but did not indicate that he was filming or that he is conservative.) She spoke to Mattera as if he were a fellow gun control enthusiast--and Mattera played along, eliciting answers about Schakowsky’s enthusiasm for gun control.

“We want everything on the table,” Schakowsky told Mattera. “This is a moment of opportunity. There’s no question about it.”

One poignant exchange was as follows:

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68-Year-Old Rep. Peter King Survives Two-Round Bout with 31-Year-Old Former Kickboxing Champ

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) has survived a two-round bout in the ring with former kickboxing champion "Irish" Josh Foley.

Newsday reports that the Long Island Republican squared off Saturday with Foley before a crowd of 400 in a Wantagh (WAHN'-tah) pub. No winner was declared.

King is an avid boxing fan. He agreed to the fight to raise money for the business of his friend and trainer.

The newspaper said the 68-year-old congressman held his own against his 31-year-old opponent. Foley is several inches shorter and about 50 pounds lighter than the 230-pound King.

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US-born former Army vet known as 'The American' fights alongside Al Qaeda


He's a U.S.-trained soldier turned Muslim warrior who moves between America and countries where the winds of the Arab spring blow, fighting alongside jihadists and America-hating terrorists while celebrating his bloody exploits on YouTube videos.

Eric Harroun, 30, grew up in Phoenix before joining the U.S. Army in 2000. Although Harroun was never deployed during his three-year hitch, he has seen plenty of combat fighting with Syrian rebels and, more recently, Jabhat al-Nusra, a group the U.S. State Department classifies as an alias for Al Qaeda in Iraq.
“I was separated in a battle and most of my group was K.I.A. and Al-Nusra picked me up,” Harroun told during one of several brief interviews conducted via Skype.

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America's immigration laws

Contrary to popular belief, America's immigration laws were not put in place for anyone and everyone to become American citizens. It has stipulations that must be met by all applicants, just ask those who came through Ellis Island.

If certain requirements are met, those applying for citizen are granted it. It is not a one way street designed just for the benefit of those seeking citizenship. America must receive something in return for that citizenship like people who can speak, read and write English and offer a skill or semi-skill that helps America grow as a nation.

If we minimize those requirements or eliminate them completely, allowing everyone from third world countries who want to come to America to do so and who have nothing to offer in return for American citizenship but more poverty and a drain on our social services, then America will quickly become just like the poverty stricken places the immigrants left.
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Navy girl ordered to remove uniform on Virgin Atlantic flight

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A BRAVE British squaddie was ordered to remove her military uniform on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Britain in case it offended other passengers, according to reports.

Royal Navy helicopter technician Nicky Howse was told she would not be allowed on board the plane at Heathrow if she did not remove her combat fatigues.

Petty Officer Howse, 32, was travelling back to her deployment in America after compassionate leave at home in the UK when she tried to catch the flight to Los Angeles.

She was confronted by a security official and Virgin Atlantic staff who asked her to get changed, the Daily Mail reported.

The jobsworth staff got their flight rules wrong by telling Nicky, from Ipswich, Suffolk that the company did not allow military personnel to fly in uniform.

In an email to a friend, she wrote: "It was horrific. I was made to feel uncomfortable in my own country for wearing the uniform I wear to defend the place.

"It made me ashamed of my country that a British serviceman can’t travel in uniform. I was so distressed.

"It started at check-in. Some G4S security guy gave me the third degree about travelling in uniform. I was fuming. He was rude, he wouldn’t let the check-in girl give me my passport.

More @ The Sun
Comment by Dan III on Our horrible public schools


 Allow me to add some fuel to this academic fire....

To continue my analysis, unscientific of course, I had contact with some of my young, American adults over the last several days. During this time I asked approximately ten of them their height. Everyone of them responded to my query by giving me their height in feet and inches. "No, I want your height in inches" I told each one. Give it to me in inches. About 3 of the ten did the conversion. The rest could not make the conversion. These ten were comprised of .gov high school grads, current .gov high school juniors & seniors, one GED holder, one home schooler and several college students. Those making the conversion from feet to inches correctly were the GED holder, a second year engineering student and the home schooler.

Now I'll provide the readers here the most disgusting example of the failure of the .gov school system. One of the persons I asked to convert his stated height of " five feet, seven" to inches could not do so, like most of the queried 10. The difference with this guy and the remaining examples of .gov schoolers unable to convert was this guy was a sophomore at a nearby college! Trying to help him convert I asked him "What is 5 x 12" ? He stared at me unable to answer. Then I decided to break it down more by asking him how many inches in a foot. Again, he could not tell me and confided that he did not know how many inches were in a foot! This from a 20 year old American, college sophomore.

Patriots....this is a sampling of a small part of Americans in a Rust Belt state. If our young adults can't do simple math we cannot expect them to fight for rights they don't even know are theirs, ours.

We, Americans, America itself are in deep s.... More than is realized.

Animal Liberation Activist: 'Hunters Are Terrorists,'


The radical left isn't just at war with guns, it's after those who use them, in this case hunters. Long-time animal liberation loon Gary Yourofsky came out with the latest, saying "Hunters are terrorists of animal world," in a March 8, 2013 piece.

Got that? Hunters are Bambi's al Qaeda.

Yourofsky, who calls himself the press officer of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, went on to bemoan hunting and calling hunters "animal killers." "Hunting is blood lust and dominance. Hunting is hatred and violence. Hunting is murder. And it's obscene," he ranted.

In his diatribe, he quoted both Pythagoras and rocker/hunter Ted Nugent to make points against violence against animals. But he seems OK with violence against humans. He claims he was falsely accused of a crime in one case because "a few hunters claimed that I threatened to gut a hunter's child and blow up some cars over the recent deer killings at our Metroparks. Those charges are untrue, insidious and outrageous."

Then he followed that up with an admission that he did offer violence. "However, I did challenge six hunters to show me how tough they really were. I wanted to beat them down and show them what oppression, violence and domination was all about. Unfortunately, they refused my challenge," he wrote.

Yourofsky has gone after Nugent before, a man he reportedly calls his "Lex Luthor" (Superman's arch enemy).

More @ CNS News

Real Immigration Reform: Will Wisdom or Dishonor Prevail?

Mike Scruggs

The first big mistake in U.S. immigration policy was the 1965 Immigration” Reform” Act, which broadened family reunification preference policy from nuclear family (spouses and minor children) to extended family. The extended family policy, which included an endless chain of siblings, parents, and in-laws, resulted in Chain Migration. Chain Migration changed the character of U.S. immigration from limited and selective to an out-of-control immigration tsunami that made immigration an increasing fiscal and social burden on the nation.

The second big mistake was the 1986 Immigration “Reform” Act, which gave amnesty to nearly three million illegal immigrants. It should not have been surprising that amnesty multiplies illegal immigration, but that obvious bit of reason was ignored. Much of the 1986 Reform Act contained badly needed immigration enforcement provisions to protect U.S. workers and penalize employers who hired illegal immigrants. There were also provisions requiring amnestied workers to pay back-taxes, but after the bill had passed, the very same Democrats who had promised to back these tough enforcement and penalty provisions as a trade for immediate amnesty began to block and undermine them. The enforcement provisions went unenforced by President Clinton and presidents thereafter.

Six supplemental amnesties from 1994 to 2000, giving more than three million additional amnesties subsequently multiplied our immigration problems and mauled the credibility of U.S. immigration policy.

New York Senator Charles Schumer, a sponsor of the current Gang-of-Eight Immigration Reform (and Amnesty) bill was a member of the House of Representatives in 1986 and voted for the bill. However, he immediately began to undermine enforcement of tax penalties. He succeeded by tucking one sentence on page 187 of the 499-page Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988, which barred the Immigration and Naturalization Service from sharing any tax information with the IRS pursuant to amnesty applications.

Schumer and his Gang-of-Eight are making similar border security and enforcement promises now in exchange for a huge amnesty for ten million or more illegal immigrants. Given Schumer’s past record of breaking promises, who outside of madhouse would trust him now on the very same issues?  Yet in addition to the four Senate Democrats on the Gang-of-Eight, there are four Republicans: McCain, Graham, Flake, and Rubio. The Gang’s immigration “reform” plan is almost identical to President Obama’s, and includes immediate amnesty.

Rubio’s backing of the Gang’s plan certainly threatens his reputation as a conservative. Moreover, his career immigration record in the House and Senate (rated 38 percent or C- by NumbersUSA) is scarcely better than Lindsey Graham’s. Curiously, a December survey of 700 registered voters by Public Policy Polling found that among the 90 Hispanic voters, only 24 percent said they were favorable to Rubio, and 42 percent said they were unfavorable to him. This sample is suspect because of its small size, but according to post-election analysis of Rubio’s 2010 Florida Senate victory, Rubio won because of the Republican leaning Cuban vote. He only got 40 percent of the non-Cuban Hispanic vote. 

Illegal and legal immigration were so out-of-control by 1990 that Congress mandated a thorough study of immigration issues. The Jordan Commission, named for Barbara Jordan, its Chair for several years, was a bi-partisan committee, which included several prominent civic leaders and distinguished academics. They studied the issues thoroughly for six years. However, their recommendations, presented to President Clinton and Congress in 1997, were ignored by the President and a majority of Congress. Yet those who have studied immigration issues thoroughly and objectively still consider the Jordan Commission Report an extraordinarily credible and thorough blueprint for desperately needed real immigration reform. Here are the most currently relevant of the major recommendations:

  • Enforce immigration law vigorously with no further amnesties. Enforcement must be internal, especially at the workplace, as well as at the border.
  • Related to the above recommendation: Reducing the employment magnet is the most important linchpin to deterring unlawful immigration
  • Protect U.S. workers from unfair competition and foreign workers from exploitation and abuse.
  • Reduce the total number of legal immigrants to 550,000 annually. Too many legal immigrants can also hurt job prospects and drive down wages for Americans. (Harvard labor economist George Borjas has recommended a 500,000 annual limit to avoid economic and social assimilation problems.) 
  • Strictly regulate nonimmigrant visa programs. Between 40 and 50 percent of illegal immigrants are legal visa violators.
  • They strongly recommended AGAINST Guest-worker programs, which had hurt U.S. workers, taxpayers, and communities in the past, and actually increased illegal immigration. For example, many legal agricultural guest-workers violate their visas and take a better job in construction or retail. In addition, they result in unacceptable numbers of birthright citizenships.
  • Eliminate the Extended Family provisions of the 1965 law.
  • Restrict the eligibility of illegal immigrants from publicly-funded services or assistance except on an emergency basis.
  • Emphasize nuclear family reunification and objectively substantiated skill shortages to prioritize immigration numbers. Avoid accumulations of unskilled labor likely to require public support in the future.

Real immigration reform is being blocked by two principal forces: Liberal politicians who want to import more social-welfare oriented voters and businesses that want more cheap labor regardless of the consequences to the country.  President Obama and the Democrat Party are the best representatives of the first group. The biggest and most powerful lobby for the second group is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Senator Jeff Sessions (R, AL) recently said of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

“The Chamber’s primary goal has never been to establish a lawful immigration system and secure our borders, but to get as much cheap labor as possible—regardless of how it impacts American workers, legal immigrants, and taxpayers in general.”

What's the spring-breathing jasmine and rose ?
What's the summer with all its gay train
Or the splendour of autumn to those
Who've bartered their freedom for gain?
No sweetness the senses can cheer
Which corruption and bribery bind
No brightness that gloom can e'er clear
For honour's the sum of the mind
Let virtue distinguish the brave
Place riches in lowest degree
Think them poorest who can be a slave
Them richest who dare to be free
--Dick Gaughan, Scotland, 1979

Taiwanese Parody of Bloomberg

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