Sunday, January 31, 2021

Biden Administration Cannot Find 20 Million Vaccine Doses & no one is surprised. :)

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 Biden administration unaware of 20M COVID-19 vaccine doses' location

 President Joe Biden is learning firsthand how difficult former President Donald Trump’s job was over the last year as he struggles to fulfill his promise of getting a handle on the coronavirus. The Biden Administration cannot account for as many as 20 million vaccine doses that have been sent to states, according to a report from Politico.

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Inciting Violence

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Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth About Covid-19 and The Covid-19 Vaccine.

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Here it is – The Bill to Destroy Gun Ownership

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Firearms BILLS-117hr127ih

Here we have it. They are going after EVERYONE who has a gun or ammunition. They are deeply concerned about a revolution and they want to know every person who has a gun or ammunition. The object of this bill will be to identify every person who has a gun. They will be able to revoke a license and confiscate the gun under rules to be created by the Attorney General. Biden swore he would end the NRA. He was not joking. Like a diverse license, once they create this federal license, they effectively limit the Second Amendment claiming if you obey all their regulations which they can change at any time, then you have that right. But all such rights are eliminated whenever they say so.

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Comment on The Future for Whites In a Post-Trump America: ...

I don't know that it will come down to complete segregation. Us conservative minded folks have enough enemies as is with all the communist, blue haired, liberal, tranny, sodomite, satanists out there. If a black/brown/red/yellow etc person shares my beliefs then we are good to go. If they don't and we can get along for the purposes we need to then that's fine. I don't discriminate based on color. I discriminate based on actions and beliefs. I like to associate with like minded people for the most part. I think that's most folks.

It will be divided among beliefs imo. I could be wrong who knows. I can only speak for me and my family. We TRY to love everyone that deserves it. Even some that don't. If things got really out of hand we all know that people are going to group according to color most likely first, then beliefs or a combo of the two.

Outside of all that I agree with Muhammad Ali...


Now seems like the right time to remind you all — both lovers and haters — why we started this platform. We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.

We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon. We will not let civil discourse perish!


Many upsetting things have occurred over the last year. The natural reaction is to cast blame, or to jump to pre-mature conclusions.

We should, in the spirit of Parley, place aside our differences, place aside our biases of one another, and have a respectful conversation in order to improve our society. We shall check our baggage at the door, and start fresh with one another.

I believe everyone in the tech community, political, and others should put their differences aside to move forward together.


Over the past few weeks, Parler has been repeatedly mischaracterized and treated unjustly. But the recent personal attacks on our CEO John, his wife Alina, and their family are reprehensible.

Alina, whose working-class family lived in the former Soviet Union, came to America to start her own multi-racial, interfaith family with John. To subject them to baseless accusations that their marriage is part of some twisted espionage scheme—all because she is an immigrant—is precisely the sort of “racism, nativism, fear, [and] demonization” President Biden urged us to reject in his inaugural address.

The Entire Parler Team stands behind John and Alina. Our new President called for unity: “We must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue, rural versus urban, conservative versus liberal. We can do this, if we open our souls instead of hardening our hearts.” The smears against John and Alina are exactly the sort of tactics he is imploring us all to abandon. Let’s all commit to working together toward unity and healing.

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