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Unusual Uses For Beer And Vodka!

"From cleaning jewelry to fighting stubborn stains, vodka has many handy uses -- other than pepping up your Bloody Mary! We've rounded up some unusual ways to put your bottom-shelf vodka to good use all around your house."
PhebeGB's Stylelicious Bloody Mary
"oyster shooters at the bottom of the glass!"
Naw, that's a waste. Oysters shooters are properly drunk at the bottom of two ounces of straight vodka at the San Clemente Pier!

World Faces New Wave Of Currency Wars

Graphic: Trade between the US, China and the EU ZoomDER SPIEGEL
Graphic: Trade between the US, China and the EU

"An American bill imposing punitive tariffs on countries that undervalue their currencies is set to unleash a new trade war between the US and China. But in fact the whole global currency system is in a state of jeopardy. As confidence in the US dollar drops, private investors are putting their faith in gold."

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More Undue Process: Cheese?

We are everywhere
"As we go forward and government misdeeds multiply and increase, here's something to consider; The government itself is creating the conditions that are conducive to multiplying and increasing the number of allies. Many still can't get their brains wrapped around the idea that as bad as things seem, they're actually a thousand times worse."

Illegal Alien Rape Suspect Deported Nine Times

"On the evening of May 16, a police officer responding to a woman’s cries for help, caught Madrigal, 46, on top of a woman, raping her. Madrigal had forced the woman into the bushes behind a Safeway in Edmonds, Washington."

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Death Of General Robert E. Lee

The headline from a Richmond newspaper read, quote;

“News of the death of Robert E. Lee, beloved chieftain of the Southern army, whose strategy mainly was responsible for the surprising fight staged by the Confederacy, brought a two-day halt to Richmond's business activities.”

The United States flag, which Robert E. Lee had defended as a soldier, flew at half mast in Lexington, Virginia and throughout the USA

General Lee died at his home at Lexington, Virginia at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, October 12, 1870. His last great deed came after the War Between the States when he accepted the presidency of Washington College, now Washington and Lee University. He saved the financially troubled college and helped many young folks further their education.

Some write that Robert E. Lee suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on September 28, 1870, but was thought to greatly improve until October 12th, when he took a turn for the worse. His condition seemed more hopeless when his doctor told him, "General you must make haste and get well---Traveller---has been standing too long in his stable and needs exercise."

Virginia Military Institute (VMI) Cadet William Nalle said in a letter home to his mother, dated October 16, 1870, quote;

“I suppose of course that you have all read full accounts of Gen Lee's death in the papers. He died on the morning of the 12th at about half past nine. All business was suspended at once all over the country and town, and all duties, military and academic suspended at the Institute, and all the black crape and all similar black material in Lexington, was used up at once, and they had to send on to Lynchburg for more. Every cadet had black crape issued to him, and an order was published at once requiring us to wear it as a badge of mourning for six months.”

Read entire letter on Virginia Military Institute website at:


The rains and flooding were the worse of Virginia's history on the day General Lee died. On Wednesday, October 12, 1870, in the presence of his family, Lee quietly passed away.

The church bells rang as the sad news passed through Washington College, Virginia Military Institute, the town of Lexington and the nation. Cadets from VMI College carried the remains of the old soldier to Lee Chapel where he laid in state.

Memorial meetings were held throughout the South and as far North as New York. At Washington College in Lexington eulogies were delivered by: Reverend Pemberton, Reverend W.S. White--Stonewall Jackson's Pastor and Reverend J. William Jones. Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis brought the eulogy in Richmond, Virginia. Lee was also eulogized in Great Britain.

When all settled down, Mrs. Robert E. Lee said, "If he had succeeded in gaining by the sword all the South expected and hoped for, he could not have been more honored and lamented."

Many thousands witnessed Lee's funeral procession marching through the town of Lexington, Virginia, with muffled drums and the artillery firing as the hearse was driven to the school's chapel where he was buried. US President Dwight D. Eisenhower knew and appreciated our nation’s rich history. President Eisenhower was criticized for displaying a portrait of Robert E. Lee in his office. This was part of his response; quote

"Robert E. Lee was, in my estimation, one of the supremely gifted men produced by this nation."

Robert E. Lee was the hero of the Southern people and admired both North and South of the Mason-Dixon Line. This Christian- gentleman's last words were, "Strike the Tent."

Calvin E. Johnson, Jr.

Freelance writer, Author of book, “When American Stood for God, Family and Country” and a member of the historical group Sons of Confederate Veterans. www.scv.org

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What Will You Do Without Due Process?

"Someone has to say it. If there is no due process for us, then there's no due process for the ruling class either. If a man has no expectation that due process would prevent him from being wronged by the government, then he would be foolish to reasonably expect to receive the benefit of due process from the government after he is wronged by that same government. This man would have nothing to left to lose to start shooting as soon as the battering ram blasts his door off the hinges.

Someone also must say this. While defending the home and hearth is properit's more blessed to give than to receive. Instead of playing defense, they may play offense."

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Dupes And Traitors

" Did you know that Frank Marshall Davis, whom President Obama describes in his autobiography as his beloved mentor, was not merely a good-ole-boy who liked to bar-hop in Honolulu with Obama's grandfather, but a card-carrying member -- No. 47544, to be precise -- of the Communist Party of the United States? (And did the president know it back when he sat at Davis's knee out in Hawaii, learning about the world? Does the president know it now? Is there even a chance that some blown-dry White House reporter with teeth like Chiclets will ask?)"

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Rand Paul At Knob Creek With Video

"I don't have to apologize for supporting the second amendment. I support it and will continue to support it no matter what the liberals say......"

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Historians For Obama

"We endorse Barack Obama for president because we (are Marxists. BT) think he is the candidate best able to address and start to solve these profound problems."

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Liberty Central Election Scorecard

North Carolina


"The immorality of strategic default. If you made this stuff up in a novel, no one would find it funny because it's simply too ridiculous.":)
One of the comments. "There will never be enough rope."

Southern Ice Cream Social

Information HERE.

Medal Of Honor: James E. Livingston

Dai Do, Republic of Vietnam, 2 May 1968.


Watch the confrontation here with the 'PAC Man.'

Journey From The Fall

Fall of Saigon Reeducation camp Escaping from reeducation camp Reeducation camp

Two Reasons To Go Armed

Oleg Volk

Ammo Table

Oleg Volk

JOURNAL: Moral Decay?

"Our previous moral system featured trust, loyalty, reputation, responsibility, belief, fairness, etc. While these features were sometimes in short supply, on the whole it provided us with an underlying and nearly costless structure to our social and economic interactions.

Our new moral system is that of the dominant global marketplace. This new system emphasizes transactional, short-term interactions rather than long-term relationships. All interactions are intensely legalistic, as in: nothing is assumed except what is spelled out in the contract. Goodness is solely based on transactional success and therefore anything goes, as long as you don't get punished for it. "

President Finds Foreign Cash…Spends It On Stimulus........

"Don’t look now, but we are watching the slow disintegration of a human being taking place at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He is coming dangerously unhinged with the thought that his name might be removed from history as the greatest achievement of his presidency (Obamacare) is derailed by a Republican House. Why, they might just repeal the thing he spent the whole first term ramming through. In layman’s terms the new boss just got a lesson in humility."

Future Anarchists Of America?

The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

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Armed Rider

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