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Urgent consultations in Washington, Moscow on reported US-Russian submarines in firefight

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First reports reaching DEBKAfile’s military sources say that a US submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear sub in American waters opposite Alaska. The Russian sub escorting the nuclear submarine responded with a Balkan 2000 torpedo and scuttled the US vessel. Urgent consultations in both the White House and the Kremlin were taking place on Tuesday night. US Vice President Mike Pence called off an appearance in  New Hampshire after being recalled to Washington for a conference called by President Donald Trump without explanation. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled an engagement and headed for the Kremlin to confer with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chiefs, after learning that 14 submariners died in a fire that broke out on a nuclear-powered “experimental submarine in Russian waters.” This account carried in Russian media varies in most respects from the first reports reaching this site and may refer to a separate incident. They report between 14 and 17 members of an AS-12 nuclear powered submarine died of poisonous fumes caused by a fire aboard the vessel. The submarine was described as experimental and unarmed but often used in spy missions. It is unclear how many of the 25 crew survived. Local media suggest four or five are receiving treatment in Severomorsk’s military hospital for poisoning and concussion injuries. Another news account said the majority of the officers died in or on their way to hospital. These reports do not cite the cause of the fire.

Report: ANTIFA plans acid attacks on D.C. Free Speech Rally, saying goal is to blind attendees

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  Report: ANTIFA plans acid attacks on D.C. Free Speech Rally, saying goal is to blind attendees

A Free Speech rally is scheduled for July 6th in Washington, D.C… and it is shaping up to be bloody.
Members of an Antifa group are promising to act out violently at that rally.

Their target: those with whom they disagree – namely, conservatives.

They aren’t just threatening your regular, garden variety violence, like a fistfight. This time they escalated it in a very specific way.

An ANTIFA member named ‘Pound Your Boy’ posted on a conservative Telegram channel that:
“We already have the Muriatic acid, wax, and balloons.”

Charlottesville City Council Votes To Remove Jefferson's Birthday As An Official Holiday

 Charlottesville City Council Votes To Remove Jefferson's Birthday As An Official Holiday

Despite the contributions from Thomas Jefferson to the city of Charlottesville, VA and the American people, such as the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the founding of one of the world's greatest universities, the University of Virginia, the city's government voted on Monday to officially unrecognize his birthday as a holiday.

According to NBC 29, "councilors voted late Monday, July 1, to remove April 13 from the city’s holiday schedule." In order to keep the amount of paid holidays,  the city has added March 3 as "Liberation and Freedom Day" in order to "commemorate the day U.S. troops officially emancipated enslaved people in Charlottesville following the end of the Civil War."

Supporters of the new holiday, such as Ben Doherty, argue that the decision "will be a big step towards more accurately presenting the history of Charlottesville and recognizing the importance and value of the lives of the black residents who made up the majority of the population in the city and county at the time of the Civil War."

Critics, however, say that the decision downplays the historical significance that Jefferson has in America.

“He [Jefferson] was the nation’s first secretary of state, he was the second vice president of the United States, he was the third president of the United States,” Scott Warner said in a statement.
“With all of these incredible accomplishments it's inconceivable for our area not to honor his birthday as a holiday."
To steal from James Robbins, author of Erasing America, the city's decision to do away with Jefferson Day proves "a point President Donald Trump made a year ago, that erasing honors to the Confederacy is only the starting point in a general assault on American memory. 'Is it George Washington next week' he said, 'and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?' Liberal historians tut-tutted at the president for even suggesting such an absurdity."

Now, it seems that the President was absolutely correct.

The 7 Ps: Proper, Prior, Planning, Prevents, Piss Poor Performance

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From joy to devastation in 3 years.

Protesters Destroy Hong Kong Legislature on Anniversary of Handover to China

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Hundreds of anti-communist protesters in Hong Kong destroyed the legislative council (LegCo) building in the city late Monday, shattering its glass exterior, spray-painting anti-China slogans over its walls, and rendering it unusable, according to city officials.

Many protesters had spent much of the day trying to break into the building using metal bars and succeeded late into the night. Upon entering, they chanted slogans against China, waved the flag of the United Kingdom (to which they belonged until 1997), and vandalized the legislative chamber.

Despite the shocking scenes, pro-democracy leaders insist the protesters – mostly young students – largely avoided violence against police and legislature workers present at night. They also made sure to avoid areas of the building that housed important historical documents, according to pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong.

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"Antifa is as heroic as the American soldiers who stormed the beaches on D-Day."

 NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker appears before the Senate Antitrust Competition Policy and Consumer Rights Subcommittee for a hearing on the proposed merger between Comcast and NBC Universal on Capitol Hill February 4, 2010 in Washington, DC. The roughly $30 billion dollar deal, if allowed by regulators to …

Far-left CNN and, most especially, network chief Jeff Zucker, owe Quillette journalist Andy Ngo a personal apology.

For more than a year now, Zucker’s CNN has championed and defended not just the left-wing terrorist group Antifa, but Antifa’s regular and documented use of violence and physical intimidation.

Arizona Governor: Our Economy is Doing Just Fine Without Nike and I'm Pulling Their Incentives to Come Here

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Nike has made its decision, and now we’re making ours. I’ve ordered the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that the State was providing for the company to locate here

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is rejecting Nike's move to the Grand Canyon State after the company pulled a shoe featuring the first American flag made by Betsy Ross. They did so after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained about its production.

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HE LIED! Portland Police Release Statement – Claim Mayor Wheeler Gave Police Stand Down Order During Violent Protests

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On Saturday afternoon Quillette gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo was beaten and robbed by several Antifa attackers at a Portland protest march.

Ngo was later hospitalized Saturday night with a brain bleed following the brutal Antifa attack as he covered dueling left-right demonstrations in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon said.

Harmeet Dhillon later accused Mayor Ted Wheeler of calling on police to stand down.

35,000 MORE Africans on way to US via South America

Via Reborn As a commentator stated, "this is an act of war" if ever there was one.


They just keep coming.

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies indicates another 35,000 African migrants are on their way to the United States.

According to CIS’s Todd Bensman:

Like the proverbial “bulge in the belly of the snake,” unusually high numbers of non-Latino migrants, obviously not from Central America, are now reportedly passing from Colombia through Panama on their way to the U.S. southern border. Their numbers range to the tens of thousands, whose vanguards we have already seen at the U.S. Southwest Border in recent months: Cameroonians, Ghanaians, Congolese, Haitians, Cubans, and some from the Middle East.

Lawyer for Conservative Journalist Attacked by Antifa Issues Fiery Warning

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Goodnight everyone except Antifa criminals who I plan to sue into oblivion and then sow salt into their yoga studios and avocado toast stands until nothing grows there, not even the glimmer of a violent criminal conspiracy aided by the effete impotence of a cowed city government.
After a violent antifa protest left journalist Andy Ngo hospitalized in Portland, Oregon, Ngo’s lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon, has pledged to sue the “Antifa criminals” into “oblivion.”

Ngo, an editor and photojournalist at Quillette, was attacked on Saturday during the rival right-wing and antifa protests. Attempting to film the protests, Ngo was hit by a milkshake that police say may have contained “a substance similar to quick-drying cement,” The Portland Oregonian reported.

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Nigel Farage threatens to destroy Tories if they don't deliver Brexit on Halloween

Nigel Farage outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg, sitting for the first time after the EU elections, with his 28 Brexit MEPs

Nigel Farage warned Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt his Brexit Party would destroy the Conservatives if the Tory leadership contenders failed to take Britain out of the EU on Halloween.

Mr Johnson has vowed that Britain will leave on Oct 31, with or without a deal. Mr Hunt has said he would give the EU three weeks to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement before leaving on the deadline.

But Mr Farage, who was at the European Parliament in Strasbourg at the head of his delegation of 29 MEPs for the first time, said he didn’t trust the Tories to deliver Brexit and mocked Mr Hunt, who voted Remain in the referendum.

SLAVE REGISTERS FROM LONDON Name The Slaves Kamala Harris’ Ancestor Owned

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Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris is descended from Irish slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in Jamaica, who recruited massive numbers of Irish migrants to Jamaica to work on his sugar plantations after the British empire abolished slavery.

Kamala Harris’ father Donald Harris wrote an essay entitled “Reflections of a Jamaican Father” for Jamaica Global Online, in which he made a startling admission (emphasis added):

Vietnamese singing "Sea of Black" for HongKongers: In Dedication to Those Who Give Their Lives for Freedom and Democracy

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