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The Soviet Poverty Lie Center’s “Hate Crime” Hoaxes

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They lie about and defame “all the people they hate:  whites, Christians, Trump supporters, cops, frat boys . . . ”  It is “the main propagator of fake hate crimes” that are so faithfully reported as “news” by the LMS (Lying Media Scum). “The SPLC is to ‘hate’ what Rolling Stone is to rape.”   Ann Coulter explains.

Footnote:  The one thing the Soviet Poverty Lie Center, headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, hates the most, of course, is Southerners.  And since they are hardened communist ideologues, libertarian southerners are the most hated of all, because they are associated with the twin “evils” of freedom and limited, decentralized government.

The Appalachian Messenger – January 6, 2017

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Causes Less Than Yourself

T.L. Davis
Treasons Great and Small

Paul Rosenberg
Talk Politics For Ten Seconds And I’ll Know Where You Get Your News

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Are US Economic Sanctions Against Russia Based on an Obama Lie?

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Are US Economic Sanctions Against Russia Based on an Obama Lie?
If the March 2014 annexation of Crimea by Russia was based upon the overwhelming desire by Crimeans that Crimea become again a part of Russia such as Crimea had been until 1954, instead of upon Russia’s ‘conquest’ of Crimea such as Obama has charged, then the economic sanctions that Obama placed against Russia on the basis of that annexation is on false ground, and has no authentic justification in law or in fact. Also, in that case, NATO's subsequent military buildup against Russia, purportedly to protect NATO against ‘another such conquest by Russia’, would be based upon this same lie:

 the lie that Crimea’s becoming again a part of Russia was something other than a legitimate carrying-out of any people’s sovereign right, of self-determination of peoples — a right that the West recognizes for Catalonians in Spain, and for Scotch in UK, but not for Crimeans in Ukraine. Consequently, essential to addressing this crucial matter is forthrightly to address misrepresentations that are commonly asserted regarding it, and also to address in a credible way what the motivations might be for any such commonly asserted misrepresentations of this historically crucial matter. In other words, an unusually frank discussion is necessary here, which does not mince words where outright lies have been stated and become widespread in the West, and which instead presents the facts that stand forth the most clearly upon the basis of the evidence that is of the very highest reliability and credibility concerning each respective point in question in the matter. The most reliable evidence is presented here, and is consistently in favor of the Russian position, and against The West's (the U.S. and its allies) position, on this crucial, even mega-historical, issue.

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“I am Disposed to Recognize That Independence”

Wartime Republican Lt. Gov. of Ohio, Benjamin Stanton, severely criticized Generals Grant, Prentiss and Sherman after the Battle of Shiloh, concluding that the first two should be court-martialed and shot. Massachusetts-born, Ohio Senator Benjamin Wade was a prewar Whig and one of the most radical of Republicans by 1861. However, they both were of the opinion in early 1861 that the American South’s independence should be recognized.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

“I am Disposed to Recognize That Independence”

“Mr. Speaker, when there were fifteen slaveholding States acknowledging allegiance to the Federal Government, and therefore, having in their hands the power to protect themselves against any invasion of their rights on the part of the Federal Government, it was a matter of very little consequence whether such an amendment as that was incorporated into the Constitution or not.

But the state of the country is now radically and essentially changed. Seven or eight States now deny their allegiance to this Government, have organized a separate Confederacy, and have declared their independence of this Government.

If they shall maintain their position, and sustain the authorities there for a year or two to come, so as to show that nothing but a war of subjugation and conquest can bring them back, I, for one, am disposed to recognize that independence.”

(Ohio Republican Lt. Governor Benjamin Stanton (Congressional Globe, February 23, 1861, page 1285)

The Spirit of Hate in Rochester 

The vigilante justice of lynching was not confined to the South as is commonly believed, and race relations in the North, before and after the war, were seldom harmonious.  Black abolitionist Frederick Douglass thought his home in New York was surrounded by the spirit of Klansmen, perhaps attracted by his prewar militant activities which had brought on a war that claimed many Northern lives. Douglass fled to Canada after the State of Virginia wanted him extradited to stand trial as an accessory to John Brown; Brown met with Douglass prior to Harper’s Ferry.
Bernhard Thuersam,    The Great American Political Divide

The Spirit of Hate in Rochester

“After his Rochester, New York, home was burned to the ground by incendiary on June 1, 1872, Frederick Douglass expressed his anger in his weekly New National Era: “Was it for plunder, or was it for spite? One thing I do know and that is, while Rochester is among the most liberal of Northern cities, and its people are among the most humane and highly civilized, it nevertheless has its full share of the Ku-Klux spirit . . . It is the spirit of hate, the spirit of murder.”

Race relations were often contentious in Rochester due in part to Douglass’s strong civil rights voice. By 1870, although Rochester’s African-American population was minute – just 427 out of a total population of 62,386 – racial tension, especially over employment, prompted concern by whites.

On Saturday, December 30, 1871, the [Rochester Daily] Union’s third edition published the city’s first report of the rape of an eight-year-old German girl by a black man after she had returned from a church event. News of the crime “spread like wild fire” after the child was returned to her parents. She had been brutally beaten but described her attacker to the police who began a frantic search for him.

Early Monday morning officers arrested William Edward Howard, and he was identified as the rapist by the girl at her home. Her father later “apologized to [a] reporter for not having killed the Negro when he was in the house.” Howard was not a stranger to the city’s police. In early 1871, he was arrested for voting illegally, and he served six months in jail. At the time of his arrest for rape, there was a warrant for his arrest for stealing from a local German woman.

Douglass’s son, Charles, who worked with his father on New National Era, wrote to his father on January 20: “That Howard boy was in my company in the 5th Cavalry. He came to the regiment as a [paid] substitute, and asked to be in my Co. I had to tie him up by the thumbs quite often. His offence was stealing.”

Outside the jail an agitated mob assembled . . . composed mainly of Germans, was intent on taking the law into its own hands, and the jail became Howard’s fortress. The [Rochester Daily] Union’s reportage was most descriptive: “Threats were made to lynch him and matters looked serious . . . four or five hundred people in the assemblage . . . [and cries of] “kill the nigger, give us the nigger” were loud and frequent.” [Judge R. Darwin Smith pronounced] “The sentence of the Court is that you be confined to Auburn State Prison for the period of twenty years at hard labor. The law formerly punished your crime with death.”

At the prison entrance, Howard turned toward [an angry crowd of several hundred men] and with his free hand placed his thumb on his nose and waved his fingers to mock them. Once in jail, Howard renounced his guilty plea, and professed his innocence.”

(The Spirit of Hate and Frederick Douglass, Richard H. White, Civil War History, A Journal of the Middle Period, Volume 46, Number 1, March 2000, pp. 41-47)

Congregation fights to preserve historic church

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ABBEVILLE -- Trinity Episcopal Church’s 36-member congregation is working to repair and renovate the 156-year-old church.

“It’s not just a church effort, but it’s a community effort because the church is not ours -- it belongs to the community,” said the Rev. Todd Oswald, who has been the priest at Trinity for about a year.

Trinity, which was completed and consecrated in November 1860 -- just days before Abraham Lincoln was elected president and weeks before South Carolina voted to secede from the Union -- is the oldest church in Abbeville County, and maintaining its aging structure is a constant challenge.

Oswald said, “There have been numerous efforts to restore the church.”

The last substantial effort to restore the building took place in 1976, said Dick Haldeman, Trinity’s clerk and parish administrator. The current project, he said, is expected to be far more comprehensive.

On Trinity’s grounds is a cemetery, built in 1852, that serves as the final resting place for soldiers killed in the Civil War, and set in the church’s walls are stained glass-windows created by William Gibson, who began the earliest known stained-glass business in America in the 1830s.

Trump takes aim at Toyota over Mexico plans

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Trump takes aim at Toyota over Mexico plans

President-elect Donald Trump is directing his Twitter ire at Toyota for its decision to ramp up production in Mexico.

"Toyota Motor said will build a new plant in Baja, Mexico, to build Corolla cars for U.S. NO WAY! Build plant in U.S. or pay big border tax," Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon. 
The Japanese company announced in 2015 that it would be building a new plant in Mexico for its Corolla sedan, although the automaker said at the time the facility would be located in the state of Guanajuato, not Baja.
It announced in September that it would increase production of pickup trucks at its plant in Mexico's Baja California state.
More @ The Hill

Trump to Build Death Camps for Trans-gendered People of Color: Will Deport All Woman

I love it. Of all the things about Trump that our silly-ass Aunt Polly media might have considered–policy toward China, relations with Iran, reform of taxes–they seemed most agitated about…his sex life. Yes. Sure, he is  a misogynist, homophobe, Islamophobe, fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite, and probably kicks his dog. Maybe a cannibal. But the truly horrid discovery was…that he thinks dirty thoughts about girls (as we all do–unless we are girls, and think dirty thoughts about boys) Shocking.

Shocking. Clearly he hates women. 

Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader?

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Has Russia become the world’s new moral leader?

The Russian bear has become the big bad wolf to the American left, blamed for everything from winning the election for Donald Trump to “penetrating” the U.S. electric grid to birthing “fake news.”

But is their real problem that Russia has become the new national equivalent of the Moral Majority?

An ideological component was integral to the Cold War, with a then more traditionalist West opposing the Marxist Red Menace of the Soviet Union. As Eastern Europe’s communism collapsed, however, relations thawed. But the post-bipolar world has seen an ideological pole shift, with a secularizing, increasingly statist, sexual-agenda-spawning West opposed by an explicitly traditionalist Russia.
While some U.S. state governments punish Christian businessmen for not servicing same-sex “weddings,” Russia outlawed pro-homosexual propaganda in 2013. Our left was apoplectic, and the Obama administration condemned the law.

More @ The Hill

A media noose for Jeff Sessions: He’s a white son of the South and that’s enough to justify a lynching

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Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions Illustration by Greg Groesch/The Washington Times

Dishonest media attacks against President-Elect Donald Trump’s nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, won’t derail his confirmation. But it’s important to discuss where they come from because not everyone who realizes their origin is comfortable with that conversation.

The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times spent more than a month working on stories that were exclusively about Jeff Sessions and race, to run before Mr. Sessions’ Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Their aim was clear: to try to define Mr. Sessions as a caricature, stepping straight out of the segregated south and into the Department of Justice, ignoring his 20-year career as a United States senator.

There’s only one reason why large news organizations invest so much time, energy and money — they sent reporters to Alabama, each of whom spent a week there — to do these biased stories, and it’s time someone said what it is. The reason is because someone, somewhere, deep down doesn’t believe a white man from Alabama should be the attorney general of the United States.

That’s every bit as racist as saying a black man from Chicago shouldn’t be president of the United States.

Hate crime charges filed in Chicago torture case & Gingrich: If Races Reversed in Chicago Beating – Every Liberal Would Be Outraged

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 Hate crime charges have been filed against four people in Chicago following the appearance of a Facebook Live video showing the torture of a mentally disabled teen, police announced Thursday afternoon.

"The actions in that video are reprehensible. And that, along with racism have absolutely no place in the city of Chicago or anywhere else for that matter, against anyone, regardless of their race, gender, state of mental health or any other identifying factor," Superintendent of Police Eddie T. Johnson said Thursday.

The disturbing footage, which spread widely online Wednesday, features four seemingly black attackers shouting “f--- Donald Trump” and “f--- white people” while torturing an apparently white victim, though police did not state the races of the attackers or their victim on Wednesday night.

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