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Puerto Rican robbery suspect of 1983 Brinks armored car robbery negotiating with feds

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A graying Puerto Rican nationalist charged in a 1983 robbery in Connecticut is negotiating with prosecutors to try to resolve the case ahead of trial, his attorney said Monday.

The attorney for Norberto Gonzalez Claudio made the disclosure at a bond hearing in U.S. District Court in Hartford. Attorney Richard Reeve said his client could better consult with those close to him on his options if he were released from jail.

"I would report to the court there are ongoing negotiations," Reeve said.

The judge did not immediately rule on the request for bond, which is opposed by federal prosecutors who say Gonzalez is too dangerous to be released.

Wearing a beige prison jumpsuit and a bushy white goatee, Gonzalez smiled and winked at family members as he was led into the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back. He has been jailed at a Rhode Island prison since last May, when the FBI found him living under an assumed name in a small town in central Puerto Rico.

Gonzalez was one of the last two remaining fugitives in the 1983 robbery of $7 million from a Wells Fargo armored car depot in West Hartford, Conn. The crime was orchestrated by Los Macheteros, a group that claimed responsibility for robberies, murders and bombings in the 1970s and '80s in the name of Puerto Rican independence.

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Earth Day co-founder written out of history Earth Day co-founder written out of history

Like many liberal causes that have gone mainstream, powered by partisan media, Earth Day had some very rad- ical beginnings.

First, it’s on April 22, the birthday of the ruthless Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin. If you think that’s a coincidence, and it might be, let’s learn more about one of Earth Day’s founders, Ira Einhorn.

Einhorn was a leftist leader who cheered on the Viet Cong in the 1960s, hoping for a United States defeat. Then he adopted environmentalism and in 1970 hosted one of the very first Earth Day rallies. Thereafter, he claimed to be co-founder of Earth Day.

Einhorn is serving a life sentence in a federal prison. That’s because he murdered and “composted” his estranged girlfriend, Helen “Holly” Maddux, back in 1977. I will spare you the details of how this was discovered 18 months later at his apartment.

NYC prep schools institute dress codes, Facebook guidelines about college acceptance. Preps ban pride


Accepted to Harvard? Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

In an attempt to ease the blow of a student’s first big rejection, New York prep schools are instituting dress codes and Facebook guidelines barring excited seniors from broadcasting their acceptance to top-tier colleges because it would hurt their classmates’ feelings.

At the hyper-competitive Horace Mann School, students are not permitted to wear college apparel, including status Ivy League sweatshirts, on campus until after May 1, when most students have settled on what school they’ll attend.

And at the Packer Collegiate Institute, students are instructed not to update Facebook with university news until after school lets out.

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The collection agency for the Federal Reserve known as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is working with legislators to gain control over the rights of Americans. Without the right to due process, the IRS can simply claim a citizen owes $50,000 dollars or more to their illegal operation. This accusation alone will give their agency the right to revoke American’s travel rights and even remove the right to own a firearm.

With the help of Representatives like Barbara Boxer of California, a bill rapidly working through Capitol Hill (passed through the Senate and is currently up for review in the House) will give the IRS power to:
  • Accuse Americans of delinquency of tax payment without due process
  • Revoke their passports and travel rights
  • Place the accused in a centralize database
  • Authorize the removal of their right to own a firearm
No formal charges are required. Simply the accusation from the IRS is sufficed to strip American citizens of their Constitutional rights.

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“Now That’s Justice For Trayvon

Occidenta Dissent 

Matt Owens is now in critical condition after being 
beaten in Mobile by a Black Undertow mob

A little bird has dropped by the OD comments to tip us off to the beating of Matt Owens … a vicious Black Undertow lynch mob attack that happened in Mobile on Saturday night. The victim’s sister Ashley Parker claims on Facebook that a black woman who participated left the scene saying, “now that’s justice for Trayvon.”
“This is my brother. He was beaten by 20 blacks last night. He is in ICU with bleeding on his brain. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed. They chased him and beat him on the front porch of his residence. They hit him with brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on. We haven’t heard from the police if they have been arrested yet. The news won’t touch this story. As one of the blacks left…the bitch said “Now thats justice for Trayvon ” People. You need to wake up and open your eyes because the shit has hit the fan.”
Note: Here is a local news report on the incident. The MSM obviously wants to send this story down the memory hole.


How to make a Kalashnikov

Mitt Romney picks national security spokesman who is gay

 All they want is power and couldn't care less how many lies they tell or how many die.

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Attempting to appear moderate and to appeal to independent voters despite his close ties with the National Organization for Marriage and his renunciation of nearly every single pro-LGBT advancement from the past decade, Mitt Romney has hired Richard Grenell as a foreign policy spokesperson:

Mitt Romney’s campaign tonight announced that it has hired Richard Grenell, an out gay former George W. Bush administration official, to serve as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s “national security and foreign policy spokesman,” according to a report from The Washington Post that did not mention Grenell’s sexual orientation.
Grenell is gay, and as a former Bush administration official he was outspoken about his orientation in 2008, leading an effort to get himself and his partner listed alongside other United States diplomats, and telling The Advocate:

Though Grenell and Lashey met in New York and have been together six years, they cannot legally marry in the Empire State. “It is not an option for us in New York, but hopefully someday soon it will be,” he says. “In my mind, and in Matt’s mind, this is it. We’re married.”
Mitt Romney of course supports an amendment to the United States Constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, just as former president George W. Bush did. His stance on repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has shifted from 1994 until now. Currently he says that repeal has already occurred and he isn’t going to change it – though he isn’t comfortable with the fact that it was done during wartime.

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Sunlight is the Best Policy.


Kauai - The Lost World - Canon 5D Mark II - Glidecam HD 4000

What's the difference between a "terrorist" and a "patriot"?

Spain has criminalized cash business transactions over 2,500 euros (US$3,250), supposedly to catch tax cheats in its new austerity program. Hogwash! Remember what I told y'all the other day about how little paper money cash exists in this country? The cashless society isn't about convenience, it about CONTROL. Go read Also, read, "We're All Branch Davidians now." by Anthony Gregory. The government attack on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco horrified & shocked the nation, but few for the correct reason. The government's bloodthirsty attack -- killing the children to save the children, who were in no danger in the first place -- was played out to show YOU what will happen to YOU if you dare oppose them. Even after 100 years of public school brainwashing, the chance still exists that the spirit of resistance to tyranny might live in some of you yet. What's the difference between a "terrorist" and a "patriot"? Y'all tell me.

Lessons from the Winter War Finland 1939-1940

In late December 1939, a column of Russian tanks and infantry from the crack Soviet 44th Division, commanded by Major General A. E. Vinogradov, halted for the day in the white-coated wilderness of Eastern Finland. They were headed toward better roads leading to Oulu, a major port on the western coast of Finland. Their objective was to cut Finland in half. The Ukrainian 44th  Division was part of a heavily armored force of 600,000 Soviet troops of four Russian Armies—the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 14th—striking Finland at seven points all the way from the heavily populated Karelian isthmus in the Southeast to the port of Petsamo on the Arctic Ocean.

The column was not making good progress. Night temperatures had been dropping to nearly 40 degrees below zero. The snow was deep and the ice as hard as rock. The tank engines had to be kept running most of the night to keep them from freezing. Many of the infantry’s weapons were frozen and useless. Supplies, including winter uniforms, had been delayed by the same factors—a white hell, the second coldest winter in over a hundred years.

On their southern flank, a ski patrol of Finnish Home Guard reservists suddenly swept out of the forest and poured a deluge of submachine gun fire into the Russians, leaving many dead and wounded. The Finns, wearing white uniforms and cloaks, disappeared into the whiteness.

Two days later as dawn broke,  two Finnish skiers—expert snipers—concealed beneath their white cloaks,  picked off man after man and were gone before the Russians could pinpoint their position and return fire.

This type guerilla warfare was repeated over and over until many Russian tank and infantry units had been stalled, isolated, and helplessly cut to pieces one small raid or sniper hit at a time. The 44th and part of the 163rd Soviet Division—a force of 14,000—were almost completely destroyed in this way.  More than half of them froze to death.  Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin had General Vinogradov executed.   

According to Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev’s later memoirs, the Soviet Union sent 1.5 million troops into Finland, and one million of them never came back, the victims of tenacious Finnish resistance, Soviet political mismanagement of the Red Army, and the white hell of 1939-1940.  The official Soviet estimate of killed and missing was 127,000, but German military experts estimated total Soviet dead and missing at 250,000. The Finns, whose total military strength never exceeded 347,000, lost 26,000 dead and missing, but nearly a thousand Finnish civilians were killed in the Soviet bombing of Helsinki and several other major cities.

Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden until 1809, when the Russians invaded it and made it made it an autonomous Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire. In 1899, however, Nicholas II embarked on a policy of Russification, which stirred Finnish resistance and sentiment for complete independence. On December 6, 1917, as the Russian Empire began to collapse from the strains of World War I and internal political turmoil, the Finnish Senate declared Finland independent.  This resulted in a short civil war between the newly declared Finnish government and the new Bolshevik government—or Reds. With some German help, the Reds were defeated by White Guard troops under Finnish Marshall Gustav Mannerheim, a strongly anti-Communist former officer of the Imperial Russian Army. Finland, however, continued to be plagued with Communist subversion, although the Communist Party was outlawed in 1931. 

In 1938, the Soviet Union began making territorial demands on Finland. They wanted the Karelian border, only 20 miles from Leningrad pushed back to 45 miles. They also wanted to lease the Finnish Naval Base at Hanko, east of Helsinki. Essentially, Stalin wanted to make Finland a Soviet satellite starting with a few territorial exchanges and Soviet fortifications. Finland continued to reject these “offers” and insisted on her neutrality in war.

In August 1939, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact. It included a secret agreement to divide Europe up between Nazi Germany in the West and the Soviet Union in the East. The Soviets would get Finland. On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. In the next two months, Estonia, Latvia, and Estonia capitulated to Soviet ultimatums and were occupied by Soviet troops. At the same time, the Soviets were massing troops on Finland’s Eastern border. Soviet generals estimated that Finland could be taken in 12 days.

On November 30, 1939, the Russians began an artillery barrage along the Karelian border, followed by a massive tank and infantry assault. Finnish troops, having no weapons or training to cope with tanks, began to fall back to better-fortified lines. At 9:30 AM, air-raid sirens wailed their fearful message over the Finnish capital of Helsinki, but only propaganda was being dropped. At 2:30 PM, three waves of Soviet bombers began to rain incendiary bombs on Helsinki, causing explosions, widespread fires, and collapsing buildings. Over 50 bombs demolished the huge technical high school at Frederiksgatan. More than 200 people died.

Opposing this aerial savaging of Finland were only 200 trained pilots and 162 relatively obsolete Finnish aircraft. Over the next 102 days, they would face over 3,000 of the latest Soviet fighters and bombers. But the better trained and considerably more determined Finnish pilots and aircrews shot down 240 fighter and bomber aircraft while losing only 62 of their own. Extraordinarily accurate Finnish anti-aircraft batteries brought down at least 444 more. Entire squadrons of Russian aircraft took off from the Soviet airbase near Tallinn, Estonia, and never returned.  To be continued.

Mike Scruggs

Man severely beaten after reprimanding youths over street basketball game

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A 40-year-old man was in critical condition today after being severely beaten Saturday night by a group of men in the 1000 block of Delmar Drive, Mobile police said.

No arrests had been made as of today. The incident was reported about 8:30 p.m.

Spokesman Cpl. Christopher Levy said the victim went outside and had words with a group of boys who were playing basketball in the street. The boys left, but shortly afterward a group of adults arrived and confronted the man, Levy said.

The victim was beaten so severely that Levy said he has still not been able to identify or describe who the men were. He said it is not known when the man will be able to say anything about the incident.

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US Marines Major Christopher Miller, Ron Paul 2012 delegate

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100,000 women undergo brutal genital mutilation illegally in Britain (and some of the victims are as young as TEN)

As many as 100,000 women in Britain have undergone female genital mutilations with medics in the UK offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10, it has been reported. Investigators from The Sunday Times said they secretly filmed a doctor, dentist and alternative medicine practitioner who were allegedly willing to perform circumcisions or arrange for the operation to be carried out. The doctor and dentist deny any wrongdoing. The practice, which involves the surgical removal of external genitalia and in some cases the stitching of the vaginal opening, is illegal in Britain and carries up to a 14 year prison sentence. It is also against the law to arrange FGM.

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One Week UPDATE: NCPATCON (Patriot Convention)


We will be having a good meal, though not an actual Pig Pickin' where they cook the pig on site as that requires 75 minimum; however it will be pulled pork cooked at Abram's and delivered. I use them every year for our family reunion.

1. Pulled pork
2. Fried chicken
3. Black eye peas
4. Red potatoes
5. Slaw
6. Hush puppies
7. Tea
8. Water
9.Banana Pudding

$12.24 The servers appreciate tips. $1.00?

They do not wish to return with any, so take all you want before they leave. They bring 10% more than ordered. They serve between one (1300) and two (1400) only. The per person price is based on 37 people showing up as they have a minimum of $450.00. My friend Michael is fronting about $250.00 to rent a large tent, 40 chairs and 6 tables which is what we do each year for our reunion. It would be nice if we could reimburse him, so if each person (37?) would fork over $20, we could pay the caterers including tip and pay back Michael.

We will have mixed company, so please act accordingly. Currently the weather forecast calls for 81 /57 on Friday, 83 /57 on Saturday and 76/57on Sunday with 0 chance of rain.  See y'all there.

The Universalist Holocaust

Everyone deals with trauma in different ways. Getting violently attacked on a street late at night. Watching a loved one murdered in front of your eyes. Feeling the fire on your skin as your home burns. It's not just the pain of the experience, it's realizing afterward how your world has changed and that your life will never be the same.

There are two basic human responses to an assault. I will protect myself. I will make the world a better place. The first deals with the risk of an attack. The second with your feelings about the world. The first leaves you better able to cope with an attack. The second makes you feel better about the world.

The Jewish response to the Holocaust fell into these two categories. Never Again and Teach Tolerance. And the two responses were segmented by population. Never Again became the credo of Israel and Teach Tolerance became the credo of the Western Diaspora. There were many Israelis who believed in teaching tolerance and many Western Jews who believed in self-defense, but for the most part the responses were structural. And yet the divide between Nationalists and Universalists also predated the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was a transformative event, but only to a degree, the responses to it came out of earlier debates that had been going on for two generations. Before the Holocaust, the Czarist pogroms had led to the same fork in the road between a collective struggle for a better world and national self-defense. The current debates about Israel revisit an old argument that has been going on for well over a century.

To the Nationalists, the Holocaust was not an unexpected event. Nationalist leaders like Jabotinsky had warned repeatedly that it was coming. To the Universalists however, it was an inexplicable event because it challenged the entire progressive understanding of history as a march to enlightenment. Violent bigotry was a symptom of reactionary backward thinking, not something that modern countries would engage in. There might be anti-semitism in Berlin, but there wouldn't be mass murder. That was for places like Czarist Russia, but not for the enlightened Soviet Russia or Weimar Germany.

The Universalists seemed to have a point.

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The Stack, Jack

The front door of your Castle explodes off the hinges and the Stack starts their entry.

If you have taken the decision not to fight at this point, so be it. For all things there is a time and place, and you choose where and when you will do what.

But if you have taken the decision to fight any Stack and the first alert you get is the front door coming off the hinges, you've got problems.

Here are the basics. First, consider the event from LEO's perspective. They have done this dozens or hundreds of times before. They have a script, a pattern, and expectations of how this will go. Just like the other raids, they will swarm with overwhelming force, surprise and the Target (you) will meekly wait while they kill Fido, stomp Kitty and terrorize your wife and children. After all, that's how it always goes.

'Gaia' scientist James Lovelock: I was 'alarmist' about climate change

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James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators, such as Al Gore, were too.

Lovelock, 92, is writing a new book in which he will say climate change is still happening, but not as quickly as he once feared.

He previously painted some of the direst visions of the effects of climate change. In 2006, in an article in the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, he wrote that “before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.”

However, the professor admitted in a telephone interview with that he now thinks he had been “extrapolating too far."

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Back in early July 2009, political prostitutes on the Senate Judiciary Committee began confirmation hearings for a politically correct socialist, Sonia Sotomayor, to the U.S. Supreme Court. Having the correct female parts and ethnicity (Hispanic), she was a shoe-in regardless of how unqualified for the job. At that time, Dr. Richard Cordero contacted me. Dr. Cordero is an attorney who practices law in New York and was not only very familiar with Sotomayor, his research proves little Sonia concealed her assets and is guilty of tax evasion and perjury. I immediately began reading his evidence; it took a couple of days. Not speculation, but hundreds of pages of documents.

Gutless Republicans like Sen. Jeff Sessions refused to even contact Dr. Cordero. It's not as if he didn't know about Dr. Cordero's evidence, many of us made sure he did. Sessions and his colleagues brushed it off and proceeded with the sham confirmation hearings. 

Back then I wrote two columns exposing this [1], [2], yet strangely, few people seemed interested or concerned. Certainly not the liars for hire in the "mainstream" media or even the mis-named "fair and balanced" FOX News. Not even some of the news web sites one would think would have jumped on this scandal. Nothing. Here is an individual who could have not only derailed Sotomayor's nomination, but force a criminal investigation into her activities as well as other judges in New York. Well, there was a bit of sniffing going on, but just like their refusal to fully investigate the impostor president back in 2007 & 2008, the NY Times, Washington Post and Politico, did not follow through on Sotomayor. Heaven forbid they would actually investigate such a politically correct nominee! Why, it might bring backlash from minority groups and we can't have that in America. Better to let the mobs take control.

Now to the meat of the issue from Dr. Richard Cordero who is a doctor of law with a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge in England; a Master of Business Administration from the University of Michigan; and a law degree from La Sorbonne in Paris:

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Did Democrats hack the 2008 Obama election?

Stratfor, the US-based private intelligence company, says that Senator John McCain's campaign knew that electoral fraud was going on in 2008 but chose to do nothing. What is going on now as President Obama faces changed circumstances?

According to emails obtained by WikiLeaks, which is led by the embattled Julian Assange, Republican Senator John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign staff allegedly had evidence that Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio on election night. However, the candidate chose not to pursue voter fraud, according to internal emails obtained from the private intelligence and analysis firm, Stratfor.

Stratfor regularly reports on geopolitics, narcotics, security and terrorism, particularly overseas. The company, which was founded by George Friedman, has high-level subscribers including at least one former U.S. Secretary of State, various foreign governments, and intelligence agencies. The U.S. Marines and the Department of Homeland Security are also customers.  In recent months, Stratfor was in the news because a still unknown party hacked the Stratfor website and obtained subscribers’ names.
The internal emails in this case provided insight into Stratfor’s interest in U.S. politics. In an email sent on November 7, 2008, entitled " Insight - The Dems & Dirty Tricks ** Internal Use Only - Pls Do Not Forward **," Stratfor vice president of intelligence Fred Burton wrote:

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When blacks raise children to hate whites

An open letter to Dr. James Cone in response to an article published by

Dear Dr. Cone,

I suspect your father lied to you.

Your tales of a dad who would come home night after night steeped in worry that White marauders were lurking in the night awaiting an assault simply don't ring true.

If I understand you correctly, your father never was actually attacked. Night after night, week after week; year after year. They never came. There you stood with a shot gun, looking into the darkness of night awaiting the assuring sight of headlights on your father's pick-up truck. Your father always came home. You never used your gun. The White mobs never materialized.

Maybe, just maybe, there were no White thugs lurking in the night. Maybe, just maybe, your dad was lying.

Then, again, he may have been suffering from delusions of schizophrenia.

Once he supposed a lynch mob was coming, bent on running him out of his home. That mob never materialized either.

Or could it be that his worries were well founded? Is it possible that the man who, you say, expressed racial anxiety and could never work for a White person lest he lose his dignity may have, himself, been the agitator? Is it possible that your dad, like so many other blacks, thought it sport to sucker punch defenseless White people? Did you father worry that someday his racist assaults would catch up with him? That someone would seek revenge?

I don't know.

What I do know, or at least conclude from your testimony, is that your father played a significant role in instilling racial hatred in his son, that he terrorized his son with sordid tales of wicked violent White folks, and that racism has gripped your heart and mind for some seven decades.

Did your father also instill in you the need to lie?

According the article at, you claim that some 5,000 black men, women and children were lynched between 1880 and 1940.

5,000 is nice round number. Is it accurate? Are you telling the truth?

Actually, from 1882 to 1968 there were 4,743 lynchings in America. Of those, 1,297 were White. In fact, in twenty-five states there were as many or more Whites lynched as blacks. (I have used this Tuskegee report many times also. BT)

More @ Daily Kenn

27.4% Of Lynchings Were White

NamSouth re-post prompted by Stoking the flames

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes..."
-- Napoleon Bonaparte


Tuskegee Institute records of lynchings between the years 1880 and 1951 show 3,437 African-American victims, as well as 1,293 white victims.

Wow! The Expanding Flash Mob Threat



Last Easter weekend, a twitter message went out and in a few hours 20,000 people descended on Surfside Beach, Texas, population about 600. My LEO contacts tell me there were only six officers available. The crowd turned sour towards the locals who did not want them parking or defecating in their yards.

Several residents had to stand on their front porches with weapons displayed to keep groups of hundreds from passing through their property. Several rental beach houses were broken into and one contact said the volume of human feces and trash was unbelievable. The roads were impassable for hours, trapping the residents who may have wanted to evacuate.

Caravans of cars, ten or twenty in number, traveled at very high speed from Houston down Highway 288, virtually daring anyone to deter them. A lone Texas DPS officer pulled one of the caravans over. He was quickly surrounded by a large group of those headed to the beach party. One LEO had made two arrest at the beach, but threatening crowds intimidated the officer, who un-cuffed the suspect and released them back to the throngs.

The road from Surfside beach to Angleton, Texas, came to a standstill, a distance of about 12 miles. There were three reported shootings and one death within the mob. A very large convenience store, Buccee's, was flash mobbed, the clerks were able to lock the doors and vacate the building.

The Brazoria County Sheriffs Department and the Surfside Beach LEOs are not talking much about any of this. I think they got surprised and are embarrassed.

Bottom line: never underestimate the rate a mob situation may develop, maintain a vigil, keep informed and have a way out and especially have a trigger point when to evacuate or seek cover.
Thanks for all you do.

Yours truly,

 Mark H.