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When Black Lives Don't Matter

Black lives don't matter when Planned Parenthood is involved.  Most do not realize that Planned Parenthood was the outgrowth of Margaret Sanger's attempt to cleanse the American population of undesirables, especially blacks, whom she considered incapable of the type of "elevated" behavior  of educated whites.  But, Margaret wanted to rid society of all manner of undesirables, not just blacks.  To her, the mentally disabled, the weak, the unmanageable hordes must also be cleansed.

This is why Planned Parenthood started in the inner cities, where the poor, disabled and minorities were most often encountered.  Yet, Hillary Clinton is still proud to accept the Margaret Sanger Award.  And, she accuses Trump of being a racist.

BLACK LEADER Praises Trump’s Detroit Visit – Calls on Black Caucus Members to Resign

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Donald Trump Addresses Black Detroit Church (09/03/2016) [FULL EVENT & SPEECH]

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Hot Mic – Reuters Intentionally Cuts Camera Feed During Positive Bishop Jackson Remarks To Trump in Detroit…

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~ There are trillions of dollars at stake ~


During a visit to Detroit today candidate Donald Trump was blessed and given a prayer shawl by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson.   However, as Bishop Jackson continued his remarks the operators of the Reuters news feed began speaking uncomfortably about the power of the positive optics for the Trump campaign – Via YouTube.

It appears the camera operator was initially reluctant to cut the feed saying:
“I’m shooting this, I don’t care what they say,… I’ll take a demotion for this…. you?”
Moments later you can hear the intensity of the voice off camera increasing: “Shut it down” followed by the a voice asking “shut this down?” and the response “yeah”… “blackout“.  Seconds later in the middle of Bishop Jackson’s remarks the feed is cut:

Reuters was primary video feed for the event, all other video delivery services were coming from the Reuters feed.  When Reuters shut down, all other outlets lost the broadcast.

Saigon 1974 & 1994

Beer and wonderful food for all! I taught a business course at the school of the gentleman to my right and ESL/Business English at another. It is the custom in Vietnam that men and women sit at separate tables with the men served first. 1994


Brock, Tu Duc 1974, '52 Citroen, wig, shades, my stomach pushed out, and a funny looking cigarette. I had just gotten my car back from the paint shop.


"Land two Marine Divisions in North Vietnam and keep them there with air and naval support until the Communists agree to abide by the 1973 Paris Peace Accords. The United States bears a very direct burden to aid embattled South Vietnam, because this nation had pressured the Saigon government to accept the peace agreement and promised aid."

Walt W. Rostow
Lyndon Johnson's
National Security Adviser
April 4, 1975

American English is Changing Fast

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Outlaw Armageddon Offers High Powered Excitement


 ..........drag racing fans had all of the thrills this weekend at the second annual Outlaw Armageddon No Prep Invitational at Thunder Valley Raceway Park.

Starring many well-known names from Discovery Channel’s reality show Street Outlaws like Shawn Ellington in “Murder Nova”, “Daddy Dave” Comstock, Kye Kelley, Chuck Seitsinger in “Death Trap”, Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson and “Birdman” James Finney, this event featured over 200 cars all ready to battle for huge payouts and bragging rights including $30,000 to win big tire and $20,000 to win small tire with a total payout of over $80,000 in cash.

This no preparation street racing type of event even had its own racing surface story to tell as absolutely zero traction compound was applied to the racing surface. All of the developed rubber on the strip was scraped off prior to the start of the race, and the competitors were only allowed to do burnouts using their preferred mixture of “pimp juice” – a blend of traction compound and alcohol.
This event kicked off Friday night with True Street racers returning from their mandatory 35 mile cruise, then heading to the lanes for the first round pairings.

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Does Life Begin At Conception?

The moment a Vietnamese child is born, he/she is one year old.



U.S. veteran finds lost love in Vietnam — and she has a surprise for him

Alone in a hotel room in a small Vietnamese town, Jim Reischl waited restlessly. Recounting the story later, the Vietnam War veteran said he had traveled 8,500 miles, with an arthritic knee, for this long-sought reunion.

“I am getting a bit excited,” he said. “Geez, I haven’t seen her in 45 years!”

Then came a knock on the door.

Chaos will (might) erupt across America in less than 100 days... no matter who wins the election

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 Social chaos

The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins.

What follows is an educated analysis of the political friction now escalating in America. Note carefully that nothing in this article should be construed as any intention to call for violence of any kind. I do reference such acts, however, as part of human history as well as likely outcomes in our near future. What I'm offering here is an analysis and a warning, along with a call to prepare for what's coming.

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UPDATED – 47 Clinton “Friends” That Wound Up DEAD

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While Vince Foster is the most famous death that was ALSO a friend or associate of the Clintons, he is just one in a very long line.

Take a look at this list of not 1…not 2.. not 3.. but 47 Clinton “friends” who are now dead.

Want to be a “friend” to the Clintons? Better take out a life insurance policy.

 1- James McDougal – Clintons convicted Whitewater partner died of an apparent heart attack, while in solitary confinement. He was a key witness in Ken Starr’s investigation.

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Canada's First Heritage Not Hate Confederate Flag Rally?

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 "Met this Gentleman from Turkey, who gets it! He's been here seven years, and quite thankful."

On Saturday July 16th/2016 I held a small Confederate flag rally in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. While I intended to imply several ideals, it first and foremost was raised as a historic battle flag in dedication to the soldiers that fought for the South in the American Civil War (or The War of The States). The lineage of my family is such that I have descendants that fought for both sides in the war. I believe in honoring the sacrifices, valor, and service put forth from both sides.

The Confederate flag was not banned in Canada last year and there has been a growing amount of Confederate symbolism appearing in Canada ever since. I've logged several thousand miles with Confederate Heritage Not Hate signage, written several articles on my blog, had a social media campaign.... the logical next step was a public demonstration.

Don’t like Trump/Pence… Don’t like Clinton/Kaine… Then here is the ticket for you!

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