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The Sting


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Things are rarely what they seem. Records confirm the Bolshevik leaders were on Germany's payroll during World War I in a sort of "work release program", their mission was to bring down the Czar and take Russia out of the war, which they did. This was well known even at the time, long before the documents were made public. Leon Trotsky found it necessary to say,
"They are throwing dirty accusations at Lenin and Zinoviev. Lenin has fought thirty years for the revolution. I have fought for twenty years against the oppression of the people. And we cannot but cherish a hatred for German militarism. I have been sentenced by a German court to eight months' imprisonment for my struggle against German militarism. This everybody knows. Let nobody in this hall say that we are hirelings of Germany."
In turn, the early National Socialist German Workers Party was very nearly an invention of the Soviets, one of many, with the mission to bring down the elected German government and install a socialist regime friendly to Moscow. The connection between Russian and German socialists remained strong and mutually supportive. The Luftwaffe, illegal under the terms of the World War I armistice, trained on Russian airfields in the 1930s. The SD was modeled after the Russian NKVD, the mass arrests and slave labor camps after the Soviet gulags. When Germany launched its invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, it's biggest trading partner, Russian freight trains were still rolling through the front lines and into Germany, loaded with steel and grain.

One theory of history says Ernst Rohm, a committed Marxist revolutionary and thoroughly contemptible in other ways, was Moscow's preferred boss. His arrest and execution in 1934, along with the rest of the Stormtrooper leadership, made the showdown of 1941 inevitable. Even so, when Germany invaded Poland in 1939 it was a joint invasion with the Soviets. Much can been made of England and its allies' failure to declare war on both the Soviet Union and Germany. It suggests World War II in Europe was a contest between National Socialism and International Socialism, and the Western Allies made their choice. 

All this, and the propaganda from both sides, would lead a reasonable person to conclude ideology was the driving force of the war. It was no such thing. The wars in Europe and the Pacific were about what wars are always about, control of peoples and resources. The socialist wave crested during the years between the end of World War I and the start of World War II. These were years of unending crisis, each more dire than the one before, each nudging the hapless populace of Europe closer to a decisive catastrophe. At the end of the war only international socialism was left standing, and its formal embodiment outside the Soviet Union—the European Union, was already in the planning. Only the United States has yet to declare itself a socialist state, and so it is unnecessary, avoidable and downright weird crisis are maturing thick and fast. 

This regime admits crisis is opportunity. As with all socialist theatre, DC contrives and directs crisis for its own purposes. President Obama, a secretive man with a shadowy past and even more shadowy present, and the permanent DC cadre of adaptable henchmen, fit the profile of ruin from within. Consider: state governments are all but captured by DC, the middle class impoverished, the currency disemboweled. The military is benumbed with purges and political correctness and non-military missions amounting to social work. Citizenship and the vote have been watered down, racial animosity ramped up, voter fraud mainstreamed, in short, the whole basis of a democratic republic—its institutions, traditions and values—is being discredited, anesthetized and smothered. 

The first question of crime investigators, television aside, is: who benefits? The agents provocateur themselves already are in control of the nation, shouldn't they be consolidating power rather than diminishing the nation they control and thereby diminishing their ability to influence international events, or even to participate credibly? They don't appear to benefit and the cause of international socialism doesn't appear to benefit, even though the US has been its protector, enabler and cash cow for most of a hundred years. Socialism isn't the game itself, it's a management device, the industrial Team Concept writ large. If not them, then who? 

A case can be made for old-fashioned global power politics, but the beneficiary is far from obvious. If China is the leading candidate it's hard to explain their single, consistent political demand, which amounts to "leave us alone". And any scenario involving the imposition of Islam comes up ninety-nine yards short of a hundred if reality is given more weight than fantasy. Reality suggests the West should invite Moslems to absent themselves from everywhere that isn't Africa or Arabia, perhaps to return when they've accepted the ninth to twenty-first centuries. 

Still, all crime has a beneficiary, so again, who benefits? Simple. As with any crime, the criminals benefit. For example, who benefits from weakened or unenforced bank regulations? Ahah! Who benefits from disarming crime victims—the criminal benefits. Who benefits from open borders with Mexico, and who benefits from its payoffs and money-laundering and campaign contributions? Criminals again. Who benefits from selective enforcement of law, or of ignoring the Constitution, or of circumventing its protections, or of learned interpretations that insult reason itself? Who benefits from tax law so complex and contradictory that even specialists merely take their best guess, the taxpayer or the tax spender? But even these are incidental to the main theft. 

It's well said that the surest way to rob a bank is to own the bank. The depositors just keep coming in, and week after week they give you money, you give them a receipt, everybody's happy. With socialism—and that's closest to what we have—whole nations are the bank, and as with all conspiracies, you're either in or you're out, getting the payoff or paying the payoff, riding the wagon or pulling the wagon. No in between. And it's a mature criminal enterprise which deploys market-tested brands—progressive, socialist, left, right, Republican, Democrat, communist and so forth—and an exit strategy. In other words, it's a sting.

The beneficiaries are already world class wealthy, but they're not quite done. When the weight of insolvency brings about an event horizon, and it will, then they'll be done. And they'll be gone, far away from the vortex. By then they'll have ownership of nearly all actual wealth, and in every form worth having. Productive farm land and all the earth's resources, for instance. Everybody else, including the true believers and other useful idiots, will be holding worthless claims on debt. The name brand activists will merely end up with a taller pile of worthless paper than the rest of 'em.
Those who say socialism works until they run out of other people's money are close to the truth, it lasts until there's nothing left to loot, and then they are gone. And the chattering about what went wrong will go on for years afterward. With some it will be the shame of being had but not quite knowing how, with others because they do know how, but with most it will be the Stockholm Syndrome, "surely it wasn't our leaders who fought for the working people and sincerely cared about the least among us and were selfless enough to take our earnings for our own good, to make a difference by investing in the future ... for a positive outcome ... in an inclusive environment ..." 

So yes, DC is run by agents provocateur, creating and using crisis after crisis to advance a colossal sting operation, the bait being a glittering can't-lose proposition where everybody wins. Everybody not in on the sting loses of course, which means pretty much everybody, period.

 art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Outraged Swiss village of 1,000 residents forced to raise taxes after African refugee mother-of-seven moves there and costs them £40,000 a month in benefits, by John Hall at Mail Online.

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Leftists - The left isn't just inferior in muscular strength, reaction time in the eyes and hands and the immune response. They are just inferior people, period. Every single metric in existence demonstrates it. When they achieve critical mass a civilization collapses. This happens around every 200 years on average, give or take a couple decades either way. Texas Arcane at
art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg England goes insane
A victim of Rotherham's child sex abuse scandal confronted a man she says groomed her - but was left shocked when she was the one arrested. The woman was shocked when she saw the man walking through the town's centre on Friday and decided to challenge him over the allegations. But she was tackled by two police officers and pushed up against a wall during her 'thuggish' arrest, a witness has said, reports Richard Spillett in this article, Rotherham child-sex victim confronts her alleged abuser in the street... but SHE is arrested by a van load of police, at Mail Online.

art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Jacksonville, Florida Teacher Suspended After Shocking Sex Ed Demonstration, by Jane Agni at Modern Woman Digest.

art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif Air Power 1918-style, mass Fokker formations reenacted, Youtube, HD, 5m 52s

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Memetic weaponry
Liberal anticommunists thought we were being judicious and fair-minded when we dismissed half of the Right's complaint as crude blather. We were wrong; the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss really were guilty, the Hollywood Ten really were Stalinist tools, and all of Joseph McCarthy's rants about “Communists in the State Department” were essentially true. The Venona transcripts and other new material leave no room for reasonable doubt on this score, says Eric Raymond in this article, Gramscian damage, at Armed and Dangerous.

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Here's what happened to diesel cars
I recently reviewed the 2014 VW Jetta TDI. For a modern car—relative to other modern cars—it delivers excellent fuel economy: 30 MPG in city driving and 42 MPG on the highway. But back in 1979, a VW Rabbit diesel delivered 45 MPG in city driving. And 57 on the highway. After 40 years of technological advances shouldn’t the 2014 Jetta deliver better economy than a Carter-era car? Well, it could, says Eric Peters in this article, The Diesel Dilemma, at Eric Peters Autos.

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Excavating a Roman city frozen in the Third Century
The excavations at Zeugma, a frontier city of the Roman Empire on the banks of the Euphrates River in what is now modern Turkey, provide one of the best records of the domiciles and domestic life of regular folks on the eastern edge of the Roman world. The site was mostly intact, with military equipment, workshops, stunning mosaic pavements, and everyday objects left in place on the day when the Sasanian army swarmed and destroyed the city, says Terry Devitt in this article, Excavation exposes Roman imperial outpost at its bitter end, at University of Wisconsin News.
About sending US military to Africa to fight the spread of Ebola - This is a terrible misuse of the U.S. military, and it comes at a terrible time when not only is the military really stretched thin, such that the U.S. military can not take on another mission, it comes at a time when we are reducing the military’s funding and the military’s numbers. If military are required to combat the Ebola outbreak in Liberia, then the first troops that should be involved are the 6,000 United Nations peacekeeping forces that are already in the country. It doesn’t make sense.
Lt. Gen. William Boykin, Ret., via Jerome Corsi at
Remus says - So, rhetoric aside, Africa is still the "white man's burden." Or common sense will get you nowhere. :)

5 Things Only Seasoned Hunters Know About Mature Bucks

 5 Things Only Seasoned Hunters Know About Mature Bucks

Every deer hunter can agree that mature bucks are just… different.


Every year deer hunters take to the woods attempting to harvest their buck of a lifetime. Fairly quickly, plan B usually takes hold and filling their tags becomes the primary goal by the end of the season.

Most hunters might get just one chance at seeing a mature buck as they are out hunting, but getting that buck within range of a firearm or bow is a different matter of chance altogether.
Here are 5 things you should know about mature bucks that might help swing the odds more in your favor this season.

#1. Mature bucks are complete individuals

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Brazilian Men Find Biggest Anaconda Ever Found

Caliber Comparisons for Fighting Rifles

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New Jersey Newspapers Call For Mandatory Gun Confiscation


Why step right up.  Who's first? :), a consortium of reliably left-wing newspapers in the Garden State, has published an op-ed calling for the scrapping of the Second Amendment:

Having fewer guns lying around could mean they won’t end up in the hands of a curious child, abusive spouse or suicidal person. Having a gun at home makes it three times more likely that you’ll be murdered by a family member or intimate partner, or successfully attempt suicide.

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He who can, does; he who cannot, takes a job with a federal safety agency (This is good........)

 He who can, does; he who cannot, takes a job with a federal safety agency

A former colleague, who lived and worked in the U.S. on a valid work permit, would travel back to Canada periodically to renew the permit.  It was, generally, an uncomplicated albeit annoying process, until the time he was denied the renewal because he lacked physical proof that he was college educated as per the work permit’s requirement. So, at his own expense, he managed to secure his actual college diploma and return to the border. But the U.S. border security guards did not believe the diploma was valid, because it was in a different language.

It was in Latin.

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Obama Anti-Rape Effort Recruits For Left-Wing Org

 Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

President Obama and Vice President Biden announced a new administration initiative to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses Friday. While the campaign urges public participation, those who decide to sign on will forward their information to a liberal think tank.

The campaign, dubbed “It’s On Us,” is being conducted in collaboration with over 200 universities around the country, as well as groups such as the NCAA and even the video game company Electronic Arts. Celebrities are getting in on the act as well, joining Obama and Biden in a video to push the initiative.

The statue of Rio

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Liam Neeson trashes 2A: ‘I am totally for gun control in the US’


Hollywood movie star Liam Neeson is not a fan of the Second Amendment, despite the fact that many of the roles he’s played as of late depict him as a good guy with a gun saving the day.

In an interview with The Independent, the 62-year-old Ireland native and current New York resident was unequivocal about his support for rolling back gun rights for law-abiding Americans.

“I am totally for gun control in the US. The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying,” explained Neeson.

“Every day we’re seeing some kid running rampant in a school. And do you know what the gun lobby’s response to Newtown was?” he asked, referring to the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

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New shooter having fun. :)

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At the Firing Range

Published on Sep 21, 2014
 Lugansk regon, as I fire a gun for the first time.

Fulton Armory M3 Scout Carbine–Even Better than the Real Thing

The M3 Scout Carbine

If you know your M1 Carbine history, you know that there was a select fire variant of the M1 made called the M3. (Incorrect the select fire version was the M2, the M3 was a M2 with an active infrared scope system.)


The little M1 Carbine has been around for over 70 years now.   Even though over 6.5 million of them were made, original shooters are getting harder to find and at an increasing cost. Sure, they are out there and there could be even more returning to the states if the government will allow them to be brought over from Korea. The M1 Carbine design was also made by a huge number of arms companies for sale to the civilian marksman. Yet some of those are not very well made. The early ones that used all USGI parts are usually good, but when those parts started to run out, the quality of these civilian carbines went down hill fast.  But what if you want a new one?

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DHS: Dysfunctional work environment and abysmal morale

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An exodus of top-level officials from the Department of Homeland Security is undercutting the agency’s ability to stay ahead of a range of emerging threats, including potential terrorist strikes and cyberattacks, according to interviews with current and former officials.

Over the past four years, employees have left DHS at a rate nearly twice as fast as in the federal government overall, and the trend is accelerating, according to a review of a federal database.

Why Ezekiel Emanuel is evil and a fool (illustrated edition)

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A few days ago, I wrote about the incredibly vile and dangerous article penned by Obamacare architect and Obama official Ezekiel Emanuel, making the case that 75 years is long enough for everyone to live. That way, the government saves a lot of money, you see. And besides, the “quality of life” is too low in the seventies, or so it seems to Dr. E at his current stage in life.

Perhaps I should have saved myself some trouble, because master satirist Big Fur Hat has once again shown that a picture is worth a thousand words, in a blog titled, “Raquel Welch Just Turned 74, Zeke Emanuel Says Next Year She Should Kill Herself”:

White teachers, black students