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End Of The Line For Holder?

 We can only pray.

I wonder if Obama’s beleaguered attorney general wishes he would have followed Hillary Clinton and other departing members of the administration out the door earlier this year? Now, he may have no choice.

Attorney General Eric Holder may have lied in testimony given to Congress given earlier this month. Even if it was not under oath, the offense would be a felony subject to a maximum of five years in prison. The exchange actually happened with Hank Johnson (he of “imagine a world without balloons” and other greatest gaffe hits). This is what the memory-challenged AG had to say:
First of all you’ve got a long way to go to try to prosecute the press for publication of material. This has not fared well in American history… In regard to potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material. This is not something I’ve ever been involved in, heard of, or would think would be wise policy.
You see, Eric Holder is the kind of guy who remembers with fine detail what he did do to cover his behind, but when it comes to the actual main components of the scandal at hand, he just don’t know.
Except, Holder’s fingerprints are all over the search warrant filed to go after Fox News reporter James Rosen as if he was a criminal. It bears Holder’s signature, you see. And not just one, but two judges said NO before one signed off on the warrant, and the DOJ wouldn’t have even notified Rosen after the investigation!

As Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker noted:

The Three Stooges

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"The search for Spooky 21"

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TA-OY, Laos — Maj. Derrell Jeffords bounced his roaring Spooky 21 down and off the runway at Da Nang Air Base in Vietnam. It was just before 7:30 a.m., on Christmas Eve 1965. The big camouflaged belly of his twin-prop AC-47 was easily visible against a blue sky as he banked west.
The cargo plane-turned-gunship was on its way to Laos; its mission was top secret.

Jeffords put the South China Sea at his back and the plane lumbered over a landscape mimicking the twists and folds of an unmade bed. The flight plan showed that he and his five-member crew would be returning to base in under six hours. Back in time for a late lunch.

But that was without complications, and this was the Vietnam War.

Just over halfway through what had been up to that point an uneventful flight, at 10:56 a.m., two U.S. planes in the area picked up a UHF radio broadcast:

“Mayday, Spooky 21. Mayday.”

Then the plane disappeared, swallowed up in the dense green foliage of the Southeast Asian jungle.

This is a story of that flight, and the nearly half-century it took to find and bring home its six crew members. Guiding that effort through all those years was the pledge that those who go into battle make to each other: No matter what, we will come back for you. You will not be forgotten.

You will not be left behind.

It is also the story of how a six-hour combat mission at a time when America was ramping up its involvement in Vietnam would test the limits of forensic science, and the faith and patience of the grieving sons, daughters, wives and parents of the six lost airmen.

"What’s Good for the Goose…"

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Somehow I don't think it would work out as well for us.

"We are All Winners if This Plays Through"

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Paradise by John Prine

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“The Lowest types of “poor buckra” 

North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial
“The Official Website of the North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission”

“The Lowest types of “poor buckra”

The enemy cavalry reached Lancaster, South Carolina on 23 February 1865 as it continued its feint towards Charlotte.  The invader had crossed “the Catawba at Rocky Mount” known for its scenes of a previous invader and struggle for American independence. Mrs. Foster’s father had already lost three of his plantations to enemy depredations – he hesitated about leaving his home on the approach of the enemy but her “mother insisted that he should leave us to our fate, and God’s providential care.”

From Mrs. J.H. Foster’s Diary:

“We awaited the coming of Sherman’s army with the greatest apprehension, for the reports that preceded its approach of the destruction and burning of everything in its wake were calculated to arouse the alarm of any civilized community.

I was standing in a high back porch, looking towards the old Methodist Church, when I saw one, two, then several, Yankees riding rapidly to Main street crossing; then I heard a gun fired, an a Negro girl ran through the hall and, in great excitement, said: “Lor’, they done killed old Mr. Jack Crockett.”

He was an old citizen who was too old to go to the war, to which he gave his two sons. He was crossing the street just as the Yankees rode into town, and they fired, without hitting him.
This, the beginning of the rabble, was rapidly increasing in numbers. They were entering residences on every hand, and as I turned to enter the hall, numbers were rapidly entering our front door and, very unceremoniously walking into bedrooms or other rooms; they asked for food, proceeded into closets, the storeroom, dairy, smokehouse. If the keys were not furnished, the butt end of a musket served to shiver the timbers, that they might gain access.

There were but few men in town. The white women and children, and their Negroes, were there to meet the emergency as best they could. As children, we looked with wonder at all those rude soldiers, going through closets, cupboards, drawers; desecrating, even by the touch of their hands, the very Lares and Penates of our household.  We could see that our mother was very much exercised, for she thought best to unlock every door, drawer, or any place they might suspect her of hiding gold or silver, of which they seemed to think we had plenty.

Those Yankees filled their knapsacks with whatever pleased their fancy. The hams were tied to their saddles, or slung two across, and they ransacked every nook and cranny of the house. Many of them seemed drunk to me.  They asked for whiskey, but my mother said she had none. They did not believe her and went searching through everything for it.

Several of them took the house servants and searched them for the jewelry we might have hidden on them. Even old mammy was forced to the smokehouse by threats and the pistol, to give up anything she had concealed.  Our Negroes were too indignant over this treatment ever to have any use for Yankees.  They believed them to be the lowest types of ‘poor buckra”….and their minds seemed set upon finding treasure.”

(When Sherman Came: Southern Women and the “Great March,” Katherine M. Jones, Bobbs-Merrill, 1964, pp. 230-232)

Sherman’s Civilian Enemies


With his sanity questioned by those around him, Sherman personalized American civilians in the South as his enemy; he branded their acts of self-defense as “cowardly” and deserving of swift retaliation.  He was in effect denying that the South had the right to resist an invasion of its own country.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Sherman’s Civilian Enemies:

“Article 44 [of US Army General Orders No. 100]….specified that “All wanton violence committed against persons in the invaded country, all destruction of property not commanded by the authorized officer, all robbery, all pillage or sacking, even after taking a place by main force, all rape, wounding, maiming, or killing of such inhabitants, are prohibited under penalty of death, or other such severe punishment as may seem adequate for the gravity of the offense.”

Paradoxically, it was….Union general, William Tecumseh Sherman, [who] gradually evolved his own personal philosophy of war along line which were clearly at variance with the official pronouncements, and in his practical application of that philosophy became one of the first of the modern generals to revert to the idea of the use of force against the civilian population of the enemy. 

On the eve of the Civil War, Sherman could look back upon a career of dependence, frustrations, and failures. “I am doomed to be a vagabond, and shall no longer struggle against my fate,” he wrote his wife from Kansas in 1859.  As he travelled northward in late February, 1861, to face once more the prospect of renewed dependence upon his father-in-law, his brooding over the ghosts of his own failures became mingled with gloomy forebodings concerning the future of the nation itself.

Passing from the South, where it seemed to him that the people showed a unanimity of purpose and a fierce, earnest determination in their hurried organization for action, into Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, where he found no apparent signs of preparation….he began to develop the deep conviction that he was one of the few people who understood the real state of affairs.  It was only a short step from there to resentment against those who seemed unwilling to heed his warning or advice.  

Convinced that Washington’s failure to act promptly on his requests [as a brigadier in Kentucky] was due either to indifference to the situation or to a willingness to sacrifice him, he developed a state of nervous tension in which his irritability and his unreasonable treatment of those about him antagonized the newspaper correspondents and led some….to publish stories questioning his sanity. 

[He was relieved of command and]….It was during this period of inactivity that the full import of these charges of insanity began to bear in upon him and to create in his mind an agonizing sense of humiliation. [He wrote his brother John] “that I do think I should have committed suicide were it not for my children. I do not think I can ever again be entrusted with a command.” 

Two months later….he wrote to his brother that the civilian population of the South would have to be reckoned with in the months of war ahead......”….the country is full of Secessionists, and it takes all [of a Northern] command to watch them.” Having become convinced that [telegraph] destruction was being accomplished by civilians rather than military personnel, he found it easy to judge the whole South on the basis of what he saw….Here was a manifestation of his tendency to arrive at generalizations by leaping over wide gaps of fact and reason and to proceed on the basis of his inspirations and convictions with the utmost faith in the soundness of his conclusions. 

In this case his generalization led him to visualize the people themselves as a significant factor in the conduct of the war and to think in terms of a campaign against them as well as against their armies.  [Writing to the Secretary of the Treasury], “When one nation is at war with another,” he said, “all the people of the one are enemies of the other: then the rules are plain and easy of understanding.” [He continued]: “The Government of the United States may now safely proceed on the proper rule that all in the South are enemies of all in the North; and not only are they unfriendly, but all who can procure arms now bear them as organized regiments or as guerrillas.” 

Sherman’s disposition to consider all resistance as treacherous acts of the civilian population prepared the way for the next steps in the development of his attitude on the conduct of the war.”

(General William T. Sherman and Total War, John Bennett Walters, Journal of Southern History, Volume XIV, No. 4, November, 1948, pp. 448-450, 454-455, 457-460,

Operation Vigilant Eagle: Is this really how we honor our nations's vets?

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Under the Hussein administration, yes and we ain't seen nothing yet if he thinks he can get away with more.

By John W. Whitehead

Just in time for Memorial Day, we're being treated to a generous serving of praise and grandstanding by politicians, corporations and others with similarly self-serving motives eager to go on record as being pro-military. Patriotic platitudes aside, however, America has done a deplorable job of caring for her veterans. We erect monuments for those who die while serving in the military, yet for those who return home, there's little honor to be found.

Despite the fact that the U.S. boasts more than 23 million veterans who have served in World War II through Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, the plight of veterans today, while often overlooked, is common knowledge: impoverished, unemployed, lacking any decent health benefits, homeless, traumatized mentally and physically, struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide, marital stress.

Making matters worse, thanks to Operation Vigilant Eagle, a program launched by the Department of Homeland Security in 2009, military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are also being characterized as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be "disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war." As a result, these servicemen and women - many of whom are decorated - are finding themselves under surveillance, threatened with incarceration or involuntary commitment, or arrested, all for daring to voice their concerns about the alarming state of our union and the erosion of our freedoms.

Texas Lawmakers Approve Bill To Train Teachers To Be Armed Marshals

File photo of a classroom. (credit: KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Texas schools could train teachers as armed marshals to exchange gunfire with potential attackers under a bill approved by state lawmakers and sent to Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday, while a key lawmaker said attempts to allow concealed handgun license holders to carry their weapons into college classrooms is likely dead.

A bipartisan 28-3 Senate vote gave final approval to the marshals bill, which was proposed after the December mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. It had already passed the House over the objection of the Texas State Teachers Association.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a Republican, had pushed lawmakers to help school districts provide teachers or other employees with special weapons and tactical response training.

The bill allows school districts and charter schools to place one armed marshal on campus for every 400 students. After 80 hours of training, the marshals could bring a weapon on campus. Their identities would not be subject to public records law.

Marshals working directly with students would have to keep their guns in a lockbox “within immediate reach,” according to the measure. Marshals not working with students would be allowed to carry concealed weapons.

More @ CBS Houston

The Spectator President

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No, this is not Watergate or Iran-Contra. Nor is it like the sex scandal that got Bill Clinton impeached.

The AP, IRS and Benghazi matters represent a scandal not of presidential wrongdoing, but of presidential indolence, indifference and incompetence in discharging the duties of chief executive.

The Barack Obama revealed to us in recent days is something rare in our history: a spectator president, clueless about what is going on in his own household, who reacts to revelations like some stunned bystander.

Consider. Because of a grave national security leak, President Obama’s Department of Justice seized two months of records from 20 telephones used by The Associated Press. An unprecedented seizure.
Yet the president was left completely in the dark. And though he rushed to defend the seizure, he claims he was uninvolved.

While the AP issue does not appear to have legs – we know what was done and why – it has badly damaged this president. For his own Justice Department treated the press, which has an exalted opinion of itself and its role, with the same contempt as the IRS treated the tea party.

The episode has damaged a crucial presidential asset. For this Washington press corps had provided this president with a protective coverage of his follies and failings unseen since the White House press of half a century ago covered up the prowlings of JFK.

More @ WND

French Soldier Stabbed In Neck In Paris

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A knife attack on a soldier on anti-terrorist duties in Paris was an attempt to kill, according to France's Defence Minister.

The soldier was injured during the attack but will survive, said a military spokesman.

French daily Le Parisien cited police sources as saying the suspected attacker was a bearded man, about 30-years-old and was wearing an Arab-style garment under his jacket.

He fled the scene and is being sought by police.

The soldier was patrolling the business area of La Defense as part of France's Vigipirate anti-terrorist surveillance plan.

 The stabbing comes just days after British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby was hacked to death on a London street in broad daylight in a suspected terrorist attack that has raised fears of potential copycat strikes.

More @ Sky News 


Washington Post 


The lone attacker was described as a young man wearing a Muslim prayer cap and a North African-style robe called a jellabah. According to a police account, he was monitored on security cameras and seen shedding his robe and fleeing in European clothes before disappearing into the crowd in a subway and suburban train entrance.

 The patrols usually comprise several soldiers in camouflage uniforms and armed with French-made 
FAMAS automatic rifles. There was no word, however, on what other members of the patrol did or whether anybody fired at the assailant.



The French soldier was on a group patrol as part of a national protection program when he was attacked from behind, prosecutor Robert Gelli told BFM-TV. The assailant did not say a word, Gelli told Europe 1.
"There are elements -- the sudden violence of the attack -- that could lead one to believe there might be a comparison with what happened in London," Interior Minister Manuel Valls told France 2 television.

Woolwich attack: Lee Rigby's family pay tearful tribute to murdered soldier

To the Slaughter: British lions come up lambs in Woolwich.

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On Wednesday, Drummer Lee Rigby of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, a man who had served Queen and country honorably in the hell of Helmand Province in Afghanistan, emerged from his barracks on Wellington Street, named after the Duke thereof, in southeast London. Minutes later, he was hacked to death in broad daylight and in full view of onlookers by two men with machetes who crowed “Allahu akbar!” as they dumped his carcass in the middle of the street like so much road kill.

As grotesque as this act of savagery was, the aftermath was even more unsettling. The perpetrators did not, as the Tsarnaev brothers did in Boston, attempt to escape. Instead, they held court in the street gloating over their trophy, and flagged down a London bus to demand the passengers record their triumph on film. As the crowd of bystanders swelled, the remarkably urbane savages posed for photographs with the remains of their victim while discoursing on the iniquities of Britain toward the Muslim world. Having killed Drummer Rigby, they were killing time: It took 20 minutes for the somnolent British constabulary to show up. And so television viewers were treated to the spectacle of a young man, speaking in the vowels of south London, chatting calmly with his “fellow Britons” about his geopolitical grievances and apologizing to the ladies present for any discomfort his beheading of Drummer Rigby might have caused them, all while drenched in blood and still wielding his cleaver.

More @ NRO

Cleta Mitchell: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Continues

Cleta Mitchell, one of Washington's most respected elections attorneys, has sent out a memorandum she says demonstrates that the Internal Revenue Service is seeking to mislead Congress and the public.

Mitchell represents several conservative groups that have been targeted for scrutiny by the IRS and is counsel to the organization True the Vote, which filed suit against the IRS on Tuesday.

She said in an email:

"I have been working for more than a year to get someone to pay attention to what I perceived to be serious problems within the IRS in terms of targeting conservative organizations.

"Despite the efforts of the House Ways & Means IRS Oversight Committee and the Senate Finance Committee inquiring of the IRS, we have now seen that the IRS was not truthful with Congress last year. It is important that we not allow the IRS dissemble, deny and obfuscate the facts.

"With the recent news that, indeed, such targeting was being employed by the IRS, I have been asked repeatedly to provide information to reporters, members of Congress, etc. I decided to put together something of a 'big picture' history overview of the reprehensible situation at the IRS."

Mitchell says she wants readers of her memo "to understand that this STILL going on! The IRS would have everyone believe that "all that was stopped in 2012." That is NOT true. Many, many organizations' applications are still locked within the IRS - attached is evidence of that.

"And most importantly," she adds, she wants readers to "know that this was not confined to a few 'low level' IRS employees in Cincinnati. That is not true. Attached is a letter I sent on Nov. 8, 2011 demonstrating that the orders were coming from Washington."

Below is the memorandum Mitchell sent to "interested parties."

More @ Newsmax

Bill Drafted In Secret Would Block Release Of Some Newtown Massacre Records


The staffs of the state's top prosecutor and the governor's office have been working in secret with General Assembly leaders on legislation to withhold records related to the police investigation into the Dec. 14 Newtown elementary school massacre — including victims' photos, tapes of 911 calls, and possibly more.

The behind-the-scenes legislative effort came to light Tuesday when The Courant obtained a copy of an email by a top assistant to Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane, Timothy J. Sugrue. Sugrue, an assistant state's attorney, discussed options considered so far, including blocking release of statements "made by a minor."

More @ Courant

Bugatti type 41 Royale


Park Ward Royale
The Bugatti Royale was one of the most opulent and uncompromising cars ever created.   The car itself was enormous, and could weigh up to 4 tons depending on the coachwork.  Its straight eight engine measured 784 cubic inches.  The chassis price was $30,000--a staggering amount of money at the time. 

Bugatti stated that he would only sell the car to royalty, although this stipulation was relaxed as production commenced.  He did refuse to sell the car to King Zog of Albania, claiming that "the man's table manners are beyond belief!"

Obama DOJ Fought to Keep Search of Rosen Emails Secret


 Truth?  What's that?

Late on Friday, the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza reported that the Obama administration did not merely greenlight a search warrant on Fox News reporter James Rosen’s email account – it “fought” to prevent Rosen from learning about it. Ronald C. Machen, Jr., the US attorney prosecuting former State Department advisor and alleged leaker Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, asked a judge to prevent Rosen from learning about the search and seizure of his emails. Machen wrote that emails “are commonly used by subjects or targets of the criminal investigation at issue, and the e-mail evidence derived from those compelled disclosures frequently forms the core of the Government’s evidence supporting criminal charges.”

More @ Breitbart

NC: Greenville Man Shares Story About Rescue After Lightning Struck Boat

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Just four days after he was rescued from his boat that was struck by lightning, a sailor from Greenville spoke to us about his adventure on the Sea Raven Monday, and his rescue after he set off emergency flares.

Guinn has quite the story to tell. From his rescue, to his acting days as a pirate, this is a guy who certainly leaves an impression.

Guinn has been sailing for more than 20 years, but earlier this week, on his way back from South Carolina, his boat was struck by lightning. Heading for the Beaufort Inlet with nothing but a compass for navigation, he pushed on.

"I'm looking at about 33 hours of no sleep, and because I'm the only one aboard, I can't stop," said Guinn.

Monday night, he says he was rescued by the Coast Guard. Even after the scary experience, he's eager to get back on the water.

"I went to the vessel, got her somewhat cleaned up, gave her the kiss and hug. I was like,I'll be back honey," said Guinn.

More with video @ WITN

In Flanders Fields

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Sen. Rand Paul - "Old MacDonald's Farm of Scandals"

Homeland Security: Attempts to control the flow of 3D guns "useless"..........

On May 21, the Department of Homeland Security circulated a bulletin among federal and state law enforcement agencies warning that guns created on three-dimensional (3D) printers are probably beyond the reach of regulators. 

The memo, uncovered by Fox News, said attempts to control the flow of such guns will be "useless" once "their manufacture becomes more widespread."
Significant advances in [3D] printing capabilities, availability of free 3D printer files for firearms components, and difficulty regulating file sharing may present public safety risks from unqualified gun seekers who obtain or manufacture 3D printed guns.

More @ Breitbart

A Farmers' Rebellion Lifts the California GOP


Democrats were writing obituaries for California's GOP after winning a supermajority in the state legislature last November, thus gaining veto-proof power to raise taxes. But their legislative lock may have slipped after this week's special election in which Republican farmer Andy Vidak appears to have defeated a Democrat—in a heavily Democratic senate district—who had championed high-speed rail and a higher minimum wage.

If Mr. Vidak wins an outright majority—late Friday, he led with 49.8% of the vote and provisional ballots were still being counted—his victory would put Republicans two senate seats short of reclaiming their veto on tax hikes. But more important, the election has exposed the Democrats' soft underbelly in California's Central Valley—a no man's land in state politics—and given Republicans a rallying point.

"This is the shot in the arm that shows that we are doing some things right," California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House GOP whip, says.

More @ WSJ

Fired for word: 'Negro' in Spanish class


One of the first lessons one learns in English class is that context is everything. The same holds true in Spanish.

Take the case of Petrona Smith. She says in a lawsuit that she was fired from teaching at Bronx PS 211 in March 2012 after a seventh-grader reported that she'd used the "N" word, according to The New York Post.


Smith doesn't deny using the word. But she argues that everyone uses it, when speaking Spanish. She was teaching the Spanish words for different colors, and the color "black" in Spanish is "negro." She also taught the junior high school students, in this bilingual school, that the Spanish term for black people is "moreno." And by the way, Smith, who is from the West Indies, is black.

Context is everything.

More @ Yahoo

Sebelius probe widening


House Republicans have widened their probe of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius by asking the country's largest health insurers for information on her fundraising for a nonprofit group promoting ObamaCare.

Leaders on the Energy and Commerce Committee said Friday they have written to 15 insurance companies and other groups asking whether Sebelius had contacted them to solicit funds for ObamaCare's implementation.

Companies should hand over any internal communications that document conversations with Sebelius or discussions about her request, including emails, lawmakers wrote.

The Sebelius probe began when news broke that she was petitioning major healthcare players to contribute to Enroll America, a group tasked with educating the public about its new health coverage options under healthcare reform.

Republicans have denounced the effort as a "shakedown" that will line the pockets of Obama supporters and former administration officials now working to promote the Affordable Care Act.

More @ The Hill

“Lady Virginia” stands in peril.

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If enlarged, you will see the statue in the background.

One of Warrenton’s most prominent pieces of history, “Lady Virginia” stands in peril.

On a granite pedestal 40 feet above a mass grave of 600 Confederate soldiers in the Warrenton Cemetery, the statue apparently started moving during the earthquake of August 2011.

Lory Payne, a Fauquier cemetery historian and preservationist, said something seemed amiss last Memorial Day.

But, proof came earlier this month. Town workers used a bucket truck to spray the statue with an environmentally-friendly cleaner. Getting a close look at the 4-1/2-foot tall figure, the workers noticed she had shifted about 3 inches. They took photos.

Then, Mrs. Payne looked at several years’ worth of pictures she had taken. Those images reveal at least four different positions for the statue.

When, she shared the news with the local United Daughters of the Confederacy chapter, the ladies quickly agreed to contribute and to raise funds for the statue’s repair.

This guy is just asking to be made a target!


 Just in case you haven't seen this yet.
Something new for you to shoot!

See your future, choose your fate.


I have tried to think through how I would report on the brutal beheading this week of Lee Rigby, a British solider on a public street, by a pair of Muslim immigrant coverts.   I finally found a way to add to this conversation.

All the world, especially the Western world has an issue with Muslims.  Apparently Muslim (mohammedanist) Immigrants or converts have no desire to assimilate to their host country and culture.  Their religion is not just different than Christianity, it is as currently interrupted hostile to Christianity.  They want to move to a new country and force it to change.  And mohammedanists have said to anyone willing to listen their their ultimate goal is the conversion of the world, through democracy or violence.  Surrender to Islam the religion of peace, or be at war with mohammedanist until Jesus comes again

Obama’s Minority Report

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“When the chips are down, when the pressure is on, every creature on the face of the Earth is interested in one thing and one thing only. Its own survival.”
 — Dr. Iris Hineman as played by Lois Smith in the 2002 blockbuster movie “Minority Report

Like every creature, President Barack Obama wants to survive his grand Presidency, the first for a minority. Yet in the wake of the hell storm that had landed upon him these past few weeks, he is more than ever a cornered animal. I expect the President to be ruthless and reckless in defeating any and all enemies.

Obama’s fangs are extended, and he and his supporters will fight tooth and nail to preserve his minority presidency, regardless of the cost to the Nation.

Case in point: Attorney General Eric Holder wrote a chilling letter to Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) two months ago. In part it read:
It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.
Seriously, do you trust Holder with a missile? If you do, then ask The Associated Press just how far it trusts Holder and his boss, Obama? These two men have criminal ambitions that President Richard Nixon never imagined.

Holder’s reasoning for spying on the Fourth Estate explains the whole affair as if he were consigliere dismissing bad acts as a noble endeavor: “This was a very serious leak and a very, very serious leak.”
The key word is “serious.”

Of course, Holder and Obama thought it a serious leak. All leaks that implicate a President in wrongdoing are serious. Ask John Dean, White House counsel to Nixon during Watergate, if Deep Throat was a serious leak. That is what leaks are. This is why our Constitution provides the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech, to people like you, me and the press.

Listen up, Obama-maniacs; it is possible this soon-to-be ex-President will utter words of your arch nemesis, Nixon: “I’m not a crook!”

Obama Drones On

More @ Personal Liberty

Remembering that we are all "one people." Mitakuye Oyasin

 A Lesson to be Learned on the Anniversary of Wounded Knee

Images of Wounded Knee
Wovoka, The Prophet Of The Ghost Dance
For Russell Means, RIP

This Sunday will be my 80th Memorial Day.  Instead of the flag-waving orgy at the Southern Baptist Church, I will honor the unsung dead; the unarmed, freezing, Lakota Sioux men, women, children, and babes in arms murdered by Hotchkiss 60 mm guns fired on December 29, 1890, by young US Army soldiers on the ridge at Wounded Knee, SD.  When I am able to drive again I will go there once again and sprinkle some tobacco to honor Chief Big Foot and the others, named and unnamed.