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Sunday, April 7th and Easter

 Dixie and George
 Mykah, Dixie, Akai, Christine and George
 View from the end of the Emerald Isle Pier.
 Christine's and Dixie's artwork.
 Easter morn!
 Dixie's finished products.
Christine and Dixie working away!:)

T's uncle: Bob Reed Racing 5.51 @ 126.40


Damn, I've never seen this before!:)

Job Available Ranch/Farm Team (Eastern Oregon)



[Editor's Note: I'm re-posting this as a favor for one of my old consulting clients. I have visited this ranch, and I can attest that it is an amazing fully-equipped off-grid ranch with large acreage. This would be a great opportunity for an energetic couple that wants to live in the boonies but that cannot afford a retreat of their own.]

Seeking two-person team for hard labor job running a remote ranch, dealing with cattle, grain farming, large garden, and ranch maintenance.

Personal requirements: Stable relationship, no children at home, no smoking, drug use, drinking, or criminal history. We will check.

Must have lived and worked in the country and understand that ranch life is a 24/7 job.

This is not a retirement position. Nearest drug store or doctor is 100 miles away, neighbors are few so you must have no major medical problems.

At least one farm member must have experience growing crops and handling cattle, including operating and repairing machinery.

The other member should plan to plant and harvest a large garden and can some and separately have basic computer skills to prepare/submit weekly report of daily activities.

Submit detailed resumes, including education, work history, skills, goals and three non-family references with phone numbers. No single person applications please or request for telephone call first.

Total compensation for both: $44,000 per year including basic health insurance, bonus plus detached caretaker house, utilities, garden food, good hunting, some fishing.

Interested and available candidates are urged to send their resumes with cover letters to "Archie" at this address: Be prepared to subsequently provide references.

When THIS fat man flatulates, Raleigh is IMPRESSED

Via Cousin John

Correction: NAACP S/B $NAACP$

It seems like WRAL has film of NAACP president William Barber every day.  They give him face time if he’s standing on the street BY HIMSELF.  They’ll cover a “press conference” that includes him and four others.  His antics over redistricting of Wake County schools did little to nothing to help poor or minority kids, but were a big cause of the chaos currently engulfing the school system.  The mainstream media likes to paint Barber and his organization as a source of unification and harmony.  But at the drop of  cheeseburger or the rip of a pair of stretched-tight 8XL pants, William Barber can get statewide publicity and stir up TONS of chaos and animosity. 

Barber’s latest “victory” involves getting the McCrory administration to order the yanking of a Confederate flag from a historical exhibit at the old State Capitol commemorating the sesquicentennial (150th anniversary) of The War Between The States.  (It’s interesting that several media outlets refer to Barber as “civil rights leaders.”  Is the AP stylebook now requiring that you pluralize references  to loudmouths who weigh in at a half-ton or more? )

Let’s see what Gov. Pat got for his trouble here.  He caved in to the demands of someone who WILL NEVER campaign for him or vote for him.  He backed down to pressure from a man who takes pleasure in making conservatives and Republicans look bad.  Gov. Pat appears to have ticked off a group of people that were likely with him in 2012, and he will NEED in 2016.    Thomas Smith, commander of the North Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans, has tossed his two cents in on this flag fiasco:

No North Carolina Troops to Murder Her Southern Brethren


Below, Governor Zebulon Vance presents his reasons for not entertaining peace proposals with the North in a letter to John Haughton -- lawyer, planter, and former State senator with strong unionist sympathies. Prior to Lincoln’s invasion of the South, Vance also held strong unionist sympathies.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

No North Carolina Troops to Murder Her Southern Brethren:

“Executive Office, Raleigh, 17 August, 1863

To: John H. Haughton, Esq.

My dear Sir, Your letter of the 15th is recd, and I take the first moment allowed me by pressing business to reply.

You ask my opinion more especially “as to the best means of obtaining a speedy, lasting just and honorable peace.” National disputes can of course only be settled by negotiations or by war, by reason or by brute force. The former requires the assent & concordance of both parties, and either party refusing to negotiate can force the other into hostilities, or an absolute abandonment of all its pretensions. This I conceive was precisely our case in the beginning of our troubles.

The claim of the Southern States to withdraw from the union and form a separate government for themselves was deemed so inadmissible by the Federal government that no proposition whatever to negotiate would be listened to.  Commissioners from the seceding States were even refused an audience of the Federal authorities. War therefore, or a total abandonment of all claim to the right of separation was the only alternative – Declining to yield this right….the States then [out] prepared for war and the President of the United States called for volunteers to crush them into submission. 

North Carolina refused to furnish her quota of troops to murder her Southern brethren….severed the tie that bound her to [the] union by the unanimous voice of the peoples’ delegates & solemnly pledged her blood and treasure to the common course of Southern independence. This was the issue plain and unmistakable, then – the terms of the North were, lay down your arms and submit; [the terms] of the South – let us alone.
The whole world understood it.  Is it not the same today? 

There is therefore no escape from the conclusion, that should the North cry peace, it would indicate an intention to yield [the claims of the South], and should the South cry peace it would imply submission to the North. Are we ready for this?

Have the stout hearts of our soldiers and the patient sufferings of [our] people already reached that valley of humiliation which good old Bunyan located but one stage from the valley of the Shadow of Death?
God knows my dear Sir, that I would gladly lay down my life to restore peace to my country on terms of honor and safety, and would prefer the distinction to all the honors a grateful people could heap upon me.  But as the matter stands and has stood from the beginning, I can only look upon propositions of peace coming from us, no matter how pure and patriotic the motive which induces them, as involving national dishonor, ruin and disgrace. 

I can sympathize deeply with [our peoples’] sufferings under the desolating scourge of civil war waged with such bloody and vindictive cruelty, and do not wonder at their seeking for relief. But how any one can think there [is any prospect] for an honorable peace by negotiations, I am at a loss to know. But recently Vice President [Alexander H. Stephens] was sent to seek an interview with the Federal authorities to see if some more humane method of conducting the war could not be devised. 

Even this mission of mercy & civilization was treated with [scorn/indifference] and he was sent back without a chance to consult the proper authorities. 

Suppose the State should be unanimous in the determination to make propositions to our enemies, how could it be done? What do we propose? Why sir the whole thing is [perfectly] absurd….except upon the supposition that we desire to submit….

I trust in God my countrymen will not be led blindfolded to their destruction. What would be the result of submission? To say nothing of the question of honor, it implies with absolute certainty….In short the fate of the conquered, with the fierce and vindictive passions engendered by civil strife goading on our conquerors, is what we should expect.

Reconstruction, if possible, would be little better; but it is a physical and moral impossibility. As soon would I think of resurrecting the bones of our gallant soldiers scattered from Gettysburg to New Orleans and invest them with living flesh, as to undertake [reconstruction the union as it once was] founded on mutual good will and sustained by a constitution limiting the powers and defining the rights of each member [State]. 

That mutual good will has [now] given way to fierce hatred and bloody hostility, and [the old] constitution torn into a thousand shreds and laughed at a waste papers.  You might indeed reconstruct the territory of the old union, but the soul, the living principal of accord and nationality will not be there. 

And this too, would for a time give our afflicted country peace….[as the] prisoner has peace in his dungeon, and if his soul be sufficiently ignoble may hear complacently the rattle of his chains.  Such I feel assured, is not the peace the brave and high-minded people of [North Carolina] want…..

With whom would we again enter into this national wedlock, and take upon these ties of [unity and] common fellowship? With men who have slaughtered our sons and brothers in battle, murdered our citizens in cold blood, burnt our homes into cinders, stolen our property and inflicted upon our mothers, [sisters and] daughters the crowning outrage of humanity, and now send against us our own slaves armed and ready to surfeit their savage natures in brutality and murder! These people we are to receive again as brothers, red handed, reeking with the slaughter of our people and the desolation of our country, and sit as quietly down together in all peace and amity as one great and happy family!

To them we are expected to say, welcome thou slayer of my son, thou [gallant] murderer of my father, thou thief of all my goods, incendiary of my home, ravisher of my daughter….to this home you have made desolate and to this shelter I have built upon the ashes of our home you have] burned!!

Can any true son of North Carolina be found whose crawling, creeping soul would so grovel in the dirt of degradation and [so] lick the vile dust from the boot of a master? Mat God pity him [if there be]! Why is this idea even talked of?

Sir, our only hope for national honor, for happiness, for peace itself lies in a cordial undaunted and & vigorous prosecution of the war until our enemies offer us peace.  The State of North Carolina by a solemn ordinance of her convention formally and forever dissolved her connection with the old government, [entered] into a compact with the new, and pledged her blood and treasure to the support of the common cause – in accordance with this solemn pledge….the best and bravest of her sons rushed to arms and for nearly thirty months have met the [almost] overwhelming numbers of the foe and driven him back upon a hundred fields of slaughter, with a gallantry and devotion which have excited the admiration of the world.

And now with the battle half won, must all this energy, this bravery, noble devotion and patriotic self-sacrifice be thrown away?  Shall timid souls…drive our people to despair and crucify afresh the spirits of our heroic dead, and put their noble souls to open shame? God of his infinite mercy forbid!

I say the battle is half-won & why?  Because Sir the North gives unmistakable signs that she finds it quite as difficult to keep up the strife as we. The blood which flows through the streets of her cities, the bold and defiant tone of her press and politicians towards Lincoln’s administration, the thousands of Federal bayonets gleaming throughout the land to enforce conscription and “preserve order,” as they significantly term it….all show that they are having their troubles also. 

If our impatient, suffering people would only have more trusting faith, write cheerfully to their sons in the army, hold meetings all over the country, to devise means for the assistance of the poor and to induce the [poor and] tired and disheartened deserters to return to their colors, and sin no more, and [to] resolve to fight and suffer yet awhile longer, trusting the issue with God, in His own good time our deliverance will come -- Such are my impressions of our public duty, hastily given – You or any one else may see them.

Very truly yours, Z.B. Vance”

(The Papers of Zebulon Baird Vance, Volume II, 1863, Joe A. Mobley, editor, NCDAH, 1995, excerpt, pp. 242-247)   

April 16, 1881: Bat Masterson's last shootout

Via Coffee With The Hermit

On the streets of Dodge City, famous western lawman and gunfighter Bat Masterson fights the last gun battle of his life.

Bartholomew "Bat" Masterson had made a living with his gun from a young age. In his early 20s, Masterson worked as a buffalo hunter, operating out of the wild Kansas cattle town of Dodge City.

For several years, he also found employment as an army scout in the Plains Indian Wars. Masterson had his first shootout in 1876 in the town of Sweetwater (later Mobeetie), Texas. When an argument with a soldier over the affections of a dance hall girl named Molly Brennan heated up, Masterson and his opponent resorted to their pistols. When the shooting stopped, both Brennan and the soldier were dead, and Masterson was badly wounded.

Found to have been acting in self-defense, Masterson avoided prison. Once he had recovered from his wounds, he apparently decided to abandon his rough ways and become an officer of the law. For the next five years, Masterson alternated between work as Dodge City sheriff and running saloons and gambling houses, gaining a reputation as a tough and reliable lawman. However, Masterson's critics claimed that he spent too much as sheriff, and he lost a bid for reelection in 1879.

For several years, Masterson drifted around the West. Early in 1881, news that his younger brother, Jim, was in trouble back in Dodge City reached Masterson in Tombstone, Arizona. Jim's dispute with a business partner and an employee, A.J. Peacock and Al Updegraff respectively, had led to an exchange of gunfire. Though no one had yet been hurt, Jim feared for his life. Masterson immediately took a train to Dodge City.

When his train pulled into Dodge City on this morning in 1881, Masterson wasted no time. He quickly spotted Peacock and Updegraff and aggressively shouldered his way through the crowded street to confront them. "I have come over a thousand miles to settle this," Masterson reportedly shouted. "I know you are heeled [armed]-now fight!" All three men immediately drew their guns.

Masterson took cover behind the railway bed, while Peacock and Updegraff darted around the corner of the city jail. Several other men joined in the gunplay. One bullet meant for Masterson ricocheted and wounded a bystander. Updegraff took a bullet in his right lung.

The mayor and sheriff arrived with shotguns to stop the battle when a brief lull settled over the scene. Updegraff and the wounded bystander were taken to the doctor and both eventually recovered. In fact, no one was mortally injured in the melee, and since the shootout had been fought fairly by the Dodge City standards of the day, no serious charges were imposed against Masterson. He paid an $8 fine and took the train out of Dodge City that evening.

Masterson never again fought a gun battle in his life, but the story of the Dodge City shootout and his other exploits ensured Masterson's lasting fame as an icon of the Old West. He spent the next four decades of his life working as sheriff, operating saloons, and eventually trying his hand as a newspaperman in New York City. The old gunfighter finally died of a heart attack in October 1921 at his desk in New York City.

March 1863 Confederate Munitions Explosion: Remembering the Young Girls of Richmond.



 "Though their hands were small and not hardened in battle, their service to the Confederacy looms large."

In memory of those who lost their lives in the explosion of C.S. Laboratories on Brown's Island - Richmond, Virginia, March 13, 1863. Some were as young as 11, assembling or disassembling percussion caps, friction primers, signal lights, rockets, all things explosive for the southern cause. Dozens of girls – many of them young Irish immigrants – were injured during the chain-reaction explosion at the Confederate State Laboratory munitions factory on Brown’s Island. As many as 50 died.

On March 13, 2013, a new marker was dedicated at the site of the tragedy. Va Flagger Grayson Jennings forwarded the colors and provided a Confederate presence there, and provided Confederate and Irish flags for the marker’s dedication.

That evening, a flag was also placed at the monument in Oakwood Cemetery.

On Sunday, March 17th, the Va Flaggers attended a service in Shockoe Cemetery, where 14 of the girls are buried. A new marker was unveiled. Tripp and Jack Lewis were recognized as an honor guard and I carried the Hardee flag of General Patrick Cleburne in honor of his birthday. The ceremony was sponsored and attended by Richmond’s Irish community, and many were interested to learn of the flag, General Cleburne, and its connection to their Irish Heritage.

150 years later, their memory lives on, in the hearts of those who honor and recognize their sacrifice. God bless the girls of the Confederate States Munitions Laboratories.

                                              More pictures @ Susan Frise Hathaway

2012 Junior 2 Division National SHAG Dance Champions


Kayla Henley and Jeremy Webb. They are good!  Strange that the Shag and Carolina Beach Music are only popular on the coast of Southern North Carolina and the coast of Northern South Carolina. 

Carolina Beach Music: The Winstons Color Him Father

Carolina Beach Music: Johnnie Taylor - A Love To Call Mine




Braindead, indeed

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McCain: 'I Don't Understand' Filibustering Gun Control


Did they remove half of your brain in Hanoi?

Sen. John McCain (R-Sunday Shows) expressed bewilderment on CBS' "Face the Nation" that GOP Sens. Cruz, Lee and Paul would filibuster gun control legislation. “I don’t understand it,” McCain said. “The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand.” With all due respect to Sen. McCain, that is almost completely backward. 

The purpose of the US Senate is not to be some federal debating society. It is not tasked with taking the great issues of the day and giving its "august" members a platform for their musings on policy. The public does not look to the Senate for guidance in its deliberations on the issues.

The Senate's first, and only, task is to uphold the Constitution. Originally, the Senate was designed to act as the states' check on an encroaching federal government. Senators were appointed by state legislatures to be their voice in Washington. The House was designed to be the voice of the people. Sadly, those days are long gone.

More @ Breitbart

We Need to Get Over Idea ‘That Kids Belong to their Parents’

GRNC Alert: MAIG & Anti-2A Extremists Pressure Senators


As Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vows to bring S. 649, the latest "universal background check" (read that "registration") bill to a vote as early as this week, Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns," Obama's "Organizing for Action, and the media have begun a full court press to pass whatever gun control they can foist on the American public.

In fact, North Carolinians "Against Gun Control" just dropped 39,000 petitions, presumably gathered by Obama's radicals at "Organizing for Action," on Hagan. In response, the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban forged by GRNC and others is running a campaign against Hagan and 5 other senators.

S. 374 & S. 649 would make you a criminal

There is nothing benign about "universal background checks," which are gun control code words for "universal gun registration." Not only would S. 649 open the door for registration, it and similar bills under consideration would make it a 5-year federal felony to:
  • Leave town for more than 7 days, and leave your wife, partner, or roommate at home with your guns;
  • Lend a gun to a friend to take shooting or to go hunting;
  • Loan a gun to your mother if she lives at a different residence;
  • Hand a gun to someone at a gun club which is not a shooting range;
  • Teach someone to shoot on your own land, if you hand them the gun; or
  • Fail to report a gun as lost or stolen within 24 hours, even if you are on a hunting trip deep in the woods and are unable to do so.

Local Grassroots Leaders to RNC: 'Join Us or Get the Hell out of the Way


Tuesday's remarks by new Republican National Committee Chief of Staff Mike Shields seen as critical of conservative grassroots activists have not been well received by either the icons of the conservative movement or local grassroots leaders.

Despite efforts by RNC spokesperson Sean Spicer to walk those comments back, local conservative grassroots leaders--almost all of whom have been working hard for over four years with no compensation--remain unimpressed.

Ben Cunningham, founder of the Nashville Tea Party and one of the leaders of the decade earlier Tennessee Tax Revolt, told Breitbart News that "we are not about to be led by a bunch of timid Washington, D.C. Brahmins who are interested in making a buck off of people they see as naive. Either join us in the fight or get the hell out of the way."

Cunningham added that "the problem for Washington, D.C.-based Republican consultants is they have become almost completely detached from the passion and purpose of the grassroots. To the grassroots Tea Party activist," Cunningham continued,  "the future of the country is at stake and they immediately distrust 'consultants' who feel uneasy about manifesting their passion and fighting for the cause. Tea Party activists have been demonized and vilified and called every name in the book by liberals for four years and it has only made us stronger and more determined than ever."

More @ Breitbart

"Will computers replace teachers? Dear God I hope so,"


says Katherine Mangu-Ward, managing editor of Reason magazine.

At Reason Weekend 2013, the annual donor event for the nonprofit that publishes this website, Mangu-Ward discussed the future of education, how technology can change the classroom for the better and why she loves computers more than people.

 More with video @ Reason

Man Charged With Terrorism For Criticizing School Security

Via Timothy


In post-9/11 America, mere words can get you thrown in jail with a felony terrorism charge poised to ruin your life and confine you to a cage for years on end.

Sandy Hook has amplified the insanity.

Brian Davis, disabled man from Iowa, made the mistake of telling his physical therapist that he believes security at his grand daughter’s school is lacking. Now he is in the slammer charged with felony threat of terrorism.

According to the people who ratted out Davis to the cops, he threatened to storm the school and shoot people. “I never said that I would go in there and do something to those kids.” Davis told WHO TV 13 in Des Moines. “I said anybody, any one person could go in there. Anybody.”

More with video @ Info Wars

You survived but you are dead inside

In last article I wrote about surviving combat and how I experienced it during my year in war.

Today I write about the aftermath. Survival is not only hard on your body but can also kill you inside. So you survive but you are just empty shell. You all heard of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but I call this just being dead inside. But this does not have to be like that. First let me tell you about Alek.

I know Alek for many years now, I met him during one hiking trip I did with my survival group here. He was something like outdoor instructor. Later I heard from other folks that he went through some crazy stuff during the war, and that he was member of one of the groups when he was just 15 years old.

We never talked about that before, anyway that kind of topic here is very unusual to discuss. Many have blood on their hands and it brings up bad memories. If we talk about that period we only mention some funny and stupid things like „do you remember the tree leafs we smoked as tobacco man?“ and we laugh.

But in same time we are remembering in thoughts how someone gets killed or similar. You laugh because you dont want to cry.

More @ SHTF School

Gawker releases list of gun owners in New York City

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Gawker has just published a list of gun owners in New York City. Reporter John Cook says he got the names of licensed gun owners in the five boroughs via a Freedom of Information Law request two-and-a-half years ago. The New York Police Department did not give up gun owners’ addresses, Cook writes, despite state law saying those are public records, too.

But those addresses “have been freely available online for more than two years,” Cook writes. “Two databases listing all of the handgun owners were initially posted online anonymously at a web site called Who’s Packing NY in August of 2010. That web site is no longer working, but a mirror—complete with the two full databases available for download—is still working here.”

More @ Poynter

Ding dong Conn. Rep. Elizabeth Esty: New state gun laws a ‘foundation’ for nation


Rep. Elizabeth Esty (D-Conn.) is calling her state’s new gun laws, including bans of some weapons and high-capacity magazines, a “great package of reforms” that are the “foundation of what we must have at national level.”

Speaking Friday evening on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Esty said it was heartening to see bipartisan support in a “big gun state.”

“I`ve been able to engage gun owners in my district who are highly supportive, particularly around universal criminal background checks for all sales and around federal felonies for trafficking and straw purchasing. They know they are essential tools for law enforcement. And face it, Rachel, if we are going to keep guns out of hands of the criminals, we have to ask who these people are when they are buying guns. It just makes sense.”

Esty said it would have been difficult for Republican state lawmakers, many of whom knew victims of the attack in Newtown, to vote against measures such as the high-capacity magazine ban.

“Eleven lives were saved by the real-life example of what happens when you run out of bullets in a magazine and in a chamber. It has real-life consequences. And so, how could those legislators look them in the eye and say, ‘I`m not doing everything I possibly can so save another family, another community from this sort of heartache?' ”

Oh yes, because you can't reload them or have more than one magazine or gun.  Now, I've got it.......

More @ The Hill

12 Republican Senators Support Rand Paul on Gun-Control Filibuster


After last month’s filibuster of the Obama administration’s new drone policy, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has received a lot of attention from both libertarians and Republicans. With Senator Reid looking to introduce new gun legislation soon, Senator Paul isn’t afraid to use the same method to get his opinions out there. Late last month Senators Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz all sent a letter to the Senate Majority leader. The letter threatened to filibuster the new proposed bill that would expand background checks and crack down on interstate gun trading.

But on Monday Rand Paul and 12 other GOP Senators will send a follow up letter showing their support for a potential filibuster. According to Politico,

Reid may be able to break a filibuster with bipartisan support, which would obviate the need to do an end run around Paul’s group. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has said he won’t support a filibuster if Reid promises to allow for amendments on the floor.

In the letter due to be sent Monday, a carbon copy of the first missive, Paul and his expanded group of allies reiterate that they “intend to oppose any legislation that would infringe on the American people’s constitutional right to bear arms, or their ability to exercise this right without being subjected to government surveillance.”

More @ Townhall

NC: Voter ID Legislation Introduced in House

Via Tom

Bill would take effect in 2016 and increase requirements for absentee voters

House Republicans have rolled out their voter identification bill.

While it has some resemblance to the one vetoed in the previous legislative session by former Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue, it also has a significant number of differences.

Still in the bill are strict photo ID requirements for most voters. And most of the acceptable IDs voters can present remain the same — a driver’s license, DMV-issued ID card, passport, state employee ID card, or a tribal ID card.

The new bill would expand the allowable photo ID cards to include cards issued by the UNC and community college systems, or identification cards issued to firefighters, EMS, hospital employees, or law enforcement officers. Cards would be valid up to 10 years after they expire, and voters 70 and older could use the photo ID card they had on their 70th birthday, provided it was still valid on that date.

The state also would pay for ID cards and supporting documents (such as a birth certificate) for people demonstrating a financial hardship. A voter requesting free documents would have to certify, under penalty of perjury, that the expense for those documents would create a financial hardship.

“The citizens of North Carolina want some form of voter ID legislation,” House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, said during a Thursday morning press conference. He said he believed voter ID would restore a “level of confidence” in the elections system.

 More @ Carolina Journal

Vote Our Future

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N.Y. Dad’s Pistol License Suspended Over Something His 10-Year-Old Son Said — and It Could Be 8 Years Before He Gets It Back

Via Angry Mike and Ninety Miles From Tyranny

 N.Y. Dads Pistol License Suspended Over Comment Made by 10 Year Old Son, Could Be 8 Years Until He Gets It Back

A New York father has had his firearms all but confiscated after the Suffolk County Pistol License Bureau suspended his pistol license indefinitely over a perceived threat made by his 10-year-old son and two of his classmates at school.

John Mayer, of Commack, N.Y., told TheBlaze that the incident occurred on March 1. It was like any other day, the father explained. He put his son on the bus and sent him off to school.

Later that day, Mayer got a call from school officials at Pines Elementary School informing him that his 10-year-old son and two other students were talking about going to a boy’s house with a water gun, “paint gun” and a BB gun. There had reportedly been a school yard pushing incident the day before involving the boys, excluding Mayer’s son, and they were seemingly talking about getting even in some way.

Mayer told TheBlaze that a teacher overheard the students talking and informed the principal, who then immediately called police and filed a report. He said the principal told police something to the effect of, there’s a “kid with a gun, ready to go.” Mayer maintains that no serious death threats were made by the students. The Hauppauge Public School District has not returned several messages left by TheBlaze, therefore, it is not clear what they are claiming was said.

School officials then “interrogated” the boys, Mayer explained. It was later determined that the 10-year-old boys did not have access to a BB gun, paintball gun or any actual firearms.

The school’s principal later informed the father that his son would be suspended for two days for the incident. But the ordeal was far from over.

Mayer said police officers were then deployed to his home where he was advised by officers that they might have to confiscate his firearms, which he says were all properly stored and secured. “I just couldn’t believe what was happening,” he told TheBlaze.

The following Monday, Mayer got a call from the Suffolk County Pistol Licensing Bureau. He was reportedly told that his license would be suspended and police would arrive at his house the next morning to retrieve his handguns. Acting quickly on the advice of his attorney, Mayer transferred all 15 of his handguns to his friend to prevent them from being confiscated. He also transferred his long arms to a local gun store out of fear that police would attempt to confiscate them as well.

More @ The Blaze