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Petraeus & Allen, Blomberg & Fritsch: We Have Seen This Movie Before

v. Rundstedt, v. Fritsch, v. Blomberg

When the National Socialists took power in Germany in 1933, they quickly carried out the systematic reordering and realignment of the nation’s institutions with their agenda. Business, the press, courts, labor unions, education, the churches, and other nodes of German civil society were all coordinated with the Nazi movement. This process was called the Gleichschaltung.

The Regime is hard at work carrying out our American Gleichschaltung. Local law enforcement is being coopted with DHS/FEMA dollars. Healthcare and state governments are likewise suborned by Obamacare. Finance,too is given a regulatory stick and zero interest rate free money carrot it can’t refuse.

In Germany, the penalties for noncompliance were severe, and they are here too. Take, for instance, the Department of “Justice”‘s recent indictment of rating agency Standard & Poor’s. Like other rating agencies (and the Fed), it got the housing bubble spectacularly wrong. Unlike other rating agencies, it rediscovered its commitment to the truth and downgraded the Regime’s sovereign credit rating in the summer of 2011 after the debt ceiling impasse.

How curious that the rating agency that told even the tiniest bit of truth about Regime insolvency is the one DoJ chooses for targeted killing. Right as we head into fights about the budget sequester.

The message to New Rhodesia’s business community couldn’t be clearer: get with the Gleichschaltung or we will kill you.

You're going to run out of you before we run out of us.

I'm not going to get into why he did what he did or his politics, I'm only going to make a simple observation:

In the Los Angeles area where you hear nothing but whining and bitching from chiefs of police and sheriffs about not having enough manpower due to budget cuts to effectively police the streets, they've assigned details to protect 40 of their own that were on ONE man's manifesto, leaving law abiding citizens on their own.

Why We Will Win


It’s easy for American Rhodies to be discouraged by the daily intel report we source from the Internet, whether MSM (must at least be aware of the day’s Regime talking points to the Media Directorate) or FreeFor. On the discouraging days, it can be valuable to consider a realistic longer term assessment of why at least some of the Rhodie Remnant might actually win.

Since at least the time of the Jacobins, the Left has been engaged in a Long War against Capital. Their Long War on Capital takes many familiar forms: income taxes, estate taxes, creeping property taxes, junk fees and fines, creeping inflation, currency debasement, and land reform, inter alia.
Since at least the mid-60s, the Left has expanded the battlefront, attacking cultural, social, and human Capital as well (part of its self-described “long march through the institutions“). In many respects, their success in these areas has been near-total: they control the (Regime) MSMedia, higher education, foundations, the arts (both fine and base), literature, and public education.

But what price their success? The Cultural Left’s weakness is the same feature/flaw of any parasite: it destroys its host. In gaining control of Popular Culture and Mass Education, the Left has destroyed them. (An echo of destroying the village in order to liberate it.) The Left controls the shell of the institutions, but the institutions have lost their efficacy and are also losing what remains of their legitimacy.

Defense Distributed Unveils New 3D Printed Gun Magazine ‘Cuomo’ (VIDEO)

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 Defense Distributed hasn’t yet released the 3D printer files of its Cuomo mag online, but plans to do so over the weekend, Wilson said. The group is also working on a 40-round AK magazine design it plans to test and release soon.


Defense Distributed, the Austin, Texas-based project by 24-year-old law student Cody Wilson and several others to develop 3D printed firearms and firearm components, or “Wiki Weapons,” on Thursday posted a new video online showing a successful test firing of a new 3D printed high-capacity (30-round) automatic rifle (AR) magazine, named “Cuomo,” after New York State’s gun-control supporting governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York recently passed a law banning all magazines in excess of 7 rounds (except for law enforcement use), the nation’s toughest magazine regulation.

“He [Cuomo] wants to be associated with these magazines,” Wilson told TPM, reached by phone on Thursday. “Lets make that association permanent.”

Check out Defense Distributed’s new video of the Cuomo magazine being test fired below:

More @ Idea Lab

Sheriff Joe Raids Sporting Goods Company: Nabs 27 Illegals Using Stolen IDs

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He’s known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”. But Joe Arpaio continues to show he deserves the moniker of “America’s JOBS Sheriff”. Because every time Sheriff Joe conducts a raid, he frees up jobs for legal American workers.

And at a time when raids by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are almost unheard of – Barack Obama has slashed workplace enforcement by a staggering 70% since 2009 – Sheriff Joe and his department keep on working to crack down on illegal aliens in the workplace.

Today was no exception, as Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies raided Sportex Apparel in Tempe, AZ,  a custom-made sports clothing and accessories company – and arrested 27 illegal aliens, most of whom were caught using stolen or false identification.

In a seven-month long investigation, deputies learned that as many as 19 employees were using false or stolen IDs to work at Sportex, said Officer Christopher Hegstrom with MCSO. After Friday’s raid, 23 illegals were arrested for ID theft. Four others were taken into custody for outstanding criminal warrants, totaling 27 arrests.

Do other manufacturers support the Second Amendment only when it’s profitable to do so?


The Second Amendment has always had fair-weather friends. LaRue Tactical, manufacturers of firearms and firearm accessories, is one company that will never be accused of being our fair-weather friend. When New York State passed its unconstitutional anti-gun law, LaRue swung into action. In a move reminiscent of Barrett Firearms’ banning of all sales to California law enforcement ( after California banned .50BMG rifles, LaRue has stated that it will not sell anything to local law enforcement that it can’t sell to you and me.
In a news release dated 2-8-13, LaRue states:

Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies. In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.
Lest you think that LaRue, more famous for accessories than anything else, is making an empty statement, take a look at the AR style rifles they manufacture ( New York banned them for sale to citizens, so LaRue won’t sell them to the NYPD either. Will other firearm manufacturers have the guts to stand up like LaRue and Barrett do?

The NYPD allows officers to select one of three firearms for duty carry: (
All of these pistols are equipped with a greater than 7-round magazine, making them illegal for sale to law-abiding New York residents.

Feinstein and Boxer Ask Californians to Lay Down Their Weapons During Statewide Manhunt

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No, this is not a parody, just two lamebrain useful idiots.

As an ex-Los Angeles police officer killed three people and went on a deadly shooting rampage in a vendetta to punish those he attributed for his firing, California Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer pleaded for calm, and asked both law enforcement and civilians to lay down their weapons.

An intense manhunt  for Christopher Dorner that aroused fear across several states and Mexico focused late Thursday on Big Bear Lake, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles, where police found a burned-out pickup truck that belonged to the ex-military and former police officer Dorner.
Throughout the day, Senators Feinstein and Boxer made desperate pleas for their California constituents to turn in their guns and not confront the crazed gunman because this would be a perfect test of their anti-gun proposals.

“The Senators feel the best course of action is to remove all weapons from law enforcement and private citizens so no one else gets hurt,” said a Senate communications intern. “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.”

Bloody hands: The $outhern Poverty Law Center

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Long before homosexual activist Floyd Corkins entered the D.C.-based Family Research Council (FRC) with the intent to commit mass murder, I warned from the rooftops that the hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s anti-Christian “hate group” propaganda might spur such bloodshed. With a column headlined, “Liberal violence rising,” I wrote, “The SPLC’s dangerous and irresponsible (‘hate group’) disinformation campaign can embolden and give license to like-minded, though less stable, left-wing extremists, creating a climate of true hate. Such a climate is ripe for violence.”

Tragically, my deepest fears were realized.
Then, in August, days after Corkins was heroically disarmed by FRC employ Leo Johnson, whom Corkins shot in the arm, I penned another column titled “Fanning the flames of left-wing violence.” I plead with the SPLC to end its “dishonest and reprehensible” strategy of “juxtaposing FRC and other Christian organizations with violent extremist groups” in a transparent effort to marginalize them.

“I appeal to your sense of goodwill. This is not a game. Lives are at stake,” I implored. “I know you have good employees (I’ve met some) who believe they’re doing the right thing; so, please, validate that belief. It’s time to remove your metaphorical ‘hate group’ Star of David from mainstream Christian organizations before another of your ideological allies spills blood.”

I no longer believe the SPLC has a sense of goodwill. In fact, based on FBI evidence and the group’s own actions (and inaction), I and many others are left with no other inference but this: The SPLC – a left-wing extremist fundraising behemoth – may be intentionally inciting anti-Christian violence.
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Bengazi Coverup A to Z

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Head Of US Africa Command Speaks Out For First Time: Says Al-Qaeda Among Attackers In Benghazi...

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Ban LIBERAL Gun Ownership

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Biden: The government can determine what type of weapons can be owned by the public

Good luck with that, Bozo.

In a speech Wednesday night, Vice President Joe Biden implored House Democrats to continue to fight for gun control legislation despite the potential political ramifications of doing so.

Biden was visibly emotional as he spoke of the December school shooting in Newtown, Conn., that took the lives of 20 children and six adults and called it a “profound loss” for America.

 “I can imagine how we will be judged as individuals, we will be judged as a Congress, we will be judged as a nation if we do nothing,” Biden told House Democrats at their retreat in Lansdowne, Va. “It’s simply unacceptable.”

More BS from Mr. Crocodile Tears @ Politico

Treasury Nominee Lew to be Challenged Over Caymans Investment

 Image: Treasury Nominee Lew to be Challenged Over Caymans Investment

Jack Lew, President Obama's nominee for U.S. Treasury secretary, had an investment in a Cayman Islands fund located in a building known as home for offshore tax havens that President Barack Obama criticized during his 2008 campaign.

Lew will be asked about his investment in a Citigroup Inc. fund during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee on Feb. 13, Senator Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said yesterday in a statement.

Lew had between $50,001 and $100,000 in the fund, according to a 2009 financial disclosure form. The fund was located in a building known as Ugland House, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings released by Grassley.

Lew, Obama’s former chief of staff and head of the Office of Management and Budget, was a Citigroup executive before joining the Obama administration in 2009.

More @ Newsmax

Is Obama Mentally Fit To Serve As President?

American history proves that, in the past, many of our leaders have suffered from mental illness. For me, I tend to believe that quite a few of our Presidents had mental health issues of one kind or another. After all what person desiring any peace in their lives would want the job of U.S. President under the best of conditions. However, it appears that there are an abnormal number of eccentricities residing in President Obama and I genuinely wonder if he is mentally fit to run our Republic.

In layman’s terms: Obama is egocentric, always late to work, never gets his work done one time, takes a lot of time off to recreate and party, loves to be the center of attention, hates to be questioned, holds a grudge, associates with reckless ideologues, deludes himself into believing his own lies, avoids responsibility, never admits he made a mistake, thinks stealing is perfectly reasonable, has empathy issues, spends recklessly, has a messiah complex, takes credit for things he never did, can’t argue honestly, is thin skinned, can’t be trusted to keep his word, is uncomfortable in public (unless at a distance), exhibits signs of paranoia and doesn’t have a problem with risky sexual behavior. Just to name a few of the things causing me to wonder about his mental fitness.

And this is the man America has elected to—among many other important issues—walk with a nuclear football and decide if I or any one of us are an imminent threat to national security?

Personally I don’t think Obama could pass a drug test, much less a psych exam.

Ben Carson for President

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Whether this weekend finds you blowing two feet of snow off the driveway or counting the hours until "Downton Abbey," make time to watch the video of Dr. Ben Carson speaking to the White House prayer breakfast this week.

Seated in view to his right are Senator Jeff Sessions and President Obama. One doesn't look happy. You know something's coming when Dr. Carson says, "It's not my intention to offend anyone. But it's hard not to. The PC police are out in force everywhere."

Dr. Carson tossed over the PC police years ago. Raised by a single mother in inner-city Detroit, he was as he tells it "a horrible student with a horrible temper." Today he's director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins and probably the most renowned specialist in his field.

Late in his talk he dropped two very un-PC ideas. The first is an unusual case for a flat tax: "What we need to do is come up with something simple. And when I pick up my Bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, and he's given us a system. It's called a tithe.

Ted Nugent: It Doesn’t Get More Anti-American Than Obama


Rock music legend Ted Nugent, one of the strongest voices in defense of the Second Amendment, is making his voice heard loud and clear as the latest debate over proposed gun-control legislation plays out.

Earlier in the week, Nugent engaged in a feisty debate with CNN host and gun-control advocate Piers Morgan. Despite the push for more restrictions on gun rights in Washington and in states around the country, Nugent fired back with a vigorous defense of what he says is the overwhelming majority of gun owners.

“99.99 percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today, perfectly safe, perfectly harmless, wonderful, loving, giving, generous caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone?” demanded Nugent. “Go after the nut jobs. Go after the murderers, because I don’t know any.”

Nugent, who is also a National Rifle Association board member and now a WND columnist, was typically straight-talking with us as he assessed his confrontation with Morgan.

“I am convinced that Piers Morgan was sent by God to represent everything that doesn’t agree with Ted Nugent, because you’ve got to be the devil’s advocate or the devil to argue with me,” Nugent told WND. “I’m a simple man. I’m 64 years clean and sober. I never went to college because I was too busy learning stuff. …

“In fact, I’m saving money on dog food this week because I’m just letting my three Labradors lick the shrapnel from Piers’s skull out of my boot cleats,” he said.

More @ WND

The So-Called Gun Show Loophole: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics


There is a lot of misinformation circulating about background checks for gun ownership.
Under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act—which created the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)—all federal firearms licensees are required to conduct a background check for all firearms transactions, even if they sell the firearm at a gun show. This is to make sure that the gun isn’t being sold to a person who is prohibited from purchasing a gun under Section 922(g) or (n) of Title 18 of the United States Code, which would include convicted felons, people who have been adjudicated to be severely mentally ill, and people who have been convicted of a domestic violence offense.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), and scores of others have repeated the mantra that approximately 40 percent of all gun purchases are conducted through private sales at gun shows and are not subject to a criminal background check. This has become known as the “gun show loophole.”

At a recent Senate hearing, Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson went so far as to say, “Allowing 40 percent of those acquiring guns to bypass background checks is like allowing 40 percent of airline passengers to board a plane without going through airport security.” 

What gun control proponents never say, though, is that this oft-repeated statistic is based on stale data that was grossly exaggerated even when it was fresh.

The States People Are Fleeing In 2013

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Long-term shifts in the U.S. economy coupled with the recent recession means Americans are more likely to pack up and move for employment-related reasons. Although the total number of residential moves is down, new data shows a clear pattern of the states that people are fleeing the fastest.

Moving company United Van Lines released its 36th annual study of customer migration patterns, analyzing a total of 125,000 moves across the 48 continental states in 2012. The study provides an up-to-date, representative snapshot of overarching moving patterns in the U.S., and reveals a mass exodus from the Northeast.

At No. 1, New Jersey has the highest ratio of people moving out compared to those moving in. Of the 6,300 total moves tracked in the state last year, 62% were outbound.

“New Jersey has been suffering from deindustrialization for some time now, as manufacturing moved from the Northeast to the South and West,” says economist Michael Stoll, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “And because it’s tied to New York, the high housing costs may also be pushing people out.”

In fact, most of the top-10 states people are leaving are located in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, including Illinois (60%), New York (58%), Michigan (58%), Maine (56%), Connecticut (56%) and Wisconsin (55%). According to Stoll, this reflects a consistent trend of migration from the Frost Belt to the Sun Belt states based on a combination of causes.

More @ Yahoo

Shift to hard assets away from paper money has started says Ron Paul

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Former US Representative from Texas Ron Paul weighs in on the currency war and speaks to Bloomberg’s Sarah Eisen.

He thinks the shift away from paper money and into hard assets has already started with the housing recovery. But Ron Paul does not believe in going back to the gold standard but the crisis in paper money is already upon us…

Disabled Marine rifles at inauguration signal shift in administration policy

Via Cordite In The Morning

 Note there are plenty of ‘trusted’ guns surrounding the president.

Worried much?

“Didn't know the Marines had to take the bolts out of their rifles for the Inaugural,” an email forwarded to Gun Rights Examiner from a United States Marine Corps source observed. “Wonder if someone can explain why [they] would be marching in the inaugural parade with no bolts in their rifles!”

The email linked to a YouTube video of the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade, embedded in this column, featuring Bravo Company Marines from the Marine Barracks Washington. Sure enough, the observation in the email is confirmed by watching the video, with screen shots provided in the photo and slide show accompanying this article.

This prompted an internet search to see if others had also noticed, and the Blur-Brain blog had.
“The bolts have been removed from the rifles rendering them unable to fire a round,” the post stated. “Apparently Obama’s Secret Service doesn’t trust the USMC. Simply searching each guy to make sure he didn’t have a live round hidden on him wasn’t enough, they had to make sure the guns were inoperable.

More @ Examiner

50 Studebaker cars among items destroyed in Chesnee fire

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 Smoke rises from the charred remains of a Studebaker after a fire in Chesnee. (Feb. 6, 2013/FOX Carolina)

A fire at a classic car shop in Chesnee on Wednesday afternoon destroyed, among other things, 50 Studebaker cars.

The fire happened about noon at 417 Studebaker Rd.

Cherokee Creek Fire Capt. Billy Bishop said firefighters arrived to find one of the sheds on the property collapsed and a tour bus ablaze. He said eventually two of the three buildings at the scene collapsed, making it difficult to extinguish the fire.

SLIDESHOW: Chesnee fire destroys 50 classic cars

Bishop said neighbors reported hearing several explosions, which were likely caused by tires or welding tanks at the shop.

More @  Fox

Administration’s New Climate Report: Next Ice Age ‘Has Now Been Delayed Indefinitely’

ice age, climate change, blizzard

A federal advisory committee appointed by the Obama administration to produce a report on climate change says that if Earth’s climate were still “primarily controlled by natural factors”—rather than by man-made global warming—then the next ice age would occur within the next 1,500 years.

But now, because of humans, the committee says, the next ice age has been "delayed indefinitely."
“Confirmation of what are called Milankovich cycles (cyclical changes in the Earth’s orbit that explain the onset and ending of ice ages) led a few scientists in the 1970s to suggest that the current warm interglacial period might be ending soon, plunging the Earth into a new ice age over the next few centuries,” the advisory committee said in a draft report released last month.

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Nancy Pelosi Bringing Newtown Child To State Of The Union

They have no shame.

-- A increasing number of House Democrats are bringing people affected by gun violence as their guests to next week's State of the Union, with the list now including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.).

Pelosi announced Friday that she plans to bring a fourth grader from Newtown, Conn., along with her mother, as her guests to President Barack Obama's annual address to the nation. A Pelosi spokesman said the student does not attend Sandy Hook Elementary School, the site of a December mass shooting, but attends another elementary school in Newtown. Her office is not releasing the names of the girl or her mother.

More Communist propaganda @ Huffington Post

"Only accurate rifles are interesting"


 *This did work for the VC/NVA in Vietnam though.

I don't actually agree with that view. A 4MOA AK clone is plenty useful for its intended purpose. But given that we the people are far behind the most probable enemy in firepower, we have two main options. *The first is to close in and so avoid the enemy support weapons. That option is a loser because we are overmatched on the rate of fire, the amount of body armor, on the availability of grenades and closer quarters training in general.
The second option is to sniper from stand-off distance. While that makes us vulnerable to indirect support weapons as well as to vehicle mounted stabilized machine guns and cannon, it gives some chance of escape without detection. Absent sufficient explosives to make an ambush count, that means relying on the first shot hit against distant, armored and possibly moving foe. The cost in inaccuracy isn't in the ammunition but in the risk of detection and in the the exposure to return fire. In that sense, only accurate rifles with good ammunition and very, very competent shooters are interesting.

More @ Oleg Volk 

Comment on How the post-Sandy Hook gun control push spectacularly backfired in America


 That giant, may have woken up. 

If he is fully awake, the libs attempts of acting like they are giants too, or hiding behind a photo op will not make one bit of difference.

If the giant is fully awake, he will smash his fist down and destroy the alarm clock that woke up his slumber.

If we can keep lighting fires the giant will get up out of bed, and catch on that the libs have been trying to tie him to the bed, and murder him.

There will be no Jack the Giant Killer able to stop this giant, which is the 100,000,000 strong American People, who love and cherish this country and the Constitution.

NC: 2nd Amendment ACTION ALERT: Chatham County Commissioner Wants to Prevent New Wal-Mart From Selling Guns & Ammo!


Commissioner Sally Kost (progressive liberal) is already trying to prevent the new Wal-mart that is being built here to not allow guns & ammo to be sold. Sally Kost in front of Sen Hagan’s Office protesting with Moveon.Org  supporting Obamacare.

 Evidently when God made female liberals, he decided that all  would be ugly.



We are hearing from liberals who want to stop gun & ammo sales in our county. We want our County Commissioners to know that these liberals do “not” represent the majority of people in the county.

They have secretly set up a team of Obama supporters to speak at the next Chatham County BoC meeting Feb 18 @6pm regarding the new Wal-mart being built  in our county off 15-501 to prevent any ammo or gun sales at the new store that is presently under construction.

I have no problem speaking openly vs the sneak attack to ambush our County Commissioners into believing the majority of citizens want a band on gun & ammo sales in our county.

I urge all 2nd amendment supporters to sign up to speak up at the public input session at the beginning of the meeting Feb 18th 6pm at the Agriculture building just behind the circle in Pittsboro. You have 3 minutes to speak.

Link below to sign up for public input session, just make sure you put correct date and fill out info, you may ignore the subject and several other questions and just click submit. This will automatically put you on the list the evening of the BoC meeting. When you arrive, just ask to check the sign in sheet and your name should appear on the sheet for public input: