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Life in Post-Truth America


Next month Americans will experience the fifteenth anniversary of the time that the President of the United States shook his finger at the country and informed it, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never.”

Bill Clinton was lying. But the lie was more significant than the thing that he was lying about.

When the lie came crashing down, Clinton and his defenders deconstructed the English language, questioning the meaning of every word in his sentence rather than admit that the lie was a lie.

Given a choice between telling the truth or challenging the definitions of such words as “sex” and “is”, they decided to burn their dictionary.

Clinton’s antics set the stage for a current administration which can never be caught in a lie because it’s lying all the time. Obama and his people don’t just lie, they lie about the lies and then they lie about those lies. Bringing them in to testify just clogs the filters with an extra layer of lies.

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NC: ECU's Aycock Residence Hall Name Change

GOP Suicide: Amnesty Now, Gun Control Next, Gone in 2016

 Mike Scruggs

“Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

The origin of the quotation, “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is ancient and unknown.  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow has Prometheus say the words in his poem, The Masque of Pandora. Because it has the meter and theme common to ancient Greek tragedies, it was once attributed to Euripides (480-406 BC).   However, very similar quotations appear to be even more ancient. A common ancient variation attributes a man’s destruction to foolishness, especially in the sense of moral blindness, confused judgment, or willful rejection of self-evident truth. Several Biblical passages have this theme. Romans 1:22 says it plainest of all: “Claiming to be wise, they became fools.”

 I have been a Republican County Chairman in both North Carolina and Alabama. I have served countless hard-working hours as a volunteer for Republican candidates.  I am therefore deeply grieved that the Republican Party leadership in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate has seen fit to betray the principles and values of a substantial majority of Republican voters, and the majority of the American people. This last week witnessed both the House and Senate passing budget bills that essentially gave Obama’s unlawful amnesty for five million illegal immigrant workers an effective pass.

 The majorities that passed this essentially special interest budget may not be bothered by conscience, but American workers and taxpayers will suffer, lawlessness will abound, and public safety and national security will be undermined.  Our liberty and freedoms are being traded for gold in the form of huge special interest political campaign donations.

 What kind of party leadership do we have, when they refuse to defend the Constitution, and thus allow President Obama to get away with an unlawful amnesty for at least five million illegal immigrant workers?  What kind of party leadership do we have, when they ignore the pain of over 18 million Americans who want a full time job and cannot find one? Yet GOP leaders continue to favor big business special interests that profit by flooding the labor market with foreign cheap labor, both legal and illegal. The wages of American workers have been stagnant for nearly 15 years, held down by an excess supply of foreign labor. The GOP leadership message to American workers is that the Republican Party is not concerned with them. Their message to grassroots conservatives is the same.

The users of cheap foreign labor profit $437 billion a year, mostly at the expense of American workers—$402 billion annually, nearly $2,800 per year each for 147 million workers.

According to the Heritage Foundation, the average unlawful immigrant household receives $14,387 more in government services and benefits paid than taxes paid. This will almost double with amnesty, because of more benefits. This is essentially a taxpayer subsidy to businesses using illegal immigrant labor. How long will we put up with this outrage for the benefit of big political donors. What kind of GOP leadership wants more of these injustices to American workers and taxpayers?

Speaker of the House John Boehner did not give a pass to Obama’s amnesty and plans to double legal immigrant workers because he feared being blamed for a government shutdown. He wants amnesty so that establishment Republicans can continue to receive huge donations from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor lobbying associations.

If Obama and Boehner get away with giving work permits to five million illegal immigrant workers, there should be no expectation that Obama will stop at five million. Just as the 1986 amnesty spawned six more follow-up amnesties, and resulted in twice as many illegal immigrants as we had before the amnesty, we can expect considerable demographic change in the next few years. There will be a big push to make them citizens and Democratic voters with all deliberate speed. Since document fraud, social security number fraud, and social security number theft will apparently be permissible for some folks now, there won’t be any effective criteria for citizenship or voting. Numerous studies show that the GOP will get very little of this new vote. The GOP will have betrayed itself out of any hope of future electoral or Congressional majorities.

 Obama’s next major step will probably be gun control. At this point, maybe he could just decree whatever he wants. If Article I of the Constitution won’t stop Obama from making his own open door immigration policy, why do we think the Second Amendment would be an obstacle to him?

 Do we think the same Congress that has been bribed by big cheap labor businesses will stand in his way?

 The post amnesty demographics will make throwing out the Second Amendment much easier. Only 45 percent of Americans favor stricter gun control, but 62 percent of the largest ethnic block in Obama’s amnesty favors strict gun control. In addition, nearly75 percent favor big government welfare and healthcare programs. Economist Milton Friedman once pointed out that a welfare state is not fiscally compatible with high immigration and porous borders. That is obvious to sane people, but not to the mad.  

 This year a Reuters poll found that 24 percent of Americans favor the secession of their state from the United States. A Public Policy poll in 2012 found that this sentiment was highest among Hispanics, 46 percent, and conservatives at 37 percent. I leave the reader to speculate why people are favoring secession. Perhaps the conservatives are looking for ways to protect their cultural, religious, and political heritage. Boehner has ignited a conservative revolt against the Republican Party establishment, and not over things conservatives will forget by 2016. The results of amnesty will be evident everywhere by 2016, if not early 2015.

I do not believe the Republican Party will survive long, if it continues to put the interest of big business and cheap labor above the Constitution and above the interests of conservative voters, American workers, and taxpayers.


From a Scottish Protest Song Circa 1707, objecting to the means by which the Scottish Parliament was merged into the UK Parliament, allegedly through bribery and corruption.

What's the spring breathing jasmine and rose?

What's the summer with all its gay train?
What's the splendor of autumn to those.
Who've bartered their freedom for gain?

No sweetness the senses can cheer,
Which corruption and bribery bind.
No brightness the sun can e'er clear,
For honor's the sum of the mind.

Let virtue distinguish the brave.
Place riches in lowest degree.
Think them poorest who can be a slave.
Them richest who dare to be free.

They say it will still fit down the chimney :)

Barrett 82A1 50 BMG 29" W  Fluted Barrel Semi-Auto and Leopold Optics

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M44 Carbine

Messerschmitt 262 Jet Fighter found in The Netherlands

23 october 2014 members of the Museum Deelen Airbase near Arnhem found a Messerschmitt 262 in a farm field near Deelen `airbase, Arnhem in the Netherlands.

This 262 was shot down on the 12 of september 1944 near the village Elden. The pilot Uffz. Schauder was killed. `the `germans took the wreckage to Deelen. The dumped the plane in an bomb crater to hide it. This 262 was the first jet ever to crash in the Netherlands.

Adopted Girl born without Legs, who became a gymnast, discovers her Hero is….......

Moment burglarized family 'captured intruders at gunpoint after passing them in the street as they were on the way back from ANOTHER break-in'

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Captured: This is the moment Chris Wyatt and his relatives stopped and detained their alleged home intruders 

The victims of a burglary captured their alleged intruders after spotting them in the street - on the way back from another break-in.

The Wyatt family's surveillance system filmed the moment a woman and two men took two TVs and numerous Christmas presents from their home in Warrior, Alabama, last Friday.

Just two days later, Chris Wyatt spotted the suspects' Ford Ranger pickup truck driving down a road and swerved to block them into a corner.

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Ron Paul: All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown

 Just think:  He could have been President.

Instead of panicking over a limited shutdown, a true pro-liberty Congress would be eagerly drawing up plans to permanently close most of the federal government, starting with the Federal Reserve.

 Second on the chopping block should be the Internal Revenue Service.

 The troops should be brought home, all foreign aid should be ended.

 The troops should be brought home, all foreign aid should be ended.

 All forms of welfare should be shut down.

 The Department of Education should be permanently padlocked.

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Cop under investigation after a 76-year-old man accused him of using excessive force

The officer, Nathanial Robinson, 23, was placed on administrative duty Friday pending the outcome of an internal investigation into whether he violated the use of force policy when he tased Victoria resident Pete Vasquez, said Chief J.J. Craig. The officer was hired after graduating from the police academy two years ago. The incident happened Thursday after Robinson saw an expired inspection sticker on the car Vasquez was driving back to Adam’s Auto Mart, 2801 N. Laurent St., where he helps with mechanical work. Vasquez got out of the car, which is owned by the car lot, attempting to get the manager. He pointed out to the officer the dealer tags on the back of the car, which would make it exempt from having an inspection.

SHTF Armorer: Back to Basics – Rifle Accuracy

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I got a text from a co-worker this past weekend. Deer season is nigh here in Maine, and he was out doing the pre-season rifle check-up. “My 7 Mag is all over the place. I can’t shoot.” is what he sent to me.  I found this hard to believe; the man is a very experienced bow shooter; he turned down an offer to shoot competitively for a major bow manufacturer.  I asked him his setup.  It was a Ruger Model 77 Mark II in 7mm Remington Magnum, a Simmons fixed 4x scope, and cheap bargain-bin pawn shop reloaded ammo. 

I think most experienced shooters could spot a couple quick problems with that brief description, but it also brings up a valid point: if a modern, high quality gun isn’t shooting reasonably well for you, (“reasonably well” varies greatly from gun to gun and shooter to shooter, but a scoped center fire bolt-action rifle of a well-known manufacturer should reasonably be able to shoot 2-3” groups at 100 yards, benched, even with an inexperienced shooter), then there’s a pretty good chance that there’s more going on here than “I can’t shoot.

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Anti-gun Dem lawmaker will be commuting to work from jail

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Democrat Joseph Morrissey may soon be commuting to his job in the Virginia General Assembly where he serves as a state delegate, following his plea agreement involving a sexual relationship with his 17-year-old now-pregnant office assistant.

Fresh Guacamole (1:40)

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Is Obama Blackmailing Boehner? NSA has ‘dirt’ on him?

He drinks a bit. That is well-chronicled.

The tabloids have splashed headlines about torrid affairs, including one with a lobbyist.

And, of course, he cries in public.

But is there more to the personal story of House Speaker John Boehner that would explain his funding of Obamacare and the president’s executive action providing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens in his budget accommodation with Democrats?

Enter the ubiquitous Matt Drudge who tweeted Friday: “Obama got EVERYTHING. NSA dirt on Boehner must be incredible. Chicago wins.”

Please “Dump Dixie” or YSRDD (Yankee Self-Righteous Delusional Disorder)


Michael Tomasky at the Daily Beast believes “It’s Time to Dump Dixie.” Please do. He also thinks that there may be a point in the future when the South should have its independence. Hallelujah, but we tried that once and were forced to keep company with our “kind” neighbors to the North, those like Tomasky who call the South, “one big nuclear waste site of choleric, and extremely racialized, resentment.” Tomasky, by the way admits he was born in West Virginia, yet laments it “was not a Southern state when I was growing up but culturally is one now.” You see, according to Tomasky, the South lacks “tolerance, compassion, civic decency, trans-racial community, [and] the crucial secular values on which this country was founded….” Translation: America used to be a great progressive wonderland of democracy and equality, but evil Southerners ruined it! Better to just write off Dixie than try to convert them, for, as we all know, the North is the bastion of all things good and noble, the shining city upon a hill for the world to emulate.

Three confirmed dead in Sydney siege

Fairfax Media can confirm that three people are dead following the siege in Sydney's Martin Place.
The gunman, Man Haron Monis, was pronounced dead after being taken to hospital, reports Nick Ralston.

Another man, aged 34, and a woman, aged 38, were pronounced dead also after being taken to hospital.

Two women were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

A male police officer suffered a non life-threatening wound to his face from gunshot pellets.

Another woman was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to her shoulder, and a 35-year-old woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

NYPD cops attacked during ‘peaceful’ protest

NYPD cops attacked during ‘peaceful’ protest

NYPD officers were swarmed by protesters in a knock-down, drag-out brawl on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday night that sent two police lieutenants to the hospital.

The melee broke out at the tail end of a daylong march — which drew nearly 30,000 protesters calling for justice in the wake of the police-involved deaths of civilians Michael Brown and Eric Garner — when a group of marchers swarmed officers as they tried to make an arrest on the bridge roadway around 7:15 p.m., cops said.

“Over the past few weeks, we have gone to great lengths to ensure, even facilitate, people’s ability to protest,” said Chief of Department James O’Neill on Saturday.

“I want to be clear that these assaults do not come with the territory,” he said.

Newtown Families File Suit Against AR-15 Manufacturer and Seller

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FILE - In this Dec. 4, 2013 file photo, a school bus drives past a sign reading Welcome to Sandy Hook, in Newtown, Conn., where 26 people were killed by a gunman inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. A new play about the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School will have a benefit reading in December in New York City to commemorate the second anniversary of the tragedy. Eric Ulloa’s “26 Pebbles,” which was adapted from transcripts of interviews with people touched by the shootings, will have a staged reading Dec. 15 at the Culture Project’s The Lynn Redgrave Theater. The director will be Igor Goldin and prices range from $50-$150. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File)

The families of nine of the 26 people killed and a teacher injured two years ago at the Sandy Hook Elementary School filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the rifle used in the shooting.
The negligence and wrongful death lawsuit, filed Monday in Bridgeport Superior Court, asserts that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle should not have been made publicly available because it is a military weapon unsuited for hunting or home defense. (The lawyer knows he'll never win this, but thinks he can get a settlement.)

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Watch 74-Year-Old Lady Open Fire on Robbers

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Hunter Fights Off Bear with 5-Inch Knife

After his friend shot a bear near Sand Stone, Minnesota, hunter Brandon Johnson set out to track the wounded animal armed with a five-inch knife.

“We wanted to give it four hours before we went out and looked for it to make sure the animal had expired,” Johnson told USA Today.

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A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

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When two Swedish economists set out to examine whether economic freedom made people any more or less racist, they knew how they would gauge economic freedom, but they needed to find a way to measure a country's level of racial tolerance. So they turned to something called the World Values Survey, which has been measuring global attitudes and opinions for decades.

Day #7 – The Mississippi Burning – The Murder Of Jessica Lane Chambers…

Via comment by SJ on Is Burning Whites The NEW ‘Knock Out’ Game for Bla...

Courtland Mississippi, population 500, is in Panola County, an area which has witnessed an explosion in gang related crime and criminal activity. This Day #7 update follows the backstory, the untold story, of how events continue to unfold.

In order to fully understand what follows it is strongly recommended you read Day#6 update.

Without the understanding, well, what follows will seem challenging at best.

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 Derrick Turner - Kevondas Polk - Justin Bell - Chris Bell

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