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Bonners Ferry Idaho and the Bull River Valley Run - Trike Flying in Prepper Paradise

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This one's been on the list for a while now to get flown. A visit to Sandpoint Idaho put me in position to make the run up to Bonners Ferry, over towards Libby Montana, make the turn SE into Bull River Valley, drop over into the Clark Fork Basin and loop back to Sandpoint. Finally I hit Montana! Thickly forested mountains, rich fertile valleys, and breathtaking peaks. I'll have to make another sweep sometime for a closer look at things. Winds did not cooperate this time for my usual 'terrain mapping' altitude, but the look I did get was stunning - especially from over 9000 feet!. Enjoy as I take you into yet another area easily described as a preppers paradise.

By the way, I did a run up the Clark Fork the night before with some nice footage. The Clark Fork Valley was the site of the 30 mile wide ice dam that broke and dumped 500 cubic miles of Lake Missoula into the state of Washington some 12,000 years ago. It happened dozens of times. It formed todays Lake Pend Oreille which is why its so incredibly deep. It was gouged out by all that water suddenly blowing through. Bonners Ferry to Bull River Valley remained covered under a massive sheet of ice. I'm storing up video from eastern/central Wash to put the whole story together someday - trike style.

ATF to accept public comments prior to outlawing shotguns

How nice of them.......

Greeley Gazette

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is taking a rare step of allowing public comments prior to issuing a decision on a study that could result in outlawing certain types of shotguns currently available to citizens.

The ATF completed a study regarding the importability of certain shotguns. The basis for a possible ban is based on a loosely defined “Sporting Purpose” test. Using the vague definition almost all pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns could be banned as they are all capable of accepting a magazine, box or tube capable of holding more than 5 rounds. Other characteristics determined to be “military” by the ATF can also be used as a basis for a ban.

Ironically, many shotguns with “military” features are currently being used in shooting competitions held by the USPSA, IDPA and IPSC. The rules could also result in obscure regulations where an individual would be unsure if he is violating them or not.

Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, said if the ATF succeeds with the banning of tactical shotguns it “will be the most dangerous interpretation of the 1968 Gun Control Act ever envisioned and will outlaw thousands of perfectly legitimate home defense shotguns.”

The ATF is currently allowing public comments on the study until the end of the month. Those wishing to express concerns about the study can send an email to

Flash Mob Steals From Baltimore 7-Eleven; Beats Store Manager Who Tries To Stop Them

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Bank of America redux

Update on Vandals topple Confederate grave markers

Vandals topple Confederate grave markers

Via Carl

"Those who will not fight for the graves of their ancestors are beyond redemption."
-- President Teddy Roosevelt

I was notified a few moments ago that three persons have been arrested by the Candler County Sheriff's Department and charged with damaging tombstones at the Lake Church Cemetery near Metter. One is 17, another is 14 or 15 and the third is 12 years of age. The 14 or 15 year old is a female. The 17 year old is being held in the Candler County Jail and the other two have been taken to the Juvenile Detention Center in Claxton. The three live in a mobile home park near the cemetery and have allegedly been behind several incidents of vandalism at other residences and vehicles near their home.

Since the apparent guilty parties have been arrested, it will not be necessary to offer a reward for their apprehension. Lake Church has insurance coverage on the cemetery and the costs of the repair of the grave markers will be covered by that so a work day to repair the damage will not be necessary.

Thank you to all members of the EC and the Georgia Division for your outpouring of generosity and concern, but further action on our part will not be necessary. We'll keep our powder dry until the next time -- and there will be a next time

Lt. Comdr. (South)
Camp #941

Immortal 600 Monument "Ceremony" October 27, 2012

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Make plans now, to attend!
~ It is not to late to donate ~
We Need You !
Don't let this project pass you by, once we have raised enough funds, your opportunity to give will be gone...
"Perimeter Wall Footing" Complete !
"Monument Base" Complete !
"Perimeter Wall" Complete !
"Monument Granite"
Arrived In Savannah Complete!
"Granite Engraved" Complete!
"Monument Installed" Complete!

The National Park Service will be installing a walk-around for the monument. This will be constructed of pebbles and a concrete like substance, this will cover the concrete base of the monument to the granite, and be wide enough for folks to walk around the beautiful monument.

The Monument!


Many more pictures @ 600 CSA

War on Whitey Casualty Report


It isn’t easy keeping up with the casualties in the ongoing War on Whitey, especially since it has been blacked out (so to speak) by the complicit “mainstream” media, which has been feeding the violence with pernicious moonbat propaganda (e.g., the Passion of St. Skittles). A good place to start is the archive directory at the blog Black Racism and Race Hatred of Non Blacks:

Speeches, videos, and writings of black racism and race hatred LINK

Black race hatred and the mass murder of 188 whites LINK

Black race hatred in “street crime” 301 whites murdered by 24 black serial killers LINK

320 whites murdered in their own home LINK

206 brutal attacks for being white on a public street LINK

104 whites murdered by blacks in 12 massacres LINK

There would be enough appalling information at the links above to keep dozens of journalists busy for months — if journalism hadn’t officially died back in 2008.

Tel Aviv: African migrants injured in race riots

Hundreds demonstrate in the impoverished Hatikva neighborhood of south Tel Aviv against the African migrant community. Photograph: Roni Schutzer/AFP/Getty Images

Violence breaks out after inflammatory speeches as protesters join politicians to demonstrate against rising Israeli immigration

Dozens of African asylum seekers were injured as race riots broke out in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night.

Thousands of protesters joined politicians to protest against the arrival of an estimated 60,000 asylum seekers in Israel in recent years. But after inflammatory speeches the demonstration broke out into violence.

Witnesses reported seeing men and women being beaten and shops and properties being attacked. Police said nine people were arrested.

The protesters were addressed by politicians including Miri Regev and Danny Danon of the ruling Likud Party. According to the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, Regev described the asylum seekers as a “cancer in our body,” and promised to do everything “in order to bring them back to where they belong”.

More @ Africa

Elizabeth Warren: I’m Native American “because my mother told me so”

She’s digging in, bolstered by headlines that much of the electorate doesn’t care, via MassLive:

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said Thursday that she knows she has Native American ancestry because her mother told her so.

Warren’s comments came after nearly four minutes of tense back and forth between Warren and Fox 25 reporter Sharman Sacchetti and 7News reporter Andy Hiller. As both reporters questioned Warren about why she listed herself as a minority in law directories, Warren refused to answer, saying she had already answered questions about her background.

Finally, Warren said, “I am proud of my family and I am proud of my heritage.”

Hiller followed up: “Does it include an Indian background?”

Warren replied, “Yes.”

“How do you know that?” Hiller asked.

Warren responded, “Because my mother told me so. This is how I live. My mother, my grandmother, my family. This is my family. Scott Brown has launched attacks on my family. I am not backing off from my family.”

Via Fox25 Boston, Elizabeth Warren stonewalling:

More @ Legal Insurrection

Fred On Everything announcement:)

Fred is on vacation until mid-June, when he will once again offend all and invite lynching.

Half of Detroit’s Streetlights May Go Out as City Shrinks

Via Occidental Dissent

               Detroit after dark, which may go darker. Photographer: Garry Owens/Gallery Stock

Detroit, whose 139 square miles contain 60 percent fewer residents than in 1950, will try to nudge them into a smaller living space by eliminating almost half its streetlights.

As it is, 40 percent of the 88,000 streetlights are broken and the city, whose finances are to be overseen by an appointed board, can’t afford to fix them. Mayor Dave Bing’s plan would create an authority to borrow $160 million to upgrade and reduce the number of streetlights to 46,000. Maintenance would be contracted out, saving the city $10 million a year.

Other U.S. cities have gone partially dark to save money, among them Colorado Springs; Santa Rosa, California; and Rockford, Illinois. Detroit’s plan goes further: It would leave sparsely populated swaths unlit in a community of 713,000 that covers more area than Boston, Buffalo and San Francisco combined. Vacant property and parks account for 37 square miles (96 square kilometers), according to city planners.

“You have to identify those neighborhoods where you want to concentrate your population,” said Chris Brown, Detroit’s chief operating officer. “We’re not going to light distressed areas like we light other areas.”

Detroit’s dwindling income and property-tax revenue have required residents to endure unreliable buses and strained police services throughout the city. Because streetlights are basic to urban life, deciding what areas to illuminate will reshape the city, said Kirk Cheyfitz, co-founder of a project called Detroit143 -- named for the 139 square miles of land, plus water -- that publicizes neighborhood issues.

More @ Bloomberg

New Biography: Walter Cronkite Biased, Unethical

Via Moonbattery

A thorough new biography of Walter Cronkite by Douglas Brinkley reveals that he was not the unbiased journalist his supporters have always claimed him to be. In fact, he was a liberal who used his position as America's top anchor to promote the left and damage the right. And that's the way it is.

All of this apparently comes as a surprise to Howard Kurtz, who grew up idolizing Cronkite and can't quite shake off the worship of his false idol even when confronted with the facts. Still, there is an interesting admission early on in Kurtz's piece about how the media landscape has changed:

Had Cronkite engaged in some of the same questionable conduct today—he secretly bugged a committee room at the 1952 GOP convention—he would have been bashed by the blogs, pilloried by the pundits, and quite possibly ousted by his employer. That he endured and prospered, essentially unscathed, until his death in 2009 reminded me of how impervious the monopoly media were in those days, largely shielded from the scrutiny they inflicted on everyone else.

Indeed, he would have been. Kurtz might have spent more time discussing the new media landscape and how it benefits the country by allowing alternative points of view to penetrate the public's awareness. Instead, he mostly cops out.

Cronkite's idea of ethical behavior seems to have been pretty broad. Kurtz opens his account of the new book with the fact that Cronkite had a secret deal with Pan Am which flew his family around the world to vacation spots like the South Pacific for free. The President of the CBS News Division knew about the arrangement but did nothing about it.

Cronkite's behavior wasn't just personally unethical, it was also professionally unethical.

More @ Breitbart

Welfare: A job program?

There is another way of applying Aaron's argument that welfare is a job's program. Once, not long after we had moved to Rockford, I was taking my family to the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. We had to drive through some interesting neighborhoods. We looked at block after block of neglected houses, with young dissolute males lounging on the front steps. It was about 11 in the morning, and one of my children asked innocently: "Don't they have jobs to go to." In the sweetest voice I could muster, I explained: "Many of them work at night."

And indeed they do,

More @ Chronicles

Vietnam Zippos

This is a 1953 hand-painted Town &
Country Trout Zippo which was many
years later engraved with "USN Saigon
1967" and with a map of Vietnam on the
back. It was not unusual for the the servicemen to bring their own Zippos to Vietnam and have them engraved "in-field". This is one of the oldest Vietnam War Zippos.

More @ Zippo Gallery

Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Rein in FDA Abuse - 05/23/12

Via The Battle of Atlanta

Police: Couple Shoots Female Intruder In Their Bedroom

Couple Said They Warned Intruder Before Shooting

A man in Boulder shot an intruder who came into his bedroom at 3:26 a.m. on Wednesday.The man and his wife were sleeping in their bedroom when they heard a noise. They told police they thought it was a raccoon outside their door.When the female homeowner realized the noise was not a raccoon, but someone opening the bedroom door and coming into the room, both she and her husband told police they shouted at the intruder to get out.

The homeowners told officers that they told the intruder they had a gun and would use it.When the intruder didn't stop, the man told police he shot at a light the intruder was holding. After firing his gun, the man said he turned on a light and found a woman lying on floor with a gunshot wound to her hip, police said.

More @ 7 News

International Bunglers Seed Future Wars

Incurable idealists who are entrusted with power will surely disappoint, as in the case of Woodrow Wilson. His radical theory of one world government still resonates with the international socialists today, though perpetual warfare to somehow ensure lasting peace continues unabated.

Bernhard Thuersam, Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute

International Bunglers Seed Future Wars

“Georges Clemenceau was born in 1841 [and]…had journeyed far in those seventy-eight years, from the extreme Left to what was almost the extreme Right, and the old radical barnstormer, anti-clerical, and Dreyfusard was now, as he stood in this room handing the thick book to the German, a personification of national patriotism. The Germans had made him so.

His powers of sarcasm, vituperation and assault were almost without equal in his time, and with these powers he could castigate and finally sweep away the governments which showed any hesitation; for we are in a war to the death, he kept on saying, and we must win. Thus he became Father Victory to millions of French soldiers in 1918 and went into the peace conference with a personal authority none could question. The Tiger – Father of Victory.

Now, as he stood beetling at the Prussian aristocrat, beetling and growling and showing his fangs, the Tiger was so formed or transformed by the events in which he had played a great part that all memory of the international socialist had faded away, leaving a kind of quintessential residue of the purest nationalism.

Moltke, Hindenburg, Ludendorff and the Kaiser Wilhelm II produced this result, willy-nilly, just as the Tiger himself (along with Poincare and others whom he equally disliked) was to assist mightily in the production of Adolf Hitler.

[What] Clemenceau [wanted from the Versailles Treaty was] that Germany could be kept permanently subjugated. What Woodrow Wilson hoped was for something still different. He hoped that the whole world, in all its infinite diversity of races, religions and social organization, could be brought into a parliament of mankind so as to discuss and compose the differences that lead to war.

Wilson was wholly unprepared for the extent and complications of the passionate nationalisms his various groups of principles had fanned into flames. As he had never understood the Mexican Revolution, so he does not seem to have understood the whole exhausting tangle of racial and national repulsions in Central and Southern Europe, to which his own political philosophy had helped give such fierce ne vitality.”

(This House Against This House (excerpts), Vincent Sheean, Random House, 1945, pp. 7-16)

International Bunglers Seed Future Wars

NDAA & Agenda 21 Presentation at the NC General Assembly


Wednesday, May 30, 2012
4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Room 544 – Legislative Office Building
300 N. Salisbury Street, Room 515
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925

Mr. Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, will be speaking about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) along with Jeff Lewis, co-founder and National Director of the Patriot Coalition, and Rep. Glen Bradley, sponsor of H.R. 982 & H.R. 983.

Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Lewis, along with Patriot Coalition General Counsel Richard D. Fry, co-authored model NDAA resolutions that have been introduced and/or adopted by sheriffs, other law enforcement, county commissions, and state legislators across the country.

More @ NC Renegade

Black Bear Mauls Man In Outhouse

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South Knox store clerk shoots teen in botched robbery attempt

Via Guns Save Lives

A store clerk at the South Side Market in South Knoxville told police he shot a man in the chest after he and two others attempted to rob the Maryville Pike store on Wednesday.

A botched holdup attempt today sent three would-be robbers running and left one shot in the chest, police said.

The shooting happened just after 10:45 a.m. at the South Side Market, 1316 Maryville Pike, near the Montgomery Village housing project, Knox County E-911 records show.

A store clerk told police three men in masks tried to rob him. He pulled a pistol and shot one of them in the chest, Knoxville Police Department Capt. Nate Allen said.

More @ Knox News

Black Man breaks into Kansas TV station, stabs 2 workers

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Who’s Who? Jew, Indian, or Negro?

The alien, lying black African Communist Muslims traitor in the White House is claims is Cherokee! Standing side-by side with his lying white female counterpart and plagiarist Elizabeth Warren, Barry Soetoro (a.k.a, “Barak Hussein Obama) has also claimed that his maternal grandmother was part Cherokee–albeit based on her nose and eyes, rather than her high cheek bones.

Well, nearly every Negro in America claims to be part Cherokee. So be it. We expect nothing other from the Communist fraud in Washington. We expect brazen lying. Indeed, for the liberal Democrats, the more brazen the lie, the more honored in the cause. As emeritus professor Robert Weissberg has said, lying is a form a initiation for liberals. Whenever you hear an obvious lie, you know the liar is proving his trustworthiness in the cause. He is earning his place in the Democrat party. It is a political genuflection. The liar has branded his soul for the cause.

So, the fact that the lying President would support the his lying female counterpart is no surprise.

But racial pretense and fantasy identity is particularly repugnant to American Indians. Negros don’t care whom they offend, and liberal Jews seem to delight in it–in considering Negroes and Indians and all darkies all the same. Consider this piece from the Jeruslem Post (February 16, 2005): “A Headdress of Many Colors” (as opposed to Joseph’s ‘coast of many colors, from Genesis 37:3–for authenticity). Then note the subtitle: “Would-be Black Hebrew Traces ‘Jewish Heritage’ via Cherokee Roots.” (This ingenious piece is by Sheera Claire Frenkel.) Here is the display photo:

More @ Bad Eagle

Taliban Poisons 120 School Girls in New Attack Against Education

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Night Market in the new capital of Burma


Once we had been there for a few days, we decided that we ought to check out Burma. We went to their embassy, but it was clear that they weren't *overjoyed about Americans visiting there, (my friend had an official passport) and they did their best to do everything as slowly as possible. So, we just left and enjoyed Bangkok some more. We had understood that there was one good English hotel in Rangoon where all that they had was gin and no girls, but we wanted to visit anyway.


This is the new capital of Myanmar, which was built from scratch in an open field. The government and the elite of the country all moved here. The city is very different from the rest of Burma . Instead, houses are palaces, and the roads are wide and deserted, as in North Korea . The only thing that looks like the capital to the rest of the country - a market ...

454 magnum revolver with 30mm grenade launcher

Via The Feral Irishman

Under Obama: 30 Worst Months of Employment Over The Past 25 Years…

The federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes monthly tallies for the employment-population ratio. That stat shows something rather straightforward: Among those who are living in America and are free to pursue employment, what percentage are employed? (The bureau excludes those who are under 16 years old, are active-duty military, or are — in the bureau’s own words — “inmates of institutions (for example, penal and mental facilities, homes for the aged),” from its tallies.)

Over the past quarter of a century (a total of 300 months), dating back to May 1987 and the Reagan administration, here are the 30 worst months (that is, the bottom 10 percent) for the employment-population ratio, along with the president who happened to be in office at that particular time (scroll down to the see the list):

More @ The Weekly Standard

Vandals topple Confederate grave markers

Via Carl

3 Alabama men among 30 profiled by $outhern Poverty Law Center as key leaders in radical groups

Via Billy

"I wear as a badge of honor any criticism I receive from the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center. Neither I nor The League of the South will have anything to do with liberals and socialists who hate the long-standing traditions of Western Christendom, which includes the American South, and the people who uphold and cherish them."

Three Alabama men are among 30 people from around the nation profiled in a report released Wednesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center on what the group characterizes as key leaders of radical right groups.

"Their divisive propaganda, which is being embraced by opportunistic politicians and pundits and exploited for partisan gain, is doing real damage to our country," Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Montgomery-based center and editor of the new report, said in a prepared statement.

Potok said the profiles are not intended to be a definitive list. "The idea was to give a broad synopsis of players today on the radical right scene," he said.

The report is part of the summer 2012 issue of the center's quarterly journal Intelligence Report.

The Alabama men highlighted in the report are Michael Vanderboegh of Pinson, described by the report as a "Patriot leader;" Michael Hill of Killen, with League of the South, described as a neo-Confederate group; and Timothy Turner of Ozark, described as being with the Sovereign Citizens Movement.

More @ AL.Com

Update #26 Part 2 – Trayvon Martin Shooting – A year of drug use culminates in predictable violence…

Although I have missed Dedicated Dad's insightful comments on Free North Carolina, I see he was doing extraordinary work elsewhere as I found out in an email from him today. Congratulations, and a job well done, Sir!


This update, like several before it, does not stand alone. To truly understand the depth of the research and background it is important to have first read Update #26 Part 1. This Part 2 builds on the previous presentation of Trayvon Martin’s lifestyle choices and drug use connections.

This update is a creation of Treeper “Dedicated Dad“, who deserves full credit for investing numerous hours researching, learning, understanding and fitting the disconnected puzzle pieces together. What we outline here was right in front of our face the whole time. Yet we looked past it because we were in a position of ignorance about what we were looking at. We just didn’t know. Now however, it all comes together:

Several weeks ago, as further information and discovery came to the surface the whole framing of the original media narrative began to crumble, I stumbled over a reference to “DXM” in Trayvon’s Facebook history.

It’s nagged at me since, at various times popping to the front of my mind when Trayvon’s drug use was mentioned, was quickly lost to other distractions. A couple of evenings ago it again came to the forefront of consideration. This time I decided to dig in, do a little research, and see if there might actually be something to it.

What I found was frankly, quite stunning. So much so that it literally made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

After further reflection this drug use aspect may actually lead to the greatest understanding, and key, to the whole case. Understanding exactly where the mindset was of both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, and what influences are now readily available and out in the public forum, a number of questions are now finding answers about that evening’s events, most importantly what precipitated and led to Trayvon Martin’s approach toward being questioned by George Zimmerman.

So I suppose I should start by answering the obvious: “what in the heck is Dedicated Dad talking about”, and how would research answer questions about “intent”?

The substance of research was prodded by with this graphic of unknown attribution, dealing with the possibility that Trayvon Martin was not only an illegal drug-user, but possibly a drug-dealer. (Large file version here

More @ The Last Refuge

UP-UP DATE on The Other McCain/Kimberlin story

UPDATE on the The Other McCain story

What BUbba Knows


.........the end of tolerance…....

I find I mind the idea of the blood flowing in the streets less and less as I see more of these evil cretins and their loathsome stratagems. At this point, I just want to make damned sure it’s all coming from the right place.


Kimberlin is a terrorist. A murderer, drug-smuggler, forger, liar, tax-evader and a leftist radical activist. Funny how all those words come together so often, I just described the entire Obama administration, most of the Senate, slightly less than half of the House and the majority of Hollywood …

What’s so special about Kimberlin that makes me create a separate post just for lil ole him?

In recent months, Kimberlin has used a strategy of legal intimidation and workplace harassment in an apparent attempt to silence his critics, including blogger Seth Allen, Virginia attorney Aaron Walker and Los Angeles deputy district attorney Patrick Frey.
….. Kimberlin is a known associate of Neal Rauhauser, a Democrat campaign consultant who has described himself as a computer “hacker.” Kimberlin, director of the tax-exempt Justice Through Music Project, is also involved in another tax-exempt group, Velvet Revolution, which has gained national attention by demanding criminal prosecution of high-profile figures including Republican strategist Karl Rove, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue, and the late Internet news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart. Kimberlin’s name also surfaced last year in connection with the so-called “Anonymous” international hacker conspiracy. Kimberlin has pursued numerous strategies to harass journalists and bloggers who have attempted to call attention to his criminal past and his notorious dishonesty — a “top-flight con man,” as Publisher’s Weekly called him

~~ Robert Stacy McCain, May 22, 2012

Ok, that doesn’t make him any more specially deserving of my contempt than say, Bill Ayers – another terrorist, murderer and leftist radical activist you probably have heard of; and not much more than communist-dictator-butt kissers like Sean Penn, Danny Glover, John Cusack ( do you still spend your money on Hollywood entertainment without verifying it’s moonbat-free?) …. I digress …. and Obama, still I digress. Anyway, given the plethora of leftist scum in America these days, a feller’s got to start somewhere … just stick a pin in the zit and see what squirts out.

The American bloggers (as opposed to the leftist bloggers) are, this week, joining together to squeeze the Kimberlin zit and what’s squirting out is names – like Barbara Streisand, who has been pumping Kimberlin’s pockets full of leftist cash.
See Journalist Forced to Flee Home by Streisand-Funded Domestic Terrorist Bomber (Babs isn’t still getting some of your money, is she?)
Bloggers are concentrating on Kimberlin for several reasons. Reason one, I’ve already covered – he’s evil. Reason two, he is a cog in the anti-America machine. Reason three, he’s supported and protected by a myriad of leftist players and organizations (like Streisand, and see below) because … well, see Reason Two. Reason four, he is determined to shut down American bloggers that reveal the truth about him by intimidation and threat – and being Americans we don’t cotton to that sort of behavior.

So keep your eyes open and watch for the upcoming chapters in the Story of the Little Bomber Who Made Big Leftist Friends.

If you want to know more, (and you should), here ya go:
» StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 1
For a week in 1978, the Town of Speedway was terrorized by a serial bomber
» StarFiles: The Speedway Bombings, Part 2
Building the case against Brett Kimberlin

» Domestic Terrorist Now Using ‘Lawfare’? Convicted Felon Kimberlin’s 501(c)3 Raised $1.8 Million in Six Years
» Nonprofit of terrorist bomber received Tides Foundation funding

Do the people at the Tides Foundation, Barbra Streisand Foundation, and Heinz Family Foundation know that they have given money to an organization run by a litigious, violent, radical felon who appears to delight in intimidating people whose views he disagrees with?

Oh wait. There’s no point in answering that question in the Obama era, is there?


» Think Progress Makes a Martyr Out of Brad Friedman, While Censoring Any Mention of His Business Partner, Convicted Bomber Brett Kimberlin

The left has been covering up Kimberlin for years. Friedman himself is deathly afraid that people will learn about Kimberlin’s past — so much so that he censors mention of Kimberlin in his comments. For my efforts in shining the spotlight on this violent and dishonest man, Kimberlin has threatened to sue me, and has written numerous letters to my bosses at my office, accusing me of stalking him and the like. It is guaranteed that this post, which makes a legitimate point about a site’s censoring of important information on a topic of public interest, will lead to another e-mail to my boss.

So be it.

His goal is to shut me up.

That’s not going to happen.

» Protect and support your local blogger

» The Left and Con Men

Instead of being an outcast, Kimberlin now seems to be a progressive institution.

According to information available through online databases, it appears that JTMP’s funding by tax-exempt foundations peaked in 2006. That was the year Kimberlin’s non-profit received a $60,000 grant from the Tides Foundation, which has become controversial because of its funding from left-wing billionaire Soros. An analysis of database records appears to show the following foundation grants to JTMP:
Farview Foundation ………………………….…… $9,000
Tides Foundation …………………………………. $60,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift …..…. $45,000
HKH Foundation ……………………………..……. $20,000
Heinz Family Foundation ………….……..…. $20,000
Olive Branch Foundation …………….……… $15,000
Farview Foundation …………………………… $10,000
Barbra Streisand Foundation …………………$5,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift …..…. $19,000
Threshold Foundation ………………..…..… $20,000
Tides Foundation ………………………….….. $10,000
Nathan Cummings Foundation ………..… $10,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift …..…. $20,000
Fred Gellert Family Foundation ……………. $5,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation ..… $5,000
Barbra Streisand Foundation ……………….. $5,000
Schwab Charitable Fund ………………………. $10,000
Silicon Valley Community Foundation .… $10,000
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift …..…. $6,000
TOTAL (2005-2009) .……………………………$304,000

» Free speech blogburst: Show solidarity for targeted conservative bloggers

I’ll end this post with a quote from Mike ….
» Mostly nonviolent, mainstream Democrat Socialist activist up to the usual dirty tricks

These Progressivist weevils aren’t looking the other way; they support vermin like Kimberlin one hundred percent, and only pretend to be “shocked” when they absolutely must, to protect their own credibility. There is no reason to assume good intentions or integrity on their part; they don’t have ‘em. If they did, they wouldn’t be funneling money to creeps like Kimberlin. Notorious vote-fraudsters ACORN wouldn’t still exist under a different name. They wouldn’t chortle with delight among themselves whenever SEIU thugs bust heads, or take busloads of their aggressive, violent fellows to the homes of law-abiding people to threaten, intimidate, and harass them. They wouldn’t speak openly of what a wonderful thing Occupy Wall Street is…………

The only difference between Streisand and the criminal lunatic her foundation shovels money to is the methods they use; thanks to her extreme wealth, Streisand can create a few degrees of separation between her and the violent criminals she hires to advance the agenda she shares with them. But she’s just as insane and extreme a Lefty lunatic as Kimberlin, make no mistake about it.

…. and the end of tolerance ….

I find I mind the idea of the blood flowing in the streets less and less as I see more of these evil cretins and their loathsome stratagems. At this point, I just want to make damned sure it’s all coming from the right place.