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Sunny South Guard 1861

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Belinda Womack - Shanna Gillette

Belinda Womack

Noteworthy national recording star, Southern Patriot and well known celebrity Belinda Womack has committed to attend the event and sing the National Anthem. Ms. Womack, a long time supporter of historical educational events once again will appear in support of a worthy event.

Sometimes You Get What You Ask For...!

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I've always heard you should be careful what you ask for, because you might just get it!

That holds true for this poor slob. You have to give this woman credit, though. She managed to give this jerk just what he asked for and did so without getting hurt! That's the important part!

This lady has a lot of nerve and more than her share of luck!

Woman crashes into police building with carjacking suspect on her hood

A man jumped on the hood of a woman's car today on U.S. 71 in Kansas City, pointed a gun at her and told her to drive.

So she did.

She stomped on the accelerator and drove straight from U.S. 71 near 29th Street to Kansas City Police Headquarters at 1125 Locust St., where she rammed through a garage door with the man still clinging to her hood.

A civilian worker in a booth in the garage radioed to officers that someone was trying to ram into the garage. The car hit the door three times, she reported, before breaking through.

Estate Tax is Government Designed to Stop Families From Keeping Their Money

Sen. McCain calls for 'Fast and Furious' hearing

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Sen. John McCain has requested a Congressional hearing on the much-maligned gun trafficking investigation led by the ATF.

Up until recently, two fellow Republican legislators — Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., — have led the Congressional inquiries into the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives' "Fast and Furious" operation.

In a letter sent Wednesday, McCain said additional information released about the operation last week warrants a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, of which McCain is a member.

“The committee should hold a meeting as soon as possible to examine these new revelations and determine what additional measures are needed to help prevent this type of malfeasance from occurring again,” McCain wrote in a letter addressed to Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

The veteran Arizona Senator is asking for the committee to call the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder; the Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano; and the ATF’s acting director, B. Todd Jones; as witnesses.

Olde South Christmas Ball Saturday, December 10, 2011

"There was a land of
Cavaliers and Cotton fields...
called the Old South"

You are invited to...
An Old-Fashioned
War Between the States
Christmas Ball


Greenville Marriott
One Parkway East
Greenville SC 29615

Dance Music
By the Blue Ridge Rounders

Silent Auction
A silent auction will be held during the ball. The beneficient of the auction will be announced.

Olde South Bazaar
A variety of uniquely Olde South, handcrafted items will be for sale at the Olde South Bazaar. Do some Christmas shopping for that special southern gift!

5:30 PM ~ Arrival & Check-In
6:15 PM ~ Full southern supper
7:30 PM ~ Dance
11:30 PM ~ Ball closes

Gentlemen: 1860s Period Military Uniforms or Evening Formalwear
Ladies: 1860s Period Ballgowns or Evening Formalwear

Free Dance Practice
Location and time TBA

Early bird registration: $60.00 Per Person
Regular registration: $65.00 Per Person
Price Includes Both Supper & Dancing

Single Gentleman Discount
Ages 16 and up
Single gentlemen willing to dance with unescorted ladies may attend for $45

HERE to register

To see photos from the 2009 and 2010 Olde South Balls, click

It’s time for the administration to come clean, under oath, and face the consequences for its actions.

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If the reassignment of ATF officials in recent weeks and the abrupt resignation of U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke were attempts by the Department of Justice and the Obama administration to cover up the Gunwalker scandal, they have failed, miserably.

Now they are saddled by yet another claim of retaliation against a whistleblower and new revelations that gunwalking was far more lethal and widespread that originally thought.

David Codrea of the Examiner has been at the forefront of the investigation, and reveals that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and FBI — two of the agencies that played key rolls in Operation Fast and Furious — conducted a remarkably similar operation … in Indiana.

At the very least, as with “Project Gunwalker,” they indicate straw purchased guns ended up in crime traces, something those directing surveillance were well aware of. It also indicates the FBI and ATF were once again involved with allowing transactions rejected by NICS to proceed, indicating this practice could be more widespread than has been previously documented, and not confined to Southwest border operations….

It’s also fair to ask if it seems credible that such similar operations would develop independently in the Southwest (“Project Gunwalker”) and the Midwest (“Project Gangwalker’?), without authorization from and oversight coordination by Main Justice.

Codrea goes on to suggest that the special agent in charge (SAC) of the Columbus Field Division and the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Indiana need to answer whether they played a role in a plot to “walk” guns to criminals in the Midwest that sounds eerily like the Gunwalker plot in Arizona.

It has long been suggested Gunwalker — which sent at least 2,020 guns to the Sinaloa cartel — was never a legitimate law enforcement operation, because there was no possible way for the program to succeed.

U.S. law enforcement does not have the jurisdiction to make arrests in Mexico where they claimed their targets resided, and the senior level cartel members they claimed to be targeting are not even involved with low-level criminal enterprises such as getting guns for their foot soldiers, an idea as absurd as plotting to catch executives of a billion-dollar corporation buying toner and copy paper at an office supply store.

Operation Fast and Furious only made logical sense if the goal of the operation was first and foremost to put U.S. guns in the hands of the Sinaloa cartel, and at Mexican crime scenes.


National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-06-11

Injustice Everywhere

  • Lancaster NY police are accused of using excessive force in the death of a man who was repeatedly tasered. A witness claims that the man was on the ground and compliant when he was being tasered. [3]
  • Denver CO police are being forced by a civil review board to rehire 2 cops who were fired for beating 2 men on video then filing false reports about what happened. The review board apparently offered no explanation for their ruling. [0]
  • Avon Park FL cop gives up police certification in deal dropping felony charge for false report in shooting case involving his girlfriend during an apparent drug deal. [0]
  • In an update to a report we covered yesterday, a Memphis TN cop facing charges for lying about being shot by Hispanic man when he was allegedly shot by a woman he had a relationship with is now being accused of shooting himself in an effort to gain the attention of that woman’s underage niece. This one gets weirder as it goes on. [3]
  • Springfield OH & Absolute Software settled a lawsuit for an unknown sum to a woman who bought a laptop from a student without knowing it was stolen when police and the software company downloaded nude images of her and her boyfriend when they tracked the laptop. [1]
  • Harlingen TX police are accused of needlessly shooting a pet dog then arresting the owner for “entering a crime scene” by approaching where police fatally shot his dog. [3]
  • Tulsa OK police detective charged w/domestic assault for allegedly pepperspraying a woman who was living with him in the mouth and then pointing a gun at the man who brought her home.[0]
  • Waynesboro GA police major suspended 5days w/o pay for alleged dishonesty & violation of public trust. Unfortunately we can’t determine the specifics since this came from a subscription site. [1]
  • 2 Will County IL deputies sued by woman alleging she was mistreated & denied medication after she was wrongfully arrested on DV charges, charges that were dropped when her boyfriend admitted to making up the allegations. [3]
  • 4 Joliet IL cops are accused of false arrest & falsified reports in a lawsuit by a man who was jailed for 5 months until drug charges against him were dismissed [3]
  • Tempe AZ cop takes plea deal to evidence tampering charges for stealing items, including a refridgerator, from evidence [0]
  • Rome GA now-former cop charged w/theft for allegedly stealing $25k earmarked for needy children from police union [0]
  • Daytona Beach FL cop charged with theft on allegations he stole diamond earring from inmate he transported [0]
  • In an update to this report we tracked yesterday, a Port Jefferson OH cop is now facing felony charges for lying when he claimed his cruiser was damaged during a car chase and gun battle with a suspect when he actually sideswiped a guardrail while speeding. [0]
  • Pennsylvania State Police sued by trooper alleging he suffered retaliation for filing racial harassment complaint [3]
  • Cincinnati OH cop under investigation after motorist videotapes her asleep in cruiser w/emergency lights activated [0]
  • 14 Chicago IL cops face firing & 19 face suspensions for abusing that department’s generous sick leave policy which gives all officers a year’s worth of paid sick leave for every two years they work. [1]

A Fatal Blow


Alas, Tea Partiers, you may as well fold your tents and quietly leave the field. Salon (a website that apparently caters to members and would-be members of the national elite) has given your movement the coup de grace. They have uncovered the cruel truth that your movement is a “Southern” movement. No more need be said. The taint is ineradicable.

According to Salon, 67 per cent of the supporters of the movement come from the South. They also hint darkly that the teenage level percentages of “Tea Party” support that come from the Midwest and West are probably people cursed with Southern blood in their family tree. (This is probably true. It is also likely that some of the adherents in the South are Rust Belt refugees.)

For readers of Salon, the fact itself is decisive and conclusive. Whatever comes from the South, in this case populist resentment of the federal government, is beyond redemption by being identified as Southern. They can count on a good part of the public to react on cue with the same automatic hostility and disdain.

What Salon reports neither surprises nor frightens folks down this way. Every populist movement in American history has come from the South. There is no other kind. In America, anti-government populist movements are always conservative—they look back to a past better time and they have a Jeffersonian suspicion of government. The South is the only part of the country that has a historical memory that goes back more than a week and that still contains something of original American feeling.

However, Salonites need not worry. People’s movements in this country are invariably taken over by slick operators from above the Potomac and Ohio who turn them into commercial ventures. (This happened to the campaign that grew around Judge Roy Moore of Alabama for his stand against federal obliteration of the Ten Commandments.)

Speaking of numbers, it is reported that after the recent carnival in the federal city, the public approval of Congress has fallen from 27% to 14%. The only thing curious about this is—Who are those 14%? My guess is people who keep sports channels turned on all the time. The number of people, mostly Chronicles readers, who are intelligent enough to know that party conflicts are meaningless for the fate of our country are to few to show up in the numbers.

Ronald Reagan tells joke about Democrats

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Global Warming: "Yo, it’s Cosmic Rays Man"

Dr. Robinson (Dixie's Homeschooler) Myth Of Global Warming
More than 31,000 American scientists have signed the following petition which Dr. Art Robinson initiated. His Power Point Presentation below compares their findings against the opposition, and lists the names of the scientists who signed

--- an article by T.Reece
For years people have argued Man is a destructive creature that Nature and Earth held in check through various ways. But, finally, after the industrial age, Man had developed to the point to where Nature could not hold him in check, much less recover from his abuse.

With the onset of the Hippie Age, treehugging, “flower power”, etc. came the notion that the world was cooling because of Man. When the temps started rising in the 80’s, it became cool to talk about Global Warming was due to Man. How things change. Forget that instrumentation for recording the world's temps have only been in existence for 20 out of the last 7 million of the Earth's history. And, forget that they are strategically placed in the most congested traffic and most urban areas on Earth... Forget those factors.

Now we have evidentiary proof that its Cosmic Rays and the Suns magnetic field that have far more to do with the warming of the world than little ol’ man.

CERN, you know… those guys that built the Large Hadron Collider with billions of your tax dollars, they had this scientist, Jasper Kirkby that believed that “1/2 to the whole of the increase in the Earth’s temperature that we have seen in the last century” could be explained by the theory that cosmic rays promote the formation of molecules that in Earth’s atmosphere can grow and seed clouds, the cloudier and thus cooler it will be. Because the sun’s magnetic field controls how many cosmic rays reach Earth’s atmosphere (the stronger the sun’s magnetic field, the more it shields Earth from incoming cosmic rays from space), the sun determines the temperature on Earth.

Wow, this is important, right? Yeah, except this was stated in 1998. And after the notoriously neutral Danish scientists responsible for his inspiration became victims of the Warmist religion backlash after a briefing in 1996.

Mr. Kirkby was assaulted by the AGW crowd and his further study, called CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets), was delayed. Kirby began to back door negotiate within CERN in order to restart CLOUD. It took 10 years of negotiating away any interpretation of the findings and to include that cosmic radiation is “one of many parameters”. And then once it was approved, it took more years to test the cloud chamber and prove it’s test worthiness and simulation of Earth’s atmosphere.

Basically, the experiment went in 4 phases. The first phase, at 3:45am ultraviolet light began to create molecules (which by its self… in a independent and controlled environment is amazing--- almost God-like), then the CLOUD environment began to electrically remove ions and molecular clusters (lightning???).
At 4:33am that process stopped and then allowed galactic Cosmic Rays to enter the chamber from the roof of the building in Geneva.
At 4:58am the chamber beamed in charged ion particles (replicating more cosmic rays) with the rate of cluster formation increasing at a near Obama-stimulus factor.

I will try to include the graph…. Ohhh, yeah.. .the graph. Funny thing. The study was published in “Nature”… but this decisive graph was left out of the print version…must have had too many advertisers and they ran out of space… This graph is ultra-descriptive of the issue.

So, what does this have to do with prepping, and “Don’t Tread On Me”?


If they can control what (and how much) is produced in the world, they can control the people, and ultimately, who lives and dies (population). They can control, at least in a macro way, who is affulent and who is not.
Self-determination would no longer be possible.

We always knew the AGW argument was bogus and tripe. But now, with definitive proof, something that shows that cosmic rays produce CLOUDS and cloud cover…and that the SUN’s magnetic field is the controlling factor on how much cosmic radiation we receive, have you seen this study broadcast over the news? If you did, was more than a blurb? Or was it trumped by a hurricane, or earthquake.. or feeble leftist insults aimed at honest hardworking people?

Global Warming, attributed to ONLY man, is a crock.



Re-post with new picture: Saigon Police Chief Executes VC Officer TET "68

Colonel Loan, one of my heroes.

Here is the actual background to this picture, contrary to what the Bleeding-Heart-Liberals espouse.

The VC under this man's command had just gone through an ARVN compound and killed all, including the women and children. Colonel Loan knew this when this man was bought before him, and acted quite compassionately, I believe.

Colonel Loan was later saved after being wounded on a Saigon bridge by an American MP who got a medal for his action. (New picture below)

Image Detail

05 May 1968, Saigon, Vietnam --- General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, chief of the Republic of Vietnam National Police, injured during the second offensive on Saigon during the Vietnam War

Colonel Loan made it to the states where he ran a restaurant in Northern Virginia.


Had fun with this post. Working on getting the thinking on this right. Tough to do.


Hollow, bankrupt states and crisis of capitalism is not a "dystopian future" if it is actually happening now. With almost hourly updates.

I coined the term, "hollow state" back in 2007. The idea derived from what I was seeing develop due to open source warfare and primary loyalties. Here's a run down on what it means:

The modern nation-state is in a secular decline, made inevitable by the rise of a global market system. Even developed nations, like the US, are not immune to this process. The decline is at first gradual and then accelerates until it reaches a final end-point: a hollow state. The hollow state has the trappings of a modern nation-state ("leaders", membership in international organizations, regulations, laws, and a bureaucracy) but it lacks any of the legitimacy, services, and control of its historical counter-part. It is merely a shell that has some influence over the spoils of the economy. The real power rests in the hands of corporations and criminal/guerrilla groups that vie with each other for control of sectors of wealth production. For the individual living within this state, life goes on, but it is debased in a myriad of ways. The shift from a marginally functional nation-state in manageable decline to a hollow state often comes suddenly, through a financial crisis.

This early analysis was right on. Four years on from the above and we're seeing a rapid "hollowing out" of the developed nation-states. So much so that nearly every nation in the developed world is in a debt crisis, cutting services, and losing legitimacy.

The other idea I'm currently working on is: "a crisis of capitalism." It may also take 3-4 years for people to really get that it is real.

The idea is simple.

Japanese tsunami from the point of view of a car

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