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This should quiet the skeptics: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States

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Jack Barnes: Someone dropped a bomb on the bond market Thursday – a $1 billion Armageddon trade betting the United States will lose its AAA credit rating.

In one moment, an invisible trader placed a single trade that moved the most liquid debt market in the world.

The massive trade wasn’t placed in bonds themselves; it was placed in the futures market.

The trade was for block trades of 5,370 10-year Treasury futures executed at 124-03 and 3,100 Treasury bond futures executed at 125-01.

The value of the trade was about $850 million dollars. In simple terms, if that was a direct bond buy, no one would be talking about it.

However, with the use of futures, you have to have margin capacity behind the trade. That means with a single push of a button someone was willing to commit more than $1 billion of real capital to this trade with expectations of a 10-to-1 return ratio.

You only do this if you see an edge.

This means someone is confident that the United States is either going to default or is going to lose its AAA rating. That someone is willing to bet the proverbial farm that U.S. interest rates will be going up.

I believe what happened is a debt-ceiling deal was done in Washington and leaked to a major proprietary trader. Everyone knows the debt negotiations in Washington have been an extreme game of brinksmanship between political parties, but now someone knows how that game played out.

This had the hallmarks of one of the largest bond shops in the world knowing something the rest of the market didn’t.

The number of shops or even central banks that can take on this level of market risk is extremely small. Some that come to mind are hedge fund manager John Paulson, Bill Gross’s PIMCO, and the U.S. and Chinese central banks.

Paulson already scored big – about $6 billion big – on a similar trade years ago when he bet against subprime mortgages, the investments that helped bring down Lehman Bros. and many other investors.

Whoever was behind it wanted a trade on ASAP, and didn’t care about the ripples they would cause.

The Rank Dishonesty In the Boehner Bill

The Market Ticker

Remember folks, these are draconian cuts according to the Democrats, and yet they're also substantial spending reductions according to Republicans.

Just a couple of quick questions.

  • Is there any year in which the spending in either discretionary or Social Security goes down? No. Therefore, in my view any such claim of "cuts" is an act of public corruption for which Boehner should be indicted and imprisoned.

  • Is the alleged "spending reduction" backloaded? Yes. Social Security spending increases an average of 10% (compounded) in the first three years, thereby guaranteeing that two House elections and two Senatorial Class elections will have been held before any decrease in entitlement spending rate occurs. This too is a fraud upon the public, albeit entirely expected from the Goebbels Ministry of Truth, otherwise known as Boehner's office.

  • Is the cumulative spending increase anything approaching reasonable? NO. Social Security spending over the 10 years will approximately double and the size of government as measured by discretionary and Social Security spending (combined) will increase by 53% over the ten years. Where's the cut, Boehner?

In short this is yet another Goebbels Media Lie Parade out of the Speaker's office, and not one mainstream media outlet, to the best of my knowledge, has pointed these facts out.

What's worse is that the Democrat's "ideas" for "cutting spending" and "closing the budget gap" actually add even more spending!

Oh yeah, one more thing: Medicare and Medicaid are not included. Yet they're growing faster than any other category. Gee, I wonder why they were excluded?

If you're wondering why I am absolutely certain that whatever comes out of this process will garner an immediate downgrade from S&P (and perhaps Moody's), this is the reason. They can do the math too, and it's clear, convincing, obvious and inescapable.

This entire plan, along with the Democrats "plan", are in fact bald, pernicious lies.

Gov. Haley Rejects $NAACP$ Request to Remove Confederate Flag

Via Southern Nationalist Network

Nikki Haley _20100524145010_JPG

Nikki Haley is South Carolina's first female governor.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is not retreating from her decision to keep the Confederate flag atop the north end of the Statehouse despite complaints from the NAACP, whose president this week said the ethnic minority governor is a "contradiction" for allowing the flag to fly, reported Friday.

Speaking to a crowd at an NAACP national conference in Los Angeles on Monday, NAACP President Benjamin Jealous attempted to shame Haley into removing the flag by comparing African American slavery to oppression Haley's ancestors in India faced under British rule.

"Perhaps one of the most perplexing examples of the contradictions of this moment in history is that Nikki Haley, South Carolina's first governor of color, continues to fly the Confederate flag in front of her state's capitol ... my question to Governor Haley is one that Dr. King often asked himself: 'What would Gandhi do?'" Jealous said.

The flag has been at the north end of the Statehouse in Columbia since 2000. It was moved there after legislation passed to remove it from atop the dome of the Statehouse, where it was placed in 1962 by an all-white South Carolina Legislature.

Haley, who was born in South Carolina, and her spokesman said the decision lies with the people of the Palmetto State.

"More than a decade ago, under the leadership of a Democratic governor, South Carolinians Republican and Democrat, black and white, came to a compromise position on the Confederate flag," said Haley's press secretary, Rob Godfrey.


Brady Campaign


Brady Campaign’s stated goal is to disarm American civilians, making them defenseless from criminals. When danger visits, it is never the disarmers who stand between us and the violence, but Bradies and their ilk are the first to complain about successful defense against evil. It’s almost as if their constituency is made up of violent criminals of government and freelance varieties. My friend Alany, a civil rights activist from Northern California, outlines what Brady Campaign has in common with other terrorists. Brady Campaign, in turn, have tried to physically intimidate her and other pro-RKBA people in California

The problems of being too Christian

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Sarah Maid of Albion

A poem by Mike Wilson

For two millennia Western man, has formed as only he can,
A mind aware of nature’s laws, her sciences and all her flaws.
And in this time has fought the fight for justice and for what is right
Because his creed is Christian based and tolerates the other race.

But now the tide has slowly turned and Western man is surely spurned
By every other race on earth because our laws have given birth
To the meek inheriting this our land because we offered out of hand
A place where they could all feel safe despite the differences in race.

Now over the course of time we see the effects of becoming a minority
In our own land, our place of birth, our country that was best on earth.
Now all around a rainbow culture, no finer feelings, nothing ultra
Just “give me, give me, more and more and we’ll make babies by the score.”

Such thinking really grieves us all when these invaders just stand tall
And keep demanding all their rights and we stand by without a fight,
And instead of saying this is wrong the government just helps it along.
No wonder that the common man perceives a wild and devious plan.

This plan has been in place for years and carries on despite the tears
Of those who see behind the scheme, to make us toe the line.
The native Britain born and bred is being to the slaughter led
By those who need to close us down so their own lies will wear the crown.

The newcomers help to dilute the mix of native Britons and that’s the fix,
Because new laws will simply pass and the rainbow mass will never grasp
The full intent behind the deed to which any normal man would heed.
The future’s not looking very bright if we give in to Europe without a fight.

By swamping us with foreign drones they think they’ll make us into clones
Until all indigenous traits are gone and we’ll end up dancing to their song.
Miscegenation is their key and if we allow it we’ll never be free
To be the people we used to be, a strong healthy nation, the land of the free.

Be Christian, be healthy, be strong and be wise, don’t listen to Europe’s invidious lies.
Don’t surrender your birthright to Europe’s advances,
But fight for Britain to be Britain again.

OC supervisor asks DOJ investigate death of homeless man in fight with Fullerton PD


Article Tab: shawn-supervisor-4th-dist
Shawn Nelson, Supervisor of the 4th District.

An Orange County supervisor has asked the Department of Justice to investigate the death of a homeless man who died after a fight with Fullerton police. In a letter sent to the Department of Justice's civil-rights division Thursday, Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson made a "formal request to commence an investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of the Fullerton Police Department."

Officers confronted Thomas, 37, a transient known to frequent downtown Fullerton, while investigating reports of a man burglarizing cars in the parking lot adjacent to a bus depot on July 5.

Police say Thomas became violent as two officers tried to search him, kicking off a fight in which six officers were needed to subdue him. Thomas suffered severe head and neck injuries, while two officers suffered moderate injuries.

Thomas' family has accused officers of using excessive force during what they described as a "brutal beating." Witnesses claimed Thomas was shot with a Taser and struck with a flashlight.

Thomas was taken off life support several days after the incident. An autopsy was inconclusive, with Orange County Coroner's Office officials saying they need to carry out further tests to determine the cause of Thomas' death.

The Parting Shift: An 8-Minute Gear Bangin' Symphony From Inside a 1969 Camaro

There are Parting Shift videos, and then there are PARTING SHIFT videos. This is one of the latter! Featuring the 1969 Camaro of Billy Miller Racing, this video shows multiple runs from multiple angles inside the car. It is basic and raw and the sound is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Miller runs a 5-speed full-boogie race transmission in this car and what seem to be some el-steepo gears. Judging by the fact that the Camaro sounds like Satan's chainsaw at the top end, there's certainly a little small block in here. We don't know any specifics on the car, other than we'd give up an apendage to own it.

We'll stop blabbing and tell you to hit play and crank the noise up to 11!!!


On Lexington's proposed banning of Confederate flags

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The article below was written in response to an attempt—which will be doubtless be successful—by the Mayor and City Council of Lexington, Virginia, to adopt a “banner and flag regulations ordinance.” This ordinance is said to respond to “a need” of that City to “regulate” the banners, flags and other such symbols displayed on City property during civic and historical celebrations. Despite its generic title, it is common knowledge that the ordinance is directed at the Confederate national flags displayed during memorial celebrations to Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson that take place every year in Lexington. A petition was allegedly received by the City government complaining of the offensive nature of these symbols. This legislative dictum is the result.

Efforts to reach a compromise by exchanging one of the national flags with a less recognizable symbol offered by the Sons of Confederate Veterans has been rejected out of hand by the Mayor and the Council—and why not? This ordinance will allow them to get rid of every such symbol despite the fact that a countering petition bearing far more signatures than the first has already been taken. Of course, the signatories of the second petition are by the very nature of their viewpoint, quite without influence upon the government of Lexington. They are (obviously), not part of the special interest assembly demanding the First Amendment rights of the majority be stricken from the Public Square. This blatant disregard for We the People—which has become standard fare from government and the bureaucracy—has resulted in a loss of our guaranteed constitutional rights and has in fact turned the public forum into

The Private Square

The late comedian George Carlin was heard to say that the power brokers in this country were a club—and We, the People, were not invited. Mr. Carlin was far more right than he knew. For not only are we not in “the club,” We the People have even been banned from what used to be called, “The Public Square.”

Drawing on images of ancient Athens, the Public Square was a place in which We the People were able to tell our stories, display our symbols and generally speak up and about various issues that concerned us. Oh, sometimes it is contentious as when speakers shout their messages in public demonstrations. And sometimes it is ennobling as those who came together with candles in the gathering gloom of September 11th, 2001 to mourn the deaths of people that most did not even know. And sometimes it is inspiring with parades and bands and fireworks! And sometimes it is peaceful as neighbor greets neighbor after worship services. But whether contentious or ennobling or inspiring or anything else, the Public Square has always been for the public—for We the People to express ourselves rightly and sometimes even wrongly, because it is our right to do so in accordance with the Will of God and the Constitution.

But no more. Now, there is a hedge about the Public Square, a fence of political correctness created by the offended sensibilities of various special interest groups, erected by the courts and politicians who are either in agreement with or terrified of those same groups and maintained by the force of government even against the very dictates of that document which is supposed to be the Law of the Land, the Constitution. As a result, We the People find ourselves outside looking in. We find ourselves legislated and regulated out of it entirely or, in the alternative, allowed to participate only insofar as our “rulers” permit. We can do this, but we cannot do that. We can post this symbol, but not that. We can express this sentiment, but not that. We can advocate this policy or viewpoint, but not that. And who decides what we can—and, more importantly, cannot do? Why those same special interest groups who created the fence in the first place. They are permitted to do and say as they please because it is now their square. It is now a Private Square and We the People are no longer welcome save as supplicants asking for a few moments exposure to what was once ours in its entirety.

How did this happen, one may well ask. How can what was our God given right now be so thoroughly and absolutely denied us at the stroke of a pen by some bureaucratic bean-counter or political hack? How did we fall so low that now We the People find ourselves on the outside looking in, stripped of every right but that of obedience to the Will of the Government and its Special Interest myrmidons? How is it that those government agencies once sworn “to protect and serve” now consider a failure to exhibit what is deemed a proper amount of respect when a citizen questions being censored from using the Public Square as representing an attack upon their persons often resulting in assault and arrest? Why is it that a common city council of little importance and less competence can vote to simply forbid the majority of We the People from exercising our rights of freedom of speech, expression and association in order to protect the tender sensibilities of people who are a minority of the voices being raised in the issue?

There is an old saying in my family, “Who died and left you king?!”—and truly, that is what we are seeing! Government, large and small, simply taking such power not because they should but because they can! Indeed, we are seeing in this country, the fruition of a very old and very sinister maxim: The good old rule, the simple plan, That he may take who hath the power, and he may keep who can. We have lost the Public Square because we have lost control over government and those who have aligned themselves with it to assure that this new Private Square is theirs and theirs alone while We the People are told what we can do and what we can say and where we can go if we do not agree.

Valerie Protopapas

New York

The Myth of White Privilege

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Something must be wrong. My finances are in shambles; mainstream newspapers won't publish my pieces; and, no matter how much I try to convince Fox News that they need male eye candy as well, they just won't give me a show. Then I gaze into the mirror at my alabaster complexion and say, "What's wrong with this picture? I'll have to address this at the next White People's Meeting."

Of course, it isn't really true that all we Caucasians get together in a big conference hall somewhere and, rubbing our hands together with devilish glee, conspire as to how we're gonna get ourselves some'a that there white privilege. Yet you wouldn't know it listening to egghead academics, media mouths, and uncivil rights agitators.

Put "white privilege" into a search engine and no small number of results will be for ".edu" URLs, which means that our mental institutions of higher learning are busy teaching "critical race theory" and ideas such as "Whites are taught not to recognize white privilege" and that, as this University of Dayton site informs, white persons have a "special freedom or immunity from some [liabilities or burdens] to which non-white persons are subject[.]" There is also something called "The White Privilege Conference" and a website devoted to it (I actually had to log on to make sure it wasn't a spoof site, but truth is stranger -- and stupider -- than fiction). And American Thinker recently wrote about an event called "Erasing White Privilege," during which whites sat around in a room confessing their collective oppressor sins while "people of color" discharged rage, "yelling at them" and "preaching." Ain't Obama's post-racial America grand?

Of course, I don't imagine there are many plumbers, supermarket workers, or forklift operators at such meetings -- and not just because they actually have to work. It's also because they know something:

White privilege is a myth.

Let's look at the facts.

Ron Paul calls on supporters to lobby GOP leadership for no compromise

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Rep. Ron Paul has blasted top House Republicans for a lack of leadership, and called on supporters to pressure top GOP officials not to “cut a backroom deal with President Obama.”

In an email sent Thursday evening to supporters of his presidential bid, Paul urged backers to “help [Republican leaders] make up their mind.”

“The Republican congressional leadership is susceptible to our pressure — good old-fashioned grassroots pressure,” Paul wrote. “That’s why I need your help to demand Republican leaders show some backbone and loudly say ‘No!’ to any business as usual, status quo-empowering compromises to raise the debt ceiling.”

“What you and I need is someone who stands for conviction over compromise,” Paul continued.

Paul opposes raising the debt ceiling altogether, voting against the Republican-led Cut, Cap, Balance Act and promising to vote against House Speaker John Boehner’s bill to raise the debt ceiling with spending cuts.

Both he and fellow presidential candidate and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann have promised not to vote to raise the debt ceiling.

Tea Party traitors

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As I have commented elsewhere:
It does surprise me that he is voting for it, as I believe this is the first thing he has done/said that I’m aware of, that I disagree with.

It looks like we're going to have the chance to see how serious the Tea Party is about electorally cutting the throats of the politicians that betray it as well as their ability to actually do so:
Freshman Rep. Allen West (R., Fla.), a tea-party star, is under pressure:

"Several Tea Party organizations are working to punish conservative Republicans who plan to vote yes on Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) debt-ceiling proposal. Tea Party leaders announced Thursday that they are targeting Republican Reps. James Lankford (Okla.), Allen West (Fla.), Mike Kelly (Pa.) and Bill Flores (Texas), all four freshmen and declared yes votes for Boehner. . . . West has been particularly vocal in his support of Boehner’s plan, which many consider a surprise endorsement by the Tea Party firebrand not known for falling into line behind his party’s leadership."

In an interview with National Review Online this morning, West was defiant. When asked about whether he is worried about the heat, he looked me straight in the eye, stayed silent, lifted his right hand and brushed off both of his shoulders, Jay-Z style.

“The Taliban targeted me, al-Qaeda targeted me and I’m still alive,” West smiled. He praised Boehner for adjusting the debt-limit bill, calling it a “good move.” The proposal, he said, “does not have tax hikes and is not a clean raise of the debt ceiling. For the first time in the history of the nation, we are having a debt-limit increase with real spending cuts. What more could you want?”
My first thought is that all I wanted was no debt-limit increase period. Increasing the debt ceiling with fake spending cuts - and as we learned from the last go-round, they are fake - serves no purpose whatsoever. My second thought is that it is eminently stupid to place any trust in anyone who runs for office. A politician will always come up with some excuse to rationalize doing what he promised he would not do.

And my third thought is: what an asshole! He's going to strike the tough guy pose contra those who put him in office to stop more government spending? I know nothing else about the guy, don't really care who is in Congress, don't believe the Tea Party will be able to do anything about government spending, and I'd still like to see the Tea Party leave a smoking crater where this guy's career used to be in 2012.

It gets even better. Apparently the real Tea Party hasn't said boo about being betrayed.

"“A press release has been issued claiming Tea Party Nation supports a primary challenge against Allen West. TPN’s name was used without permission. I will be giving a more detailed statement shortly but neither I nor Tea Party Nation supports a primary challenge against Allen West.”

In other words, the Tea Party would appear to be as worthless as the Republican Party.

Reid, McCain, Obama: Shut Up. You Lost

The Market Ticker

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You're NOT going to get what you want Harry.

You need to read the damned Constitution. ALL REVENUE BILLS MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE.

YOUR chamber has failed to pass a budget for the last two years. YOUR chamber has repeatedly violated the Constitution by refusing to do so. YOUR chamber is a public disgrace and every last one of you should be removed for violating your oaths of office.

What the House is going to pass today is a bill that will give you a few more months to come to your senses and accept the math: The budget must be balanced.

I know McCain got on the Tee Vee and whined that "this will never happen in the Senate." Fine JOHN. Do you remember 2008? When your campaign advisor and friend Governor Ridge stated to me, in my ear while my picture was being taken with him, that he, and thus your campaign by inference if not in fact, knew damn well that all of this crap-pile related to mortgages and lending was a scam?

I don't forget minutes in time like that. Why did he say that to me? Because a few minutes before I excoriated him and Keating in the meeting room where those of us who paid our campaign contributions got one question each - and mine was why hasn't anyone gone to jail for all this fraud and will McCain change that?

Well, the answer is no, John wouldn't change it. In fact he suspended his campaign to bail out the people he knew were ripping people off.

You want me to reprint my letter to Daucher from that year JOHN? Oh hell - go ahead and read it just so you remember. You were wrong then and you're wrong now.

Screw you Reid and screw you McCain.

The House controls the purse strings. Period. If you don't like that it's just tough crap - that's The Constitution and there isn't a thing you can do about it. The House is saying no more credit - we will live within our means.

Your two choices, and President Obama's, are to either:

  • Accept this and live within it. You then have a few months to negotiate exactly how you're going to get there and what mix of tax increases and cuts will take place. Yes, it will suck. Sorry. The math is what it is. See the chart below.

  • Keep playing your damn Senatorial and "Kingship" imperial games. Your time to whine expires Tuesday if you do that, because you cannot force The House to pass anything, and if there's no bill then there's no more debt. Period, end of discussion, full stop, the budget is balanced immediately by default.

Pick one Dingy Harry and the rest of your Senatorial clowncar brigade. Ditto for you Obama. There ain't jack and crap you do about it - these are the facts, and you can either agree to a balanced budget that is negotiated within the next few months or you get one right now.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-28-11

Injustice Everywhere

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Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, July 28, 2011:

  • 5 Fullerton CA police officers are being investigated after witnesses accused them using of excessive force in the brutal beating and tasering death of a homeless man which was partially recorded on video. This came out a couple days ago but it took me a while to make sure I didn’t already have this one recorded in our database. [2]
  • Mt Rainier MD police officer who was voted as cop of the year 2 years in a row and who is now facing a number of charges for the attempted murder of man he allegedly tried to rape is now accused of pistol whipping another man in the back seat of a police cruiser and was accused of a similar sexual assault scheme previously as well. In fact the city also settled two brutality suits against him in recent years as well. [3]
  • Des Moines IA cop w/questionable history accused of beating handcuffed groom at his own wedding reception [3]
  • US DEA investigator sentenced to 25yrs prison for grooming then sexually abusing 3 boys between 12-16 years of age and videotaping the acts in the child porn case against him. [0]
  • La Porte County IN deputy arrested on 8 counts possession of child porn after the sheriff asked for a state investigation into that deputy’s suspicious behavior/ [0]
  • Beaumont TX ISD cop arrested on sexual assault charge for allegedly coercing a drunk woman into having sex with him under threat of arrest while he was working an off-duty security gig. [0]
  • Berkeley MO cop pleads guilty to statutory rape & sodomy of a 15-year-old girl he knew from a church youth group he helped out with. [0]
  • Miami-Dade FL cop accused of calling man a “fucking immigrant” before arresting him for driving a stolen car that wasn’t stolen [3]
  • Calgary AB cop convicted on common assault charge for punching drunk driving suspect who grabbed breathalyzer [0]
  • New York NY police detective suspended after punching lieuteant in face during argument over ticket fixing scandal [0]
  • Winnfield LA police chief sentenced to 6mo for obstructing federal agents trying to arrest fugitive by inciting a mob against the agents [0]
  • Dallas TX police forced by judge to rehire cop fired for history of violence, chief vows to keep him off streets [0]
  • Cedar Rapids IA cop arrested on burglary charge for allegedly illegally entering a home and taking two dogs [0]
  • Denver CO police ordered by judge to stop delaying & release every excessive force complaint record for last 8yrs that were requested by a lawyer. [3]
  • College Park GA cop fired after admitting to hanging out & doing drugs with members of biker club [0]
  • College Park GA cop arrested for damaging police cruisers by kicking them in angry fit about administration [0]
  • Keokuk Co IA sheriff arrested on drunk driving charge during traffic stop, had 2008 boating while drunk conviction [0]
  • Vineland NJ cop who crashed into car, pole & house while drunk off duty suspended until he gets license back in 7mo [0]
  • Seymour IN cop arrested on drunk driving charge after sideswiping parked car while towing a DARE trailer. If anyone has a picture of this crash, I’d like to have it. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City

Via Don

Military “crime stoppers” violate Posse Comitatus in Florida. Photo from Homestead ARB website.

In Homestead, Florida, Posse Comitatus is dead. The Air Force now responds to civilian crime in the small city, population around 30,000.

“Here at Homestead Air Reserve Base we have the Crime Stop hotline that allows anyone either on base or off the installation to anonymously report a crime,” explains the Homestead Air Reserve Base website. “If you know of a crime that has been committed, if you see a crime in progress, or if you see a suspicious person, vehicle, or situation that makes you feel a crime may be occurring, call the Security Forces Crime Stop Hotline…”

On July 15, military police – known as Security Forces patrolmen – detained a criminal suspect at a Circle K in until Miami-Dade police arrived.

“Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility, the better informed we are the safer we can make the installation and the surrounding community,” said t. Juan Lemus, Security Forces Police Services Chief.

Crime prevention off military bases is the responsibility of civilian police, not the military. In 1878, following Reconstruction, the Posse Comitatus Act was passed. It limited the powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement. The statute prohibits Army and Air Force personnel and units of the National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly authorized by the Constitution or Congress. has reported numerous violations of Posse Comitatus since September 11, 2001.


Islam and Norway X2

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The Tundra Tabloids receives a hat tip to the following two stories concerning a Norwegian girl who’s happy to rediscover her identity after having to move away from an area where she was victimized for being an ethnic Norwegian, and about the rise in violence and threats towards employees in Oslo schools.

The situation in Norway is slipping fast from bad to desperate, as everyday people are being forced by their situations to come and speak openly about how dire things actually are. Just this past March the TT reported about a NRK report about how widespread anti-Semitic attitudes were amongst the Muslim immigrant community in Norway.

Teachers would only allow themselves to be interviewed anonymously for fear of their lives. Here are a couple of articles that show just how far the situation in Norway has been allowed to deteriorate. Really shocking.

Islam and the Fate of Norway

Mike Scruggs

On the front page of the Sunday New York Times of July 24, Norwegian terrorist and mass-murderer Anders Breivik was called “a gun-loving, right-wing, fundamentalist Christian opposed to multiculturalism.” With this mainly false statement, the Times reporter attacked and slandered two of the Times’ favorite enemies: the adherents of traditional Scripture-based Christianity and supporters of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The desired implication was, of course, that conservative Christians, gun-owners, and advocates for limited government and traditional values should take part of the blame for Breivik’s twisted ideology and unspeakable crimes.

Breivik’s 1,500 page manifesto, however, indicates that he doesn’t have a clue about genuine Christianity. He writes in his manifesto and indicates in Internet posts that he is not religious, doubts God’s existence, and does not pray. He is an admirer of Charles Darwin and believes that science should have undisputed authority over religion, which is a crutch for weak people. He candidly admitted that he found no support for his actions in either Catholic or Protestant teachings. Breivik does identify with the cultural Christianity that is a foundational component of European and American civilization. Basically, he identifies with traditional European culture and believes it is being undermined by massive Muslim immigration, which has been encouraged by the Left-Socialist parties in Europe.

Murder, and especially mass murder, is inexcusable in the service of any cause, but that doesn’t mean that many Europeans don’t have some legitimate grievances and frustrations concerning the massive influx and growth of Islam in Europe. They are learning the hard way that the much-touted glories of multiculturalism are fool’s gold.

Multiculturalism insists that all cultural values are equal, so Norwegians and other peoples should not insist on preserving their own culture. They should feel guilty about preserving their culture and gladly give it up.

Just a few months ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first major European leader to stand up and say that multiculturalism was not working and that the German people wanted a German culture. The leaders of Britain, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands have now rejected multiculturalism. Even Sweden is turning to the right. Multiculturalim has been a political and sociological fad for several decades, but its acceptance requires the closing of the mind to observed reality and logic. It is happy-clappy nonsense that many Europeans are now realizing is unaffordable, undesirable, and a serious threat to European cultural and political survival.

Unfortunately, this silly, unrealistic, and logically defective philosophy has now become a totalitarian ideology. Just this year a Norwegian evangelist was arrested while quietly and unobtrusively evangelizing during Independence Day and Gay Pride parades. Hate Speech laws have essentially crushed free speech in Norway except for the multiculturalist left. The Netherlands is now revolting against the demise of free speech, but several years ago even political leaders faced the threat of criminal prosecution for criticizing multiculturalism.

Like Sweden, Norway has seen its crime rate go from near zero to problematic, with rape at the top of the criminal popularity chart. A disproportionate share of this crime wave is attributable to non-Western immigrants. Yet all the pressures of political correctness and the law have silenced any protest. Forty-six percent of Oslo’s welfare recipients are non-Western immigrants and consume 55 percent of the city’s social services budget. Norway is an especially wealthy country because of its North Sea oil reserves. Much of Norway’s welfare budget is funded by a petroleum fund, but the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise estimates that it will be depleted by 2015 unless immigration is drastically reduced. A Norwegian journalist writing in Belgium recently made the statement that there was more free speech in North Korea than in Sweden. This is hyperbole, of course, but the problem is real and just as bad in Norway.

The level of frustration may be higher in Norway. Norwegians see their national retirement and medical care funds being devoured by people who have little identity with or appreciation for Norwegian culture and democracy. They see crime rates soaring. Yet the government is largely ignoring or even denying the problems. Furthermore, the prospects for political change are uphill because of limits to free speech on subjects touching race, religion, and foreign cultures. Christianity is more and more persecuted, while Islam is a sacred cow. Breivik’s atrocity, far from advancing or saving European culture, may have closed the political door to its survival in Norway. I pray not, for I love Norway and her people.

Here is a warning from American history, taken from the minority report of a U.S. Congressional Committee in 1871:

“…when people saw that they had no rights which were respected, no protection from insult, no security, even for their wives and children, and that what little they had saved…was being confiscated by taxation…many of them took the law into their own hands and did deeds of violence which we neither justify or excuse. But all history shows that bad government will make bad citizens.”

White House Caught In a Lie

Lying is routine for the Obama White House as we've seen with the recent debt debate. Many of you believe that Obama lied about his citizenship, and that he is not Constitutionally qualified to serve as President. I’m sure there are also a few of you that think Obama’s citizenship doesn’t matter. Regardless of what you think about the “birther” issue, one thing we can be certain of is that the Obama White House lies.

Earlier this year Liberty Legal Foundation served the White House with some court documents in the Obamacare Class Action lawsuit. These documents were served by certified mail with a return receipt. Normally when certified mail is delivered the recipient signs and dates the return receipt with the postal carrier acting as witness. The return receipt is then returned to the sender of the legal document as proof of service.

Everything is different when dealing with the White House. Unlike certified mail delivery to any other American, return receipts to the President are date stamped by White House staff. The postal carrier is not a witness, so he or she can’t ensure that the correct date is placed on the return receipt.

When Liberty Legal Foundation received its return receipt from the White House on April 11th, it was date stamped by the White House as delivered on May 7th. You read that correctly, a return receipt in our possession on April 11th was date stamped by the White house as delivered a full four weeks AFTER Liberty Legal got the receipt. Unless the President has invented a time machine that he hasn’t told anyone about, the date on this return receipt was impossible. I’ve never received a letter from the future before. I was pretty amazed.

You don’t have to take our word for it. The information age we live in has many wonders. One of which is real-time tracking of mail deliveries by the U.S. Post Office. Once we received our letter from the future we got on-line at the Post Office web site and tracked our certified mail package. According to the U.S. Post Office the White House actually received our certified mail on April 4th.

Giving the White House staff the benefit of the doubt, their date stamp could have been a simple mistake. However, it wasn’t off by exactly a month. It wasn’t off by a single day. Either of these could easily happen by mistake. Other errors could be explained by a believable mistake. But how does a date stamp get “accidentally” set wrong for both the month and the day? Such a mistake is very unlikely.

What makes it even more improbable that it was a mistake was that the Justice department did exactly the same thing, but with different dates. The Justice department received the OCA documents on 4/1/2011 yet the return receipt was date stamped 5/5/2011.

You may be thinking that stamping the wrong date on a return receipt is trivial. Well, it is and it isn’t. It’s true that the world didn’t come to an end. However, the trustworthiness of the U.S. Postal System was damaged. This IS important. The U.S. Postal System is presumed by American courts to be very reliable and even more trustworthy. When a certified mail return receipt is dated and postmarked, it is almost impossible to convince a U.S. court that the date is wrong. This is because of the presumed incorruptibility of the U.S. Postal system.

The Post Office’s reputation has been earned through VERY strict Federal laws with VERY harsh penalties, actively enforced. What do you think will happen to this hard-earned reputation when the leadership of our country blatantly commits mail fraud, with no consequences?

The biggest reason this incident is not trivial is because it was perpetrated by the White House. This particular return receipt, it turns out, is not important. Had all the Defendants committed fraud by stamping the wrong date, they could have set our case back by another 6 weeks. However since most Defendants did not alter the date, this will not determine any important issue in the OCA lawsuit.

But the fact that we have proof that the White House lied is very important. The fact that the White House is willing to place a fraudulent date on a U.S. Post Office document related to a Federal lawsuit proves that the White House will lie about anything. Lying is routine for the Obama Administration. What else have they lied about?

AR15 Bump Fire Stock

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Pastor John Weaver's Confederate related sermons

Early Failure of the Global System

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It's impossible to fully measure the impact of disruptive attack on a complex system until it actually plays out. Why? There might be hidden negative or positive feedback loops in the system that either dampen or accelerate the initial damage of the disruptive attack. That's the problem with the fight in the US Congress over the debt ceiling. The system that is being upset is soooo complex that we don't have a clue what the damage will be or how much damage has already been done until it plays out.

What we do know is that the financial and economic system that is being disrupted is extremely leveraged. Further, the entire global economy is entirely dependent on massive deficit spending just to avoid another collapse. Which means that nearly any disruption can result in damage far in excess of the original attack. It is also tightly coupled on a global level. This means that any event in Washington can quickly spread to the rest of world in seconds. The best analogy I can think of at the moment is a pilot of an F-16 trying to rewire his cockpit's instrumentation while in a high G turn to evade a bogey on his six. Needless to say, it's unlikely to end well.

The only silver lining I can take from this is that all of the factors causing a slow unwind of the current system have the potential of being accelerated. That's good? Yes, if only for one reason. We're not as bad off as we would be in a couple of years if this current trajectory continued. The problems would only be worse and our ability to recover from them less.

Regardless, take this opportunity to really think about how you can make a living and protect your family in a full blown global economic depression with all of its negative consequences. A six month stockpile of canned/freeze dried goods and two dozen boxes of ammo won't get you through it. You need a real game plan.

How Mafia and Jihadist organizations are combining to take down our system

Edited by the CEO of
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........back to Tuco Trading, the little brokerage in Chicago that had not even registered with the authorities. The completely obscure and eminently illegal, tiny little brokerage whose clientele consisted largely of heavyweight traders from places like Iran and Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, and Venezuela.

Many of Tuco’s clients resided overseas–Moscow, Dubai, China, and Ukraine. Some in locales even more exotic: Cozumel and Azerbaijan, Dagestan and Ras al Khaimah. Of course, there were some Americans, too. But these Americans were among the most powerful financial criminals in the nation. Most of them were tied to the Mob.

We have seen that in 2008, the year of the financial crisis, another obscure brokerage, Penson Financial, became, literally overnight, the largest brokerage in the world by volume, most of which was manipulative short selling targeting the big banks and other companies critical to the stability of the American financial system.

The strange trading that went through Penson was evidence enough there was an attack on the U.S. financial markets in 2008. But was it merely a criminal attack, or an act of financial terrorism? Was the attack coordinated? Or was it individual traders acting on their own?

Ultimately, it might be impossible to answer these questions. Motivations are difficult to discern. But we know (from earlier chapters of this series) that Penson Financial was built with considerable help from people who had ties to jihadi terrorist groups, organized crime, and foreign governments that are hostile to the United States. We know also that an overwhelming number of Penson’s key clients had similar relationships.

And as of early 2008, Penson’s most important client was none other than Tuco Trading–that weird, little brokerage in Chicago. Indeed, Tuco was more than a client. Penson did not merely clear all of Tuco’s trades. As we will see, Penson dealt directly with many of the interesting people who had accounts at Tuco. Indeed, Penson made Tuco—a tiny brokerage that had, for good reason, chosen not to register with the authorities–an integral part of its overall operation.

And a thoroughly peculiar operation it was.

As I mentioned, Tuco was trading for more than 100 accounts. Just two of those accounts alone generated more than 20 percent of the volume (most of it short selling of financial stocks) that had suddenly made Penson Financial the largest brokerage on the planet in the month before the 2008 collapse of Bear Stearns.

The short selling of financial stocks transacted by Penson was as much as five times the short selling of financial stocks by Wall Street’s top five brokerages. Put another way, those two accounts at Tuco Trading transacted short selling volume exceeding that of the somewhat more famous Goldman Sachs.

Tuco was shut down on March 9, 2008 by an “Emergency Order” of the SEC, and the case was taken over by Tuco’s court-appointed bankruptcy receiver, who immediately noticed the large volumes from those two accounts, one of which (the receiver noted with urgency) contained more than 2,000 secret subaccounts located in China.

‘Right Out of Atlas Shrugged’: Hear an Exasperated Alabama Businessman Tell the Feds – ‘I’m Just Quitting’

Leaning against a wall during a recent Birmingham, Alabama, public hearing, Bryant listened to an overflow crowd pepper federal officials with concerns about businesses polluting the drinking water and causing cases of cancer.

After two hours, Bryant—a coal mine owner from Jasper—had heard enough and, in a moment being described as “right out of Atlas Shrugged,” took his turn at the microphone:

“Nearly every day without fail…men stream to these [mining] operations looking for work in Walker County. They can’t pay their mortgage. They can’t pay their car note. They can’t feed their families. They don’t have health insurance. And as I stand here today, I just…you know…what’s the use? I got a permit to open up an underground coal mine that would employ probably 125 people. They’d be paid wages from $50,000 to $150,000 a year. We would consume probably $50 million to $60 million in consumables a year, putting more men to work. And my only idea today is to go home. What’s the use? I see these guys—I see them with tears in their eyes—looking for work. And if there’s so much opposition to these guys making a living, I feel like there’s no need in me putting out the effort to provide work for them. So…basically what I’ve decided is not to open the mine. I’m just quitting. Thank you.”