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Fiction, Fact... Or Scandal?

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* * * We make no claims that any of the presented is in any way accurate or representative of the truth. It is sourced from a "hack" by €Wagn3r of what the hacker purports to be numerous emails of one Colonel Anthony James MacDonald, his wife, and various other "Pentagon officers." However, if accurate, the exposed data sheds some critical, if circumstantial, light on the events that transpired in the days ahead of the Wednesday, August 22 "nerve gas" chemical attack alleged to have been executed by Syria's president al-Assad, and presented "beyond a doubt" as such, and as the basis for full-scale military operations and "surgical strikes" targeting Syrian assets, which in the coming days will involve a Congressional vote to determine the fate of the Syrian government and ostensibly of ten of thousands of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. While we doubt the Pentagon, the US Military, or any person in the administration will officially address these "hacked" emails, the world has a right to be aware of the existence of this information, and to come their own conclusions about the veracity of the official "case" for Syrian involvement * * * 

The following is the message that hacker €Wagn3r posted on a Pastebin data dump (located here) on August 30:
I've hacked colonel Anthony Jamie MacDonald mail he is intelligence US Army Staff boss. First I hacked his Link3dIn account and got access to his mail through it then.

Among mail Mayhem like Amazon mails I've found his correspondence with his colleague Eugene Furst. He congratulates Col. with success and gives a link to the Washington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria on August 21. Furst also mentions it was “well staged”. Holy shit. I was shocked my eyes refused to believe it. Bloody bastards they “staged” a chemical attack.

Then a friend of Anthony MacDonald's wife Jennifer writes she was shocked seeing on TV the children died after chemical attack in Syria. Jennifer answers she saw the story but Tony calm her down saying children were alive and the scene was staged.
While hacks traditionally have little credibility in the media sphere, absent extensive outside corroboration, what drew our attention to his particular breach of email security is that whether due to this publicly announced hacking (or some other reason) the LinkedIn profile of Colonel MacDonald, which he lists on his also hacked resume as residing at, has been removed. The hack, with supporting documentation, was made publicly available for the first time on August 30, 2013. His resume can still be traced using an archived version of the website, and can be found here (full screen grab provided below).

The source data provided by the hacker can be traced in the following three files:

Two best mails I uploaded here

More @ Zero Hedge

I-95 Battle Flag Memorial Donations: 22nd Va Infantry



Colonel George Smith Patton
Mortally wounded at the Battle of Opequon Creek (or 3rd Battle of Winchester), leaving a widow and 9-year-old son, Colonel `Patton was the grandfather of Lt. Gen. George S. Patton III, World War II 3rd Army Commander, who "… often credited his grandfather –the brave Colonel of the 22nd Virginia— as the inspiration for his military career."

Photo: Credit – Civil War Photo Collection, USAMHI

MANY of the contributions towards the I-95 Battle Flag project are coming in with designations to honor the donors' ancestors.  We are thrilled to receive this information, as it adds an even more personal connection to the memorial...

Tonight we are recognizing the donation to the I-95 Battle Flag Project by Terry Mccallister, of WV, in memory and honor of:

Pvt. William H. Tucker Co A, 22nd Va Inf.

The unit was led by Col. George S. Patton III, (pictured), a graduate of  the VMI Class of 1852, and grandfather of the George S. Patton of WWII fame.


Contributions to the I-95 Battle Flag project may be mailed to
Va Flaggers
P.O. Box 547
Sandston VA 23150

Payable to Va Flaggers

or through PayPal:

Time Machine

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Lawyer Hillary Vs The Allegedly Raped Child

In a presidential campaign focused on the future, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama spend a lot of time talking about their pasts.

Both lean heavily on tales of early, formative experiences – she running a law clinic in Arkansas, he as a community organizer in Chicago – to show they understand the problems of average people…

Hillary Rodham Clinton often invokes her “35 years of experience making change” on the campaign trail, recounting her work in the 1970s on behalf of battered and neglected children and impoverished legal-aid clients.

But there is a little-known episode Clinton doesn’t mention in her standard campaign speech in which those two principles collided.  

In 1975, a 27-year-old Hillary Rodham, acting as a court-appointed attorney, attacked the credibility of a 12-year-old girl in mounting an aggressive defense for an indigent client accused of rape in Arkansas – using her child development background to help the defendant… 

                                                        More @ Sweetness & Light

Iran, Russia advise Assad to transfer chemical stockpile to Tehran - to avert US attack

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 Iranian parliamentarian Ala-Eddin Borujerdi in Damascus

Should be a done deal, if Obama has any sense........

The Iranian parliamentary delegation visiting Damascus Sunday, Sept. 1, advised Bashar Assad to move his chemical stockpile out of Syria and deposit it in Tehran under Iranian and Russian military supervision, to save himself from an American military strike, debkafile’s exclusive military and Iranian sources reveal.

Chairman of the Majlis Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ala-Eddin Borujerdi, who headed the delegation, explained that Presidents Hassan Rouhani and Vladimir Putin had discussed the stockpile’s removal ad hoc, as the basis of a Iranian-Russian plan for presenting to US President Barack Obama at the G-20 summit meeting in St. Petersburg later this week.

After the Americans accept the plan and the crisis blows over, the stockpile could be quietly returned to Syria, the Iranian lawmaker explained.

Another option was for Iranian and Russian teams to destroy the stockpile in return for US-Arab League guarantees that the Syrian rebels would not use this process for strategic war gains. The chemical agents would be destroyed in stages in accordance with rebel compliance with such guarantees.

More @ DEBKA Files

Men of Honor: Thousands of American Armed Forces Members Refusing to Deploy to Unjust Syrian War

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 American Armed Forces Syria 1 (resized)

Men of Honor: The Armed Forces Tea Party
by,  | The Blaze

Since the U.S. has started serious discussions about taking military action against Syria, many have publicly spoken out against a possible military strike. And now it appears that some of our uniformed service personnel have come forward to express their disagreement with an attack, any attack on Syria.


More than 2,000 people have “liked” this image that was posted on Sunday:


More @ Sharia Unveiled

Is America a Republic?

A foremost constitutional scholar and expositor of the compact nature of the American Union, Dr. Donald W. Livingston’s writings and lectures highlight the spirit of American republicanism – true federalism, nullification, secession.  He is president of the acclaimed Abbeville Institute, well-known for training and nurturing future Southern scholars -- his lectures can be found via the website.  The following article was published in the May 2009 issue of Chronicles. (
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Is America a Republic?

“The United States is not now and has never been a republic. It is a federation of states, each one of which, in Article IV of the Constitution, is guaranteed a republican form of government. But a federation of republics is not itself a republic any more than a federation of nations in the United Nations, or in the European Union, is a nation. 

Whatever else a republic might be, it is not a service agency of something else.  So instead of talking about “restoring the old Republic,” we should talk of restoring republicanism in a federation of states.  And this can only mean recalling the vast domain of enumerated powers that the Constitution reserves to the states and which have been usurped by that artificial corporation, known as the United States, created by the states for their welfare.

This is not a quibble with words. To talk of the Republic inclines one to think of America as a single political society in the manner of Joseph Story, Daniel Webster and Abraham Lincoln. In this view, the states are service agencies created by the sovereign will of the American people in the aggregate. That will is expressed through the central government, which, for all practical purposes, has the final say on the limits of its power.  

This means that the states are merely administrative units of a unitary American state. If so, they are not republics at all, but counties. This is how Lincoln viewed them. He asked, “What is this particular sacredness of a State? . . . If a State, in one instance, and a county, in another, should be equal in extent of territory, and equal in number of people, where is that State any better than a county?”

Lincoln was tone deaf to the deep social bonds that made it rational for Socrates to take the hemlock and Jefferson Davis to say that if his state seceded he would “hug [Mississippi] to his heart,” and Robert E. Lee to risk all to protect his beloved Virginia. 

A Lincoln scholar, and an admirer, recently acknowledged that “[Lincoln] was intimately attached to almost no one, and this was how he believed community relationships -- local, state, and national – should best function . . . Lincoln imagined America was a nation of strangers.”  This is a perfect picture of a modern unitary state, modeled on that of Thomas Hobbs, with an all-powerful central authority guaranteeing rootless and egoistic individuals their “civil rights.”

It is this unitary state, “one and indivisible,” that Lincoln and the Republican party meant when they spoke of “the Republic.” But such a regime is no more a republic than is the “republic” of the French Revolution or the Peoples’ Republic of China.  When Lincoln looked at Virginia he could not see a genuine political society two-and-a-half centuries old; one that was the leader in forming the American federation; fable in song and story; and known as the mother of presidents and the mother of states [including Lincoln’s own). 

All he could see was an aggregate of individuals in rebellion against “the Republic” – the central government of a would-be Hobbesian unitary state. 

Before Lincoln’s “republican” rhetoric, Americans most often described their polity as a “union,” a “federation,” or a “confederation.” And when it was described as a “republic” or a “nation,” it was usually understood to mean a federation or a union.  

For example, in a speech celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Constitution, John Quincy Adams describes America as a “confederated nation,” held together by “kindly sympathies” and “common interests.” And he went on to say that, should these social bonds fail, “far better will it be for the people of the disunited states to part in friendship from each other, than to be held together by constraint.” 

Thirteen years later Adams would sign a document stating that the annexation of Texas would justify the secession of New England.  That is the spirit of American republicanism – rooted, as it must be, in a bold acknowledgment of state and local sovereignty. 

The first step toward restoring genuine republicanism is to invert the Lincolnian inversion of republican language by describing America as a federation, not a republic.  Today, such speech might appear odd and even radical.  But there is no alternative.  Talk of “restoring the Republic” cannot escape connotations of the inverted Lincolnian “Republic.”  But that regime does not need restoration. Not only is it flourishing, it is now on steroids.”

(Is America a Republic?, Dr. Donald Livingston; Chronicles Magazine, May 2009, pp. 17-18)

Atkins: Why should lawmakers back Obama?

I can't believe all these people who state emphatically that the regime is responsible for the gas attack when  actual evidence shows otherwise.


Citing our nation’s “oldest constitutional Democracy,” the president said he will first seek the blessing of Congress before using military force. The trouble for Obama is that lawmakers have no incentive to back up the president.

Lawmakers undoubtedly are unanimous in condemnation of the repugnant chemical warfare being perpetrated by Bashar Assad’s regime against the Syrian people. But the political reality is that Americans are weary of war, and Obama has done a very poor job of selling his decision to engage in another military battle, much less for the U.S. to go it alone. With the midterm elections on the horizon, the president should prepare to get “Cameroned.”

7 goodies from Ol' Remus


1936. Migrant pea field workers in California 

So what, we're about to become al-Qaeda's air force now?
Dennis Kucinich, via Julian Pecquet at 

Al-Qaida - The taking of any action that assists them... is taking arms in material support of a sworn enemy of the United States—and not only is that as dumb as it gets it also meets the black-letter definition of Treason. Now we might be able to weasel our way out of that if we had dropped our "State of Emergency" post 9/11—but 12 years later it remains in force and effect, and as a consequence so does the formal US recognition of Al Qaida as a sworn enemy of the United States.
Karl Denninger at

The Regime has systematically replaced our top commanders with political puppets: uniformed politicians loyal to Obama rather than to the Constitution or their military oaths. There is little reason to think they'll refuse Obama's unConstitutional order to act.
Francis Porretto at 

 If I had my druthers, I'd bring all the boys—and they'd all be boys, meaning no girls and definitely no boys who suddenly decide that they're girls—home to guard the true national-security threat, the one along the Mexican border.
Jim Goad at

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Like most libertarians I was horrified by this article in the Mail Online about Obama Administration efforts to nudge us all into "good" behavior. This is the person, Maya Shankar, who wants to substitute her decision-making priorities for your own. If the notion—that a 20-something person who has apparently never held a job in the productive economy is telling you she knows better what is good for you—is not absurd on its face, here are a few other reasons to distrust this plan, says Warren Meyer in this article, Meet the Person Who Wants to Run Your Life—And Obama Wants to Help Her, at Coyote Blog.

 If black racism is described as anger and white racism as bigotry, then white people are held responsible both for their own bigotry and for the bigotry directed at them. To liberals, this is simple social justice.
Daniel Greenfield at

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Michael Snyder offers a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents in this article at The Truth.   To see the original source document for each point, just click on the link.

Do You Think Like A Free Person?

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There are many people today who relish the idea of freedom...but do they really understand what they are referring to?  Here is a simple quiz.
  • Should you be required to obtain a license in order to get married?
  • Should you be required to have your motor vehicle inspected?
  • Should you be required to obtain a permit before you can sell a product you manufactured?
  • Should you be required to ask permission from the government before you can add on to your house?
  • Should you be required to certify you have received training before you can purchase a product?
  • Should you be limited to what you can buy, where you can possess it or how you can use it?
Now let's take a closer look at the answers to these questions.  According to our form of government, the PEOPLE have RIGHTS and the GOVERNMENT has POWERS.  These powers that the government has are GRANTED by the PEOPLE.

Sarah Palin on Syria

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“So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”
* President Obama wants America involved in Syria’s civil war pitting the antagonistic Assad regime against equally antagonistic Al Qaeda affiliated rebels. But he’s not quite sure which side is doing what, what the ultimate end game is, or even whose side we should be on. Haven’t we learned? WAGs don’t work in war.
* We didn’t intervene when over 100,000 Syrians were tragically slaughtered by various means, but we’ll now intervene to avenge the tragic deaths of over 1,000 Syrians killed by chemical weapons, though according to the White House we’re not actually planning to take out the chemical weapons because doing so would require “too much of a commitment.”
* President Obama wants to do what, exactly? Punish evil acts in the form of a telegraphed air strike on Syria to serve as a deterrent? If our invasion of Iraq wasn’t enough of a deterrent to stop evil men from using chemical weapons on their own people, why do we think this will be?
* The world sympathizes with the plight of civilians tragically caught in the crossfire of this internal conflict. But President Obama’s advertised war plan (which has given Assad enough of a heads-up that he’s reportedly already placing human shields at targeted sites) isn’t about protecting civilians, and it’s not been explained how lobbing U.S. missiles at Syria will help Syrian civilians. Do we really think our actions help either side or stop them from hurting more civilians?
* We have no clear mission in Syria. There’s no explanation of what vital American interests are at stake there today amidst yet another centuries-old internal struggle between violent radical Islamists and a murderous dictatorial regime, and we have no business getting involved anywhere without one. And where’s the legal consent of the people’s representatives? Our allies in Britain have already spoken. They just said no. The American people overwhelmingly agree, and the wisdom of the people must be heeded.
* Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President needs to seek Congressional approval before taking us to war. It’s nonsense to argue that, “Well, Bush did it.” Bull. President Bush received support from both Congress and a coalition of our allies for “his wars,” ironically the same wars Obama says he vehemently opposed because of lack of proof of America’s vital interests being at stake.
* Bottom line is that this is about President Obama saving political face because of his “red line” promise regarding chemical weapons.
* As I said before, if we are dangerously uncertain of the outcome and are led into war by a Commander-in-chief who can’t recognize that this conflict is pitting Islamic extremists against an authoritarian regime with both sides shouting “Allah Akbar” at each other, then let Allah sort it out.
- Sarah Palin

The image John Kerry WON'T want you to see: U.S. Secretary of State pictured dining with Assad and his wife at Damascus restaurant before war broke out in Syria

Cosy: This astonishing photograph shows the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his wife having an intimate dinner with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his wife in 2009

  •  Kerry pictured around a small table with his wife and the Assads in 2009
  • Assad and Kerry lean in towards each other, deep in conversation 
  • Picture taken in February 2009 when Kerry led a delegation to Syria
  • Kerry yesterday compared Assad to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein
  • This astonishing photograph shows U.S Secretary of State John Kerry having a cosy and intimate dinner with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. 

    Kerry - who compared Assad to Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein yesterday - is pictured around a small table with his wife and the Assads in 2009.

    Assad and Kerry - who was then a senator for Massachusetts - lean in towards each other and appear deep in conversation as their wives look on. 

    A waiter is pictured at their side with a tray of green drinks - which are believed to be lemon and crushed mint.

    More with video @ Daily Mail

    Syria still prepping for 'surprise' Obama strike


    While President Obama seemingly punted the Syria question to Congress, Damascus is not leaving anything to chance, still preparing for the possibility of an immediate attack from the U.S., according to informed Middle Eastern security officials speaking to WND.

    Further, the officials said a Russian intelligence warning delivered to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recommended the Syrian leader keep his forces on its highest alert.

    The officials also stated Turkey and Jordan are still on their highest alerts, as well, and that Saudi Arabia continued to move tanks toward Jordan to deal with fallout from any U.S. strike.

    More @ WND

    CNN Has Been Falsifying Syria News Reporting for More than a Year

    Via Bill


    The foremost mission of journalism is to be the de facto 'watchdog' of government behavior and actions.CNN and other American networks as well as al-Jazeera now have betrayed and perhaps irreparably destroyed that raison d'ĂȘtre around the world.

    CNN has been dishonestly reporting to their viewers about Syria with US Government propaganda for more than a year. We are re-publishing our post from April, 2012, CNN, Al-Jazeera Falsifying Events in Syria - video. The lies have been deliberate, harmful to US citizens and world peace, anti-American in all aspects, crippling to the trust of public journalism, and above else, CRIMINAL. (disregard impeachable, too lengthy & distracting). 

    We dug further and discovered this post which could be the pathway to the truth of journalism subversion: Members of Obama Administration are Related to People in the Mainstream Media-Truth!

    Update: Des Moines Father Dead at Hands of Black Mob Violence

    Police are still trying to figure out why a black mob beat Richard Daughenbaugh to death at a popular downtown Des Moines fishing spot one week ago.

    Daughenbaugh, a father of six who worked as a construction laborer, did not know his killers, say police. But at 1 a.m., he found himself exchanging words with members of a mob that numbered in the dozens.

    The Des Moines Register picks up the narrative with a sterile account that understates the violence and ignores the race of the attackers:
    The suspects allegedly beat Daughenbaugh using no weapons other than their own bodies while others in the group tried to stop anyone from helping, police said.
    A woman fishing nearby tried to step in and stop the assault and was struck, police said. Her companion was attacked as he jumped in to defend her.
    And when the woman tried to call 911, two women from the group allegedly grabbed her phone and threw it. She eventually retrieved it and called 911.
    Translation: Several people attacked Daughenbaugh. Several people attacked the fishermen who tried to help. And several people attacked the people who tried to dial 911. And lots of others watched and cheered. All black.

    The Register picks it up again, quoting a police spokesman: “The phrase ‘mob mentality’ is probably accurate here. Once the assault began, acquaintances of the suspect jumped in.”

    HPD releases surveillance photos of (Black) suspects wanted in Denny's murder, robbery


    Houston police released surveillance photos of three suspects wanted in the fatal shooting of one man and the wounding of another at a Denny’s in west Houston.

    The suspects were described as three males with their faces concealed by bandanas or masks.

    More @ KHOU

    Misinformation and Disinformation


    The new issue of III Magazine is out.  We appreciate your support.

    By definition, misinformation is inaccurate information relayed by a sincere source.  Disinformation is inaccurate information published with the intent of deceiving an intended audience (see future post PSYOP 201 due out next week).

    One example of misinformation is a Patriot relaying information about CH-47s flying over Philadelphia as a part of a nefarious plot.  (As an aside, I was somehow added to a Facebook conversation of over a hundred people about some CH-47s flying over Philadelphia.  The individual who started the conversation wanted to alert everyone that “something was up”.  He was sincere if not idiotic.)  A major element of the message was rooted in fact.  I do believe that he saw some helicopters flying over Philly.  Unfortunately, his reactionary zeal caused a minor uproar that initiated an uproar from other gullible recipients.  The sad thing is that it happens all the time.

    Disinformation, on the other hand, could be a form black propaganda.  Perhaps the individual in question worked for an adversarial organization, but probably not.

    Sleepy Man Banjo Boys 9 years old and up

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    Ted Nugent’s wife arrested with a gun in her carry-on at DFW

    Via Angry Mike

    Shemane Deziel, wife of rock legend and fierce  Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent, was arrested bring a gun into Dallas/Forth Worth International airport late Thursday in what looks like a case of oops, I forgot:
    The wife of singer Ted Nugent was arrested Thursday afternoon after security found a gun in her carry-on luggage at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.
    Airport spokesman David Magana confirmed that the DFW Airport Department of Public Safety took Shemane Ann Nugent, 51, into custody, and “the rest of it is working its way through our system of legal approval.”
    Nugent’s attorney, David Finn, said that taking the gun to the airport was an “honest mistake.” Finn said Nugent has a concealed handgun license.
    Finn said Nugent had worked late and got up early Thursday for the airport, and either “completely forgot or never knew the weapon was in her bag.”
    “She is very embarrassed. She’s never been in this situation before,” said Finn. “She has expressed remorse for any inconvenience for any public safety officials.”
    Finn said Nugent has no criminal record, and he does not expect his client to be indicted by a grand jury.

    AAR: Max Velocity Combat Rifle/Contact Drills Class, 31 August – 1 September

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    En route back from a terrific weekend with Max and a group of other patriots at his WV training facility. AAR follows:

    More @ WRSA

    Botched Paramilitary Police Raids

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    An Epidemic of "Isolated Incidents"


     An interactive map of botched SWAT and paramilitary police raids, released in conjunction with the Cato policy paper "Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids," by Radley Balko.

    @ CATO


    Wheelstanding 1962 Dodge Max Wedge Super Stock

    Via TSP 

    Couldn't get much better.