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Tennessee Highway Patrol Ignore Judge's Order


An interesting drama unfolded Wednesday morning as frantic calls to the Tennessee Highway Patrol dispatch went unresponsive in an attempt to report a "crime in progress".

Additional calls were placed by citizens all the way up the chain of command to  Tennessee's top Trooper, Colonel Derrick Stewart's office. Finally, a call to the THP's Legal office in Nashville on Foster Avenue connected with Deputy Counsel Liz Hale and yielded a conversation about why a temporary restraining order issued by a  judge was not enforced by our top state law enforcement agency especially when state property was being destroyed.

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The Real Constitution

 US Constitution
The PRIMARY accomplishment of his (Lincoln) revolution was a permanent national debt and to establish the federal government as the handmaiden of corporations, which has continued to this day.

The real U.S. Constitution, which was scrapped long ago, does not permit judges to be its final interpreters, executive orders, coercion of the people of a State by the federal government, delegation of control of the currency to a private banking cartel, the subsidy of private corporations, or calling the militia to active service except in case of invasion or rebellion and at the request of the State.

The Constitution should have been reverently buried long ago. Except that its rotting corpse provides lucrative pickings for lawyers and pseudo-respectable cover for power seekers. The central government has no check on its power that is not determined by the politicians in control of its various branches. They seldom check each other but frequently check the people and the States. The 14th Amendment, illegitimately promulgated in the wake of Lincoln’s revolution, has provided power seekers with everything they need to fulfill their limitless ambitions.

Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor's Blessing...

A vicious mob targeted Portland’s ICE office and harassed locals. Police followed the mayor’s orders to do nothing, writes @MrAndyNgo 

A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart. The police followed orders to do nothing.

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Inside the 'most dangerous job in the world': White farmers in South Africa are 4 times more likely to be murdered than anyone else

White farmers in South Africa have the most dangerous job in the country, are twice as likely to be murdered than police and are killed at four times the rate of the wider community, a rights group claims. 

This week, as the government moves to seize all white-owned land without compensation, civil rights organisation AfriForum claimed there had been 109 attacks which left 15 white farm workers dead so far this year.

This follows 82 killings and 423 attacks in 2016, though none of the figures can be verified because the South African government has refused to release farm murder statistics since 2007.

Some of the killings are reported to have been barbaric, with farm owners tortured, raped, burned alive and slaughtered in front of their families.

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'Democratic' Socialism: Be Careful What You Wish For

As capitalism recharges our economy, socialists want to destroy the very engine of prosperity.

Once it became apparent that the 2016 election results were real and people came out of their safe spaces to ponder their cruel fate, the attention of the left-wing quickly turned to a certain date: Nov. 6, 2018. They truly believed that would be the day America reacted to the horrible mistake of electing Donald Trump, restoring the Democrat Party to its rightful place as our governing agent. Surely Americans would be chomping at the bit to vote in a “blue wave” to wipe out GOP majorities in the House and Senate and (perhaps literally) handcuff Trump for the last few months of his term.

But a strange thing happened on our way to this meeting with destiny: Trump and congressional Republicans have succeeded in kick-starting an economy that was running in low gear over the previous eight years thanks to a “jobless recovery.” While it’s still possible Democrats will make significant inroads into the GOP advantage, there’s no guarantee that either the House or Senate will flip back to Democrat control.

Bundy dismissal appealed by Sessions' prosecutors

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Larry Klayman is shocked DOJ 'Deep Staters' still targeting rancher, sons 

If you thought that the lying, deceit and outright corruption at my once proud alma mater, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), had reached an end point – with phony claims by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray promising to clean up the mess that resulted in the “witch hunt” by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against President Donald Trump – think again!

Just yesterday, Sessions and equally corrupt prosecutors in Las Vegas, Nevada, along with appellate lawyers at “Main Justice” in Washington, D.C., incredibly had the shameless chutzpah to appeal the dismissal by Judge Gloria Navarro (who was not and remains no friend of Cliven Bundy, his family and the armed peaceful protesters who stood down a tyrannical government at Bunkerville in 2014) of the supercedeas indictment that resulted in an eventual criminal trial earlier this year after Cliven and his sons were imprisoned without bail for two years. The goal was to have the Bundys imprisoned for life.

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Watch: Patriot Prayer rally returns to Waterfront Park; police deploy flash bangs

The dueling protests have garnered national attention after previous showdowns between the two groups have ended in violence.

Police appeared to deploy flash bangs and detained several people after officers reported counter-protesters were throwing projectiles, including rocks and bottles.

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Five things to know about Manafort’s first week in court

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“If there is a core Trump supporter on there, I think the presumption of innocence is going to be quadrupled in that person’s mind,” Dressler said, referring to the jury. “It’s going to be very hard to convince them to vote on the side of the prosecutor, and thus creating the possibility of a hung jury on any of the crucial counts.”

The criminal trial against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is moving at breakneck speed, compared with most federal court proceedings, with prosecutors calling more than a dozen witnesses to the stand since the case got underway on Tuesday.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of attorneys has been presenting evidence as they attempt to prove to jurors that Manafort concealed from the IRS money he received while working as a lobbyist and political consultant for pro-Russia Ukrainian officials, and that he committed bank fraud when those funds dried up.

Manafort’s attorneys, meanwhile, made clear in their opening statement that they’ll be focusing on Richard Gates, the longtime business associate of Manafort who they say was the one in charge of financial record-keeping.

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Obstruction of justice bombshell might explode before midterms

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Why is President Trump escalating his attacks against special counsel counsel Robert Mueller, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the free press to a fever pitch in recent days?

The reason is that the odds are very high that Mueller will offer a declarative public statement before the midterm elections, and very likely before Labor Day, that the president is guilty of obstruction of justice.

The Mueller declaration of obstruction of justice could be issued in the form of a letter to Congress and may or may not ultimately be issued in the form of an indictment if he believes that the Trump situation creates extraordinary circumstances that warrant his seeking approval for a formal indictment.

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New World African Slavery

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One of the first slave owners in the Virginia colony was African, Anthony Johnson, an Angolan indentured servant who became free in 1621 and later a successful tobacco farmer in Maryland. Massachusetts was the first colony in British America to legislate regarding slave status, captured and enslaved Pequot men, women and children, and was an active participant in the transatlantic slave trade which populated the American South, especially, with Africans. This source book is available online at, and via free download from
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

New World African Slavery

“In 1619 a ship arrived in Jamestown, Virginia colony with 20 indentured servants of African ancestry. Purchased by tobacco farmers, thus began the history of people of African ancestry living in what would become the United States of America.

But before long African laborers were purchased as bonded persons, slaves for life, and laws soon permitted owners to also own the children of their female slaves. Puritan Separatists began the northeastern colonies at Plymouth in 1620 and soon afterward joined the British and others in the trans-Atlantic slave trade business.

They sailed to African seaports, purchased Africans captured by rival tribes, brought them back across the Atlantic and sold them at New World seaports, including the 13 British colonies. Descendants of African ancestry living today are in the US are here, not Africa, because of this slave trade.

The 1810 census reported 1,304,151 people of noticeable African ancestry. Not all were slaves, for 97,284 were living in the Southern States as independent persons and 76,086 were living independently in the Northern States. Over the next 200 years, to 2010, the African American population grew 6,173 percent to 37,035,333. With few exceptions, these people are descended from the original 600,000.”

(Understanding the War Between the States, A Supplemental Booklet, Clyde N. Wilson, Howard White, et al, 2015, excerpts editor’s introduction, Chapter 10)

Judge Ellis Loses Patience with Mueller Prosecutors and Ends Court Early Over Screw-Up

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Paul Manafort‘s third day on trial over charges of bank fraud and tax evasion was cut a bit short on Thursday after government attorneys made the same mistake twice in a row.

The last witness called to the stand was J. Philip Ayliff, a certified public accountant (CPA) at Paul Manafort’s long-serving tax-preparation agency, Kositzka, Wicks and Co. (KWC), of Richmond, Virginia. As time inched along during the last witness’s testimony, nothing of particular interest seemed to be occurring at all.

Richmond's Magnificent Lee Monument Vandalized Early This Morning

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At approximately 7:45 a.m. this morning, one of our monument guards discovered vandalism at the Robert E. Lee monument on Monument Avenue in Richmond.

Capitol Police were notified and have arrived at the scene.

We have checked all the other monuments on Monument Avenue and in Hollywood Cemetery and they are all clear.

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Look who showed up at the scene of the crime. We told the police their prime suspect had just arrived. Susan

Understanding the War Between the States

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The following is taken from Dr. Clyde Wilson’s “Expansion and Conflict of the Northern and Southern Cultures in 1860” which traces the emerging and deepening fissures in the young American republic. Central to this conflict was the original and traditional American constitutional system of laws well-understood in the South, versus New England’s developing industry and the flood of immigrants into the North and Midwest, with little or no understanding of that American constitutional system of laws. The source book is available online at, and via free download from
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Understanding the War Between the States

“The economic conflict between North and South . . . was important and was present from the beginning. It was the root of the disagreement between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson that was the first serious political conflict of the Union. But the undoubted importance of economics was no more central to the conflict than the persisting and evolving differences in values and ways of life.

Southerners had first developed the Midwest by settling the southern parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. As time went on, this region changed character as industry and great cities developed and as New Englanders and European immigrants swarmed in. From the 1840s large numbers of impoverished Irish came to the US and settled everywhere, especially in the cities.

After the failed revolutions of 1848 many Germans and other central Europeans came, and settled largely in the Midwest. They had strong, centralist, progressive and authoritarian attitudes and knew nothing of the South or American constitutional traditions. They would be zealous supporters of the Republican Party and the Federal Army.

Abraham Lincoln secretly bought a German language newspaper [the Springfield Zeitung] to support his presidential candidacy. By the 1850s a majority in the Midwestern States no longer identified with and voted with the South as they had traditionally . . . [and] The Northern people were one-fourth foreign born.

It must be understood that Northern abolitionists had little sympathy for black people – they considered them an obstacle to what they wanted as American “progress.” Most Northern States denied rights to the few black people who lived there. In Lincoln’s Illinois, before and during the War Between the States, were not even allowed to move into the State.

If slaves were freed in the South, as abolitionists demanded, they were still not allowed to move North. The majority of free black people in the US were in the South and demonstrably better off than those in the North. For a long time New Englanders made the “racist” boast that they were “pure Anglo-Saxons” and thus superior to other Americans.

It is simply wrong to thing that antislavery was for racial equality. It was against black people and even more against those who held them as bonded labor. To assume otherwise is to make the mistake of reading the later 1900s back into that time. Abolition had little to do with the actual life lived by people, white or black, in the South. No abolitionist ever made any constructive suggestion [regarding peaceful or practical emancipation].”

(Understanding the War Between the States, A Supplemental Booklet, Clyde N. Wilson, Howard White, et al, 2015, excerpts Chapter 6)

Dana Loesch Vaporizes Jim Acosta's Hypocritical Tears

Australian nurses must apologize for being White to minority patients

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Nurses and midwives are required to “acknowledge white privilege” as part of a new code of conduct.

Considering their IQ, they are fortunate others came to build up their country.

LAST year nurses were asked to call women “persons”. Now there’s another furore as they’re told to acknowledge “white privilege”.

AUSTRALIAN nurses are pushing back against a change that requires them to “acknowledge white privilege” before treating patients.

Nurses and midwives around the country must now adhere to a new code of conduct with a section specifically dedicated to “culture” and which details white Australians’ inherent privilege “in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders”.

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Oregon High Schools to Mix Genders in Showers and Bathrooms in New Transgender Ruling

A U.S. District Court Judge in Oregon recently ruled that boys must be allowed to use the girls locker room, showers and bathrooms, and vice versa in public schools throughout the state.

According to Judge Marco Hernandez, for children to “see or be seen by someone of the opposite biological sex while either are undressing or performing bodily functions in a restroom, shower, or locker room does not give rise to a constitutional violation.”