Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I Miss You Daddy

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To Die in Chicago


A review of To Die in Chicago: Confederate Prisoners at Camp Douglas (Pelican, 1999) by George Levy

The dead are buried somewhere in Chicago and there are over 4,000 of them—that much we know. Treatment was just as harsh in most other Northern prison camps – worse in Elmira. But at least they keep better track of the corpses produced. Here at Camp Douglas things were done Chicago—style.

Beginning in August of 1864, they started burying the small pox cases right on the Douglas Estate. But over 3,300 others ended up six miles north in the pauper’s section of what was then the old city cemetery. It is now Lincoln Park. Some of the dead may still be there but the graves were shallow, the water – table high. Many washed out into the lake. Many others were probably dumped into the lake -the contractors were getting $1.50 per body, and nobody was looking.

The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America's Secret War

 The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America's Secret War

With American military personnel now entering service who were not even alive on 9/11, this seems an appropriate time to reexamine the events of September 11, 2001 – the opaque motives for the attacks, the equally opaque motives for the counter-offensive by the United States and its allies known as the Global War on Terror, and the domestic fall-out for Americans concerned about the erosion of their civil liberties on the homefront.

Before venturing further, it’s worth noting that our appraisal is not among the most common explanations. Osama bin Laden, his lieutenants at Al-Qaeda, and the men who carried out the attack against the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon are not “crazy,” unhinged psychopaths launching an attack against the United States without what they consider to be good reason.

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Dr. Robinson's Hits On Free North Carolina

New York Times Says ‘Airplanes’ Killed Thousands On 9-11 — Forgets To Mention Islamic Terrorists

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Eighteen years ago today, Islamic terrorists attacked America. They killed 2,996 people and wounded more than 6,000 others.But the New York Times says it was actually “airplanes” that killed all those people.

“Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim at the World Trade Center and brought them down,” The Times wrote.

Anti-gunners: Have they lost their minds?

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This guest column was written by John C. Sigler, the NRA’s 59th President and a current member of the NRA Board of Directors. Mr. Sigler is an attorney, a retired police captain and a veteran of the United States Submarine Service.

 “San Francisco officials brand NRA a ‘domestic terrorist organization’” – that was the headline in the September 4, 2019, Fox News article by Adam Shaw. According to Shaw, “The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution declaring the National Rifle Association a “domestic terrorist organization” and urged the federal government to do the same, alleging that the NRA is using “its considerable wealth and organization to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence”.

“Have they lost their minds” you ask? No, probably not. My guess is this is all part of one, well-planned, well-considered and well-executed “grand scheme.” They know exactly what they are doing.

‘Angel Mom’ Booed While Testifying About Son Killed By Illegal Immigrant

 NORWOOD, MA - AUGUST 28: A fundraiser was held at the mansion of car dealer Ernie Boch Jr. for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. As he leaves, Trump hugs a crying Maureen Maloney who's son, Matthew Denice from Milford was killed in 2011 in a m

Last week, Boston mother Maureen Maloney was booed while testifying about the death of her son Matthew Denice, who was killed in 2011 by a drunk-driving illegal with a criminal history. Maloney was testifying at the State House in opposition to a bill seeking to grant driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Colt Halts Production of Long Guns for the Retail Market

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                       Colt LE901 16S AR-15 rifle                                                       
The long, difficult saga of Colt’s Manufacturing has taken another turn. Firearms distributer RSR Group has sent an email blast to their retail customers announcing that Colt will no longer produce long guns for the retail market.