Sunday, October 25, 2020

Áo dàis for Trump

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Death Of A Nation: The Khmer Rouge's Cambodia

 Some errors but worthwhile.

Video Edit: I heavily understate the UN's role in jailing criminals in the video, and want to clarify. A number of Khmer Rouge leaders have been to jail, including the head of S-21 and Brother Number Two, due to their efforts.


Winning, and the Philosophy of Success*DCf9Dmm54YGp5LGvnJ9g-Q.jpeg

 It is and always has been an American zeal to be first
in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win.
– Vince Lombardi

 Publisher's Note: This is one of the few non-Southern history articles on this blog but this is such GREAT material I have wanted to publish it for a while. This is Chapter X of my pro-South, 360 page book, The Elements of Academic Success, How to Graduate Magna Cum Laude from College (or how to just graduate, PERIOD!), published in 2014. The words and philosophies of driven, successful people are highly motivational. In this final chapter of the book are 61 pages of powerful quotations from some of the most successful people throughout history. It is thoroughly enjoyable to read material like this but let me warn you: You WILL get fired up! The first few quotations are part of the epigraph, then the bold topic sentences continue from previous chapters.

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Vietnamese Americans For Trump!❤️🇺🇸

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This is absolutely amazing!

Communities who’ve lived Socialism & Communism will vote overwhelmingly for President Trump.

Biggest Scandal in American History?

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 Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Thomas Paine @Thomas1774Paine THIS IS ALL ABOUT getting Trump out of office before he blows the whistle on BIGGEST SCANDAL IN AMERICAN HISTORY that implicates Everyone in the Clinton, Obama, and even Bush administrations. That INCLUDES Mueller. Country will never be the same when this catastrophe is unveiled.'

74 year old man........

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........coming off a deadly disease holds a huge political rally in Florida and talks and talks and talks. Doesn't even get tired. From there, goes to Pensacola for another large rally where he talks some more. And he still doesn't even look tired. From there, the flew to Mar-a-lago to vote in the morning.

Never smoked. Never drank alcohol. Worked hard. Has the weight of the country on his shoulders. Amazing man.

The Difference Between The Old Border Barrier And The New Border Wall

Hürtgen 1944 - America's Meat Grinder

A Rose By Any Other Name,1)/communist-countries-overview-1435178_FINAL-072a5b63ec9946518ad861e14668acc0.png

No communist will occupy the White House while I live and that I can guarantee. My family is cognizant of that oath. Now, I have made it public, so there is no going back on it.

I have not written a lot lately, because there is so much happening and what am I going to say, really? Be ready? Have weapons and ammo at the ready? Can I say anything that will not be known by this astute readership? When I write, I want it to mean something. For me to tell you what you should do when you have done it several months ago seems idiotic and I won't do that.

What I will say is this. The Trump re-election is a lock. Even if they bring all their resources to bear to corrupt the vote, I think he still wins. He's converting people I never thought would vote for him and in numbers that are astounding, because he really does care about individual people of all colors, races and creeds. It sounds naive to some, but I think that's where he is. I have never been a Trump supporter, I don't really trust the guy or even like him as an individual, but as a president, he's done more for this country than any other president in my lifetime and I nearly worshipped Reagan, because he had the huevos to shout back at the other GOP lapdogs during a debate. 

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Intercepted Email: Ohio COVID-19 Vaccination Program will Implement Mandatory Requirements

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 Guess we're tied as I have Five Girls. :)

An email intercepted this week reveals The Ohio Department of Health is launching the “Ohio COVID-19 Vaccination Program” which will “implement mandatory requirements” across Ohio as part of the Governor’s Pandemic Response.

The email was sent by attorney and Ohio Health Director Lance Himes on October 20th to Health Care Professionals across Ohio. It should be noted that Lance Himes is not a doctor.

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"Sunday 25 October 2020, is SAINT CRISPIN'S DAY"

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  Repost 2011

"I claim the glory of Agincourt, Trafalgar and the...

 ........and I accept the shame of Dunkirk and Singapore. I will not share my birthright with aliens. England is our land and our land must be ours. Shame and glory make a nation: shame is the punishment for failing to honour the covenant with our past, with what it means to be English; glory is a reminder of what can be achieved when the nation knows itself and her people are unafraid to be themselves, to revel in their national being. Shame and glory, good and evil, light and dark are some of the eternal truths with which we must live. They are the challenges that shape us and mould us. But a nation that denies its history, its language, culture, folkways; that mocks its heroes and heroines will be brought low and made easy meat for those who have no love for England."

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