Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Maiden Of Appleseed

Oleg Volk

"One of the youngest shooters at Appleseed today. She was a Russian orphan from Kazakhstan. Adopted by American parents, she's growing up as an all-American kid in the most constitutional meaning of that concept."


Emeline Piggot
Civil War spy
She Never Revealed Why Released From Prison
"While the Yankees were trying to find a female to search her, Emeline ate some important information and tore up other papers. Some say she was tried and sentenced to death. Others say she was never tried. Whatever happened, after two months, she was inexplicably released and sent home. She had been nothing but trouble to the soldiers who guarded her. I was born a Tarheel, and I greatly admire her courage."

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NC Confederate Monument Honors Faithful Slaves

A Confederate Monument with numerous interesting inscriptions has stood proudly beside the Tyrrell County Courthouse in Columbia, North Carolina for more than a century. One of the top panels of the Monument honors "Faithful Slaves." This is a reminder that there was not a single major slave uprising during the War for Southern Independence, although countless Southern homes, plantations and farms were left in the care of black servants while the men were away at war. This was in spite of Abraham Lincoln's declared best effort to cause an insurrection in which the blacks would murder innocent white women, children, and old men while the able bodied men were gone. Tens of thousands of black men, both slave and free, were also fighting for the Confederacy - defending their homes against the aggressive Yankee invaders.

I've been told or read at least a thousand times that the North fought to free the slaves and the South fought to defend slavery. That's odd, because I've visited and photographed hundreds of monuments to the War Between the States and have NEVER seen a Confederate Monument that says the South fought to protect slavery, nor have I seen a Union Monument that says the North fought to free the slaves. And that's after visiting 3,055 of the 3,142 counties in The U.S.A.

Apparently, the myth that the War of Northern Aggression was all about freeing the slaves is just that - a myth. The historical records make it clear that the slavery issue was interjected into the war long after the Yankees invaded the South, motivated by greed and a lust for power.

Random Act Of Culture


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Hunter Kills 630 Pound Black Bear

" A 630-pound black bear draped on the back of a wooden dog box on a truck in the empty lot in front of Abrams Barbecue brought lots of excitement to Tarboro Wednesday."
Bear 1


100 Baseball Games To Be Played In Tarboro This Weekend

"Approximately 50 teams consisting of 800 players will play 100 games in three days in three different division. 8-year-old and under, 10-years-old and under and 13-year-old and under. Play will begin tonight with 16 games."

Bernnake's QE Explained - "Screw You America!"

View it HERE.

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Washington Post Calls For Obama To Step Down in 2012

The leaves are turning.

Pat Condell: Free Speech In Europe

Actually not, but he's says the times, they're gonna' change.

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This War Is Prosecuted For The Maintenance Of The Union

"It is not, as foreigners suppose, a war for tariffs, or on account of slavery."

Niles Found Guilty

Niles found guilty - Shelbyville Times-Gazette
My Dear Patrons,

For the past few days, I have been meeting with and helping the Shelbyville Police Department, as well as the District Attorney's office in Tennessee, in their case against David Niles. Mr. Niles was accused of first degree murder of another human being and the unlawful possession of a weapon. It was my honor and civic duty to contribute to the investigation.

The State rested their case around noon on Tuesday, November 9th, and the defense was finished presenting their case a matter of hours later. My evening was coming to an end in wonderful Shelbyville when I received a surprising phone call from the detective of the case. He had some developments to discuss with me and invited me to dinner with the District Attorney. At dinner, I was told that it took the jury fifteen minutes to deliberate and conclude a guilty verdict against David Niles. I was extremely satisfied with the jury and I thank them for taking this man off the streets. We need to live in a world where we feel safe and know that people like David Niles are behind bars where they belong. He will be sentenced to a minimum of 51 years in prison, and that is 51 years too short.

After my impromptu dinner with the detective and the District Attorney, I drifted off into a somber sleep. I couldn't help but think about the poor woman who was murdered in this case. Laura Parker should not have lost her life so soon at the hands of a monster. I am immensely grateful that TGSCOM, Inc and myself were able to play a small part in the investigation.

I woke up early the next morning and found myself reflecting on my family, my coworkers, and my customers. That is what I am thankful for. None of what we do is possible without you, the customer, and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Your patronage enriches the lives of all and we appreciate each and every person we do business with. Thank you very much, God bless you and your families, and God bless the United States of America.

Yours truly,

Eric Thompson
President TGSCOM
Another idiot behind bars.

"A Penny For Your Thoughts, Mister Lincoln"

Oleg Volk

Some comments:

1. "Should have at least double-tapped him to be sure."

2. "And who says actors can't shoot well or make a political difference?"

3. "So, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

Flower Of Southern Womanhood With Thorns

Oleg Volk