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Quick Hits: April 21, 2019

Globalist Operative: Pedophilia is a ‘Sexual Orientation’ and Pedophiles Are ‘Born’ That Way

** Gag.  Retch.


How sick are the pro-abortion folks

** There’s a living, breathing, moving infant in front of you… and you don’t think it should be given care or attention?  Your soul is GONE.  GONE!!!!!  Related:

When Is a Baby Not a Baby?

** Quote:Given that a baby is not a baby if they want to kill it, how long before a “racist” is not a human?

Ajijic, Mexico: 40 Blocks in A Mexican Pueblo

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Kids pretend to be living marionettes while riding on the back of a moving float during the wacky 2015 New Year’s Day Parade in Ajijic, Mexico. The New Year’s Day parade is a newer addition to the town’s many annual fiestas and religious processions. This one is a bit different as it’s often a hodgepodge of various contemporary and traditional themes from Mexico and abroad.

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Facebook Commits Itself to All-Out Ideological Censorship of White Nationalism

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Make no mistake, Facebook is a mortal enemy of free speech. Several weeks ago, it announced a ban not just on "White supremacy" but on "White nationalism." In other words, if you are proud of being European and not keen on being replaced, you have no place on Facebook. An entire ideology has been banned by Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg. No, he wasn't born in County Tipperary! No word of banning adherents of communism, an ideology that piled up over 100-million corpses in the 20th Century. And Jewish supremacism (Zionism) or Black nationalism, no problem! The Toronto Star (April 8, 2019) reported: "Facebook will ban Faith Goldy,  Soldiers of Odin, the Canadian Nationalist Front and other hate groups from across its platforms, the company said on Monday. The ban will extend to any associated Facebook groups, pages or Instagram accounts, including Kevin Goudreau, Wolves of Odin, and the Aryan Strikeforce." The charge of "hate" is a lie. Neither Goldy nor  Kevin Goudreau nor any of the banned groups has ever been charged let alone convicted of "hate". "'Individuals and organizations who spread hate, attack or call for the exclusion of others on the basis of who they are have no place on Facebook,' the company said. 'That's why we have a policy on dangerous individuals and organizations, which states that we do not allow those who are engaged in offline ‘organized hate’ to have a presence on Facebook. The individuals and organizations we have banned today violate this policy, and they will no longer be allowed a presence on our services. Our work against organized hate is ongoing and we will continue to review individuals, pages, groups and content against our Community Standards.'”

Of course, this ban wasn't enough for those in Canada's  anti-White censorship lobby: "'Facebook banning Faith Goldy was the test here in Canada that this policy would be meaningful,'  said Evan Balgord, the executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, which tracks White supremacism and hate in the country. 'The groups they are banning are only the tip of the iceberg in Canada and there are several others that should also be on that list.'” He went on to name the Yellow Vests and le Federation des quebecois de souche (Federation of Old Stock Quebeckers) as groups that should be purged, as well.

It was almost comical. Ahmed Hussen, Canada's Somali, Moslem, refugee, immigration lawyer and (God help us) Immigration Minister, hailing from a land that is hardly a paragon of free speech, announced: "Goldy has 'a pretty clear track record of racist, anti-Semitic and white-supremacist messaging.' I don't think it takes a lot to figure out you shouldn't be sharing a stage with that kind of individual." (Vancouver Courier, April 8, 2019) Just a stream of abusive slogans. For better or worse, Goldy works closely with the Jewish Defence League.

--Paul Fromm

Christians killed by the multiple hundreds... SJW crickets

Sri Lanka bombings: seven arrested after eight explosions kill 207, injure hundreds in bloody Easter Sunday attacks

OMG; Hashem have mercy on their souls, and damn those who did this.  This joins the attacks in Nigeria that killed over 100, plus having countless homes destroyed, just in the first few months of this year alone:

120 people killed, 140 homes destroyed by Nigeria Fulani since February

And what from the sensitive, empathetic souls who wept and declared solidarity with the Muslims after the slaughter in New Zealand?

"They're gonna beat you to hell"

Via Dương Hồng Ánh Nguyệt

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The Jade Stone (TG: Wang nightmare long, former th / Colonel Tđt Tđ 82 bđq arvn)

Part 1: "they're gonna beat you to hell"

In the middle of 1978, math four former officers of the republic of Vietnam-South Republic, PRISON REFORM IN CAMP 4, Cam-nhân commune, Yen-Bai, escaped the second time, but was failed Defeated. Captain le bá tường died in the forest. The rest of major dang quoc cylinder, Captain Tran van both and I (Major Wang nightmare long) were arrested for custody in the 776 Yen-bai delegation.

On the first day, a guard was very young, the word was straight to hit a gun a. K in my face, a broken tooth. This young communist guard has heavy his hands on me, for he just found in my backpack a poem "betrayed". yet, angry, the next day y back. I was struggled one more gun to my chest, broken a rib.

On Wednesday, we were sent down to the ferry to go to camp 9 by the lake of ba waterfall, Cam-Nhan commune, Yen-bai.

Two of my companion, major cylinder and captain both locked up on the warehouse of the camp. I don't know how they were treated. And I'm the leader of this escape, should be separated, locked in the house discipline, close to the fence colony saw cut the carpenter. I'm tied up both legs, cuffed both hands.

When he was summer, in the basement hot, flies like trấu, no matter the night, day. My Facial Skin, neck skin, my limbs become sần foaming because of mosquito burn. I got two giant nứa tubes built near my feet. A touch of nứa to be convenient, one to contain water. Hands in handcuffs, legs tied, problems go big, little lathe is a very shape. But because of the hungry stomach, so the big problem is also difficult to happen often.

It was also due to the 776th division, so from today to camp 9, I've been through a fair blow every day, which lasts on, under two hours. I was caught standing in the middle of the camp guard, four corners of the room were four guards. I got my hand from one corner to another, spinning around the room. The left cheek just got a punch yet can't feel the pain then the right cheek got the next punch. They future blood nose came out ồng ọc spread on the cheek and on my chest just do for the young guard more.

The weight of my body at this time is up over thirty pounds of sale is the same. The Power Hook makes me feel like I'm flying from one corner, to another corner. After every hour " hự!" my blood was like torrential. Don't know the blood from my mouth or from my lungs spray through two nostrils to hose? My face bruised purple swollen, eyes hip again, look at a chemical two. After getting dozens of hard kicks in my stomach, shit pissing in my stomach just free to flush out my pants. I try to hold up, nor hold up.

Taking revenge like this, I just played the sentence of the security officer of camp 9, "they're going to beat you sick, sick".

Many times I have been beaten up green honey, yellow honey that has not yet been released; by the time I was soft as the vermicelli, the new guard dragged me out to throw outside the door of the One day after the new camp duty for my chameleon to go back to prison.

A lot of prison friends have seen me lying as a body without a soul where the corner of the field was dry, so one was released to my grandparents house and told me that I was hiding from camp and was protected by the guard. Beat Dead!

When receiving this news, my brother-in-law was so worried, in a hurry to offer to my mother-in-law, " don't tell your son loan or believe his husband Listen to this news it's not going to live! If he dies, his children will be helpless..."

The days were not led up "Frame" to take a beating, I lay waiting for the time to pass. A Ray of sunshine through the roof nứa, print a bright spot on the floor. Looking at the sunny spots moving, I know the time. The sunny dot began to appear on the west wall at the time of the first break of the camp (around nine am) and slowly moved to the east. When the sound of the hour is on the afternoon (around five pm) the sun comes in the middle of the east wall, that's the end of the day!

Every day, the prisoner of the kitchen brings me a bowl of dried cassava and nhoét. He must put the bowl of tapioca where the door of the cell; exposed to the one who is in chains is taboo!

When the prison takes the rice away, the chickens of the camp rush to fight cassava in their bowls. By noon, the new camp guard came to open the prison door for me to eat the unique prison meal of the day. Sometimes, fill cassava to my hands, I only see a bunch of sand dirt and a few cọng cassava dry size fingers. I'm hungry to shaking my legs, shaking hands, hungry sleep can't sleep.

Looks like no "Smooth" regime applies to prison cases of reform across the camp. One day I got a cassava that big size of hand, long a time. One day I got two boiled yam that weighs about half a kilo. Often, the menu for prison escape is a bowl of tapioca porridge that dries sprinkle salt.

A long time ago, I haven't heard anyone mention two "human rights". in the time I was put in this camp, just two or three hours away, a patrol man came by to control the love Condition Locked, b, handcuffs, chains once. In the dark, to make sure I was alive, he used to "convenient hand" compliment me a baht of ear or a gun to hear me shout out oai ouch for pain.

Every night I hear a lot of people walking around, my heart is phập,... know where?... It's possible, people will come in, summer each other hold me down, gag, lock my hand, contact a Rope Noose in my neck, then drag my body to the soap, like two years ago they did, to kill a prison escape by camp 4. Deaths like that will be reported " prison suicide ", it's so simple.

One day, when the sun streak just dab the west wall, from the field of the team saw cut, close to the fence have hours people message to, I got it's voice friend vũ văn by:

" long! The Carpenter was ordered to close three are. You'll probably get shot. I'll bring you rice tomorrow noon. You have a message to the family then tell me, I will letter to my family, then pass it to your family. I thought you guys got away, unexpected..."

Then it hiccups, choked...

The guy with is also a north-Ky migration like me. We are close to six years with tran quí cable high school. After graduation tú tài 1, it volunteer to go to lock 63 a non-Army Officer.

Major Vu Van Bằng is head of the army-6TH DIVISION. No-Army. Every time from the outpost to visit pleiku, I often meet it.

Lying in the chains, hearing the cry of my fellow blower, my heart chảnh remember the school that trained me to be human.

The principal of education growth, first day of the fall, and where is this,

" our school is pleased to bear the name of tran quí cable. Mr. Chan is a hero of love. I wish you to study hard, so that you will be successful, to help the water, to make the name of the school."

There was a guest that day, which was a teacher, a friend of the principal, visiting and speaking. This guest is the body born Anh Phạm Phú Nhàn, the one sitting next to me.

The guest opens his speech in one sentence I remember all my life:

" you remember here! Rather make a broken jewel, not make a good tile. If you don't study hard, you'll be just a piece of shit in your life!"

Then the old man told about the history and life of the hero ái quốc trần quí cable, through here, we know old tran for loving his homeland, love his people, should have been imprisoned, sent to the first paragraph Castle.

I grew up, proud and proud to be a child of tools roof. I keep remembering two of the " broken jewel " ' and the " Piece of shit xai " that my classmates brought out von wallet in the story of advice to the kids.
In May 1908, tran quí cable was sent to the French school, executed by his back. That day crying you, old phan pei chau wrote:

" Ngọc disturbing ngoa toàn, Tam Self-Dungeon Welding, sơn hai khap
Hong - son theme important, paradise gather comment, Japan Planet Epic." (Phan Pei Chau)

Ngoc necks are better than good tile, three-Letter Prison, sea mountain crying
Theme paint heavy, Feather Pink Easy, discuss thousand years, and see why the sun.

Seven Dozen years later, may 1978, a man for loving the country, love the people is also lying waiting for the time to go to the French school.

Two people, me and tran quí cable, although born not the same century, but have committed the same crime: "guilty of losing water" (Phan Pei Chau)

It knows, the people who love water can be killed, but the spirit of a nation is eternal.

This noon heard the cry of my friend, I sigh:

" it's done too! Just look like once out of battle..."

Twelve years of crossfire, in the birth of death, I did not stop trying to fulfill any part of my teacher's wish on the first day. As a disciple of tran quí cable, I have said an example, dedicated my life to my country.

Unfortunately, my country has come to the time, so i accept the scourge that comes down to my destiny.

I woke up white that night. I lay still, close my eyes, visualize in the mind, every face of the relatives. In front of each person's image, I was mumbling to say goodbye. In Turn, I broke up with my mother, then my wife, with three daughters.

It's time to imagine the face the youngest son then my brain turns cyan. I don't how to draw in the mind of the son's face. It was born three months after the day of the south fall, I was already in jail then.

Victor Davis Hanson: Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War?

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Notre Dame Fire: A Tremendous Gift to the French People

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