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"Constitutional Declaration" of Libya........OK......

Seems to be a conflict here, me do believe......


Libya is a democratic, independent state with Tripoli its capital, Islam its religion, sharia, Islamic law as the main source of legislation and Arabic as its official language. The rights of minority groups and all sections of society are guaranteed.

The state will establish a democratic political system based on political and party pluralism aiming for a peaceful, democratic transition of power.

All Libyans are equal before the law and are not discriminated against because of religion, faith, language, wealth, gender, ancestry, political views, social status or tribal, group or family affiliation.

Seems y'all neglected to exclude, women, Christians, Jews, homosexuals, and about everyone else on this planet except male "Going for my 69 virgins" Muslims........who, needless to say, are all braindead at best.

The state guarantees freedom of opinion and expression, as well as freedom of the press and peaceful protests.

The state guarantees the right to form political parties, societies and civil society organizations.

The formation of secret or armed societies, or societies that do not comply with public order shall not be permitted.

H.K. continues to fight the good fight

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H.L. Hunley Funeral/Parade

Dixie and H.K. at the conclusion of the H.L.Hunley Funeral/Parade, April 17 2004.

Ocracoke/Rodanthe damage from Hurricane Irene

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I lost my power on Saturday morning around 7 A.M. and finally got it back around 5:30 on Monday Afternoon. Got my phone back around 8 P.M. on Monday. My Mom still is without power. A lot of trees down all over the area, that toppled many electrical and phone lines. I lost my mailbox and 4 shutters on my home and a little water got into my garage. Other than that I made out really well. I have no trees in my yard. My neighbor across the street lost 6 trees and one of them on his utility shed. I have been busy cleaning up my Mom’s yard, which was covered with pecan limbs. My Mom had no other damage to the home or out-buildings. '

Other neighbors though did not have as good as luck as we did. One of my brothers lives on the Pamilco river and he has his house on stilts and water was 4 feet under his house. His son lives next door and he had 13 inches of rain in his home and caused a lot of damage. They are calling this hurricane the worst yet for damage, even though it was not the strongest category hurricane. We had sustained winds of 60-80 miles of wind from 10 PM on Friday night until 6 PM on Saturday evening.

The pictures below show some of the damage done on Ocracoke which was to the right of the hurricane. The right side is always more destructive than the left side, with higher winds.

Boehner asks Obama to move jobs joint address to Thursday

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has asked President Obama to address a joint-session of Congress on Thursday, Sept. 8, when it wouldn't conflict with the Republican presidential debate.

Citing logistical difficulties, Boehner requested that Obama hold his jobs address, which Obama wants to deliver next Wednesday, one day later.

The Speaker's letter made no mention of the more obvious conflict: between the president's speech, and a Republican presidential debate scheduled on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. EST. That debate is the first of the post-Labor Day political season, and the first one in which Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is set to participate.

The response by Boehner sets up an early showdown between Obama and the Congress just returning from its August recess.


The South

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Are They Gonna Make us Outlaws Again?

Lyrics Survival

"So you never picked no peaches
You never rode no boxcar train.
Never worked out on the road gang
Or slept out in the rain.
But when you see a good man
Have to struggle, sweat and strain
And when a man can't feed his children
Don't it make you stop and think?

Are they gonna make us outlaws again?
Is that what it's comin' to my friends?
Why, I think I see why Pretty Boy Floyd done the things he did.
Are they gonna make us outlaws again?"

Thomas Fleming on the Ron Paul Story or Lack Thereof

feature photo


Dr. Fleming discussed the lack of media attention that the Ron Paul campaign is getting.

The article is surprisingly deferential to Paul, and I don’t mean that as a swipe at Dr. Fleming. I mean that Fleming usually has little use for libertarian ideologues and even less use for the modern political process, so I was a bit surprised to see something this deferential.

What I have noticed a lot recently is that many people, left, right and center, are starting to give Paul grudging respect. That he is the ”last honest man” in Washington or that he “calls it as he sees it” are frequent comments you might see coming from people who don’t necessarily agree with his politics.

In this way Paul is starting to remind me of Ralph Nader - whatever you think of Nader’s politics, you respect him. He is a hard man to dislike. Likewise, rational, dispassionate people tend to respect Paul regardless of what they think of his politics. It is the emotional stakeholders in the system left and right (stakeholders in interventionism, three-legs-of-the-stoolism, anti-racism, Lincoln fetishism, etc.) who react so viscerally to Paul.

Egypt’s New Focus: Global Islamic Conquest & Christian Extermination

Sword At-The-Ready

Some of the most maddening arguments during the “Arab Spring” was with clueless imbeciles who have absolutely no real understanding of Islam, who vehemently insisted the uprisings and riots from Egypt to Libya were “revolutions for freedom”. They cited the USA’s support for strongman tyrants like Mubarak as evidence that once again – the USA was evil – and now we needed to support the ‘uprisings’ in the Arab world to correct the wrongs we supposedly supported.

We warned them that their cheerleading and support was misplaced. We warned them about the Muslim Brotherhood being the instigating arm of these uprisings. We warned them that the euphoria of replacing their dictator would be replaced by the brutal tyranny of Sharia Islamic law. We warned them that elements of Al Qaeda were assisting in the transitions. We warned them a despotic Islamic state would replace a secular state that was tolerant of Christians.

We were accused of denying freedom and being supporters of tyrants.

Now we are beginning to see that the warnings we had given back this Spring are actually coming to pass.

MEMRI reports that a senior Egyptian Cleric has said “We will Launch a Campaign of Islamic Conquests to Instate Shari’a Worldwide…but if the Christians Make Problems for the Muslims, I Will Exterminate Them’

We warned that the picture taking shape from all the uprisings in the Arab world, some of them sponsored by and supported by the Obama regime, was that radical Islam was in the wings to replace secular dictators and regimes benign or friendly to the West and the USA.

In short – the cheerleaders in the West and in this country – were cheering a movement that we warned would work to take over all of the Middle East in the push for a Caliphate and attempt to impose global Islam – resulting in the extermination of Christians within their reach once they got control of these governments.

And that warning was not by some prophetic vision – it was taking the leaders behind the movement of the Arab Spring at their word.

But ignorant feelings seem to trounce facts and common sense these days.

Which is why, when you listen to the leaders of Jihad – they see their opportunity to impose worldwide Islam – as one that is an assured victory they sense is achievable.

BREAKING! Federal Judge Rules in Obama SSN CASE! Says It doesn't matter if Prez broke law!


Issa on Van Susteren: "Much Higher" than Melson.

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Man Faces 75 Years In Illinois Prison for recording police



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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-30-11

Injustice Everywhere


Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 30, 2011:

  • Long Beach CA police claims that a man shot to death by a cop was running away from an alleged stabbing incident are being questioned by residents of that neighborhood who claim that the man they shot couldn’t run or hold the alleged “cutting instrument” police found near the scene because he was crippled. [3]
  • Worcester MA settles suit for $80k to a woman who claimed 2 cops with a history of disciplinary problems beat her then falsely arrested her. [0]

  • A Freeport TX police lieutenant resigned after his estranged wife released a video he had kept at his home showing him slap a detainee in the head while other officers watched. Those other officers also resigned prior to the start of an internal investigation even though none of them can be charged since the statute of limitations expired. [0]
  • Ottawa ON police are the subject of a lawsuit alleging cops brutally beat a man in an incident partially captured in a cellblock surveillance video after his questionable arrest on drunk & disorderly charges. [3]
  • Allentown PA settles suit for $315k to a man who had his legs crushed when he tried to save a young boy from being fatally struck by an out-of-control police cruiser driven by a cop with a history of reckless driving. [0]
  • Fort Lewis College CO settles suit for $140k to a man who was tasered 4x by 2 cops who were arresting him for being drunk & disorderly at a concert. [0]
  • Grays Harbor Co WA deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he extorted sex from a man, sometimes violently, under threat of arrest when he started a medicinal marijuana dispensary. The suit also includes other local agencies on allegations that they harassed and falsely detained him as well. [3]
  • A Box Elder Co UT deputy is being sued alleging he forced a teen girl to strip naked inside his cruiser and made two others expose their breasts as they stood in the snow during a traffic stop. [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sheriff was ordered to pay legal fees to a newspaper that sued to get the names of deputies who were involved in fatal shooting incidents. [3]
  • San Fernando CA police chief is back on job but must retire by Jan in a settlement deal made over the alleged retaliatory firing of a cadet he had sex with [1]
  • A Riverside Co CA deputy gets 90 days in jail for having sex w/9 female inmates in exchange for goods & protection from mistreatment. [0]
  • Glendale CA cop gets anger management classes in a pleal deal to a reduced distrubing peace charge for hitting man in a road rage case [0]
  • St Matthews TN cop arrested on domestic violence assault charge for allegedly shoving wife in front of her friend [0]
  • Riverside Co CA deputy charged w/DUI for April crash while now facing a lawsuit over a seperate possible alcohol-involved accidental shooting incident [1]
  • Orange Co FL sheriff’s capt & other deputies investigated for misusing personal information gathered from a confidential CCW database in an effort to lobby state lawmakers [0]
  • Indianapolis IN cop loses cop car take home privilege after caught on video doing 100mph in his police cruiser while late for work [0]
  • Omaha NE cop gets 2 day suspended sentence after pleading guilty to drunk driving charge in Iowa [0]
  • Umatilla FL police chief suspended for violating policy by playing games on duty & having cops get rent from tenant [0]
  • Mississippi State trooper promotion exam results thrown out while troopers investigated over cheating allegations [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Allen West Mulls Quitting Congressional Black Caucus

Obama has nothing

Obama's address falls on the same date and at the same time as a scheduled Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif. The debate is sponsored by the Reagan Presidential Foundation, NBC News and Politico.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said it was "coincidental" that Obama's address will take place at the same time as the debate, adding, "You can never find a perfect time."


His gall and desperation is appalling. Here he goes, after months and months of vacations, and over the last 4 weeks of economic tumult and he beckons Congress back in session at the same time a Presidential Debate is scheduled?

I can't describe what he's thinking. I can't fathom the greed, lust of power, and sheer lack of dignity this guy must possess. He's had a whole month to chat and use the bully pulpit to lay out definitive, concrete plans for economic improvement, but he's more worried about how he looks at Martha's Vineyard, and Hollywood... and of course the links than he cares for the Average Joe's opinion.

Mark this down in red ink...

The Dem's and O, specifically, are declaring a hot war on anything with an R or a TP attached to it.
"Desperate times call for desperate measures" the old saying goes...
This is just among many opening salvo's. There will be no compromises from the hardline Dem's. O's press conference is a hard core attempt to preempt his competition and is a over-the-top political ploy meant to blunt any further momentum gained by the other party.

As I write this at work, my reaction is tempered by the limitations set upon me by being at work. I can't properly delve into the deeper ramifications an action such as this might portend. But it reveals much about the man and his handlers.

No surprise in that they are all consumed with self and that they are consumed with self-power. But it also reveals that they are running scared and are desperate in the nth degree. If they didn't feel threatened by the "weak" Republican pool of candidates, they would never go to this degree to try to silence them.

But no, they are scared of Paul and his merry band of Elephants. They are scared of losing in 2012 because that would mean that the 1st Black President was a failure and it may be a long time before another gets elected... especially venting the same, tired, old, BS lines like "Yes we Can" and "Tax the Rich".....

Barry has no class.
Barry is desperate.
Barry has no clothes.


Black mobs disrupting Richmond, VA

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Kitesurfing World Champion



The Fed’s Secret Liquidity Lifelines

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