Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crime Rates Continue Decline While Gun Ownership Continues To Rise

"For the third consecutive year, the gun prohibitionist lobby has been proven wrong in its alarmist predictions that more guns in more hands will result in more violent crime, as crime rates have fallen again."

The gun control nuts will conveniently overlook this inconvenient fact.

Southern Hospitality Is No Joke

In the South, like the Great Plains, people are just nicer. Not in a cloying way, but because they were brought up thinking it’s the right thing to do. And everywhere, “pleases” and “thank yous” and “excuse mes” with that voice like butter on hot toast. Make that a biscuit. They don’t do toast down here.

White Man: You Disappoint Me. Red Man Now Sit. Angry. No Eat

"White man, get up and fight! Storm Washington if you need to. Rid the country of anti-American value pushers. Take back what you paid blood for! The land is yours. The country is yours. Why give it away? Why let it be given away?"

If At First You Don’t Secede

You cannot force me to agree with you. You can force me to act as though I agreed with you…but then you’ll have to watch your back. All the time.
—L. Neil Smith
"I heard an idiot on the radio this morning proclaiming grandly that the sovereign remedy for all the nation’s problems is to impose a heavy tariff on all imported products, so that people are economically compelled to buy only those things that are produced in America, by Americans...........the American conflict erroneously known as the “Civil War” was the direct and inevitable result of tariffs.

Via Western Rifle Shooters Association

Super Short Combat Rifle

"We all know they’re out there, but it’s sometimes hard to see an operator carrying one especially in a field environment. But I ran across a pic ......of......some training out at Fort Carson.

Rand Paul Says GOP Shares Blame For Deficits

Kentucky Senate hopeful Rand Paul chided fellow Republicans on Sunday evening for contributing to the massive federal budget deficit, candidly telling tea party supporters in his hometown that GOP lawmakers took "the easy way out" by failing to cut spending in the past.

Both parties are thoroughly corrupt and need to be put on a slow boat to China.

The Highwayman

Listen/read it HERE.