Monday, December 21, 2015

The Media Finally Pans The Cameras At The Donald Trump Rally In Grand Rapids, Michigan

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FRANKLIN GRAHAM Resigns From Republican Party – Becomes Independent

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Evangelist Franklin Graham announced today that he is resigning from the Republican Party and will become an Independent.

Donald Trump Recruitment Video

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Mall of America asks judge to bar Black Lives Matter protest on busy shopping day

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A Minnesota judge says she'll decide soon whether to issue an order barring Black Lives Matter from staging a protest at the Mall of America.

Judge Karen Janisch heard arguments by attorneys for the mall and protest organizers Monday, two days before the scheduled Wednesday protest over the police shooting of a black man in Minneapolis last month.

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Miss Puerto Rico Speaks Out Against Michael Moore and Radical Islam – Is Banned from Miss America Pageant

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Miss Puerto Rico Destiny Velez has been indefinitely suspended by the official Miss America Organization after sending a series of offensive anti-Muslim messages on Twitter.

Velez, 20, launched an anti-Muslim tirade at filmmaker Michael Moore on Thursday after he shared a photo of himself outside of Trump Tower in New York City with a sign reading: ‘We are all Muslim.’

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Obama defends Black Lives Matter

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President Obama said in an interview on National Public Radio with Steve Inskeep that Black Lives Matter is a positive force on policing in America, despite some of the violent overtones emanating from its members.

“Sometimes progress is a little uncomfortable,” Obama said, Breitbart reported.

Specifically, Obama pointed to racism within the ranks of police and the justice system, and said Black Lives Matter did a lot to counter that concern.

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Moslems and Terrorism; Blacks and Crime

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Why don’t Moslems say more about terrorism? We are called churlish if we ask; we are supposed to assume that of course they are all against terrorism, and to expect them to confirm this is cruel.

The same thing is kind of true about blacks and crime. We don’t expect blacks to speak up against black crime, we assume they are against it. However, when there was one high-profile example- O.J. Simpson- essentially all black people, including the nice middle-class black people you work with, were delighted he got away with it.

Lakeisha Holloway from Portland Identified as Suspect in Deadly Las Vegas Strip 'Intentional' Crash

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Lakeisha Holloway was identified today as the crazed driver who intentionally plowed through pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night.

Her three year-old child was in the backseat.

** She parked the car and advised the valet to call 911.

** Victims from Canada, Oregon, California, Florida… etc.

** People came up and banged on her windows but she kept on driving.

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Americans Boycott Sam’s Club After CEO’s Racist Comments About White Males

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A boycott is being organized against Sam’s Club after racist, sexist comments by its far left 
Sam’s Club CEO Rosalind Bewer outraged customers after she admitted to openly discriminating against white males in an interview.

Brewer openly admitted to institutionalized racism at Sam’s Club during an interview with Yahoo.

Mad World News reported:

In Defense of Donald Trump's Namecalling

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Donald Trump likes to call people "stupid." And/or "loser."  

Obviously, it's juvenile.   

Also obviously, Republican primary voters are into it. They like Trump's short declarative sentences -- the secret sauce of which is namecalling.   

Trump's namecalling, so loud and so short on specifics, drives the establishment political writers who dominate corporate media crazy. I suspect this is because it doesn't give them much to do: no 12-point plans to debunk, no statistics to factcheck, no rhetorical rabbit holes in which to run around in circles at 50 cents a word.  

I think it's fabulous.   

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"They say ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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What a tyrannical position, what absolute despotism to make that absurd claim when they PASS LAWS WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT THEY ARE VOTING FOR. Nobody had time to read, much less understand 2,000+ pages of bureaucratese before these incompetent parasites passed it. If a lawyer signed your name to a document without reading it, he or she could be disbarred, fined and perhaps jailed for fraud, misconduct and a host of other serious charges.

The Founders pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to bring forth this nation, yet we can entrust it to walking gasbags who perpetrate this kind of criminal action against the American people?

Once we have abolished this government (by any means necessary) and established new guardians for our future, we need it made clear that this cannot be allowed to continue.

We need to have special elections every time a politician leaves office, from County Animal Control to POTUS, with the people deciding if they get their paycheck, or a prison sentence of no less than their time in office -with a multiplier scaling up to make their responsibility match the power they hold."