Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Walmart Calls for 'Assault Weapons' Ban

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Walmart Calls for 'Assault Weapons' Ban

Walmart is calling on Congress to consider introducing legislation to ban so-called "assault weapons" nationwide.

"We made our own decision about assault rifles several years ago when we removed that category from our stores, and we believe it's time for Congress to debate that issue as well," Dan Bartlett, executive vice president of corporate affairs for Walmart, said during a press conference covered by Business Insider. "And we will lend our perspective and support as somebody who's been a firearms dealer for more than 20 years."

Trump admin weighs letting states, cities deny entry to refugees approved for resettlement in U.S.

Image: An asylum seeker waits outside El Chaparral port of entry as he waits for his turn to present to U.S. border authorities to request asylum, in Tijuana, Baja California state, Mexico, on April 9, 2019.

A draft order obtained by NBC News says the government "will resettle refugees only where both the relevant state and local governments have consented."

 — The Trump administration is considering a new policy that would allow state and local jurisdictions to deny entry to refugees who have been approved for resettlement in the United States, according to a draft of an executive order obtained by NBC News.

According to the draft, "the federal government will resettle refugees only where both the relevant state and local governments have consented to participate" in the program that allows refugees to resettle.

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Organ harvesting ring mooted as two South African teachers go missing in Vietnam

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Teacher Mushfiq Daniels, 28, from Cape Town, went missing in Vietnam in July.

The disappearance of two South African men in Vietnam is under investigation by Gift of the Givers, which fears they may have fallen prey to an organ harvesting syndicate.

John Bothma and Mushfiq Daniels didn't know each other, but both South Africans had been teaching English in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City.

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Secretive warfare training being staged in 21 North Carolina counties, Army says

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A series of Special Forces military training exercises -- including gunfire with blanks -- is being staged across 21 North Carolina counties starting Aug. 30, and the Army is telling the public not to be alarmed at the suspicious-looking activity.

Known as Robin Sage training, the unconventional warfare exercises can be likened to live-action role playing in the extreme, with hostile engagement playing out between Special Forces students, volunteer civilians and soldiers out of Fort Bragg. It continues through Sept. 12, said a press release.

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