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Grassley: Clinton Aides Had Access To State Dept. Classified Docs After She Announced Presidential Run

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at a reception celebrating the completion of the U.S. Diplomacy Center Pavilion, at the State Department on January 10, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The first floor of the pavilion was dedicated and named the Hillary Rodham Clinton Pavilion.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton managed to retain access to classified and top secret documents for herself and six staffers after she announced her run for the presidency in April 2015.

The State Department recently told the Judiciary Committee that six of Clinton’s former aides were referred to as “research assistants,” which enabled their clearance to go with them after their official service at the department ended.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, stated in a letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Thursday: “Any other government workers who engaged in such serious offenses would, at a minimum, have their clearances suspended pending an investigation. 

The failure to do so has given the public the impression that Secretary Clinton and her associates received special treatment.”

After completing the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email server, Director James Comey said that “there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information,” and that individuals who are careless with such material are “often subject to security or administrative sanctions.

Judge In Oregon Bundy Case Now Has Reporter Gary Hunt Arrested For... Reporting

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"Congress shall make no law respecting ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." -First Amendment of the united States Constitution
Journalist Gary Hunt has been arrested and is currently being held in Sacramento, California.  He is facing extradition to Portland, Oregon, though at the time of his arrest there was no agreement to extradite him.  He is facing charges of contempt of the judge in the Oregon Malheur Refuge case that involved the Bundy family and others last year.

Hunt operates Outpost-of-Freedom and had posted several articles, including information regarding informants at the refuge.  He was arrested on Thursday by a court order from Judge Anna Brown because he did not appear in her court to explain why he should not be held in contempt for not removing the information of the informants in the case.

According to the court's order, Judge Brown stated:

Yankee Foreign Policy and the Cold War


North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is rattling his sabers and threatening war against the United States. He blew up an American aircraft carrier in one propaganda video and has goaded the Trump administration in several other statements, ostensibly to create the image of manly firmness to his people. Obviously, high profile assassinations and executions along with staged videos showing Jong-un running through crowds of forced applause and mandatory groveling at his feet are not enough. North Korea does this about every twenty years. It is in the ruling family’s DNA.

But most Americans don’t understand the role North Korea played in the expansion of unconstitutional executive power in the United States nor its importance in the open ended foreign policy commitments of the twentieth century. That is the real story.

The villain in this narrative is the oft forgotten and in many cases unknown Yankee bureaucrat Dean Acheson, a man who once reportedly called Hillary Clinton a “terrific person.”


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Trump backs Flynn’s request for immunity in ‘witch hunt’

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President Donald Trump speaks while meeting with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, Thursday, March 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

President Trump on Friday supported his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s request for immunity in exchange for testifying before the FBI and Congress into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.

Mike Flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!” Mr. Trumptweeted.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mr. Flynn is seeking immunity and that his lawyer, Robert Kelner, says he “has a story to tell.”

“He very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit,” Mr. Kelner said in a statement. “No reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.”

Mr. Flynn served a top campaign surrogate and then a national security adviser before stepping down amid a controversy over his contacts with Russian officials.

Goodness: Summer 1959, Virginia Beach & Beth: Connie Stevens - Sixteen Reasons

Popped up on Carolina Beach Music last night.  


KREMLIN CONNECTION CONFIRMED! Podesta Company Paid One Billion Rubles from Russian Govt.

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Investigative reporter and author Peter Schweizer went on FOX and Friends to discuss Kremlin influence on US politics — and how the Clinton camp was in bed with the Putin regime.
Peter Schweizer: In 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts. About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO puts a billion rubles, which is about $35 million, into John Podesta’s company. Now, what is RUSNANO? RUSNANO is not a private company, Steve. It is a fund directly funded by the Kremlin. In fact the Russian finance minister called RUSNANO “Putin’s Child.” So you have the Russian government investing in one of John Podesta’s business in 2011 while he is an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.
Steve Doocy: OK. Does anybody in the Trump circle rise to the level that there is this kind of money involved?
Peter Schweizer: No.
And, once again, the frenzy on the left is all a disguise to hide their own rampant corruption.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

The Appalachian Messenger March 31, 2017

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Image result for Appalachian Messenger

This week’s edition of the Appalachian Messenger has articles by:

Robert Gore
Start Dealing

Francis W. Porretto
The Political Chimera Of 2017

Kit Perez
Lies of Omission: A Participant’s View

Click here for the March 31, 2017 edition.

VA Manila Outpatient Clinic

 Facility Picture

Service connected is the key.

On March 18, 2016, VA issued an announcement indicating the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic would discontinue paying beneficiary travel effective April 11, 2016. Due to concerns raised following this announcement, VHA has determined that the VA Manila Outpatient Clinic will continue to provide beneficiary travel benefits as we work to identify a long-term resolution. We will continue to keep Veterans and other stakeholders informed.

The VA Outpatient Clinic in the Philippines is the only VA healthcare facility located in a foreign country and located on U.S. Embassy property. Only Veterans who have a service-connected disability of at least zero percent and registered with VA OPC are eligible for care and services.

Inpatient and Non VA Care (NVC) outpatient care is limited to treatment of service-connected conditions and is provided through NVC arrangements with designated private health care providers in the community.

American Christian pastor imprisoned in Turkey asks Trump to fight for him

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An American pastor who has been jailed on bogus terrorism charges in Turkey for more than five months is pleading with President Trump to help secure his release.
Following the coup attempt, Turkey was said to be cracking down on Protestants. Aykan Erdemir, a senior fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a former member of the Turkish parliament, referred to Turkey as “anti-American” and explained that “Protestant or Christian churches are seen as an American influence.”

Analysts have also observed that  “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has been targeting American Christians in retaliation for the refusal of the United States to extradite Pennsylvania-based cleric Fethullah G├╝len, as demanded by the Turkish government.”

Erdogan, however, is anything but predictable, except in his zeal to expand his own powers as a regional despot and further his caliphate ambitions.

More @ Jihad Watch

Major Health Insurance Company Says It May Pull Out of Obamacare for 2018

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Things could get really bad for Obamacare.

According to analysts at the elite investment bank Jeffries, Anthem is likely to exit a large amount of Obamacare’s individual insurance markets for 2018.  Such a withdrawal would have devastating consequences for the program.

Anthem currently offers insurance under the Blue Cross and Blue Shield brand in 14 states and remains one of the only large companies that still offers coverage through the Affordable Care Act.

 UnitedHealth Group and Aetna already left most state exchanges, with Humana saying it plans to stop offering any individual ACA plans by 2018.

An Anthem exit would spell disaster for consumers in parts of Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri and Ohio.  These states could potentially have no insurers in the Obamacare exchanges.

Trump to sign executive orders cracking down on unfair trade

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In this Monday, March 27, 2017, file photo, President Donald Trump holds up a pen he used to sign one of various bills in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington. Ignoring fresh threats from the White House, city leaders across the U.S. are vowing to intensify their fight against Trump's promised crackdown on so-called "sanctuary cities" despite the financial risks. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

President Trump will sign two executive orders Friday aimed at cracking down on foreign competitors’ unfair trade practices.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Mr. Trump will order his department and the U.S. Trade Representative to compile a report within 90 days to identify a broad range of trade abuses “based on hard facts.”

“This will represent the first systematic analysis of what are the causes, country by country, and product by product,” Mr. Ross said. “It will form the basis for decision making by the administration.”

The U.S. has its biggest trade deficits with China, $347 billion; Japan $69 billion; Germany, $65 billion, and Mexico, $63 billion.

While officials didn’t say what action Mr. Trump might take after the report is completed, Mr. Ross indicated it would provide an argument for raising tariffs.

Jeff Sessions moves to speed up deportation of federal inmates

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The program would speed up the process by removing the criminal immigrant as soon as their sentence is over. (iStock)

Illegal immigrants convicted of a federal crime may be deported more quickly under a policy move announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday.

The nation's top law enforcement officer announced the expansion and modernization of the Justice Department's Institutional Hearing Program, which holds deportation hearings for illegal immigrants while they are still in federal prison.

According to Sessions, the program would speed up the process by removing the criminal immigrant as soon as their sentence is completed, as opposed to sending them to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility for deportation.

Media Ignores California Attorney General’s Links to Planned Parenthood

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Late Monday night on Twitter, the Associated Press broke the news that California Attorney General Xavier Beccera filed 15 counts of felony charges of invasion of privacy against pro-life investigative  journalists and activists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for their roles in an undercover video operation against Planned Parenthood in 2015. The shocking undercover video alleges Planned Parenthood and their executive directors aim to profit off the sale of fetal tissue to research organizations, a violation of federal law itself.

NBC News: Documents: Hillary Clinton May Have Killed Investigations into Pedophile Ring at State Dept.

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While I am skeptical of where this will lead, it is noteworthy to see that this report comes from NBC and more specifically Chuck Todd.  In a report earlier this week, NBC reported that there were allegations that while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the quashed investigations into a prostitution and pedophile ring that was operating inside the department in order to avoid scandal and protect high-ranking employees and an ambassador.

“Serious allegations concerning the State Department,” the NBC anchor said.  “According to internal State Department memos the agency might have called off or intervened into investigations into possibly illegal, inappropriate behavior within its ranks allegedly to protect jobs and avoid scandals.

“This concerns a time when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”

IT Company Hired by DNC Retracted Claims Regarding Blaming Russians for the Email Hacking

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Can you remember back to the presidential campaign? Do you remember how, after the DNC emails began leaking, Democrats told us that they’d been hacked by the Russians? Do you remember how the DNC came to learn this? It was through a tech company called CrowdStrike hired by the DNC. The founder of CrowdStrike has very close ties to the Obama White House, is friends with Hillary Clinton, and is connected closely to Ukranian oligarch Victor Pinchuk (who is quite chummy with the Democratic Party).

It was CrowdStrike that uncovered the “Russian hacking” of the DNC, and when the DNC refused to allow the FBI access to their servers to see the evidence for themselves, it was CrowdStrike that told the FBI that it was the Russians.

Obama Official Farkas Changes Story! Now Says: “I Had No Insider Info” to Dodge Felony Charges

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Former Asst. Defense Secretary, Evelyn Farkas is under heavy fire for her March 2nd appearance on MSNBC where she admitted to knowing that the Trump camp was being surveilled. She is trying to do some damage control so she appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box to walk back her statements.

Remember, Donald Trump didn’t tweet about Trump Tower being ‘wiretapped’ until March 4th. Farkas said in her March 2nd interview, (prior to Trump informing the public about the wiretapping claim) that she knew about intelligence being gathered on the Trump folks. Huh? How did she know if not for insider info. There was only one New York Times article that vaguely mentioned it by this time.

Today, in her interview with CNBC, she claimed she only knew what was already in the press.

What?! There was nothing in the press about Trump being spied on until 2 days AFTER her appearance on MSNBC! Time to lawyer up, Farkas! The wagons are circling…

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit

Tucker to BuzzFeed (being sued) editor: Your agenda cloaked as journalism

Thief shot dead during attempted motorbike hijack in Sao Paulo

Senate passes bill to let states strip funding from Planned Parenthood

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Participants in an anti-abortion rally hold signs and pray as they listen to a member of Christian clergy read from the Bible, in front of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, in Denver, Saturday, Feb. 11, 2017. Anti-abortion activists emboldened by the new administration of President Donald Trump staged rallies around the country Saturday calling for the federal government to cut off payments to Planned Parenthood. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley) (Associated Press)

With Vice President Mike Pence casting the tie-breaking vote, the Senate approved a bill Thursday to let states strip federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood, marking the first successful strike against the country’s largest abortion network.

The bill, which already cleared the House and now heads to President Trump, rolls back an Obama-era rule that said states couldn’t deny family planning money to organizations just because they performed abortions.

While other clinics may be affected, both sides acknowledged the fight was about Planned Parenthood, which has been a target for Republicans in Washington and in state capitals across the country in recent years.

Army’s diversity plan on ‘unconscious bias’ blasted as anti-faith by chaplain group

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The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty group claims that an Army plan to train troops on "unconscious bias" is "code for those who hold orthodox beliefs about sexual matters." (Facebook, U.S. Army Chaplain Corps)

The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command is accused by a chaplain’s group of using “unconscious bias” training to undermine soldiers who subscribe to core tenets of the Christian faith.

The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty says that a training plan adopted in January by then-Army Secretary Eric Fanning will surreptitiously try to normalize sexual behavior that Christians consider sinful. The Jan. 18 directive seeks to root out “implicit or unconscious bias” of senior leadership and others in positions of authority.

Ron Crews, a retired Army chaplain and executive director of the group, said the plan was a sociological experiment designed to discourage faith.

Border wall funding solved: GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send home

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A group of House Republicans on Thursday introduced the first major bill to fund President Trump’s border wall, saying the government could collect billions of dollars by imposing a 2 percent fee on all the money Mexicans and other immigrants send back home.

Estimates vary, but remittances from those in the U.S. to their relatives back home could top $130 billion a year. A 2 percent tax could net more than $2 billion a year if it applied to all money regardless of who’s sending it.

“This bill is simple — anyone who sends their money to countries that benefit from our porous borders and illegal immigration should be responsible for providing some of the funds needed to complete the wall,” Rep. Mike Rogers, Alabama Republican, said in a statement. “This bill keeps money in the American economy, and most importantly, it creates a funding stream to build the wall.”

Mr. Rogers and Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania are leading the effort.

White House will allow Democrat Schiff to review intel documents

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Unclear if ranking member Schiff will have access to the same documents as Chairman Nunes. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
 "I'm happy to go tomorrow"

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff, D-Calif., told reporters today that he has been invited by White House counsel to review intelligence materials that have to do with foreign surveillance and U.S. persons who may have been incidentally caught up in those conversations.

Last week, the White House allowed Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes to review documents. When Nunes revealed his knowledge of the documents' existence, he said names of persons in the Trump transition team had been "unmasked," meaning their names should have been anonymous in the raw intelligence reports, but weren't. Schiff said then that the timing of the request by the White House to view the documents "concerns me."

EU could BREAK UP the US: Juncker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit

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Jean-Claude Juncker

 Poll: 93% say he should resign.


EUROPEAN Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker issued a jaw-dropping threat to the United States, saying he could campaign to break up the country in revenge for Donald Trump’s supportive comments about Brexit.  

In an extraordinary speech the EU Commission president said he would push for Ohio and Texas to split from the rest of America if the Republican president does not change his tune and become more supportive of the EU.

The remarks are diplomatic dynamite at a time when relations between Washington and Brussels are already strained over Europe’s meagre contributions to NATO and the US leader’s open preference for dealing with national governments.

They are by far the most outspoken intervention any senior EU figure has made about Mr Trump and are likely to dismay some European leaders who were hoping to seek a policy of rapprochement with their most important ally.

More @ Express

Rapper 40Glocc Poor Gun Shooting Skills (Watch Out Innocent People)

Fortunately, I believe many of his ilk are no better.

The coming civil war in America

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With each passing day, we move closer to open conflict in America–civil war, if you will–between the forces of Western Civilization (which is founded on a biblical understanding of nationalism) and the forces of Judeo-Marxism or godless international leftism in general. Both major US political parties are being pulled in one of these directions or the other.

As soon as Trump took office back in January (if not before), the left made it clear that it would not accept the practical outcome of the November 2016 election. For the past two months, they have done everything they can to prevent the new administration from governing and from enacting the platform on which it was elected. This resistance goes as far as openly disobeying the law (see “Sanctuary Cities”) and carrying out street violence against Trump supporters (see Antifa and Black Lives Matter). The elite, Jew-dominated media have run interference for the left by pushing the anti-nationalist, progressive Narrative non stop. The tension has been ratcheted so high that something simply has to give.

And it will. All it will take is one incident in which a supporter of one side or the other is killed in a public venue and the episode distributed widely on social media. If things keep moving as they are now, such a tragic event is not merely possible but likely. Then the conflagration begins in earnest.

Mike Flynn Reportedly Tells FBI: I’ll Testify In Exchange For Immunity - Lawyer: ‘Highly Politicized Witch Hunt’

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Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn boards an elevator as he arrives at Trump Tower where U.S. President-elect Donald Trump lives in New York (REUTERS)

Flynn’s counsel, Robert Kelner, released the following statement Thursday afternoon:
General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit. Out of respect for the Committees, we will not comment right now on the details of discussions between counsel for General Flynn and the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, other than to confirm that those discussions have taken place. But it is important to acknowledge the circumstances in which those discussions are occurring. 

Notwithstanding his life of national service, the media are awash with unfounded allegations, outrageous claims of treason, and vicious innuendo directed against him. He is now the target of unsubstantiated public demands by Members of Congress and other political critics that he be criminally investigated. No reasonable person, who has the benefit of advice from counsel, would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized, witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

JIM ROGERS - 28 Mar 2017 - Fed Will Ruin Us All, Scotland Could Push Pound To $0.80

What the Jim Webb Debacle in Annapolis Is Teaching the Military

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Jim Webb

Imagine you are a young midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy processing the news that Jim Webb—Annapolis class of '68, recipient of the Navy Cross, former senator and secretary of the Navy, former member of the Annapolis faculty, bestselling novelist and acclaimed journalist—has been forced by political pressure to decline an award for distinguished alumni at your school this week.

The most widely cited reason for his political toxicity is an article he wrote in 1979 (side note: almost forty years ago!) in Washingtonian Magazine entitled "Women Can't Fight."

Oh Boy: NC Republicans, governor have deal to end ‘bathroom’ bill standoff

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 Republican leaders Rep. Tim Moore, left, and Sen. Phil Berger, hold a news conference Tuesday, March 28, 2017, in Raleigh, N.C., where they announced they thought they had reached a compromise with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper on a replacement for HB2. Berger holds papers that he said were the Governor's proposal. The law limits LGBT nondiscrimination protections and requires transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate.  (Chris Seward/The News & Observer via AP)

North Carolina Republican lawmakers say they have an agreement with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper on legislation to resolve a standoff over the state’s “bathroom bill.”

GOP leaders announced the new legislation would be debated and voted on Thursday. Details about the replacement weren’t immediately available, and House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger declined to take questions during a brief news conference.

Paul Ryan doesn't want Trump working with Democrats to fix Obamacare

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 Image result for Paul Ryan doesn't want Trump working with Democrats to fix Obamacare
"I don't want that to happen," Ryan replied. "You know why? I want a patient-centered system. I don't want government running healthcare. The government shouldn't tell you what you must do with your life, with your healthcare. We should give people choices."
House Speaker Paul Ryan says he's concerned that President Trump might strike a deal with Democrats should Republican lawmakers fail to come up with a follow-up to the failed American Health Care Act.

The Eagles - Seven Bridges Road (Home Free)

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A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind" instead of a gender-neutral alternative.

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“She told me that ‘mankind’ does not refer to all people, only males. I refuted, stating that it DOES refer to all people......
A Northern Arizona University student lost credit on an English paper for using the word “mankind" instead of a gender-neutral alternative.

Cailin Jeffers, an English major at NAU, told Campus Reform that she received an email from one of her professors, Dr. Anne Scott, informing her that she had been docked one point out of a possible 50 on a recent paper for “problems with diction (word choice)” related to her use of the word “mankind” as a synonym for “humanity.”

“The words we use matter very much, or else teachers would not be making an issue of this at all.”    
“I would be negligent, as a professor who is running a class about the human condition and the assumptions we make about being ‘human,’ if I did not also raise this issue of gendered language and ask my students to respect the need for gender-neutral language,” Scott explained. “The words we use matter very much, or else teachers would not be making an issue of this at all, and the MLA would not be making recommendations for gender-neutral language at the national level.”

The Muslim Jesus According to the Koran and Sunna: Critical Differences from the New Testament Jesus

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The Muslim Jesus According to the Koran and Sunna: Critical Differences from the New Testament Jesus

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who in 2011 claimed to read the Koran every day for spiritual guidance, once tried to calm British fears of growing Muslim population, influence and terrorism in Britain by mentioning that Jesus along with, Mary, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, David, Jonah and many other Old Testament prophets and kings are also spoken of in the Koran. Although this in itself is a true statement, the major problem is that the stories about them in the Koran are generally taken from heretical Jewish and Christian sources and are significantly different in theological overview and detail from Judeo-Christian canonical Scripture. They are often entertaining and sometimes inspiring but false or distorted in detail and often wide of the mark of traditional Jewish and Christian theology.

More recently, Blair seems to have opened his eyes a bit. May he and other European and American leaders open them much wider!

More @ The Tribune

Heavily armed left-wing group tries to intimidate liberal reporter filming them. It doesn’t work.

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Amid an Arizona “Make America Great Again” march in support of Republican President Donald Trump on Saturday, a heavily armed left-wing group  tried to intimidate a liberal reporter into not recording video of their actions.

Reporter Stephen Lemons spotted the group of “about 40 or so assorted anarchists, Brown Berets, and members of a group calling itself the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club across the street from the state Capitol, openly armed to the proverbial teeth,” he wrote in the Phoenix New Times.

More @ The Blaze

Python swallows man whole: Mar 28, 2017 Video

Schumer in 2013 said Dems believe in 'up-or-down' votes, not 'obstruction' & Former Sen. Alan Simpson: Schumer has 'a harshness on him now that's ugly'

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is leading a filibuster against Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court arguing that Gorsuch should reach a 60-vote threshold. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

But, but, but.........
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is leading a filibuster against Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court arguing that recent high court nominees have all reached a 60-vote threshold, so Gorsuch should too.

At a 2013 press conference, however, Schumer was singing a different tune – saying that Democrats prefer up-or-down votes "no matter who's in power."

"We much prefer the risk of up-or-down votes in majority rule, then the risk of continued total obstruction," he said. "That is the bottom line, no matter who's in power," he said at a press conference.


 Referring back to his nearly 20 years in the Senate that ended in 1997, Simpson said, "the coin of the realm when I was there was trust, and the coin of the realm is severely tarnished." (Julia Schmalz/Bloomberg)

Former Planned Parenthood official suggests babies born alive after abortions left to die: Video

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David Daleiden heads the Center for Medical Progress' undercover investigation. (Associated Press) ** FILE **

Pro-life activists released a new undercover video Wednesday showing a former Planned Parenthood official suggesting that babies born alive after abortions are sometimes left to die.

The video was released less than a day after David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress were charged by California prosecutors with 15 felonies for covertly recording Planned Parenthood executives without their consent.

DeShawn Taylor, former medical director for Planned Parenthood Arizona, appears in the video.

Mexico Now Dealing With All-New Immigration Crisis After President Trump Gave The ICE-Cold Order

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President Trump’s election revitalized flagging border agents and infused ICE with fresh powers. Obama’s administration fumbled with immigration policy. The former president deported hordes of violent criminals, but he also severely weakened our borders and manipulated the law so illegals could stay in the U.S. while their cases were being decided.

Now that Trump has assumed office, undocumented migrants are being sent home at unprecedented rates. Crossing the border is becoming increasingly difficult. Illegals are pooling in Mexico, unable to go farther north and unwilling to go south. The government expects to process at least 5 times as many refugee applications in 2017 than 2015. 

Commies Leftists Flip Off Memorial Dedicated To Victims Of Communism & AP Fails to Report on First Annual Vietnam Veterans Day

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 DC                                       Raleigh

                                                                     Little Saigon

More than forty years after the end of the war in Vietnam, American GIs who served in Nam still can’t get respect from the U.S. media.

Today marks the first annual National Vietnam Veterans Day per an act of Congress signed into law on Tuesday by President Donald Trump.

Yet there is no report by the Associated Press to be found. A search of the AP News website only returns a Today in History article noting the last U.S. combat troops withdrew from South Vietnam on March 29, 1973 but no mention of Vietnam Veterans Day.

"Malicious" Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to Face Civil Trial following Huge Loss to Freddie Gray Cops

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 Image result for "Malicious" Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to Face Civil Trial following Huge Loss to Freddie Gray Cops

 Five of the six Baltimore police officers who were charged in the death of Freddie Gray have won again in a lawsuit against Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby.  After putting the officers on trial without the evidence to back up the charges against them, a federal judge in Maryland is allowing a "malicious prosecution" case against her to move forward.

Officers Garrett Miller, Edward Nero, and William Porter, Sgt. Alicia White and Lt. Brian Rice have sued Mosby and Assistant Sheriff Samuel Cogen in federal court, alleging they knowingly brought false charges. Officer Caesar Goodson, who drove the van in which Gray was placed, was not a part of the lawsuit.

Nikki Haley: 'Wave of populism' shaking United Nations

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United States UN Ambassador Nikki Haley warns that United Nations diplomats should worry about the "wave of populism" sweeping across the world. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

United Nations diplomats should worry about the "wave of populism" sweeping across the world, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley warned Wednesday.

"The U.N. is missing the growing discontent and growing distrust among the people it's supposed to represent," Haley said at the Council on Foreign Relations. "The fact is, a wave is building throughout the world. It's a wave of populism that is challenging institutions like the United Nations and shaking them to their foundations."

CNN Investigates Russian Salad Dressing

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Fox News Brings Back Judge Napolitano, Who Still Stands By Obama Wiretapping Claim

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Judge Andrew Napolitano made his first appearance on Fox News Wednesday since making the claim that President Obama surveilled Trump Tower during the 2016 election nearly two weeks ago.

At his beginning of his latest appearance, host Bill Hemmer brought up the suspension, yet Napolitano said he still stands by claim.

More with video @ The Daily Caller

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

NC: How does that go? The inmates are in charge.........Girl, 5, suspended for playing with 'stick gun'

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Girl, 5, suspended over stick gun

A local mother is outraged after her 5-year-old daughter was suspended from school because of a stick that resembled a gun.

Caitlin Miller returned to school Tuesday after her one-day suspension.

It started Friday when her mother got a call from the principal about a playground incident. Caitlin explained that she and her two friends were using their imaginations, playing "King and Queen."

In this case, Caitlin was the guard protecting the royals and picked up the gun to imitate shooting an intruder into the kingdom.

Hoke County Schools said Caitlin posed a threat to other students when she made a shooting motion, thus violating policy 4331.

Caitlin Miller, 5, was suspended from kindergarten for playing with this stick.
"Hoke County Schools will not tolerate assaults, threats or harassment from any student. Any student engaging in such behavior will be removed from the classroom or school environment for as long as is necessary to provide a safe and orderly environment for learning," the school system say
Miller says Caitlin was alienated by her friends and teachers as a result of the suspension.

More @ ABC

Trump’s intriguing idea: Cut debt by selling off federal assets

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The federal debt’s $20 trillion, and the fastest growing part of it — entitlements (which make up 60% of all federal spending) — are surging as baby boomers retire in droves. Interest on all this red ink is piling up and rising interest rates are only going to make things worse. So Uncle Sam’s broke, right?

That’s the common view.

Not so fast. If you’re only looking at the liabilities side of a company’s balance sheet, you only get half the story. At the end of its last fiscal year, Apple AAPL, -0.13%  had $75 billion in long-term debt. Think Apple’s broke? Of course not: the other side of its balance sheet shows that the company is sitting on tons of assets.

Yet this is how we evaluate the federal government. We look at its liabilities while ignoring its assets. Think the feds are broke? Not so fast, says a 2013 report from the Institute for Energy Research, which points out that the government owns “above ground” assets such as “buildings, lands, roads, railroad infrastructure, levees, dams, and hydroelectric generating facilities, to name just a few, many of which are underutilized,” and “below ground” assets such as “rights to mineral and energy leases, from which they receive royalties, rents, and bonus payments.”

Let’s focus on a giant part of this: Mineral rights for oil and gas reserves.

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Maryland’s Confederate Sisterhood

“If you, who represent the stronger portion, cannot agree to settle [the issues] on the broad principle of justice and duty, say so; and let the States we both represent agree to separate and part in peace.  If you are unwilling we should part in peace, tell us so, and we shall know what to do, when you reduce the question to submission or resistance.”  John C. Calhoun, from his speech read in the Senate Chamber by James Murray Mason of Virginia on March 4, 1850
Maryland’s curious honor roll of distaff Unionists includes Clara Barton from North Oxford, Massachusetts and two Pennsylvanians, an apocryphal flag waver named Barbara Fritchie and the singularly unremarkable Matilda Sterling, who complained that the citizens of Annapolis and Baltimore were secessionist and “very bitter in their feelings” towards Federal occupation troops. 

Their objectives by necessity subordinated to the overarching imperative to write a more palatable “Civil War” history, feminist ideologues glorify these transplants as exemplars of  “strong, right-thinking Maryland” women “ahead of their times,” while they typically neglect the Old Line State’s more numerous, home-grown  Confederate heroines.

Go! Go! Go! Marine LePen: France Has a ‘Rendez-vous With History’, Globalists ‘Looking at Us in Fear’

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The hour of the grand democratic confrontation between globalists and patriots has arrived.”

Addressing supporters in the northern French city of Lille on Sunday afternoon, Marine LePen announced a ‘‘rendez-vous with history’’, a fast-approaching day of reckoning between patriotism and globalism which would see France join a world-wide revolt against supra-national ‘’oligarchs’’ and their version of the world.

Presenting herself as the anti-system candidate, LePen emerged in striking red to deliver an address scathing of the failed promises of globalism, offering a message of national renewal reminiscent of President Trump’s ‘’Make America Great Again.’’

Acknowledging the important role of the north in her party’s recent successes, LePen opened with a nod to the history and renowned good humor of the region, a former industrial powerhouse and mining center ‘’martyred’’ by a globalization which had caused the closure of its factories and the ruination of once vibrant communities.

In a veritable declaration of war on supra-national government, LePen spoke of the countless families which had suffered because of ‘’market-based redundancies and savage off-shoring of jobs’’.

TRUMPED: Inside the Greatest Political Upset of All Time & WH Staff to Boycott Correspondents Dinner in ‘Solidarity’ With President Trump
The dinner will be held April 29 at the Washington Hilton. Politico reported that with the White House boycott, the Secret Service will not be providing security for the dinner. It was also reported that entertainment for the dinner has not been announced and that several parties associated with the dinner have been canceled.

White House staffers will not be attending the annual White House Correspondents Association dinner in “solidarity” with President Trump who announced last month via Twitter he would not attend the dinner, WHCA President Jeff Mason (Reuters) said in a statement released Tuesday.


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Iraqi Prime Minister Says Obama Abandoned His Country, ISIS Nearly Defeated

 Iraqi Prime Minister Says Obama Abandoned His Country, ISIS Nearly Defeated

During an interview with Fox News on Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi slammed Barack Obama for his failure to handle ISIS and predicted that Iraq will defeat the Islamic terror group “within weeks."

“He just wanted just to forget Iraq,” the prime minister said of Obama's strategy during the Arab spring. “I mean, slaughtering people.

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