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Dr. Dan Eichenbaum – Autumn NC PATCON 2012

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Blast Injury and Triage - Viewer Discretion

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Man, I don't know why they aren't giving him encouragement.

Obama witch doctor to stay, creator vows

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Obama Witch Doctor to Stay, Creator Vows (ABC News)

The calendar is flipping toward two big late-fall events: Halloween and the presidential election.
A business owner has married the two in his New Jersey storefront. His anti-Obama, Halloween-themed window displays the president as a witch doctor. 

Expression of free speech? Maybe. But also a bad business decision, apparently. 

The voodoo storefront has evoked outrage in the beachfront community of Spring Lake, N.J. But Bill Skuby, 66, owner of the local men's store, Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing, insists that the display is not political. ... "It's personal." 

The store's window display depicts an image of Obama's head superimposed in the body of a witch doctor that rests atop the word "Obamacare." The witch doctor image is placed under a tombstone epithet that reads, "I Told You I Was Sick," accompanied by a photo of the president in a doctor's coat and stethoscope. 

On the tombstone stands an Obama bobble-head doll sporting a long-sleeved tee that reads, "Hoax," and underneath that is a zombie mannequin rising from the dead wearing a hat that says "F.Y.B.O.," an acronym apparently for an expletive phrase denouncing the president. 

More @ ABC

The Eight Who Survived

I believe the English speaker is Vietnamese.

It's A Good Thing They Care


The left always accuses the right of being insensitive, cruel and uncaring. This is a good campaign strategy that has worked for them for several generations, sometime after they succeeded in passing Jim Crow laws and the like and stopped standing in the doorways of colleges to prevent blacks from entering. It was sometime after Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese cities (not that I disagreed with the action, but it was a Democrat). It was after the leftist judges decided that the insane had a right to be free and literally created the homeless problem overnight. It was after the start of the Vietnam War, or simultaneous with the war against blacks.

In this administration alone Medicare has been raided for over 716 billion dollars. Taking medical funds away from seniors in their most vulnerable and needy time would seem to be a no-brainer to wrest the cruelty title from Republicans, but the media ignored it, or spun it as a way to better care for them under Obamacare. So, the elderly's funds for their health coverage was taken to pay for Obamacare which, by Obama's own admission would mean that some of the elderly would not get valuable and scarce treatment, but be offered a pill instead, which would dull the pain during their slow death from terminal cancer or some other affliction.

Vann Nath - 1945-2011.

Go there once, you won't go back. 



Queen Vic Knives was saddened to hear of the passing of  Cambodian painter Vann Nath after a long battle with chronic kidney illness.

Vann Nath was one of only seven prisoners to survived S-21, the genocide prison situated in Phnom Penh, set up by the Khmer Rouge in the 1970s.

His skill as an artist was recognised by the prison guards, and he had to paint portraits of Pol Pot and other documents of the Khmer Rouge regime.

S-21 was described as "the place where people go in and never come out''.

Here's some of his paintings, plus a clip from German Public TV ARD that first aired in 1997, and another clip from Al Jazeera from 2009.

I hope you like our small, but humble tribute.


"The best weapon for killing"


"This is a political war and it calls for discrimination in killing. The best weapon for killing would be a knife, but I'm afraid we can't do it that way. The worst is an airplane. The next worst is artillery. Barring a knife, the best is a rifle — you know who you're killing."
--John Paul Vann

AAR NCPATCON, October 2012

NCRC Piedmont Region

Warmer weather.  Good bonfires.
More overnight campers.

Nearly 100 total in attendance.

Met with several people for the first time, as well as several very familiar ones.


NC Ranger Corp, First Division, may be starting up their own site soon.  Will link as soon as they’re up and running.


A good smattering of gear for sale.  Mostly bags and packs and medical supplies.


Several excellent “How-To” demos.  One on radio communications, one on medical trauma treatment.


 Raffled off several T-shirts, a couple of hats, and a shotgun.


There are a still few, vested in the local political circles, espousing how solutions to the current state of affairs can be found within the realm of politics.  Something along the lines of, “We can vote our way out of this if we just vote for the right people”.


There are many people with experience and knowledge in the skills necessary to prepare for and even succeed in the 2015 Great North American Games.  And for now, they are more than willing to share.


More @ Alamance County Rangers

Connecticut Dem Jokes About Corruption


Bridgeport's Democratic mayor Bill Finch, a supporter of Connecticut congressman Chris Murphy's bid for the U.S. Senate against Republican Linda McMahon, jokes about corruption:

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch is at it again. The Democrat who presided over a 2010 vote casting and counting scandal in the tight race for governor was caught on video Friday guaranteeing Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Christopher Murphy a big result in the state’s largest city–even if it takes days to count.

Bridgeport provided a crucial and dubious margin of victory to Democratic and Working Families Governor Dannel P. Malloy in 2010 amidst unprecedented chaos at the city’s polling places. The 2010 Bridgeport assault on democracy included photocopied ballots, altered hours at polling places, a mysterious bag of votes and Finch’s abuse of the city’s emergency notification system to increase turnout on Election Day.

Murphy, locked in a dead heat with Republican Linda McMahon, needs the grimy Bridgeport Guarantee. He got it from Finch on Friday while visiting small businesses in the poverty-wracked city. A laughing Finch boasts even if it takes a couples of days to get the results,”You can be guaranteed you’re going to get the vote.” Two years after the 2010 fiasco, it remains no laughing matter to the rest of Connecticut.

Glock 23C 40S&W, Compensated / Ported w/Night Sights. VG $399.95


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Jim Miller outlines the III Arms Company and the Citadel at the Autumn NC PATCON 2012

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Batch of New $100

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Batch of New $100 Bills Stolen from Plane 

Federal authorities are warning merchants to be on the lookout for stolen $100 bills that aren't supposed to go into circulation until next year.

The bills were stolen from an airplane that landed in Philadelphia from Dallas Thursday morning. The plane had been transporting money from the Federal Reserve facility in Dallas. 

The theft was reported by a courier service transporting the C-notes when the shipment arrived Thursday afternoon at the Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford, N.J. Officials then discovered some of the money was missing.

More @ NBC