Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tuyển tập những bức ảnh khó quên về cái Tết Mậu Thân – Xuân 1968: A collection of unforgettable photos of the Tet Offensive - Spring 1968

 Tuyển tập những bức ảnh khó quên về cái Tết Mậu Thân – Xuân 1968 ,

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Wreck X3


Candace Owens v Prince Harry & Charles & Meghan

Dreaming of a Truckers Strike?

Via Joe Martin's Ghost



The left hates the fact, and certainly would never acknowledge it even exists, but cops to a great extent are just working stiffs like the rest of us.

What with all the disparagement being heaped upon the Canadian truckers, who could blame some of them being sympathetic. For the last two years they've had more than their share of scorn heaped upon, from being told to stand down as cities burned and were looted, to loosing members to budget cuts to now getting shot at and killed on a regular basis.

Now this is pure speculation of course but what would happen if American truckers organized a convoy proportional in size to the one that is occuring in Canada?

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Attorney Wally Zimolong: 40% Of Pennsylvania Ballots Were Unconstitutional


If this was the most ‘safe and secure’ election in history then why are Democrats trying so desperately to change voting laws across the nation?

A recent court ruling struck down mail-in voting in Pennsylvania—putting a temporary hold on mail-in voting schemes in the state.

This legal victory has opened up the door, and has revealed that roughly 40% of the vote in Pennsylvania during the 2020 elections were fraudulent according to attorney Wally Zimolong.

If what Zimolong says is accurate this means that President Trump crushed the state—winning it by a large margin of victory.

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