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Old Saigon: Walk Into Saigon's Rarely Seen Neighborhoods in 1966-1967
Tu Duc 1974, '52 Citroen, wig, shades, my stomach pushed out, and a funny looking cigarette. I had just gotten my car back from the paint shop.

Did you know that Hung Vuong Street used to run alongside a railway connecting Saigon with My Tho?

In 1966 and 1967, Australian serviceman Allen McKenzie was stationed in Vietnam. These film photos were taken during many of his trips wandering around the city. McKenzie’s snapshots captured some rarely seen facets of Saigon in the 1960s. The city center of District 1 is more than well-documented by tourists and famed photographers alike, but that sheen of glamor did not reflect the rest of the town’s conditions.

Working-class communities sprouted up along railways, around wet markets and along riverbanks, forming tight-knit but squalid neighborhoods. Today, most Saigon residents have moved on to better living conditions: shanty towns along the Nhieu Loc-Thi Nghe and Tau Hu canals — as shown in McKenzie’s images — dispersed as city authorities cleaned and revamped the waterways.
Have a look at Saigon in the late 1960s below:

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UNC Board of Governors member says chancellor broke law by authorizing removal of remnants of Silent Sam

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One day after crews removed the remnants of a Confederate statue as authorized by the UNC chancellor, a UNC Board of Governors member is calling the move illegal and reiterating his position that the statue be reinstated.

“The only people who can move statues are the General Assembly. We can’t do it," said Thom Goolsby, an attorney based in Wilmington. “Whether you like the statue or hate the statue, my suggestion is, let’s contextualize the statue, and let’s talk about it and let’s use it as a talking point to talk about history.”

The Confederate statue known as Silent Sam was pulled off its pedestal by protesters in August.
On Monday, Chancellor Carol Folt announced her resignation and decision to remove Silent Sam’s base and commemorative plaques. Overnight, crews performed that removal.

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Mark Krikorian Discusses Lawsuit Against $PLC

European Socialists Identified With The Northern Cause. They Still Do

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Over the years, in many articles, I have documented the support Karl Marx and his friend Engels had for and gave to the glorious Union during the War of Northern Aggression. By now if should be no secret (except to students reading government school “history” books) that these two radical leftist revolutionaries strongly favored the Union cause. Even court historian James McPherson has to admit as much, although he does such with pride.

It was mentioned in the book Karl Marx by Franz Mehring that the English branch of the Communist International, when Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, sent him a message of greetings and congratulations.

Lee-Jackson Day 2019: Flagging Lexington/Washington & Lee

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For the SEVENTH year, the Va Flaggers will gather in Lexington for the Lee-Jackson holiday. Friday, January 18th is the Virginia State Holiday for Lee-Jackson Day, and Saturday, January 19th is officially recognized as Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington. The Virginia Flaggers will flag the town of Lexington for action taken by City Council to ban ALL flags from city light pole flag stands, rather than allow the flags of Lee and Jackson to fly for the week leading up to the State holiday, AND Washington and Lee University for actions taken by former President Ruscio to desecrate the LEE Chapel by removing battle flags from the Lee Mausoleum and refuse to allow the SCV to hold a Memorial Service in the LEE Chapel, and actions by the current administration to rename buildings and remove portraits of Lee and Jackson in uniform...all in response to the demands of 6 agitators/students.

Join us, as we "take it to the streets" to let the folks in Lexington and Washington & Lee University know that there are still many of us who honor Lee and Jackson and will not go away quietly.

We will flag all day Friday, participate in memorial service at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and parade on Saturday, and flag Saturday afternoon/evening. We welcome all those interested in standing with us to attend Friday, Saturday, or both days.

Meet at Stonewall Jackson Cemetery Friday at 10:00 a.m, Saturday at 9:00 a.m. for instructions and information.

The Va Flaggers call for a TOTAL BOYCOTT of Lexington, Va and ask that participants take great effort and not spend ANY MONEY inside the city limits.

Top Mueller Officials Coordinated With Fusion GPS Spouse In 2016

 Top Mueller Officials Coordinated With Fusion GPS Spouse In 2016

The Department of Justice's Bruce Ohr claimed he repeatedly said information was not verified, risked bias, and had been obtained under political circumstances.

A senior Department of Justice official says he repeatedly and specifically told top officials at the FBI and DOJ about dossier author Christopher Steele’s bias and his employer Fusion GPS’ conflicts of interest, information they kept hidden from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. These conversations involved high-level officials, including some who are now senior officials in the special counsel probe. And the conversations began taking place in the earliest days of August 2016, much earlier than previously revealed to congressional investigators seeking to learn the facts about the FBI’s decision to spy on the Trump campaign.

Testimony from Bruce Ohr, the demoted associate attorney general at Justice, informs a years-long partisan debate about the role he played in funneling information to the FBI from the terminated source.

Judge Orders Susan Rice Must Answer Questions on Benghazi as Part of Clinton Lawsuit

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Susan Rice in a 2015 file photo.

Susan Rice, the former United Nations ambassador and national security adviser to President Barack Obama, was ordered by a federal judge this week to answer written questions about the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, Fox News reported.

Rice, along with Ben Rhodes, her former deputy in the White House, was ordered to answer questions about the State Department’s response to the deadly attack.

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The White Man’s Burden: Reflections on the Custodial State

A storm, methinks, is just over the horizon: The genetics of intelligence, perhaps of behavior. Geneticists know that intelligence is largely genetic. They know better than to say so. But research advances rapidly. Laboratories close in on the responsible genes. Things like genomic-sequence correlation proceed apace. Within ten or fifteen years, I will guess, the genetics of IQ will be firmly established. If the results turn out as seems likely…then what? What does a pseudodemocracy do when clearly stratified by intellectual capacity? 

Barr Reveals his Top Priority: Confiscating Guns


Tuesday’s confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee William Barr was very disturbing.
Even the most liberal, anti-gun Justice on the Supreme Court -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- didn’t sit in the witness chair in the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell us she intended to shred the Second Amendment.

So, when Barr openly spat on the right to keep and bear arms on Tuesday -- and threatened to break down our doors in the middle of the night in order to confiscate our guns -- well, that’s a problem for us.

Listening to William Barr, there is no doubt that he will be an enemy of the Second Amendment. He even talks like an anti-gunner.

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Trump fires back at Pelosi, cancels her foreign travel

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President Trump on Thursday hit back at Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for warning she may postpone the State of the Union address by scrapping her planned trip overseas.

In a letter to Pelosi, Trump told her that a congressional delegation trip she intended to take to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan, which he dismissed as a “public relations event,” is now “postponed.”

“We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the shutdown is over,” Trump wrote. “I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the Strong Border Security movement to end the shutdown.”

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Trump Agonistes

The presidential election of 2016 gave promise to be a watershed in American politics. Donald Trump appeared, a non-politician and rich enough to support his own campaign without selling himself to the usual special interests. He collected all the right enemies. He deflated a whole platoon of Republican celebrities down to their actual pigmy size. He vanquished them by something so simple you wonder why it is not used more often—by speaking to the people about real issues rather than spouting the near-identical and meaningless advertising slogans of his opponents. Something not done in presidential politics since George Wallace a half century ago. Amazing how far just a little bit of truth can go when inserted into the hullabaloo of lies and evasions that is American public discourse.

The Man In Black

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