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America and the world at a crossroad: either Trump foils the coup against him or the NWO will definitely arise

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Not only does Trump’s eventual inaction favor global dictatorship, but it will also destroy him and his family.There is no future as a businessman for Trump. 

The globalist mafia will scorch the earth around him. The DC attorney general is looking for ways to arrest him and his son.

If the mechanism is not stopped now, the Great Reset will be activated and it will overwhelm everyone and everything.

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell was spotted at the White House last Friday.

Lindell carried with him some papers and some handwritten notes that suggest Trump is the best path to trigger the Insurrection Act and the consequent dealing of the emergency powers.

The Insurrection Act would mean the activation of the military courts to judge those who orchestrated riots or other subversive acts that can compromise the integrity and the stability of the Republic.

Apparently, the entrepreneur would have had a short meeting with Trump, where he presented the President with the best options to trigger these emergency powers, but it’s not clear if Trump took into consideration the recommendations of My Pillow CEO.

After the meeting, Lindell stated that he had only been a messenger who had received the task to forward a message to Trump from an attorney, whose name wasn’t disclosed.

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Happy Lee-Jackson Day

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Dear Southern Patriots,

I humbly welcome you to the first event of 2021, the Florida Lee-Jackson Day Party.  This event has greater meaning than ever before.  It is abundantly clear that there is no one coming to save us.  There is no political solution for the preservation of the Southern people, culture, heritage, or future.  We must begin retaking our future as a unified bloc of proud people.

I would say that the South is currently enduring an unprecedented attack on her very being, but that would not be true.  The South is enduring a cultural genocide that began in the early 19th Century and has periodically taken more violent and aggressive forms.  The invasion of 1861 was far worse than that which we experience today.  The attacks on Southern identity in the 1950s and 60s were overwhelming, as well.  However, these latest attacks are different.  Yankee Marxists seek to eradicate the South forever.  I have thought long and hard as to why, and I believe the answer is simple: the South is comprised of a Godly people and Satan hates Godly people. 

But fear not – God always wins in the end.

You are comprised of the DNA of beautiful peoples whom others have attempted to eradicate before and failed. 

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Members of Sons of Confederate Veterans celebrate Lee-Jackson Day in Lexington

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Folks have been gathering at the Stonewall Jackson statue to celebrate the Confederate General’s birthday for over two decades. Saturday was no different, even though Lee-Jackson Day is no longer a state holiday. The cemetery’s name also changed last year.

As of last summer, the name of the cemetery with the Stonewall Jackson monument has changed from Stonewall Jackson Cemetery to Oak Grove Cemetery. That name change hasn’t stopped the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) group from coming out and celebrating Stonewall Jackson’s birthday.

“We don’t care what the name of the cemetery is, this is still Jackson circle, it always will be, nobody can control that,” Brandon Dorsey, Communications Officer for the Stonewall Brigade SCV, said.

The Stonewall Brigade SCV is the group who organized Saturday’s 21st annual event in Lexington. Dorsey and other members of this group marched through Lexington, waving Confederate flags, to follow their yearly tradition of honoring Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee around their birthdays.

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Military Government Perfected

 Robert E. Lee A Biography by Robert W. Winston 1934    

“Lee, indeed, saw an analogy between the Revolution of 1776 and the Revolution of 1861. In ’76 the Colonists threw off the yoke of Great Britain, in ’61 eleven Southern States threw off the yoke of the North. In each instance the act was one on revolution. Lee maintained that a government held together by coercion – such as Lincoln’s call for troops would create – was but a semblance of a government. He remembered that Washington himself had declared, “There is nothing which binds one country or one state to another but interest.”

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“Not Since Hermann Destroyed the Roman Legions”


The Wilderness battle was fought July 1-3, 1864: 104,000 Union troops versus 61,000 Southern. Once again the carnage was appalling and once again Lincoln had the opportunity to end the struggle against the South’s independence as the British did some eighty years earlier with the colonies. Several peace conferences committed to saving the lives of soldiers and civilians alike would end in failure as Lincoln stood firm in his conviction to rule all the American States, and nearly half in subjugation.

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Parler CEO John Matze Posts Update, Says Parler WILL Be Back!

 “It’s very, very interesting that they all, on the exact same day without previously indicating, they never indicated to us that there was any serious or material problem with our app,” CEO Matze told Fox News’ host Mark Levin. “But on the same day, you know, all on the same day, they send us these very threatening notices.”

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E Company Consisted of 7th and 8th Graders - Greenbrier Military School 1967-1968 (Dixie at 7 Minutes)

 Spring '63 Greenbrier Military School, Lewisburg,West Virginia





Grey Webb 1963, Battalion Staff, followed by Band Company.

Mike Huckabee Floats Idea of Impeaching Kamala Harris for Bailing Out BLM Rioters

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says that if all politicians who are ever linked to rioting are to be removed from office, it might be time to start with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

In a Saturday interview with the Fox Business Network, Huckabee said that President Donald Trump’s comments on Jan. 6 prior to the Capitol incursion might not have been well-chosen, but he said Trump is not alone.

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Poll: Republicans Overwhelmingly Side With President Trump Over Mitch McConnell


Republicans are overwhelmingly siding with President Trump over Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll published Wednesday evening.

The poll showed that 62 percent of Republicans think Trump was right to contest the election results and an even higher 69 percent do not blame him for violence at the Capitol last week.

The poll showed that 91 percent of those who identified as “Trump supporters” supported his continued contesting of the election. Of those who identified as “traditional” Republicans, 46 percent supported it, with 36 opposed.

An even higher percentage of Trump supporters — 96 percent — said Trump makes the Republican party better, and a slim majority of traditional Republicans — 51 percent — agreed.

Ninety-two percent of Trump supporters want to see Trump run in 2024, while 41 percent of traditional Republicans agreed.

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The definitive list of liberal, progressive and/or anti-Trump, agenda driven companies that you should boycott

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The Cardinal rule of business is to never even discuss politics, yet some companies have recklessly chosen to alienate half the country by attacking Donald Trump and Republicans, and/or supporting the false narrative of systemic racism in police and in everyday life. These companies are a threat to not just conservative speech but free speech and freedom in general. If we do nothing, then their political agendas become the norm.

Many of these companies have been bullied by radical activists into supporting the Marxist hate group Black Lives Matter and other race mongering groups. Some companies have capitulated by posting a quick tweet or burying a pandering web page, while others have clearly gone above and beyond a little lip service to appease the angry mob by making huge donations to go along with vitriolic rhetoric. In order to get on this boycott list, a company had to do more than just post a quick tweet. Additionally, some companies on this list are run by or employ rabid Democrats who have attacked Trump and/or have donated to Democrat political campaigns, have pulled advertising from FOX's good shows, are anti-2nd Amendment, anti-1st Amendment, have furthered anthropogenic global warming hysteria, etc.

Our freedoms are under assault by leftist companies. This is why we MUST take action. Show them what 74 million + consumers can do to their profit margins.

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First shipment of 40 caliber since August, more 45 ACP, and 200k more rounds of 9MM + 50 BMG

 Mississippi Auto Arms

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Mike Lindell Update: “I Delivered Evidence To President Trump That He Won 79M to 68M!” (Video)


We all saw Mike Lindell visit the White House yesterday….

And today we just got the scoop about why, and what was discussed!

In a new interview with Right Side Broadcasting (that was immediately deleted by YouTube after uploading), Mike Lindell breaks down his whole meeting.

He explains what happened, some of the nefarious gatekeepers he interacted with, and the evidence he brought to President Trump.

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Nikki Haley: Biden administration’s goal will be to impose more control over America’s culture and economy

 Illinois Family Action » Communist Revolutionaries Openly Back Biden-Harris  2020

Democrats will control all elected branches of government for at least two years and they will likely use this power to control our culture and economy. While liberals from previous generations advocated for the freedoms of speech and religion, the modern Left has adopted political correctness and cancel culture as its guiding principles. Liberal elites have tried to boycott a Hispanic-owned company because of its owner’s political beliefs, shamed professors who did not preach their ideology, mandated a school curriculum that condemns our founders and targeted conservative nonprofits. On the economic front, they believe in raising taxes and implementing business-killing regulations, creating an economy that will stifle innovation and eliminate jobs. Most of us know that America is not the same country without its freedom and it is the duty of the loyal opposition to preserve it. Hence, we must resolve to fight for America and to keep its freedom alive.

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Happy 18th Birthday Miss Ella

                                                          The daughter of Emily my first child.