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Best January for DOW - Wages, salaries rose more than 3% - Jobs numbers: ‘We told you so’ - Strongest economy in the world’

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White House takes victory lap on jobs numbers: ‘We told you so’

Vietnam war hero Charles Kettles has passed away

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The satellite image of the Song Tra Cau riverbed, near Duc Pho, Republic of Vietnam. The graphic overlay depicts then-Maj. Charles Kettles flight path during the emergency extraction, May 15, 1967, as part of Operation Malheur.

According to reports from the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation, the Michigan Heroes Museum, and others, Lt. Col. Charles Kettles — the Vietnam war hero and Army pilot who received the Medal of Honor in 2016 for his resupply and rescue efforts in 1967 — died Jan. 21, 2019, at his home in Michigan.

Charles Kettles, at the time an Army major and flight commander in the 176th Aviation Company (Airmobile) (Light), 14th Combat Aviation Battalion, Americal Division, led a platoon of UH-1D Huey transport helicopters to resupply soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, during an ambush by a battalion-sized enemy force near Duc Pho. After leading several trips to the hot landing zone and evacuating the wounded, he returned, without additional aerial support, to rescue a squad-sized element of stranded soldiers pinned down by enemy fire, the White House says.

Takes two to Tango: $NAACP$ President Calls for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to Step Down Over Unearthed Blackface Yearbook Photo

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May not have come out except for increased scrutiny due to his infanticide stand. Good  riddance to bad rubbish, after all he is a Democrat which is now the Party of Death.

The president of the $National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)$ has called on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign over a photo on his yearbook page featuring someone in blackface standing next to someone dressed in a KKK uniform. One of the men in the photo is Northam.

Another Leaked Transcript: Bill Priestap “Closed” Testimony Conflicts With James Comey “Open” Testimony….

Another unsourced leak of a congressional hearing transcript to The Epoch Times highlights the testimony of former FBI Director of Counterintelligence, Bill Priestap.

Unfortunately, the transcript is not provided, and there is no explanation as to why the transcript is not provided; however, one quote seems interesting.

The question surrounds why congressional leadership, including the Gang-of-Eight, were not briefed about the opening of a counterintelligence operation into a presidential campaign.  The investigation began on July 31st, 2016. Congress was not notified until early March 2017.

Comment on Governor Northam Who Endorsed Infanticide Received $2 Million From Planned Parenthood

Virginia Gov Planned Parenthood

This has me more upset, than I have been in years. Am I shocked some democrat endorses infanticide, not really. I am, however, shocked and floored that NOT ONE democrat leader has spoken out against it. Really! WTF is wrong with you folks? A baby is born, then you decide to kill it or not. How long to make that decision? The woman was pregnant for 9-months so a week, two, or maybe she gets another 9-months to decide if it’s keeper or drowned in gunny sack at the river. Hell it took Nazi’s taking power longer to begin this.

And to you the democrat voters. Today you do not have blood on your hands. But knowing that the ENTIRE democratic leadership is fine with infanticide, and you vote democrat. I hold you just as responsible for that child’s murder. Just as the Nazis found at Nuremburg, “I was just following orders,” was not a defense. You, as the democrat voter cannot claim any innocence in the murder of these children.


“There Will Be Blood” – Antifa Leftists in Germany Publish Assassination Instructions as Part of 2019 Election Strategy

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“Instructions for Assassinations on AfD Swine during the Election Campaign!

First, obtain two polymer composite firearms in countries with more liberal gun laws (Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Austria). The (high-power) Glock 20 10mm is ideal. Purchase digital Motorola SRX 2200 walkie-talkies with encryption. Use a Trojan horse getaway vehicle: A van containing a change of clothes and several motorbikes will full tanks of gas.

Reconnoiter AfD campaign events. Choose target at will. The more well-known, the better (Von Storch, Weidel, Gauland, Meuthen). Björn Höcke is a primary high-value target (HVT). Andreas Kalbitz is also a HVT. Lesser-known AfD candidates are suitable as moving targets.

Study the locations, access paths, roads on maps.

Form teams. The A team should consist of two armed operators. White German women are ideal. Bodyguards will pay less attention to women who are pretty, made-up, and well-dressed. Running shoes required.

The B team are spotters to keep an eye on the surroundings. Spotters remain outside the main campaign venue. They transmit only the most vital info via secure walkie-talkies. They are equipped with fireworks to distract bodyguards.

The armed operators maintain a low profile at the event. Scan the venue for target, bodyguards, police. Movements and breathing must be calm, facial expression friendly and relaxed.

The spotters decide via walkie-talkie when to ignite fireworks as distraction. Before the explosion, they should begin leaving the premise in different directions on bicycles at a usual pace of approx. 15 kph. When the distraction occurs, the bodyguards will be focused on the direction of the bangs. At this moment, the operators close in on target. Draw weapons slowly and cross-fire double-tap at the immobilized target’s head. Immediately deposit weapon in coat or jacket pocket and hold on to it. Fire at threats from pocket if necessary.

Quickly make your way out of the frightened crowd to getaway van. Change clothes. Leave weapons behind. Drive van to prearranged location, scatter on motorbikes.

Van driver must clean the inside thoroughly. Get rid of stolen license plates. Destroy discarded clothes completely with burning gasoline. Disassemble weapons, dispose of parts in various locations. Wipe ammo clean and place in empty cigarette package. Throw package in trash.

Thereafter, each team member is on their own. Eat fresh fruit.”

Dianne Feinstein and Lindsay Graham face off over Trump’s 9th Circuit picks

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., left, speaks with ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., as Attorney General nominee William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019.
“I have nothing but respect for Sen. Feinstein,” Graham said, “but once (Democrats) changed the rules on circuit courts – they did it, not me – to expect that the blue slip system would survive is pretty naïve.”

President Donald Trump’s choices for three seats on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals set up a confirmation battle that could become a test of wills between the Senate Judiciary Committee’s leading Democrat, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and its new Republican Chairman Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The result could shape the San Francisco-based court and the Senate confirmation process for years to come.

Gee, exactly what we need..... Senate unanimously approves bill to make lynching a federal hate crime

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After nearly 100 years of failed attempts, the Senate on Wednesday unanimously approved legislation to make lynching a federal crime.

Sponsored by the Senate’s three African American members, Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.) and Tim Scott (R-S.C.), the bill would ensure that lynching triggers an enhanced sentence under federal law like other hate crimes.

More @ The Washington Post (which used to be a decent rag)

The infection within

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So... Snoop Dogg can call the President the N word but if I call him that, I'm bad.

Kid Rock calls Joy Behar a bitch and he's bad, but Samantha Bee calls Ivanka Trump a feckless C word and she is given an award the next day.

We take down statues of our history (like it or not, it IS our history) but a Congresswoman can take an oath (in our nation UNDER GOD) on the Quaran, wearing a Palestinian flag and WE are racist for wanting to protect our borders and Americans?

Christian Bale thanks Satan for an award, but we are shamed for being Christian.

We cry for illegal immigrants FORCING their way into our country, but not one mainstream media channel would broadcast the funeral of a slain officer MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD by an illegal immigrant.

Our children are having liberalism shoved down their throats in our public schools and universities, but Republican and Conservative speakers are mocked, forced to cancel their speeches, threatened and silenced!

Today, the mainstream media outlets have threatened to not air THE PRESIDENT’S address to the nation, but the same media outlets hide behind freedom of the press as they feed us lies and their OPINIONS (not facts).

Wake up America! It's time we took our country back!! Also, today New York State passed a law that allows a child to be legally murdered up until the day of its birth because a woman has “rights “ to do whatever she wants with her own body- to hell with the baby growing inside of her. This means that homicide can be carried out on full term babies up to nine months!

I can’t stay silent anymore because things have become insane and they need to be changed.before our country dies from within.

Inside DOJ and FBI: Anatomy of a bloodless coup?

Inside DOJ and FBI: Anatomy of a bloodless coup?
All of these facts appear to show the “collusion” investigation was begun by those with apparent political motives and complete disregard for protocols. This suggests that, indeed, a small political faction inside the U.S. government attempted to sway a presidential election — and used our country’s counterintelligence assets to do it.

The word “coup” evokes imagery of bloody revolution, but does a coup have to be bloody, or even happen all at once? What if, instead, a bloodless, rolling coup started with a snowball and ended with an avalanche? Many believe this very thing happened in 2016, with a small political cabal determined to see Hillary Clinton elected president. When she was defeated, the theory goes, they worked even harder to try to bring her hated opponent, Donald Trump, down by any means necessary — even if this caused much of the American public to believe the president of the United States is the tool of a foreign adversary.

More @ The Hill

Orwell’s America

In the ongoing war against Southern Confederate heritage, we need to be cognizant of the academic pressures against it. As y’all know, UNC Chapel Hill recently tore down Silent Sam. This is going on throughout all the great Southern schools.

As a professional scholar, I was a member of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature; the Southern Historical Society; and by invitation only, an original member of the Saint George Tucker Society. In terms of my scholarly work, I’m at the interstice between Southern Literature and Southern intellectual history. Hence my connections in both camps and with scholars and writers with interests in those two areas.

However, it must be said, that the American Historical Association is the most powerful, and most significant association for professional American historians, whatever their field. Be it Southern history, my favourite, or it be French (my second favourite), Central Asian, Russian, or Korean history. This is the parent organisation for ALL historians. The Organisation for American Historians, is the one that focuses entirely on American history.

After the Charlottesville Tragedy, the AHA posted their official statement.

Roger Stone Explains How to Dress for Court

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Watch out, Liberals, Guns everywhere!

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From Bach Dang to An Dong: 25 Photos of 1965 Saigon

Two of the pictures are results of a bombing, I believe. Another picture is of the Phu
Tho  racetrack where the horses run the opposite way around, as is visible. The first and only time I went there, I won by some fluke. :) All pictures are out of focus which is strange.

A stroll along Ham Nghi, basking in the breeze of the Bach Dang Wharf and unwinding at the Saigon Zoo: George P. Morgan, Jr. followed the typical tourist trail in the city for a day during his time in Vietnam.

Morgan was born in 1940 and served in the US Navy from 1961 to 1990. In 1965, he was stationed in Vietnam, spending time in Saigon and Da Nang as a supply logistician. These photos are from Morgan’s personal archive, showing a side of Saigon that’s often nowadays romanticized in vintage-themed cultural products.

True to its reputation, Saigon’s central area in 1965 was neat, quaint and filled with tree-lined boulevards; but upon leaving the core of the city, visitors might have come across much less glamorous neighborhoods where residents were barely making ends meet.

Nonetheless, without camera owners like Morgan, we might never have had any chance to see what life was like in Saigon during our parents’ childhood.

More @ Saigoneer

Devastating: “High in the Confidence and Employ of the Party in Power”

Image result for The Power and Influence of Abolitionists,Stephen D. Carpenter, 1

With the deaths of Calhoun, Clay and Webster, it is said that the spirit of the Union died as well. For the rising class of Northern abolitionists, the legalities did not matter. Those like Theodore Parker linked antislavery actions with the “law of God,” and declared the Constitution not morally binding. Outside the small numbers of fanatical abolitionists were the many, North and South, who thought of African slavery – in truth a relic of the British colonial labor system – as an institution that would collapse with changes in time. The disunionist abolitionists, together with the new and purely sectional Republican party, lost no time in fomenting war with the American South and ending the Founders’ republic.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

“High in the Confidence and Employ of the Party in Power”

“Let us enquire about the whereabouts and status of some of the leading Abolitionists.” Where is Senator [Benjamin] Wade, who declared there was no Union in the United States Senate? As one of the President’s constitutional advisers.

Where is Senator [John P.] Hale, who in 1850 introduced resolutions for a dissolution of the Union in the United States Senate? As one of the President’s constitutional advisers.

Where is Senator Charles Sumner who said at Worcester, the 7th of September 1854, that it was the duty of the people to resist a law even after it was decided constitutional by the highest Federal Court? [He] is in the United States Senate, re-elected as one of the President’s constitutional advisers.

Where is Mr. [William] Seward, the author if the “Irrepressible Conflict,” and who voted to receive a petition for Dissolution of the Union, in 1848? In Mr. Lincoln’s Cabinet.

Where to-day do you find the man who declared that any people had the right to revolutionize their Government and establish another – who pronounced the Mexican war a wicked war, and declared that this Union could “not exist half free and half slave,” and bestows the blessings of his power on those who have for over a quarter of a century denounced the Government of our fathers? Acting as President of the United States.

Where to-day is Thaddeus Stevens, who scouted the idea that he obeyed his oath to support the Constitution, in voting to dismember Virginia? Chairman of the most important committee in the American House of Representatives.

Where to-day is [Nathaniel] P. Banks, whose easy loyalty would “let the Union slide?” A Major-General in the loyal army.

Where have you found Anson Burlingame, the Abolitionist who declared for a new Constitution, a new Bible – a new God – in short, a new deal all around? Appointed by Mr. Lincoln to drink tea and eat ornamental mince pies in the Celestial Empire.

Where do you find Joshua R. Giddings, who in 1848 introduced a petition for the dissolution of the Union? As Mr. Lincoln’s Consul to the Canadas.

Where do you find Hannibal Hamlin, the Vice President of the United States? Leaving the presiding officer’s chair to welcome Wendell Phillips upon the floor of the Senate, a courtesy rarely accorded to any civilian.

Where to-day do you find Horace Greeley, the man who stigmatized the American flag as a “flaunting lie” and cried “tear it down?” As the editor of THE leading Republican paper in America.

Where is now Wm. Lloyd Garrison, who pronounced the Constitution “a covenant with death, an agreement with hell?” You will find him feted by Republicans, and addressing the “loyal Union” meetings.

Thus we might go on ad infinitum, and show that each and every one we have quoted “disloyal,” “disunion,” and “treasonable” sentiments, are now high in the confidence and employ of the party in power.”

(The Power and Influence of Abolitionists, The Logic of History, Five Hundred Political Texts, Chapter XIX, Stephen D. Carpenter, 1864, S.D. Carpenter, Publisher, excerpts pp. 106-107)

An Eighteenth Century Understanding of Government

Image result for (The Articles of Confederation: An Interpretation of the Social-Constitutional History of the American Revolution, 1774-1781, Merrill Jensen,

The author below writes that the Founders, to include men such as John Adams and James Madison, saw the purpose of a separation of powers in the new government as necessary to give both “property” and “the people” – the aristocracy and the workers – a voice in government with a check upon one another. He adds that those who think of government as a science and formal political structures have difficulty understanding the men of long ago who looked upon government as an instrument for resolving tensions among social classes, or “interests,” which was the term commonly used in the eighteenth century. The social interests remain today, as well as the social tensions.
Bernhard Thuersam,  The Great American Political Divide

An Eighteenth Century Understanding of Government

“Those who bent their efforts, and a considerable amount of history along with them, to prove the constitutionality of the New Deal denied the fact of “State sovereignty” under the Article of Confederation. They asserted the old doctrine that the union came before the States and was therefore all-powerful: State sovereignty never existed. From this doctrine they deduced that New Deal measures could not be invalidated by the Supreme Court, which turned to “States’ rights” notions and a strict interpretation of the Constitution of 1787.

In doing so it was obvious the majority of the Court were motivated by political and economic predilections rather than concern for the true nature of the Constitution. The opponents of the Court, likewise, in their fervor to attain necessary ends, cited many analogies, the falsity of which they did not recognize. To them the argument of States’ rights used to defeat national regulation of business enterprise was specious and unfounded in history.

What they did not see was that the eighteenth-century counterparts of nineteenth-century vested interests likewise rejected the doctrine of State sovereignty. For them the only escape from a democracy which found expression in unchecked State governments was the creation of a national government which would limit if not destroy the sovereignty of the States. Despite the theorizing of later days, the fact remains that State sovereignty was a grim reality for those who objected to majority rule.

[Those] . . . who say or imply that democracy was not an issue in the Revolutionary era . . . do not face the fact that some of the Revolutionary leaders who became the folk heroes of later generations were actually opposed to what they believed to be, and what they called, “democracy.” Therefore they are unwilling to accept the idea that the Articles of Confederation were an expression of the democratic philosophy of the eighteenth century and that the Constitution of 1787 was the culmination of an anti-democratic crusade.”

(The Articles of Confederation: An Interpretation of the Social-Constitutional History of the American Revolution, 1774-1781, Merrill Jensen, University of Wisconsin Press, 1963, excerpts pp. viii-ix)

Newly-Elected FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Executive Order Eliminating Common Core From Florida Schools

Image result for Newly-Elected FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Issues Executive Order Eliminating Common Core From Florida Schools

Newly-elected Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday at a news conference that he is issuing an executive order to completely eliminate ‘Common Core’ from Florida schools.

Governor DeSantis said, “One of the things we would constantly hear about on the campaign trail is frustration from parents with Common Core and the testing.”

DeSantis said he wants to streamline standardized testing, increase literacy and make civics a priority in schools.

“Let’s get this right,” DeSantis said. “We want high quality, we want to demand excellence.”