Saturday, September 18, 2010

O'Donnell Wows Conservatives At Values Summit

"They're trying to marginalize us and put us in a box," O'Donnell said to cheers. "They're trying to say we're trying to take over this party or that campaign. They don't get it. We're not trying to take over our country. We are our country. We have always been in charge."

IS Constitution Day A Celebration, Or A Memorial?

"Before we can know whether we can keep our Republic, the central question is whether liberty still lies in our hearts, as it did in the hearts of the Founding Generation and in the hearts of all who stood in its defense since. The answer to that question makes all the difference to if and how we shall keep and restore our Republic."

The Real Opiate Of The Masses

"Obama, Pelosi, Reid, most Democrats, and a surprising number of Republicans are members of Marx's church. Though they rely on weasel words and denial to cloak their agenda, a review of their voting records reveals a persisting dedication to promising something for nothing to some and robbing someone else's pockets to pay for it."
Via Mike

Glenn Beck The Socialist

By explicitly and continually arguing that we need to all make a decision together, Beck has shown himself to be a socialist at heart. It is almost as if he is saying, "Look, I would prefer freedom, but if the people vote for socialism, then that’s okay."
Richard, SWR