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State Senator Neal Kedzie says his son was attacked while trying to stop someone from stealing his Romney/Ryan yard sign.

Whitewater Police tell NBC15 News this is an active investigation.

Here is the statement released by Senator Neal Kedzie:

Early on Friday morning, October 19th, my son Sean was awakened by noises outside his residence in Whitewater. As he went to see what the commotion was about, he noticed an individual removing a Romney/Ryan yard sign from his property. He yelled to the person that they were taking something not theirs and to return it immediately.

The individual returned the sign, however, a second person confronted and attacked Sean without warning.

Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting chokehold, and struck repeatedly about the face and head.

He nearly passed out from the chokehold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes.
Fortunately, an alert neighbor heard the commotion, scared the individuals away, and called the police.

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Goodies from Ol' Remus


1939 - Migrants alongside the Arkansas River in Muskogee County, Oklahoma, in the east-central part of the state. 

It's a default liberal assumption that the right's frontline troops are invariably "poor, provincial folk" or an "isolated, rural fringe" or "rootless, anomic people searching for personal stability," rather than the perfectly conventional middle- and upper-middle-class suburbanites they often are. We don't want to believe they're hiding in plain sight in our own neighborhoods and offices.
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 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The moment young people walk into school, they increasingly find themselves under constant surveillance: they are photographed, fingerprinted, scanned, x-rayed, sniffed and snooped on. Between metal detectors at the entrances, drug-sniffing dogs in the hallways and surveillance cameras in the classrooms and elsewhere, many of America's schools look more like prisons than learning facilities. Add to this the epidemic of arresting schoolchildren and treating them as if they are dangerous criminals, and you have the makings of a perfect citizenry for our emerging police state, says John Whitehead in this article at The Rutherford Institute.

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg The unendingly bad relations between blacks and whites - Conservatives want guns to protect themselves against blacks, but can't say so. Liberals want to eliminate guns so as to disarm blacks, of whom they are afraid but cannot say so.  If you think this is not true, tell me who people fear when they buy guns. Are liberals worried about being shot by white, forty-dive-year-old duck hunters? Do conservatives expect to find Jewish violinists crawling through their windows at night?, says Fred Reed in this article, White Girl Bleed a Lot, at Fred On Everything.

Chinook helicopter shot down by Taliban in Afghanistan - The allegation in this case is that the shooter with an RPG was seen before he fired, permission to take him out was requested and denied, he fired and missed and permission was still denied to shoot back until after he had fired a second time  and struck the chopper, killing those on board. The alleged reason is that firing on the guy with the RPG "might have hit innocents." Details here art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif
Karl Denninger at 

Obama as a debater - Lying, prevaricating weasel dragged over finish line by treacherous "moderator," thereby meeting liberals’ criteria for "victory".
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About Michelle Obama - We understand that it’s easy to be unaware of grocery store consumer price increases when you never have to do your own shopping and have a seven figure yearly budget for your own personal culinary team.
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OJ Simpson kept the knife he used to kill his ex-wife and friend and is now planning on selling it for $5 million to a wealthy memorabilia collector, according to reports.

The welfare electorate - What's going on here is fiscal profligacy on the grandest scale in American history. And there are consequences. Massive amounts of capital are being drained from the private sector and transferred to the government. This is one reason why American businesses have gone on a virtual capital-investment strike.
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The Big Sandboxes

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Over in the Big Sandboxes, the closer you get to the sharp end, the whiter the faces around you get. Yeah, Shaneequa and Keywanda and Yasminia joined the Army–as truck drivers, because the bennies were even better than welfare. Army Infantry and Marine Riflemen are pretty white. Army Airborne and Marine Force Recon are whiter yet. And when you start getting to CAS pilots and Navy SEALS, it's so white it looks like a Mormon high school marching band.
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The Diversity

A version of this article appeared in Woodpile Report 213 as Zero Tolerance. The year and a half since then has been a disaster. Ordinary urban life has gotten dangerous in a way it never was before. DNA-based thuggery against the vulnerable or the merely random is going parabolic. It's getting as serious as many doomer scenarios. We're on our way to being Beirut or Mogadishu. As it is, conventional norms of civility can no long be relied upon, the hair-trigger hostility walking among us can neither be predicted nor avoided. There isn't any right place to be or right time to be there.
Thoreau knew what he was talking about when he said people do what's respected rather than what's respectable. How it got like this and where it's going is a fit topic for those who honestly try to see things as they are. Yes, it's "understood" we're not supposed to talk about this among ourselves, yet it's "understood" what this otherwise inexplicable aggression is all about even so. The perpetrators certainly make no secret of it. Even the "nothing to see here, folks" mainstream media hint at it, and where they don't the reader's comments will make it clear, if roughly so. As always, Joe Everyman is way ahead of editorial policy.
Remus knows full well talk of black racism is considered racist in itself, usually said to be evidence of omitting a larger reality, or of a deficiency in understanding and compassion, perhaps even of knowingly servicing retrograde causes. He knows it's not cool, makes him no friends and probably gets him on lists compiled by those who believe conspicuous deviation from the approved narrative is something to be answered for. He also knows he can't let it pass.
We got to this point by making foolish assumptions. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s undid institutionalized discrimination, ensured voting rights and compelled desegregation, with the stated intent of establishing a color-blind society, a brotherhood of equals, a citizenry that could go forward together without the "artificial and demeaning divisions inherited from the past". A convulsive good faith effort by white American legislated away every conceivable advantage they might have over others and suppressed even the mildest dissent with draconian remedies. With full faith in the rightness of the cause, with the warm and cozy chatter of good citizenship and the new dawn of brotherhood, the nation awaited with pleasure the benefits our newly renovated society would bring to all. That was two generations ago.
It's clear now the stated goals of the civil rights cause were never really shared. A Blue Ocean Strategy immediately fell into place. Self-selected victims groups scrambled land-rush style to exploit the vulnerability so trustingly exposed. The vulnerability is of course "white guilt", our peculiar sense of justice that seeks to set things right not just in our own eyes but in the eyes of all. It's clear now how easily open-ended good will can be exploited, how every engagement with the allegedly wronged provided a fresh tipping point and new outrages, how eager we were to avoid confrontations—meaning we'd lost before they happened—and how simple it was to transform trivial incidents into an epic moral crisis art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif.
Principle took a battering from which it still hasn't recovered. The duplicity was, and is, astounding. For instance, it was racist to say some programs benefited black America almost exclusively, yet also racist to propose trimming them because they benefited black America almost exclusively. Or as the cliche news headline puts it: "Poor, Minorities Hit Hardest". This tactic is meant to freeze us in place like a bug in amber, and it works.
Every good faith concession was taken as a weakness, which invited new demands. The lofty covenants of civil rights were reworked into ultimatums, backed with threats of unanswerable violence, taking us ever further from the putative goal of unity and equality. Those who would have benefited most not only failed to hold up their end, or even make the effort. Instead they embraced a militant race-based thuggery, grasping for unwarranted preference and unearned payoffs with no thought of how it diminished them personally and us as a nation, much less how it betrayed and embarrassed those of us who believed in the larger aspiration. For our part, principles turned out to be a mispriced commodity. We were astonished how cheaply they sold us out when the market became favorable.
White Guilt—tellingly, it has no counterpart—has proven so successful a tool it's been codified so even the downright saintly can't escape:
White privilege is a system of advantage to white people in housing, salaries, employment, positions of power and education stemming from a former era of legalized discrimination but whose current beneficiaries need not hold discriminatory beliefs themselves.
Ol' Remus can't see how equality is even possible with this as a starting point. The excesses seem without end. He, reluctantly but firmly, came to accept black America as it reveals itself to be, rather than as it declares itself to be. He hasn't accepted the opinions and demands of "civil rights" leaders as legitimate or compelling for a very long time. He now accepts racial hostility as racial hostility. Simply put, ol' Remus went back to conditional tolerance, the condition being good will. It's more than is granted him.
As it is we're becoming Zimbabwe in more ways than wealth destruction. Any white person who lives or works in a city knows to avoid the subway or regional rail other than during rush hour, and some routes even then. Whites typically avoid taking a city bus anywhere at any time, they've become a victims-in-a-can proposition. Whites, or blacks for that matter, can't patronize some fast food restaurants with a reasonable expectation of civility, or even safety, the otherwise excellent Popeye's for instance. And McDonald's is closing in fast.
Inattention has consequences. Unprovoked racial assaults have become a part of urban reality, like a force of nature. One can cross an event horizon unknowingly and be pulled into oblivion. Once again, as in the 1960s, the popular option is escape. Once again the urban working class and professionals, black and white, are self-evacuating the cities. Realtors know what these new customers really mean when they inquire of the neighborhood schools. And their customers know communities aren't gated to keep out rogue lemonade vendors. Whatever a person may prefer to believe of The Diversity there's no ambiguity about the facts. People in large numbers are having a moment of clarity every day. And they're talking.
As in all things, we can deal with things as we wish they were or as they really are. We know how we got here. If we're serious, we know how things really are. What matters now is where it's going. Remus is at a loss to see how this can turn out well. The cumulative damage is too deep, the reservoir of good will too depleted. The record of white America, and whites in general, says minorities are well advised to never let things reach this point. Patience and good will tend to expire simultaneously. At present the restraints are holding. The page of history always turns however, and while no man can know what's written there, black America has been unwise in the part they've chosen, or at the least, accepted .
As the saying goes, it's never different this time. There's no point in overthinking this. It's enough to understand prudence in all things is the way of survival. A good beginning is to stay away from crowds, as always.
Addendum - In the previous Woodpile Report, Remus recommended this article art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif by Matt Bracken, When The Music Stops – How America's Cities May Explode In Violence, posted at Western Rifle Shooters Association. In it Mr. Bracken asks, "what if a cascading economic crisis, even a temporary one, leads to millions of EBT cards flashing nothing but ERROR? This sudden revelation will cause widespread anger, which will quickly lead to the flash-mob looting of local supermarkets and other businesses." He concludes, "It's not inconceivable that the United States could produce a dozen Sarajevos or Beiruts." The ongoing economical pratfall will materially affect The Diversity eventually. Mr. Bracken has written a dispassionate, credible, CIA Assessment-grade description of the maelstrom likely to follow.

Disclosure - Remus saw the segregated South first hand, participated in the civil rights movement when it was neither cool nor entirely safe, and lived in, not near, a Diverse NEC Big City for a time. Reproval of lesser provenance will be dismissed at the point of a ten foot pole.

Obamacare Redefines “Full-Time” Employment as 30-Hour Week


Much has been uncovered about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). The Supreme Court has upheld the individual mandate as a tax. We’ve come to find out the incredible taxes on employers. We’ve seen that young girls can be provided with contraception, abortions and sterilizations without parental notification. Now we discover that Obamacare has effectively altered the definition of “full-time” work as averaging only 30 hours per week.
Section 1513 of the law reads,
“The term ‘full-time employee’ means, with respect to any month, an employee who is employed on average at least 30 hours of service per week.” (Section 4, paragraph A)
The section quoted above is from the employer mandate. It requires any business with fifty or more full-time employees to provide the minimum-level of government defined health coverage to those employees.

Obama Scandal Bigger than Watergate?


House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent a ten page letter on Friday to Barack Obama on Friday in which he asked for clarification of the White House’s role in the Benghazi attacks.
The letter to Obama was accompanied by the release of more than 100 pages that documented requests for more security at the embassy.

“Americans … deserve a complete explanation about your administration’s decision to accelerate a normalized presence in Libya at what now appears to be at the cost of endangering lives,” Issa wrote. “These critical foreign policy decisions are not made by low- or mid-level career officials — they are typically made through a structured and well-reasoned process that includes the National Security Council at the White House.
“The ultimate responsibility rests with you as the president of the United States,” he said.
The letter met with outrage, not from Obama, but from Democrat Representative Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Cummings blasted Issa in a response declaring:
“It seems obvious that your goal in sending a public letter at this time is to release the most negative and distorted view possible of the attack in Benghazi ahead of the Presidential debate on Monday evening. This is particularly disturbing given requests by Ambassador Stevens’ family not to politicize his death as part of the campaign.”
Issa asks Obama to specifically answer eleven questions about the decision to remove security personnel from Libya and how much the National Security Council was involved.
Issa’s letter didn’t pull any punches either as he declared the White House “has not been straightforward with the American people in the aftermath of the attack.”

According to The Hill, Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi should be a “bigger scandal than (former President) Nixon” because “no one died” at Watergate.

One could concur with that or apply it to something even more deadly: Operation Fast and Furious, where hundreds of people were murdered due to an operation that still has an ongoing investigation, in which even the Inspector General said it was impossible to get valuable information to determine the truth.

Jefferson Davis - Beauvoir

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Banning Homework in France?!

Joe Scarborough: Tea Party Alive and Kicking


The tea party movement is alive and well, despite non-stop attacks from Democrats over its three-year existence, says Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

In a Politico column, he offers a laundry list of tea partyers’ accomplishments, saying they "energized a conservative movement battered by eight years of bloated Republicanism."

Other key accomplishments of the conservative groups include:

  • they shocked the political world by taking Ted Kennedy’s seat;
  • they put Obama Democrats in a constant defensive crouch;
  • they led the resistance against Obamacare;
  • they helped bring about the largest legislative landslide in U.S. history in 2010;
  • they grabbed six seats in the U.S. Senate that year;
  • they helped elect six governors;
  • they helped win 700 seats in state legislatures; and
  • they helped elect a Republican majority that included the largest number of Republicans elected since 1946.
More @ Newsmax

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C.S.S. / U.S.S. Tennessee:


The CSS Tennessee was designed and built to be an ironclad ram for the Confederate Navy. Designed mainly by J.L. Porter she was basically a modified version of 'Columbia' class ironclad. Tennessee was ordered in September 1862 and her hull was constructed by Henry Bassett & Sons on the Alabama River, a short distance from the city of Selma. Most of the timber used in the initial phase of construction was sourced locally but some of the heavy beams for her deck supports were transported from woodlands almost fifty miles distant. Tennessee was finally launched in the evening of 16 February 1863 and Lieutenant James D. Johnston C.S.N. was placed in command to oversee the vessel’s final construction. During the latter half of 1863 and during 1864, no less than five warships were under construction at the Naval Ordnance Works with three additional ironclads planned as soon as resources could be met.

Tennessee’s upper casemate for the protection of her battery was only a few inches short of seventy nine feet and rose eight feet above the deck. For the most part this upper structure was built of yellow pine and white oak some twenty three inches thick with each facing side angling thirty three degrees from the horizontal (Deck). On completion, the Tennessee’s massive wooden hull was towed by two steamers to Mobile to have her engine guns and final fittings put in place. As it turned out, these engines were considerably underpowered for the ship’s weight and their complicated gearing presented still further problems. These two geared non-condensing engines with twenty four inch cylinders and a seven foot stroke, were driven by four boilers. Some components were originally sourced from the steamer 'Alonzo Child' but never fitted as new items became available. Nonetheless the vessel's engines would prove to be detrimental to the Tennessee's prowess later. The Selma works nearby, were only able to cast one gun per week, so additional armament was obtained from Atlanta. The Tennessee had one unique feature however. Hot water pipes were attached to her boilers and when opened, these threw jets of boiling water from each end of the casemate to deter any opportune borders.

The required armour plate was supplied by the rolling-mills of Atlanta and for once, arrived on schedule. Exceedingly tough yet malleable iron, these were seven inches wide, two inches thick and twenty two feet long. Three layers were bolted on the forward end of the shield as far as the after end of the pilothouse, and from that point to the termination of the shield two plates of two inch and one of one inch thick were used. Heavy wood and iron shutters were fixed over each gun-port and were designed to close automatically when a gun was run back in for reloading. Like most other Confederate vessels built in the south, a chronic shortage of material and manpower plagued the Tennessee’s construction. Admiral Franklin Buchanan was forced to conscript civilians from Mobile in order to complete her fitting out. As it was, only in the later stages was a serious design fault found that left the rudder chains exposed. Even covered with boiler iron they remained vulnerable.
On 2nd April 1864 however, the vessel was declared ready to receive her crew, although she had no living accommodations. Lt Johnston remained in command and immediately promoted to Commander in recognition of his achievements.
Completed, the CSS Tennessee displaced nearly thirteen hundred tons with a length of two hundred and nine feet, a beam of forty eight feet and a draft of fourteen feet. With two 7 inch Brooke rifles on pivots and four 6.4” inch rifles, the Tennessee still required a crew of 133 persons with no living conditions on board.

The CSS Tennessee was one of the best armed and protected ironclads that the Confederacy was able to build and Buchanan intended to put her to good use by running through the blockade and capture Fort Pickens at the entrance of Pensacola Bay. By the time of their arrival it was approaching mid­night. Unfortunately the tide had fallen further than usual and the ship ran aground. Stuck, her presence was revealed by daylight and as the tide rose sufficiently to float his vessel, Johnston abandoned the attack moved to an anchorage near Fort Morgan. The CSS Tennessee remained here for nearly three months, training the crew to work effectively with their guns.

With the fall of New Orleans Rear Admiral Buchanan assumed command of the naval defenses and began strengthening his defenses with pilings and mines planted in the deeper water, leaving a navigable channel five hundred yards wide to enable blockade runners to slip in safely. On the evening of the 4 August 1864 however, it became obvious the blockading fleet was making preparations to force a passage into the bay. Finally, at 0530 on the 5 August 1864, Flag Officer David G. Farrugut attacked with four Monitor type ironclads and fourteen other warships.
CSS Tennessee and three wooden gunboats, CSS Gaines, Morgan, and Selma were stationed at the approaches to Mobile Bay, about ninety miles south of the port. Federal vessels were already taking fire from the guns of Fort Morgan but as the USS Tecumseh reached the centre of the channel between the forts, the Tennessee made directly for her. Two sloops managed to get between them so the Tennessee now aimed for the leading ship, the USS Hartford, intending to ram her but the Union ship escaped due to her superior speed. But they proceeded to follow it. Abandoning her pursuit of the Hartford, the CSS Tennessee turned to aid the gunboats but by then it was too late and she was forced to retire under the protection of the fort’s guns.

By morning, the Federal fleet were four miles into Mobile bay and at anchor. At 0850 Buchanan ordered the Tennessee to attack the enemy fleet which now consisted of ten wooden vessels and the three monitors. The CSS Tennessee was within range at 0920 and the one sided battle commenced. Despite her best efforts, the CSS Tennessee was rammed first by the USS Monongahela, Lackawanna (twice), and Hartford. Her smoke stack was blown away and several gun-port shutters had jammed shut. Eventually, the vulnerable rudder chains were shot away, as well as the relieving tackles. With his flagship unable to move, steer or fire her guns, and with the collapse of the casemate seemingly imminent, Buchanan decided to surrender. Before this could be done, the CSS Tennessee was further attacked and badly damaged at close range by the 15" guns of the monitor Manhattan and 11" guns of Chickasaw a white flag showed the confederate vessel had finally surrendered.

 The former Confederate ironclad was immediately taken into the Federal Navy as the USS Tennessee. Once her combat damage was quickly repaired, costing around $7,258, she was commissioned into the U.S. Navy on 19 Aug 1864, and immediately employed on operations to capture Fort Morgan between 19-22 August. In the autumn of 1864 she was sent to New Orleans, Louisiana, for further repairs. Then, transferred to the US Navy's Mississippi Squadron until after the end of the Civil War, she was decommissioned on 19 August 1865. The Tennessee was then sold by public auction on 27 November 1867, and scrapped.

Beauvoir to shine for holidays with inaugural Christmas at Beauvoir

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Mississippi first lady Deborah Bryant will serve as honorary chair of the inaugural Christmas at Beauvoir, an 1889-themed holiday celebration to be held 5 to 9 p.m. each Thursday through Sunday, beginning Nov. 9 and continuing through Jan. 6.

Beauvoir is the historic last home of American statesman Jefferson Davis.

"I am thrilled to be a part of the First Annual Christmas at Beauvoir," Bryant said in a press release. "Don't miss this unique opportunity to visit Beauvoir in a 'different light.' Bring your family and friends and let the Christmas memories begin."

Costumed carolers

Christmas at Beauvoir opens to the public on Friday, Nov. 9, with carolers, storytellers, actors and musicians in 1889-period dress entertaining visitors as they take a train tour of the grounds among the lights of the 100 live oak trees and stroll through Jefferson Davis' home decorated in 1889 fashion, according to the press release. Father Christmas will be on hand for photos with children in a carriage from 1890 and families can enjoy crafts, games and activities from the time period. Admission prices are $20 for adults; $12 for seniors, military and children ages 5-15; and children under 5 are free.

Opening the holiday celebration is the Festival of Trees on Thursday, Nov. 8, an invitation-only cocktail party and silent auction featuring 100 3-foot Christmas trees decorated by local Mississippi Gulf Coast businesses and individuals. Plus, gingerbread houses created by local pastry chefs will be raffled off. At 7 p.m., Bryant will turn on thousands of white lights that adorn 100 live oak trees across the grounds.
The light display will continue through Sunday, Jan. 6, which is Twelfth Night. Reigning Gulf Coast Carnival Association King d'Iberville and Queen Ixolib will darken the lights and then parade to the Mardi Gras Museum to officially welcome the Mardi Gras season to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

"This event is for the Mississippi Gulf Coast and the state of Mississippi," said Andi Oustalet, chairwoman for Christmas at Beauvoir. "We want to positively impact tourism during the holiday season and create awareness across the country of the national treasure that is the beautiful Beauvoir property and grounds. Our goal is to grow Christmas at Beauvoir to compete with other major holiday light displays across the Gulf Coast and become one of USA Today's Top Ten Places to See Christmas Lights in the Country."

Jefferson Davis' great-great grandson Bertram Hayes-Davis serves as executive director of Beauvoir and The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library. He said Christmas at Beauvoir is part of a long-term plan for the property to make it a prominent attraction for Southern history and culture.

Read more here:

Watts Militia

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Korean store employees / owners ca. 1992. +20 for friend-or-foe identifying headbands-100 for ballistic resistance.

Pumpkin Carving III

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DARPA-Funded Radio HackRF Aims To Be A $300 Wireless Swiss Army Knife For Hackers



Since the days of Alan Turing, the promise of a digital computer has been that of a universal machine, one that can be a word processor one minute and a robot brain the next. So why are radios, a technology even older than computers, still designed stubbornly to do one thing–like 3G, Wifi, FM, or GPS–for their entire lives?
In fact, the era of the single-purpose radio is over, says Michael Ossmann, the founder of an Evergreen, Colorado company called Great Scott Gadgets. And he believes he’s built the one cheap, hacker-friendly radio to rule them all.

At the ToorCon hacker conference in San Diego Saturday, Ossmann and his research partner Jared Boone plan to unveil a beta version of the  HackRF Jawbreaker, the latest model of the wireless Swiss-army knife tools known as “software-defined radios.” Like any software-defined radio, the HackRF can shift between different frequencies as easily as a computer switches between applications–It can both read and transmit signals from 100 megaherz to 6 gigaherz, including frequencies as low as the range used by FM radio up to the gigaherz frequencies used by Wifi or experimental wireless protocols for cars communicating in traffic. In between those bookends lies everything from police radio to cellular signals from AT&T and Verizon to garage door openers–all signals that HackRF can instantaneously intercept or reproduce. And at Ossmann’s target price of $300, the versatile, open-source devices would cost less than half as much as currently existing software-defined radios with the same capabilities.

More @ Forbes

Not All That It Can Be: The myth of American military superiority.


You hear it routinely during congressional events involving defense issues, when a defense secretary wants to protect his budget (or his legacy), and when candidate Barack Obama or his operatives defend the administration's national security record: The American armed forces are "the best in the world." It has become such an unremarkable bit of conventional wisdom that the comment is usually prologue to some other point the speaker wants to make.

Many think that because the United States spends multiples of any conceivable opponent or even combinations of them, has the largest modern navy and air force, and can operate all over the world, there is no conceivable enemy or enemies that can take on America successfully. The history of warfare is full of this kind of arrogance before the fall; it has occurred from the beginnings of recorded warfare until today. Consider Xerxes and Darius against Greece in antiquity, the British in America in 1775, the Russians before their war with Japan in 1904, and the United States in 1964 facing Vietnam.

History has recorded these and numerous other conflicts when the "wrong" side won the war, and there are still more examples from campaigns and individual battles. If spending or the size and breadth of forces were the sole determinants of success, the British and French would have won in 1940, the Russians would have repelled the Germans in 1941, the British would have won in Malaysia in 1942, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan would not have been the disasters they are.

When I have suggested that America's military might not be "the best," the inevitable question is, "Against whom? Name an opponent who can beat us." History is not kind to those who are so sure they know the future, and in today's vapid culture the confident prediction of supremacy is articulated in the absence of anything beyond a superficial bean count of forces and hardware -- sometimes not even that.

You thought the whole 'EUSSR' thing was over the top? Have a look at this poster



Take a close look at this promotional poster. Notice anything?

Alongside the symbols of Christianity, Judaism, Jainism and so on is one of the wickedest emblems humanity has conceived: the hammer and sickle.

For three generations, the badge of the Soviet revolution meant poverty, slavery, torture and death. It adorned the caps of the chekas who came in the night. It opened and closed the propaganda films which hid the famines. It advertised the people's courts where victims of purges and show-trials were condemned. It fluttered over the re-education camps and the gulags. For hundreds of millions of Europeans, it was a symbol of foreign occupation. Hungary, Lithuania and Moldova have banned its use, and various  former communist countries want it to be treated in the same way as Nazi insignia.

Russell Means, Indian activist, actor, dies at 72

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 Such a shame. First link below is from June. I have always admired him, viewed many of his videos and followed his battle with the "Big C" as John Wayne use to call it. This is 1 1/2 hours, but most excellent.


Russell Means never shunned attention. Whether leading Native Americans in railing against broken federal treaties, appearing in a Hollywood blockbuster or advocating a sovereign American Indian nation within U.S. borders, the activist who helped lead the 1973 uprising at Wounded Knee reveled in the spotlight.

But it was only on his terms. Openly critical of mainstream media, the onetime leader of the American Indian Movement often refused interviews and verbally blasted journalists who showed up to cover his public appearances. Instead, he chose to speak to his fan base through YouTube videos and blog posts on his personal website.

When he did speak out publicly, he remained steadfast in his defense of AIM. He found himself dogged for decades by questions about the group's alleged involvement in the slaying of a tribe member and the several gun battles with federal officers during the 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee, but denied the group ever promoted violence.

"You people who want to continue to put AIM in this certain pocket of illegality, I can't stand you people," Means said, lashing out an at audience member question during an April gathering commemorating the uprising's 40th anniversary. "I wish I was a little bit healthier and a little bit younger, because I wouldn't just talk."

Means, who announced in August 2011 that he had developed inoperable throat cancer but told The Associated Press he was forgoing mainstream medical treatments in favor of traditional American Indian remedies, died early Monday at his ranch in in Porcupine, S.D., Oglala Sioux Tribe spokeswoman Donna Salomon said. He was 72.

 More @ Yahoo

Smile!:) Matt Steele Outdoors: 3 Shooting Grip Essentials

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Art Robinson Sues DeFazio for $1 million More than 30,000 Oregon Voters Misled By DeFazio Illegal Billboards


In recent weeks, Oregon voters have seen an innovative Art Robinson sign campaign along the highways, roads, and city streets. Instead of advertising just the name of the candidate, Robinson volunteers have been putting up thousands of signs that advertise Art’s policies – the things that he will work to accomplish if elected to Congress. Since these signs are also made by volunteers, they are very inexpensive to post. (There are 35 different versions of the signs with different issues, which can also be viewed at The costs of materials for the signs have been paid by individual campaign donors. Art has no corporate campaign support.

Now, just before voting began (Oregon mail-in ballots have now been mailed to voters), a new, very expensive campaign has been launched on commercial billboards along Oregon highways and roads by Art’s opponent Peter DeFazio. These billboards say nothing about DeFazio or his policies. Actually, the very fact that DeFazio put them up is being concealed.

The DeFazio billboards feature Art Robinson’s picture, name, and text falsely suggesting that Art will work to close the public schools, stop social security payments, and stop federal student aid to college students. Art is pictured advertising these things. Many motorists who read these signs know that these are not Art’s policies, but polls show that 33% of motorists who read the signs believe that they were put up by Art, the candidate pictured on the sign, to promote his actual policies. Predictably, the signs make them less likely to vote for Art.

A poll taken by the Robinson campaign shows that, already, there are more than 30,000 Oregon voters who have been deceived into believing that Art put up these DeFazio billboards (33% of the approximately 100,000 who have seen the signs, with a margin of error giving a 99% probability that the number is greater than 25,000), far more than necessary to decide the election. At least an additional 20,000 voters are unsure who put these billboards up. And, these numbers are growing daily.

CBS News affiliate calls 2012 presidential race for Barack Obama weeks ahead of election

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The 2012 presidential election is still more than two weeks away, but on Friday a CBS News affiliate in Arizona called the race for President Barack Obama.

For 17 seconds, Phoenix, Arizona CBS News affiliate KPHO ran a lower third graphic that showed that Obama had won the Nov. 6 election over Gov. Mitt Romney with 99% of the precincts reporting. The lower third graphic appeared around 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 19, during an episode of “The People’s Court.”

The CBS News graphic showed Obama winning the election with 43 percent of the vote nationwide to Romney’s 40 percent -– or 40,237,966 votes to 38,116,216. It is unclear who garnered the other 17 percent in the fictional election results.

U.S. Drone Watched Libya Attack Unfold But Washington Did Nothing

 VIEW TO A KILL: As terrorists attacked the consulate in Benghazi, a US Predator drone was reportedly observing from above.

The United States had an unmanned Predator drone over its consulate in Benghazi during the attack that slaughtered four Americans — which should have led to a quicker military response, it was revealed yesterday.

“They stood, and they watched, and our people died,” former CIA commander Gary Berntsen told CBS News.

The network reported that the drone and other reconnaissance aircraft observed the final hours of the hours-long siege on Sept. 11 — obtaining information that should have spurred swift action.

But as Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were killed by terrorists armed with AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, Defense Department officials were too slow to send in the troops, Berntsen said.

“They made zero adjustments in this. You find a way to make this happen,” he fumed.

“There isn’t a plan for every single engagement. Sometimes you have to be able to make adjustments.”

The Pentagon said it moved a team of special operators from Central Europe to Sigonella, Italy — about an hour flight from Libya — but gave no other details.

Fighter jets and Specter AC-130 gunships — which could have been used to help disperse the bloodthirsty mob — were also stationed at three nearby bases, sources told the network.

Sandra Fluke Campaigns For Obama, Draws Crowd Of 10 People

Gut-busting! Sandra Fluke held “rallies” in Nevada this weekend and the crowds numbered in the ONES.
You really can’t make it up; how can you parody self-parodies? Obama for America actually touted one of the Fluke “rallies.”
Obama for America NV

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Map of Intolerance: Groups that Promote Anti-Southern, Anti-Christian Agendas

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Please note that this is an on-going project that will take some time to complete. Thank you for your patience.

Keeping track of the radical Left and groups that promote an anti-Southern, anti-White and/or anti-Christian agenda!

Click on a State below to see a detailed map showing the location of organizations which create a climate of hatred and intolerance against White Southerners and Christians. More States coming soon!

                                                         More @ Charleston Voice

U.S. Congress introduces bill ordering FEMA to conduct 'mass fatality planning'

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While millions of Americans were busy watching the elephant puppet battle the ass puppet at the latest political circus, the United States Congress quietly introduced a new piece of legislation ordering the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to begin preparing for mass casualties throughout the country.

House Resolution 6566, also known as the Mass Fatality Planning and Religious Considerations Act, would amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002 to mandate that FEMA immediately begin conducting "mass fatality planning" in preparation for a major event or series of events that may kill off untold numbers of people.

Introduced by Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Ca.), H.R. 6566 provisions that the Administrator of FEMA -- William Craig Fugate currently holds the Administrator position at FEMA ( -- provide "guidance and coordination" for dealing with a mass casualty event arising from a natural disaster, terrorist act, or "other man-made disaster."

The bill also ominously sets up the FEMA Administrator as a type of emergency dictator with the power to control how local communities, private businesses, nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and even individuals prepare for and respond to a mass fatality event.

"Funeral homes, cemeteries, and mortuaries could be overwhelmed should mass fatalities arise from a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster," says the legislation, which also specifies the manner in which people with certain religious affiliations should be buried following their deaths.

The Case Against Barack Obama


 Mike Scruggs

If you have been following the candidates and issues in this election, you already know that this is no ordinary political contest. Never before have America’s founding principles and values been more aggressively threatened by an incumbent president and his party. Virtually everything Americans have believed in, worked for, prayed for, and fought for during the last 250 years is being degraded or swept aside by Barack Obama and a radicalized Democrat Party.

Our Constitution and unalienable rights are being ignored and crushed by swelling bureaucratic government. Our economy is being shackled by job-killing over-regulation and high tax rates. Inflationary government spending and deficits are threatening the value of our income, savings, and retirement security. More than 22 million Americans who want a full-time job cannot find one. Half of new college graduates cannot find a good job. The defensive and fighting capability of our Armed Forces is being weakened by bureaucratic incompetence and thoughtless social experimentation. Obama’s naive and inept foreign policy has jeopardized our national security and the freedom and security of our allies, while encouraging arrogance and aggression by our enemies.

Moreover, Obama’s foreign policy appears to be more egregious than mere naivety and ineptitude. Anyone looking the facts in the face regarding Obama’s foreign policy must tremble at a possibility that demands inquiry. Is he really on our side? During the first twelve days following the murder of four American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, Obama continuously attributed the attacks to an amateur video critical of Islam. The talking point being pushed by him was that criticism of Islam was a violation of socially and morally acceptable behavior, which could understandably increase the possibility of violent reaction by Muslims around the world. On the surface, he condemned the violence, but beneath the surface and more continuously, he was paving the way for classifying criticism of Islam as a hate crime.

In fact, last December, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was working with an alliance of 56 predominantly Muslim nations in the U. N. to facilitate making criticism of Islam a hate crime in Europe, the United States, and other Western counties. That would effectively make the statement of many cardinal Christian doctrines and much of Scripture hate speech.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) believes that Obama’s concentration on the video as a cause of the violence was an attempt to deflect attention from the instability being caused by Obama foreign policy. Graham’s point only scratches the surface. As we see time after time, but with minimal media coverage or analysis, many of Obama’s actions, including the video issue hype, are directed toward marginalizing the influence of any Biblical form of Christian faith, practice, and speech. Last Christmas, the Obama Administration even tried to ban Bibles at Walter Reed Military Hospital where many wounded soldiers receive intensive rehabilitation care. The Administration rationale was that Bibles might offend non-Christian patients and families. This outrage was only stopped by a scathing condemnation of the ban in Congress by Rep. Steve King (R, IA). Under Barack Obama, our religious traditions and highest moral principles are being marginalized and suppressed with little thought of the social and providential consequences.

The Benghazi incident is not alone in raising the question of whether Barack Obama is really on the side of the United States and the American people. In March, at a conference in Seoul, Korea, discussing missile defense, President Obama, thinking the microphone was not picking him up, leaned toward Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and said:

“This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medevedev responded in English that he understood and would transmit the information to incoming President Vladmir Putin. Perhaps Obama is only incredibly naïve, but such a whispered statement to the Russian President raises the question again. Whose side is he on?

Our nation and our people are hanging on the edge of a cliff. Re-electing Barack Obama as our President will shove us off the edge of that cliff to economic and social ruin and possibly into the nation-consuming tragedy of war

Am I exaggerating? Will he rein in his economic and social radicalism after being re-elected? Does not common sense and ordinary insight suggest that he will consolidate his power and suppress any opposition? The dream of Obama’s father was Marxist socialism. The dream of our Fathers is freedom. November 6 may be our last chance to defend our liberties and regain the prosperity that economic freedom brings. We need to do everything we can to assure a victory for freedom on that day.

“At a time when liberty is under attack, decency under assault, the family under siege, and life itself is threatened, the good will arise in truth; they will arise in truth with the very essence and substance of their lives; they will arise in truth never shying from the Standard of Truth, never shrinking from the Author of Truth.”

—Henry Laurens, South Carolina patriot, and 5th President of the Continental Congress (1777-1778)


PSST, Taxes Go up in 2013 for 163 Million Workers


President Barack Obama isn't talking about it and neither is Mitt Romney. But come January, 163 million workers can expect to feel the pinch of a big tax increase regardless of who wins the election.

A temporary reduction in Social Security payroll taxes is due to expire at the end of the year and hardly anyone in Washington is pushing to extend it. Neither Obama nor Romney has proposed an extension, and it probably wouldn't get through Congress anyway, with lawmakers in both parties down on the idea.

Even Republicans who have sworn off tax increases have little appetite to prevent one that will cost a typical worker about $1,000 a year, and two-earner family with six-figure incomes as much as $4,500.

Why are so many politicians sour on continuing the payroll tax break?

Republicans question whether reducing the tax two years ago has done much to stimulate the sluggish economy. Politicians from both parties say they are concerned that it threatens the independent revenue stream that funds Social Security.

They are backed by powerful advocates for seniors, including AARP, who adamantly oppose any extension.

"The payroll tax holiday was intended to be temporary and there is strong bipartisan support to let that tax provision expire," said Sen. Orrin of Utah, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. "The continued extension of a temporary payroll tax holiday has serious long-term implications for Social Security and, frankly, it's not even clear that it has helped to boost our ailing economy."

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