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White Privilege: Children of Ozark Mountaineer

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So Much for 'Phony Outrage'—Missouri and Ohio Leave National School Boards Association


The latest Democratic spin attempt to smear concerned parents who are battling local school boards is unraveling rather quickly.

In my Morning Briefing for Tuesday, I wrote that the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media had shifted from calling parents “domestic terrorists” to assuring everyone that their worries about what their children are being taught in school are nothing more than phony political outrage. I’ve been saying for several weeks that I don’t think the Democrats really thought this one through, and a couple of things happened a few hours after that Briefing was posted that would indicate this to be so.

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Simply Amazing

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Eulogy for Dad

 BHM: Walter F'n Williams (RIP) - HalfGuarded

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In the late 1980s, when telemarketing was at it is peak, a company called our home during dinner. I picked up the phone and handed it to my dad. This is what we heard him say:

"I'm not interested."

"No. No, thank you."

"Well ... I'm not ever going to die."

And then he hung up. My mom and I looked at each other, and then him, with looks of incredulity. He explained that it was a company selling life insurance.

For a long time, I believed just that -- that he was not going to die. That he would be here dropping knowledge on me, my family and the rest of the world forever.

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The Ultimate Secession Question: Choosing between Union under Tyranny and Liberty

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John C. Calhoun, U.S. Vice President 1825-1832, Advocate for limited government.

The Declaration of Independence in 1776 established two great principles asserted by the Colonies, namely: the right of a State to govern itself; and the right of a people to abolish a Government when it becomes destructive of the ends for which it was instituted. These were the principal themes of the South Carolina Declaration of the Immediate Causes for Secession on December 24, 1860.

Poor Poe


At the University of Virginia, Room No.13 on the fabled Lawn is reserved as a permanent shrine to Edgar Allan Poe, who reportedly lodged in the room during his brief time on campus (or “the grounds,” as we say). One wonders what Poe, though a proud Virginian, would think about this honor — he was not terribly happy with his time at “Mr. Jefferson’s University,” complaining that his economic and familial poverty isolated him from his fellow students. He later wrote:

I could associate with no students, except those who were in a similar situation with myself – altho’ from different causes – They from drunkenness and extravagance – I, because it was my crime to have no one on Earth who cared for me, or loved me.

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“If Hitler Said Something Like That You Wouldn’t Think It’s Funny – You’d Think It Was Evil” – Eric Metaxas on Barack Obama’s Disgusting Weekend Speech (VIDEO)

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Eric Metaxas:  Well, I wanted to start on a moderate note but I have failed because here is what I am going to say – Him saying that is as if Adolf Hitler said we need to put an end to antisemitism.  Enough.  If Hitler said something like that you wouldn’t think it was funny, you wouldn’t think it was hypocritical, you’d think it was evil.  It’s a level of lying that unfortunately rises to evil.  It is so despicable that a president who was profoundly divisive, I mean as divisive as it gets…  They have been caught trying to promote cultural Marxism in America, trying to destroy the country.  They have been in bed with China.  When he pretends to care about the COVID pandemic… I think eight years of Obama convinced us that there’s not a syllable of truth in anything he says.Over the weekend Barack Obama proved once again that he is the most divisive and hate-filled president in American history who lied so much that his words became meaningless by the time he left office.

Obama told Democrat supporters in Virginia Trump supporters are insurrectionists and the greatest threat to democracy in America today.

On Monday bestselling author Eric Metaxas joined Steve Cortes to discuss Barack Obama’s latest disgusting attacks on American parents.

Steve Cortes: A culture war started in the ’90s and then massively accelerated with Barack Obama as President of the United States.  Isn’t it rich then that this very man is the one is now lecturing us because the right is now starting to fight back, and telling us we shouldn’t be engaging in this culture war that he started. 

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Fauci Funded AIDS Experiments on Orphans in NYC

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In August Gateway Pundit contributor Cassandra Fairbanks broke the story on Dr. Fauci's use of taxpayer money to torture beagles in barbaric animal testing.

Dr. Fauci funded a study in Tunisia where beagle dogs were eaten alive by parasite-infected flies.

Dr. Fauci also spent over $16 million in taxpayer funds on disturbing "toxic brain injection" experiments on monkeys in 2018.

And Dr. Fauci was more recently caught funding gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China laboratory blamed for the production and leak of the coronavirus.

Fauci lied about his funding of the lab under oath numerous times.

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’ And ‘F*** De Blasio’: Thousands Of NYC Workers March Against Vaccine Mandates & Let’s Go Brandon’ Songs Dominate #1 and #2 on iTunes Charts

BROOKLYN BRIDGE AND CITY HALL PA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - 2021/10/25: Municipal workers of the city march across Brooklyn bridge and rally at City Hall Park against vaccination mandate. Municipal workers from New York Police Department, Sanitation Department, Fire Department, Department of Education, Department of Correction, Parks Department, City Health and Hospitals, Metropolitan Transit Authority and other city office workers mandated by mayor to get vaccinated against COVID-19 disease by November 1, 2021 or will be left out of work and out of paycheck. More than 5 thousand protesters participated and they were joined by Republican Party mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Thousands of city workers and first responders protested against vaccine mandates in New York City on Monday.

The marchers, which included members of New York City’s fire and police departments and other emergency services, shouted chants of “Let’s go Brandon,” “F*** de Blasio,” “Hold the line,” “U.S.A.,” and “We will not comply” while moving through the streets of the city and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Protesters can be seen waving American and Gadsden flags, as well as a variety of signs.

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Let’s Go Brandon’ Songs Dominate #1 and #2 on iTunes Charts