Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Are We Pushing Multiculturalism On France, Russia, The World?

Via Matthew

Well, because we have a Marxist-In-Chief

A "Festival of the Cultures of Islam" is now (September 7-17) in full swing in Paris. You're paying for it. Why?

This bit of multiculti showbiz was ginned up by the City of Paris and the U.S. Embassy—which has gone so far as to lend the Stars And Stripes (see right) to the islamopropaganda—along with (what a surprise) Harvard University.

The Institut's website says the Festival has been "organized through a partnership (réalisé en partenariat )between the City of Paris, the United States Embassy in France and Harvard University." Such réalisations always cost you money.

Since Barack Hussein Obama sent former Muppets CEO Charles Rivkin to be the U.S. Ambassador to France (what did his bijou post cost him, I wonder?), Rivkin has pursued a "Minority Engagement Strategy " designed to endear himself to, while increasing the political power of, those residents of France who are not, well, French. [In Smart-Power Shift, U.S. Now Actively Cultivating Muslim Minorities In The EU, By Garret Martin, European Affairs, April 2011]

This very odd, very undiplomatic U.S. interference in France's affairs received publicity after Wikileaks published American diplomatic cables about the program and its assistance to the Islamisation of France.

The cynical/ suspicious/ paranoid among us might think that Obama is using the U.S. State Department to facilitate the dominance of his ancestors' religion over Europe—achieving what Muslim invaders over the course of a millennium could not.


VETERANS TODAY: Genealogy: Having Blood In the Game

As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), I have some experience with my own genealogical search. Though always happy to share and advise, I knew I could do better service to readers by seeking out the insights of a more active and experienced genealogist.

As you’ll read below, Hu Daughtry reveals it’s not rocket science and it’s much easier to get started today that it was for our parents’ generation.

I thought that I had been fortunate to find five direct ancestors (four great-great grandfathers and one great-great-great) who were Confederate veterans (and many more gg-uncles).

As it happens, the counties where my parents’ families settled in recent generations were in counties (AL and GA) that happened to have active genealogical groups and online bulletin boards. I found a lot of the information online, with help from friendly searchers, without having to travel outside my home.

It all started with a photograph.