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Never In The History Of Mankind Has So Much Evil Collected In So Small A Space.

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Why are Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson honored at Washington National Cathedral?


Not doing well in the comment area.

“To have them enshrined in this national place of reflection can be really disconcerting,” said Chris Mackowski, a St. Bonaventure University journalism professor and author who has written about the niches on the Emerging Civil War blog.

“It’s easy for people to pass judgment on history,” Mackowski said. “I don’t think that’s particularly constructive. I don’t think it’s fair to the people back then, and I don’t think it’s useful to us now.”

Rather, Mackowski said, the niches should force us to ask questions: What was the context in which they were created? How is that different from today?

Cathedral spokesman Richard Weinberg said he’s not aware of any criticism of the niches. He said: “In its iconography, the cathedral depicts not only religious history — the story of Christianity — but also tells the story of American history. The Civil War is part of American history.

The USAF Band Holiday Flash Mob at the National Air and Space Museum 2013

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NC: Special Interest Reform Is NOT Reform


Tillis urges agricultural industry short session should focus on immigration reform

                                     Commentary on Raleigh News and Observer Article
                                             Patriots Beware NC Legislature Short Session

The Raleigh News and Observer article following mentions NCHB 786, which Governor McCrory vetoed because it left a wide gap for illegal immigrants to obtain seasonal jobs without having their immigration status checked by the E-Verify system. Republican House Speaker Tillis led the fight to override the Governor's veto. McCrory was serving the public interest and protecting American jobs, taxpayers, national security, and public safety with this veto. Who was Tillis serving? The original NCHB 786 was supposed to be a tough immigration control bill, until it was commandeered by agricultural and other special interest lobbies to pave the way for more cheap foreign labor at the expense of North Carolina workers and taxpayers. North Carolina already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

One of the original NCHB 786 provisions was to give drivers permits to illegal immigrants! Tillis and other backers of this provision claimed it would improve public and highway safety. Common sense and several legitimate studies proved this to be nonsense. The drivers permit part of NCHB 786 was a "red carpet" for illegal immigration and was fortunately killed, but that does not exonerate those who backed such a special interest outrage against North Carolina workers, taxpayers, and public safety. As far as allowing illegal immigrants to take seasonal jobs, no one with much of a brain believes this is not a dangerous gap in national security and public safety. And why should we be making it easy for employers to hire illegal immigrants? Why should we allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to slip into the North Carolina's work force so agricultural special interests can prosper at the expense of North Carolina workers, taxpayers, and families?

Republicans have a chance for a sweeping victory in November. But that victory will not be achieved unless Republican primary voters sternly rebuke Republican candidates who back special interest lobbies instead of the best interests of all North Carolina citizens. We had better be able to tell the difference between candidates loyal to large campaign contributions and candidates loyal to the rule of law and the larger interests of North Carolina.

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Reconstruction’s Poisoned Air

Union League Terrorists-Reconstruction  

Union League


The immense racial discord and animosity sown by the Republican party’s Union League was incalculable and much of its sad residue remains with us today.  With their military victory over Americans in the South complete, and to rule the desolated South politically, Republicans used the black race to deliver their votes to unscrupulous Northern men and scalawags who plundered what was left and impoverish future generations.
Bernhard Thuersam, Chairman
North Carolina War Between the States Sesquicentennial Commission
"Unsurpassed Valor, Courage and Devotion to Liberty"
"The Official Website of the North Carolina WBTS Sesquicentennial"

Reconstruction’s Poisoned Air

“The freeing of the slaves left a strong impression upon Clarence [Dixon], Tom’s older brother, who said many years later:  “It was a pathetic occasion when father told the slaves they were free.  But the most pathetic part was nearly a year afterwards when they sent a committee to beg father to take them back on the plantation on the old terms, and look after them as he had done before.”

Of course, the poverty-stricken Mr. [Thomas] Dixon [Sr.] could not see means of supporting his own family, to say nothing of the numerous Negro families now asking aid.  In the fall of 1865, the Dixons, now stripped of all their possessions, not knowing how or where to find the necessaries of life from day to day, and faced with the prospect of no harvest because of a lack of laborers to till the soil, gave up the farm and moved to an old-fashioned white house facing the public square in Shelby [North Carolina]. 

Then came the terrors of Reconstruction. The young Thomas Dixon was never to forget the impressions he received during this chaotic period, for he was to say over three-quarters of a century later: “The dawn of my conscious life begins in this strange world of poisoned air. My first memories still vibrate with its tense excitement.”

When Lincoln was assassinated, the most powerful political figure among the Northern leaders was Thaddeus Stevens . . . [and his] determination to subjugate the South became almost an obsession.  The two main instruments by which Stevens hoped to bring about the subjugation were the “Union League” and the “Freedmen’s Bureau.”  Stevens planned to confiscate the farms of the South and give them to the Negroes.  By offering food, clothing, and free land, the agents hoped to induce the poverty-stricken Negro to cease working for the white man. 

In the fall of 1866 throughout the next year, many men from the Union League of Philadelphia and New York filtered through the Negro population, sowing discontent.  [In] an effort to consolidate their [Republican] party, they were seeking the Negro vote in the South. The agents of the Leagues wandered about the plantations, seeking the Negro in field and cabin, promising him preposterous wealth and privilege if he would turn against his white neighbor and vote himself free of the [Southern] white man’s restraint. 

Unscrupulous agents took advantage of the ignorant, illiterate Negro populace, often inciting it to acts of treachery and violence.  The enmity, fear and distrust thus aroused between the white and Negro populations resulted in a reign of terror that is still remembered as one of the darkest periods in American history. 

The corruption of the Reconstruction period can scarcely be exaggerated. [Thomas] Dixon said in his old age, “We are too close to realize the tragedy. The scholar and historian must have the perspective of a hundred years in which to tell this story to make it credible.”  Unscrupulous political leaders, interested only in the wealth they could obtain from the disrupted government of the south, aroused antagonisms that never died among those who experienced the terrible years after the Civil War.”

(Fire from the Flint, The Amazing Careers of Thomas Dixon,  Raymond Allen Cook, John F. Blair, Publisher, 1968, pp. 9-13) 

Top 10 Greatest Things Overheard at a Gun Shop

 Glock is the easiest gun to clean
 Glock is the easiest gun to clean

Texas --( Folks – as much as I’d like to say we made these up – these are actually things that have been heard at a Local Gun Shop – I almost wish they were made up!

10 - You can rack this one much faster -as the sales person racks the slide on a Taurus 709 violently demonstrating the racking capability to a 65 year old elderly lady.

9 - This clip is smaller so it won’t weigh as much – There is so much wrong with this statement – well actually 2 things – 1 while technically the “clip” will weigh less since it holds less, I wouldn’t say less bullets is a selling point for a self defense gun and 2 – its a f#*%^ing MAGAZINE!

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McCarthy: “Carrying a loaded firearm is the gateway crime to committing a murder.”


Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy made his authoritarian views on the Second Amendment quite clear in September when he announced that he’d have his officers shoot concealed carriers first and ask questions later.

You know, because the Chicago PD’s anti-gun zealotry has made the city so incredibly safe and not the murder capitol of the United States.
Oh, wait.

McCarthy is now attempting to claim that a new initiative to take guns off the street is a success, even though it’s very “success” shows how much of a miserable of a failure Chicago’s anti gun laws really are:

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BB gun control: In New Jersey, kids’ rite of passage could mean felony


Not only could you "shoot your eye out, kid," you might also go to jail for owning that BB gun in certain states.

New Jersey and other jurisdictions make little or no distinction between Daisy's classic Red Ryder BB gun immortalized in the film "A Christmas Story," and real guns. They must be registered and are subject to the same laws as any firearms.

“In all honesty, kids who are charged are looking at mandatory jail time,” said New Jersey attorney William Proetta, adding that under the state’s Graves Act, a conviction could lead to prison time.

“The only defense is to request a waiver but if that’s not granted, young kids can get a felony charge and their lives are basically over.”

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LTC Bob Bateman: Less Manly Than a Little Girl


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 You threaten to ignore the Constitution based on your own retarded misreading, to ignore SCOTUS, threaten military violence against dissenters, and you wonder why you're getting death threats?  Guess what:  That's EXACTLY the purpose of the Second Amendment—so fascistic little shitweasels like yourself can be shot, tossed into a ditch, and anointed with beer, after it takes a short detour through our kidneys.  There are about 100 million gun owners and families.  Want to bet on the odds of one of them shooting you down like a rabid dog?

Unbelievably brave or nuts

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New tensions between Georgia and Russia
Georgia news South Ossetia Russia tensions

After a year of the war between Georgia and Russia, tensions between the two countries have risen again. In recent days there has been exchange of gunfire in the rebel Georgian region of South Ossetia. Russia has called on the authorities in Tbilisi to prevent an escalation of violencia.Tanto Georgia and South Ossetian sides accuse each other of starting the hostilities. The one year war between Georgia and Russia erupted when Georgian ago troops entered South Ossetia. Moscow came to the defense of the rebel region and other provinces also invaded Georgia.

The Second Amendment is About Fighting Tyranny

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Lawsuit: Cop Tasers Cop, Innocent Man Dies

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 Police officers fatally shot an emotionally distressed man eight times in his Harlem apartment after one cop accidentally shot his fellow officer with a Taser, prompting the injured officer to scream "He's stabbing me, shoot him!"

This revelation in the death of 29-year-old Mohamed Bah comes from the NYPD's own shooting incident report completed in December of last year, two months after officers killed Bah, claiming he had lunged at him with a knife.

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Amazing: Landrieu Completely Throws Obama Under the Bus in First TV Ad

I’m confused. Last week Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) said if she could vote for Obamacare again, she would. Now for some reason she’s completely distancing herself from it?

If you are to believe this ad, President Obama lied to her constituents. Not her (via Politico)

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Modern Crossbow vs. Modern Body Armor

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“Eminent domain debacle”


More than eight years after homeowners in the Fort Trumbull neighborhood of New London, Conn., were abandoned by the U.S. Supreme Court – in the historic and controversial “Kelo decision” – and watched as their modest homes on small residential lots were razed, a plan may finally be in the works to redevelop the area.

Ironically, tiny houses on micro-lots and a parking garage for a nearby office building is the recommendation of Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio.

The widely criticized 5-4 Supreme Court decision in 2005 employed a broad definition of  “public use” that includes the government taking the property of citizens to turn over to private developers.

The New London Development Corp. wanted to clear the site to attract large corporate development and expand the city’s tax base. The high court’s decision in Kelo v. City of New London opened the door for Pfizer to expand in New London, but the pharmaceutical giant left town in 2010 along with 1,000 jobs. 

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Doctor Posts Newspaper Notice: Closing Due to Obamacare


Obamacare realities just became a little more intense in the Bluegrass State. Requirements in the Affordable Care Act presented Kentucky Dr. Stephen Kiteck with obstacles he “just couldn’t overcome.”

This tweet helped uncover the story:

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Caught on camera: Watch this 90-car pileup keep getting worse and worse

Hundreds of people were involved in a pileup on a Wisconsin highway on Sunday morning when 90 or more cars crashed into each other.

According to WISN 2 in Germantown, Wis., the pileup on Highway 41/45 lasted for more than 10 minutes as cars were unable to slow down or stop in the snowy conditions.

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How the budget deal could sink — or make — the tea party’s No. 1 accomplishment

 How the budget deal could sink — or make — the tea party’s No. 1 accomplishment

Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray unveiled a budget proposal Tuesday night. The proposal, which has yet to be voted on, busts through sequester caps, setting FY 2014 spending at $1.014 trillion — billions beyond the levels mandated by sequester. The proposal contains no mention of pension reform.

Conservatives had better start paying attention to the budget battle raging in Washington: If things go south — and they are poised to do just that — the tea party’s single greatest policy victory, the sequester, could be destroyed. And worse yet, it could be destroyed in exchange for nothing.

The sequester isn’t popular with Republican defense hawks. President Barack Obama counted on that when he threw it out as an offer he believed the GOP would never take. But the president miscalculated the strength of tea party momentum, and he ended up signing into law the only year-to-year decrease in discretionary spending in modern U.S. history.

Cruz Walks Out on Castro Speech at Memorial Service for Mandela

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) walked out of the memorial service for Nelson Mandela when Cuban “president” Raúl Castro began speaking.

“Senator Cruz very much hopes that Castro learns the lessons of Nelson Mandela,” said Sean Rushton, Cruz’s communications director. “For decades, Castro has wrongly imprisoned and tortured countless innocents. Just as Mandela was released after 27 years in prison, Castro should finally release his political prisoners; he should hold free elections, and once and for all set the Cuban people free.”

Mandela Memorial Sign Language Interpreter a 'Fraud'

Two frauds in a pod.

South Africa's own Borat? A poorly disguised body guard? No one yet knows who the man is who stood next to every speaker at Nelson Mandela's memorial service, including our own president, but we now know he was no sign language interpreter. That, though, didn't stop this earnest-looking young man from pretending to be one.

Numerous news outlets are reporting that the deaf community, especially those in South Africa, are fuming at the fraud who stood next to every single speaker at the Mandela memorial and pretended to use sign language to interpret the speeches:

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Celebrity Hypocrites

I'm annoyed that so many Hollywood celebrities hate the system that made them rich.
Actor/comedian Russell Brand told the BBC he wants "a socialist, egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth."

Director George Lucas got rich not just from movies but also by selling Star Wars merchandise. Yet he says he believes in democracy but "not capitalist democracy."

Actor Martin Sheen says, "That's where the problem lies ... It's corporate America."

And so on.

On my TV show, actor/author Kevin Sorbo pointed out that such sentiments make little sense coming from entertainers. "It's a very entrepreneurial business. You have to work very hard to get lucky, mixed with any kind of talent to get a break in this business. I told Clooney, George, you're worth $100 million -- of course you can afford to be a socialist!"

It's bad enough that celebrities trash the only economic system that makes poor people's lives better.

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GOA Alert: Plastic Gun Ban Renewal Energizes Schumer & Grassley to Call for Greater Gun Controls

Anti-gun zealot Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was beaming on Monday
The Senate had just passed, by unanimous consent, the House's ten-year extension of the so-called plastic gun ban.  The bill was on its way to Obama's desk for signature.  And he couldn’t be happier.

The 1988 law -- which was scheduled to sunset on December 9 -- had now been given a 10-year carte blanche.  Never mind that the law was poorly drafted and could be used, by an anti-gun administration, to ban large classes of metal firearms, as GOA has explained in previous alerts

Even though some conservative Senators had concerns with the bill, Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Schumer brought it up while those other Senators were out of town.  (Massive snowstorms delayed key Senators from arriving back in Washington on time.)

Other Senators foolishly were led to believe that, if they approved a ten-year reauthorization bill, they could prevent the issue from coming up again. 

But as GOA has stated time and time again, giving in to the opposition never satisfies them.  It never “gives them all they want” so that they go away and leave us alone.

Never.  And so, within five minutes of passing the 10-year extension, Schumer and Grassley were publicly discussing plans to expand the plastic gun ban to ban a lot more guns.

This should come as no surprise -- especially regarding Senator Grassley.  You may remember that we had to go into Iowa in the spring of 2009 and put pressure on Grassley in order to prevent him from agreeing to a bipartisan deal on the anti-gun ObamaCare law.  We had to do the same this past spring after Grassley voted for a significant provision in Obama's Newtown gun control package.

So fast forward to this past Monday.  When Schumer proposed broadening the gun ban, Grassley replied:  "I don't think I find fault with anything Senator Schumer said, except as a matter of timing...  Congress then has a responsibility to review the issue ... and consider alternative legislation, including what [Schumer] has suggested."

So now we have the worst of both worlds:  Congress has given the plastic gun ban a ten-year carte blanche, which will allow the Obama administration to engage in all of the anti-gun mischief that its sloppy language invites.  And, at the same time, both Democrats and Republicans (like Grassley) are now committed to making the gun ban even broader over the next two months.

Once again, the lesson is clear.  You don’t outsmart the opposition by agreeing to gun control “lite” -- thinking that the opposition will leave us alone, finally satisfied that they’ve gotten all they want.

Some pro-gunners inside the Beltway felt that giving Schumer his plastic gun ban extension would supposedly deny him a vehicle for amending it with something worse.

Really?  Did “our side” really think that Schumer & Co. would not hesitate to find another vehicle to perpetrate their mischief?

No, gun grabbers like Chuck Schumer will never rest until they’ve pried every gun away from our firmly clenched hands.  It’s already started in New York City, where they are using “milder” forms of gun control -- like background check records (or gun owner lists) that were implemented years ago -- to confiscate newly banned firearms

And what has Schumer said about the unconstitutional confiscation taking place in the City?  

Nothing.  He has not voiced one word of criticism.  And you won’t hear him utter a word of disapproval because he’s 100% in favor of it.  He wants to spread New York City to the rest of the nation.

The question is:  Will conservatives in the Congress realize the incremental threat and stand up to it?


Your continued action makes a tremendous difference on Capitol Hill.  We had very little time to mobilize during this recent fight on plastic guns, but we were immensely successful after spending three to four months mobilizing the grassroots after the Newtown tragedy last December.
We can defeat future attempts to expand this law, but we will need to remain active and vigilant.  Please stay tuned.


(1)  Write your Senators and Representative.  Let them know of your displeasure that they let this pass IN BOTH CHAMBERS by voice vote.

(2) Adopt a Senator.  For those of you who have horrid, F-rated legislators representing you, consider adopting a Senator.  There are several Senators who sat by and let this bill pass -- and they are being primaried by conservative challengers.  This includes John Cornyn (R-TX), Thad Cochran (R-MS), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY). 

Consequences of killing in post collapse world few people think about

Some three years ago the wife and kid of my friend were driving in the car, and on some intersection they hit another car. It was very small accident, both cars were driving very slowly and they only scratched cars.

In other car there were 4 pretty drunk guys and they immediately jumped out of the car and started to curse the woman and kid, she locked the car and called her husband.

Guys were young and drunk, and most probably they did not mean anything too bad other to look very cool and dangerous, but one of them pulled knife in order to scare lady. It was in the evening and without too many folks on the street, and even few people who came by did not want to interfere.

One of them did call the police. Her husband came very fast, maybe in 10 minutes and found them yelling at the car and his wife, the guy with the knife was piercing tires.

My friend jumped out of the car and broke the jaw of the guy with knife with his boot, then beat other tree dudes in few minutes. They suffered broken ribs, head fracture, jaw fracture and ruptured spleen.

Bystanders said that he started to strangulate one of the guys when two policeman came, they separated him from the guy, but then he turned over and started to strangulate policeman.

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NC: Controversial Video Shows Officer Shoving Trained Attack Dog Into Surrendering Suspect’s Car Window

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Controversial Video Shows Officer Shoving Trained Attack Dog Into Surrendering Suspects Car Window

A jury cleared a Wilmington, N.C., police officer of any wrongdoing on Monday after controversial video surfaced showing the cop crashing into a suspect’s car and then shoving his trained K-9 into the driver’s window to attack the surrendering criminal.

Convicted felon Johnnie Williams reportedly blew through a DWI checkpoint on Halloween in Wilmington, sparking a police chase. Williams reportedly rammed a police cruiser and ran several stop signs before officer Stafford Brister slammed into Williams’ driver-side door to stop his vehicle.

Williams is then seen putting his hands up, indicating he was prepared to surrender. It is unclear if Brister realized the suspect was ready to give up as he immediately picked up his attack dog and shoved him into the window.

More with video @ The Blaze

Video: 2015 Ford Mustang Walk Around With Ford's Executive Director of Design

Ford has released preliminary specifications for the redesigned 2015 Mustang, which will be sold in Fastback and Convertible body styles with a choice between three different engines and two transmissions. That’s what we know now, as of the new Mustang’s global introduction on December 5, 2013. Certainly, Ford is planning a replacement for the 662-horsepower rocket that it currently calls the Shelby GT500, but for the time being any upcoming high-performance 2015 Ford Mustang model remains under wraps.

Elvis Presley & Martina McBride Duet - Blue Christmas

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Using state of the art technology, a new video for the Elvis and Martina McBride duet of "Blue Christmas" takes you back some 40 years ago to when Elvis first recorded this song, only this time, with Martina joining him. The first Elvis Presley duets album in history was launched in October 2008, pairing The King with such women as Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood and Wynonna.

Elvis Presley Christmas Duets features Elvis’ original vocals from holiday performances that were originally recorded for yuletide albums in 1957 and 1971, including "I’ll Be Home For Christmas," "Santa Claus Is Back In Town," "Silver Bells" and of course, "Blue Christmas." Nine of the duet partners who’ll be paired with him have been announced, including Sara Evans, Amy Grant, Anne Murray and the female members of Little Big Town: Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman. LeAnn Rimes will also be featured on "Here Comes Santa Claus."

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Welfare City

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Insurance Company Pays to Cover a Client’s Medical Costs Because of Obamacare

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