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The Appalachian Messenger August 26, 2016

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Samuel Culper
DHS to Roll Out New Orwellian Intelligence Program

T.L. Davis
There Is A Line

Ann Barnhardt
Toldya: Cattle Futures Market Disintegrating, Delinking From Cash

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Hillary Clinton Finally Admits the Truth

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Report: All Of The “KKK Members” In Hillary Clinton’s New Trump Attack Ad Are PAID ACTORS

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Hillary Clinton would like people to think that if you are reading this you are considered “alt-right,” and thus associate with the Ku Klux Klan and other racially divisive groups. She made this point very clear in a speech in Reno, Nevada this week. You, and the other 50 million Americans who refuse to support her candidacy, if you show any signs of supporting Donald Trump’s policies, are nothing short of a white supremacist.

Clinton doubled down on this sentiment with her latest Trump attack ad which likens all Trump supporters to racists:

But if you know Hillary Clinton, then you know that every single word coming out of her mouth is designed to obfuscate facts and demonize anyone who might stand in her way of being elected to the highest office of the land.

According to Joe Wayne at The AntiCoIntelPro Show this is very much the case in her latest attack ad (above), which reportedly uses no actual Klan members, but rather, paid actors masquerading as Trump supporting racists..
Make no bones about it… I am going to let these videos run and you be the judge… I have a high degree of certainty that you will come to the same conclusion that I have… where there is smoke there has to be fire… and there is a wildfire at the feet of Hillary Rotten Clinton…

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Warning to Donald Trump: Clinton May Use Invisible Spy Earpiece in Debates

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This is a very suspicious thing to look for.  When it comes to the Crooked Clintons, anything is possible.
Bill Still reports Good morning, I’m still reporting on technology.  I first started writing this story two days ago, but wanted to dig deeply into the technology before I went with it. 

Seeing Blood in the Clinton Waters: Trump hammers Clinton for 'Third World'- style corruption...

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Trump is making an extremely strong case how corrupt Hillary Clinton truly is.
Daily Mail reports Donald Trump stepped up his attacks on Hillary Clinton, accusing her of "Third World"-style corruption over her family's charitable foundation and calling her unfit to hold office. 
"It is a total embarrassment if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold," he told a rally in Austin, Texas after a damaging Associated Press report raised questions about whether donors to the Clinton Foundation paid cash for access to America's top diplomat." 
It's a disgrace, this is a threat to the foundation of democracy," said Trump. "This is what happens in Third World countries." 

Ron Paul: The American Who Talks Truth to Power

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Ron Paul is the most intelligent, articulate and courageous spokesman of foreign policy realism in the US. Though for most of his career he has been an outsider his views on foreign policy are gaining a wider audience.

If one were to believe the western narrative, a political dissident is someone standing up against a political regime which has fallen out of favour with NATO. For example one could point to Ahmed Chalabi, the thieving Iraqi con-artist who authored many of the lies which were repeated by George Bush and Tony Blair in the run up to the disastrous war on Iraq.

But for those with a more expansive and honest lexicon, a political dissident is someone who stands against the status quo and fights for a totally new method of government against great odds. Ron Paul is a man who fits this definition and as such,  he has become one of the most admirable political dissidents of the 21st century.

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An Introduction to the Alt Right

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 What is the Alt Right

Yesterday – August 25th, 2016, in Reno, Nevada – Hillary Clinton introduced a new term into mainstream politics: the Alternative Right.

The first time I saw this video, I honestly mistook her voice for a computer generated sim.

They sound like a scary bunch, don’t they?  Racist, race-baiting, conspiracy-theorist, dark-net people, who bully feminists online… so who are they exactly?  Well: yours truly, for one.  Traditional Catholic, scholar, dog-owner, ex-military, patriotic science fiction author – yup, lil’ old me.  Heck, I’ve been writing under this label since before it was even coined – literally!

NYT Crank EXPLODES on Black Conservative: ‘This Guy Should Not Be Allowed’ On TV

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On CNN’s New Day Friday morning, Chris Cuomo interviewed two black guests from opposing parties about Donald Trump’s outreach to minorities. The anti-Trump guest, New York Times op-ed columnist Charles Blow grew visibly irritated with Cuomo and the pro-Trump guest, GOP commentator Paris Dennard, when Dennard said things Blow didn’t agree with. After a heated back and forth discussion, Blow finally exploded at Cuomo, saying CNN was committing “media malpractice” for letting Dennard come on the show.

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Robert Spencer on the West's Absurd Polices Toward Islam

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FBI Admits Clinton Used Software Designed To "Prevent Recovery" And "Hide Traces Of" Deleted Emails

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South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News today and disclosed new details about the Clinton email scandal that seem to indicate intent to destroy evidence.  Per the clip below, Gowdy reveals that Clinton used "BleachBit" to erase the "personal" emails from her private server.  

For those not familiar with the software, BleachBit is intended to help users delete files in a way to "prevent recovery" and "hide traces of files deleted."  Per the BleachBit website:
Beyond simply deleting files, BleachBit includes advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications, and vacuuming Firefox to make it faster.
During his appearance on Fox, Gowdy clearly indicates that Clinton's use of BleachBit undermines her claims that she only deleted innocuous "personal" emails from her private server.  

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Feds Seize $6.6 Million from SEAL over Book Detailing bin Laden Raid


The federal government has settled its lawsuit against former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette (aka “Mark Owen”), a participant in the SEAL Team Six raid that killed Osama bin Laden and author of the book No Easy Day that described his experience.

The Justice Department is dropping the charges that Bissonnett’s book revealed classified information, but they are still exacting over $6.6 million from the author for his failure to secure the Pentagon’s approval before publishing his book.

I did it. :) Do NOT Touch This Button On Your iPhone Or Apple Will Delete All Your Contacts

 icloud contacts iphone

Apple has a function in its settings that will wipe out your contacts if you make a wrong move.

This seems like a crazy thing to have on a phone, but there it is.

Muslim "Refugee" TRIES TO KILL woman but didn't see cop car

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Lots of Smoke Here, Hillary

 Lots of Smoke Here, Hillary

Prediction: If Hillary Clinton wins, within a year of her inauguration, she will be under investigation by a special prosecutor on charges of political corruption, thereby continuing a family tradition. 

For consider what the Associated Press reported this week:

The surest way for a person with private interests to get a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton, or a phone call returned by her, it seems, was to dump a bundle of cash into the Clinton Foundation.

Of 154 outsiders whom Clinton phoned or met with in her first two years at State, 85 had made contributions to the Clinton Foundation, and their contributions, taken together, totaled $156 million.

Prove I’m Racist You ‘Socialist C*cksucker!’ Maine Governor Blasts Off on State Lawmaker

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After a series of questionable comments put him back in the spotlight, Paul LePage unloaded on a state lawmaker when the Maine governor sent him a threatening and profane voicemail that he challenged him with taking public.

The Maine governor is known for having a bombastic style, and he recently drew attention again for offering questionable comments about race while speaking about drug crime. According to Portland Press Herald, Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine was one of several legislators who called out LePage’s remarks as racist, though Gattine denied doing so later on.

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Illegal Alien Grabs Trump Supporting Pastor Mark Burns, Screams in His Face Outside Trump Tower

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Equality is bullshit. Hierarchy is essential. The races are different. The sexes are different. Morality matters and degeneracy is real. All cultures are not equal and we are not obligated to think they are. Man is a fallen creature and there is more to life than hollow materialism. Finally, the white race matters, and civilisation is precious. This is the Alt-Right.