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Robert Rogers' 28 "Rules of Ranging"

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1.            All Rangers are to be subject to the rules and articles of war; to appear at roll-call every evening, on their own parade, equipped, each with a Firelock, sixty rounds of powder and ball, and a hatchet, at which time an officer from each company is to inspect the same, to see they are in order, so as to be ready on any emergency to march at a minute's warning; and before they are dismissed, the necessary guards are to be draughted, and scouts for the next day appointed.

2.            Whenever you are ordered out to the enemies forts or frontiers for discoveries, if your number be small, march in a single file, keeping at such a distance from each other as to prevent one shot from killing two men, sending one man, or more, forward, and the like on each side, at the distance of twenty yards from the main body, if the ground you march over will admit of it, to give the signal to the officer of the approach of an enemy, and of their number,

3.            If you march over marshes or soft ground, change your position, and march abreast of each other to prevent the enemy from tracking you (as they would do if you marched in a single file) till you get over such ground, and then resume your former order, and march till it is quite dark before you encamp, which do, if possible, on a piece of ground which that may afford your sentries the advantage of seeing or hearing the enemy some considerable distance, keeping one half of your whole party awake alternately through the night.

4.            Some time before you come to the place you would reconnoitre, make a stand, and send one or two men in whom you can confide, to look out the best ground for making your observations.

5.            If you have the good fortune to take any prisoners, keep them separate, till they are examined, and in your return take a different route from that in which you went out, that you may the better discover any party in your rear, and have an opportunity, if their strength be superior to yours, to alter your course, or disperse, as circumstances may require.

6.            If you march in a large body of three or four hundred, with a design to attack the enemy, divide your party into three columns, each headed by a proper officer, and let those columns march in single files, the columns to the right and left keeping at twenty yards distance or more from that of the center, if the ground will admit, and let proper guards be kept in the front and rear, and suitable flanking parties at a due distance as before directed, with orders to halt on all eminences, to take a view of the surrounding ground, to prevent your being ambuscaded, and to notify the approach or retreat of the enemy, that proper dispositions may be made for attacking, defending, And if the enemy approach in your front on level ground, form a front of your three columns or main body with the advanced guard, keeping out your flanking parties, as if you were marching under the command of trusty officers, to prevent the enemy from pressing hard on either of your wings, or surrounding you, which is the usual method of the savages, if their number will admit of it, and be careful likewise to support and strengthen your rear-guard.

7.            If you are obliged to receive the enemy's fire, fall, or squat down, till it is over; then rise and discharge at them. If their main body is equal to yours, extend yourselves occasionally; but if superior, be careful to support and strengthen your flanking parties, to make them equal to theirs, that if possible you may repulse them to their main body, in which case push upon them with the greatest resolution with equal force in each flank and in the center, observing to keep at a due distance from each other, and advance from tree to tree, with one half of the party before the other ten or twelve yards. If the enemy push upon you, let your front fire and fall down, and then let your rear advance thro' them and do the like, by which time those who before were in front will be ready to discharge again, and repeat the same alternately, as occasion shall require; by this means you will keep up such a constant fire, that the enemy will not be able easily to break your order, or gain your ground.

8.            If you oblige the enemy to retreat, be careful, in your pursuit of them, to keep out your flanking parties, and prevent them from gaining eminences, or rising grounds, in which case they would perhaps be able to rally and repulse you in their turn.

9.            If you are obliged to retreat, let the front of your whole party fire and fall back, till the rear hath done the same, making for the best ground you can; by this means you will oblige the enemy to pursue you, if they do it at all, in the face of a constant fire.

10.          If the enemy is so superior that you are in danger of being surrounded by them, let the whole body disperse, and every one take a different road to the place of rendezvous appointed for that evening, which must every morning be altered and fixed for the evening ensuing, in order to bring the whole party, or as many of them as possible, together, after any separation that may happen in the day; but if you should happen to be actually surrounded, form yourselves into a square, or if in the woods, a circle is best, and, if possible, make a stand till the darkness of the night favours your escape.

11.          If your rear is attacked, the main body and flankers must face about to the right or left, as occasion shall require, and form themselves to oppose the enemy, as before directed; and the same method must be observed, if attacked in either of your flanks, by which means you will always make a rear of one of your flank-guards.

12.          If you determine to rally after a retreat, in order to make a fresh stand against the enemy, by all means endeavour to do it on the most rising ground you come at, which will give you greatly the advantage in point of situation, and enable you to repulse superior numbers.

13.          In general, when pushed upon by the enemy, reserve your fire till they approach very near, which will then put them into the greatest surprise and consternation, and give you an opportunity of rushing upon them with your hatchets and cutlasses to the better advantage.

14.          When you encamp at night, fix your sentries in such a manner as not to be relieved from the main body till morning, profound secrecy and silence being often of the last importance in these cases. Each sentry therefore should consist of six men, two of whom must be constantly alert, and when relieved by their fellows, it should be done without noise; and in case those on duty see or hear any thing, which alarms them, they are not to speak, but one of them is silently to retreat, and acquaint the commanding officer thereof, that proper dispositions may be made; and all occasional sentries should be fixed in like manner.

15.          At the first dawn of day, awake your whole detachment; that being the time when the savages choose to fall upon their enemies, you should by all means be in readiness to receive them.

16.          If the enemy should be discovered by your detachments in the morning, and their numbers are superior to yours, and a victory doubtful, you should not attack them till the evening, as then they will not know your numbers, and if you are repulsed, your retreat will be favoured by the darkness of the night.

17.          Before you leave your encampment, send out small parties to scout round it, to see if there be any appearance or track of an enemy that might have been near you during the night.

18.          When you stop for refreshment, choose some spring or rivulet if you can, and dispose your party so as not to be surprised, posting proper guards and sentries at a due distance, and let a small party waylay the path you came in, lest the enemy should be pursuing.

19.          If, in your return, you have to cross rivers, avoid the usual fords as much as possible, lest the enemy should have discovered, and be there expecting you.

20.          If you have to pass by lakes, keep at some distance from the edge of the water, lest, in case of an ambuscade or an attack from the enemy, when in that situation, your retreat should be cut off.

21.          If the enemy pursue your rear, take a circle till you come to your own tracks, and there form an ambush to receive them, and give them the first fire.

22.          When you return from a scout, and come near our forts, avoid the usual roads, and avenues thereto, lest the enemy should have headed you, and lay in ambush to receive you, when almost exhausted with fatigues.

23.          When you pursue any party that has been near our forts or encampments, follow not directly in their tracks, lest they should be discovered by their rear guards, who, at such a time, would be most alert; but endeavour, by a different route, to head and meet them in some narrow pass, or lay in ambush to receive them when and where they least expect it.

24.          If you are to embark in canoes, battoes, or otherwise, by water, choose the evening for the time of your embarkation, as you will then have the whole night before you, to pass undiscovered by any parties of the enemy, on hills, or other places, which command a prospect of the lake or river you are upon.

25.          In paddling or rowing, give orders that the boat or canoe next the sternmost, wait for her, and the third for the second, and the fourth for the third, and so on, to prevent separation, and that you may be ready to assist each other on any emergency.

26.          Appoint one man in each boat to look out for fires, on the adjacent shores, from the numbers and size of which you may form some judgment of the number that kindled them, and whether you are able to attack them or not.

27.          If you find the enemy encamped near the banks of a river or lake, which you imagine they will attempt to cross for their security upon being attacked, leave a detachment of your party on the opposite shore to receive them, while, with the remainder, you surprise them, having them between you and the lake or river.

28.          If you cannot satisfy yourself as to the enemy's number and strength, from their fire, conceal your boats at some distance, and ascertain their number by a reconnoitering party, when they embark, or march, in the morning, marking the course they steer, when you may pursue, ambush, and attack them, or let them pass, as prudence shall direct you. In general, however, that you may not be discovered by the enemy upon the lakes and rivers at a great distance, it is safest to lay by, with your boats and party concealed all day, without noise or shew; and to pursue your intended route by night; and whether you go by land or water, give out parole and countersigns, in order to know one another in the dark, and likewise appoint a station every man to repair to, in case of any accident that may separate you.

Promoting The Power Of The Sword

Via Michael

 Image result for Promoting The Power Of The Sword
Secessionist movements are found in many states. But with the exception of the groups in the state of Texas, most groups are not getting much traction with the populace. Organizations such as Freedom Texas, The Republic of Texas and The Texas Nationalist Movement have been very successful in promoting Texas statehood, and are well known for their effectiveness. But petition drives, printed flyers and radio spots may not be the best way to promote secession.

Today, I would like to offer an idea to help ALL the secessionist organizations promote state secession as well as to promote The Power of the Sword.

As I wrote in Secession and the Power of the Sword 2015, openly promoting militias during the death throes of the United States government in Washington DC could be considered domestic terrorism.

But the states need to begin training militias NOW.

How might that be done in a low-key way?

More @ Dump DC


A lot has been happening in Washington the last few weeks, and below you’ll find the important details about all of these gun rights matters. One of the items is cause for serious concern, but the others are cause for optimism and celebration.


Quite a Bit, Actually

U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s nominee for U.S. Attorney General, does not respect this country’s laws. For instance, Lynch believes that the President Obama’s executive dictates, including his recent amnesty order for illegal aliens, are entirely legitimate and non-controversial.

In another example, Lynch was involved in the 2012 settlement that absolved HSBC (a British banking company) for money laundering performed on behalf of terrorists, drug dealers, the Mexican cartels and Iran. Many have called this a slap on the wrist, particularly because Lynch didn't fully investigate the crimes involved.

Lynch has also exhibited what might be best described as “feigned cluelessness” in the matter of insidious IRS-targeting. She claims to be only “generally aware” of the IRS’s focused effort to intimidate conservative groups. Whether her lack of knowledge is indeed feigned, or true ignorance, it is not indicative of someone fit for such high office.

There is little record on Lynch's position regarding gun control, but if her take on rogue executive actions, her history cosseting terrorist groups and drug cartels, and her limited knowledge of well-publicized, law-related current events are any indication of what we can expect on other issues, the danger of an “Attorney General Loretta Lynch” is clear.

It's safe to assume that with Holder gone, Lynch would simply represent more of the same: gun registration schemes, sweetheart deals for criminals, interference with lawful commerce, exotic, unconstitutional executive orders, and so on.

It's important to inform North Carolina’s Senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, that because of her lack of Constitutional principle and her overall contempt for the law, you appreciate their ‘no’ vote against the confirmation of Loretta Lynch for Attorney General. Considering her record, and the danger she would pose to gun rights and other freedom-related issues, she is not an acceptable choice for that post.

Below, under “Immediate Action Required,” see how you can easily contact your senators and thank them for taking the appropriate stance on the Lynch confirmation.

More @ GRNC

Obama Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank

Via Michael via NC Renegade

Don’t look now, but Washington just blinked. As we’ve documented exhaustively over the past week, pressure has been building steadily for the US to strike some manner of conciliatory tone towards China with regard to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, a China-led institution aimed at rivaling the US/Japan-backed ADB. Britain’s decision to join China in its new endeavor has prompted a number of Western nations to throw their support behind the bank ahead of the March 31 deadline for membership application. Because the AIIB effectively represents the beginning of the end for US hegemony, the White House has demeaned the effort from its inception questioning the ability of non-G-7 nations to create an institution that can be trusted to operation in accordance with the proper “standards.” Now, with 35 nations set to join as founders, it appears Washington may be set to concede defeat. Here’s more, via WSJ:
The Obama administration, facing defiance by allies that have signed up to support a new Chinese-led infrastructure fund, is proposing the bank work in a partnership with Washington-backed development institutions such as the World Bank.

Democrat wants drug tests for American inheritors


Rep. Linda Sanchez (NM-D) (She is not from NM, but CA. BT)“And The Vietnamese Do Turn Out And Vote” called for drug testing Americans who inherit substantial legacies from their parents. In speaking at a committee hearing on March 18, the New Mexico Democrat said that Americans who receive government subsidies such as food stamps already submit to drug tests and thus reasoned that the “lucky” inheritors of wealth should do likewise. “What work requirements are there to inherit up to $10 million tax free?” she asked a witness. “Why is that [a single mother] should be drug tested, which is an unrelated requirement to receive food assistance, to make sure that her family has enough to eat,” asked Sanchez. “And people who are lucky enough to inherit millions of dollars are literally required to do nothing to get the federal tax benefit with their inheritance?”

Hürtgen Forest: The heroic German officer killed in a minefield trying to save an American


On October 7, 1994 members of the 22nd Infantry Regiment Society dedicated a monument to a German Soldier from the Second World War. The monument stands near the entrance to the military cemetery in Hürtgen, Germany, the final resting place for over 2900 German Soldiers. It honors Leutnant Friedrich Lengfeld, a Company Commander in the German Army, who lost his life trying to save a wounded American Soldier.
It may possibly be the only monument erected anywhere, by former US Soldiers, to honor an act of bravery by a German Soldier, who at the time of the act, was an enemy at war with the United States.

More @ War History

The Most Important Date in U.S. History: July 28, 1588

Via David

Voter Fraud Via Social Security ID – Alien Power Rising, Citizen Power Disappearing

 Voter ID Requirements by State, October 2014

Remember Black Power? Now we’re facing Alien Power. Forget Obama’s executive orders. Without going through the immigration process on the books, an illegal does not become legal, even though Congress buries their heads. Ohio’s Attorney General, Jon Husted, warned that issuing social security numbers to illegal aliens can [likely will] affect the integrity of our elections. While the SS number doesn’t make it legal to vote, it makes it easier to vote illegally. In Obama’s DREAMer amnesty, reports are that 90,000 received a social security number, which suggests that the 5+ million illegals Obama is planning to amnesty, have a better than good chance of receiving the same benefit. Since Obama’s late 2014 amnesty announcement, no one knows how many social security IDs have been issued. The Senate has been forced to ask, and are still awaiting an answer.

Fighting Terrorism

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ScreenHunter_8067 Mar. 22 13.26waco_fire_wide-9203577b23bd582c55a3ac54d95e03ced5cd9573-s6-c30

On the left is ISIS burning a pilot alive. On the right is Hillary Clinton’s husband burning dozens of women and children alive in Texas in 1993.

Horrifying 911 call of seven-months pregnant woman 'who had her baby cut out of her

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Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, allegedly stabbed the 26-year-old in the stomach and pulled out the baby, killing the fetus in the process. She had lured the victim to her Colorado home using a Craigslist ad for baby clothes

A seven months-pregnant woman whose baby was cut from her womb made a desperate 911 call after the brutal attack on Wednesday pleading for help as she was 'bleeding out'.

The 26-year-old, identified at one point by the dispatcher as Michelle, spoke faintly on the six-minute call: 'She cut me in the stomach... I'm pregnant... I'm bleeding out.'

The woman was able to give the dispatcher the address of the home in Longmont, Colorado where she had been attacked, adding that she was in the basement and had locked the door. She has multiple wounds, she said, and that the attacker broke a glass and stabbed her in the neck.

The 911 dispatcher pressed her for the attacker's name and the woman responded that she didn't know the assailant and had gone to her home answering a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. She added: 'I was trying to leave.'

Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, allegedly stabbed the 26-year-old in the stomach and pulled out the baby, killing the fetus in the process, police said on Thursday. The mother survived the attack.

More with video@ Daily Mail

The US Special Forces Major who fought in the SS


Lauri Allan Törni, later known as Larry Thorne, was a Finnish Army captain who led an infantry company in the Finnish Winter and Continuation Wars and moved to the United States after World War II. He fought under three flags: Finnish, German (when he fought the Soviets in World War II), and American (where he was known as Larry Thorne) when he served in U.S. Army Special Forces in the Vietnam War.

Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Jerry Hogan Walking into the Headquarters of the Green Berets 10th Special Forces Group in Bad Tolz, Germany as a newly assigned Lieutenant in June of 1961, not knowing what to expect, was the start of the second best assignment I had in the US Army (the best was commanding a Battalion of over 700 men and women in the 8th Infantry Division in Europe during the Cold War).

This Special Forces Group is the oldest in the Army having been established in June, 1952, after the Army was convinced following World War II that, based upon experiences during that war of successful operations behind enemy lines with elements of the old Office of Strategic Services (OSS), it would be prudent to retain that capability of unconventional warfare.  The Group was specifically formed to conduct partisan operations behind the Red Army lines in the event of a Soviet invasion of Europe.

With this type of mission, it soon became apparent that within the ranks of Special Forces Soldiers were some rather unusual people. Since the mission of the Group was unconventional warfare behind enemy lines, one of the main considerations for staffing the units that would be deployed was the ability of the men to blend into the local citizenry. Obviously a man who spoke fluent Hungarian would be a tremendous asset for a group going behind enemy lines in Hungary. (In addition it would probably give him a much better chance to stay alive.) The same would apply for Poland, Czechoslovakia, Russia, and other eastern European countries targeted for US operations. Likewise, people who were experts in the culture, habits, and appearance of the natives would increase the probability of successful operations behind the lines.

Added to these needed characteristics was the ability for a man to operate in the unusual environment of unconventional operations. More than likely, the insertion of the Soldiers behind the enemy lines would be done by parachute and then their only contact with other Americans would be by radio; their war would be fought, for however long it took, with the native forces behind the enemy lines. Former OSS operators, Ranger, and Airborne Soldiers from the American Army gravitated to this unit. Another special group of men also were there; the “Lodge Bill” troops. These were immigrants from politically persecuted countries who could become US citizens by serving in the US Army.

One of the most illustrious Soldiers from this category was a fellow officer by the name of Larry Thorne.

More @ War History

WATCH: This one word manages to cause a firestorm on CNN

Via Joe

Image result for WATCH: This one word manages to cause a firestorm on CNN

Well, here’s another one of those inane liberal conversations about race and racism, surrounding the use of the “n-word” – once beloved by Democrats in the South, including one president of the United States as it happens.

It’s all about who gets to use it and why black people still embrace it. Why would you want to perpetuate such a hurtful invective and willingly use it to describe yourself? I’m a white girl, so what do I know, but I certainly wouldn’t want to describe my fellow female friends as “b*tches.”

Nonetheless, after watching this clip, the comment that stuck out for me was Marc Lamont Hill’s “400 years of exploitation.”

More with video @ Allen B. West

Lincoln got one thing correct

Via David

Calls to sell Nazi eagle from stern of Graf Spee in Uruguay

 Nazi eagle


The Uruguay Government is currently in possession of a bronze Nazi eagle recovered from the wreckage of the Nazi battleship, the Graf Spee, located just off its coast.

The Graf Spee was Nazi Germany’s flagship battleship and was one of the most modern, and well-equipped ships of World War II.

After coming into a conflict with three British and New Zealand Navy ships in 1939, the Graf Spee’s captain decided to sink his own ship to prevent the Allies accessing the ship and its contents. Today the battle is known as the Battle of River Plate.

Many of the German crew evacuated to Uruguay, and many Germans settled there in the years after the war.

‘If You Guys Look Closely Enough You Can See the Future’: Singer Tweets Sexually Explicit Photo and Bizarre Message at Conservatives

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Image via Matt Walsh
She brazen, unafraid and she posed for Playboy — but she still surprised people with her public message to conservative commentators.

On Saturday, rapper/singer Azealia Banks tweeted a sexually explicit photo — a close-up of her genitals — and the message, “If you guys look closely enough you can see the future,” to popular blogger Matt Walsh and radio host Wayne DuPree.

More @ The Blaze

BINGO! Person Putting “Whites Only” Stickers Around Austin Turns Out to be Liberal Social Justice Warrior

Via Susan

Adam Reposa
 Spreaders of the “White privilege” MYTH are mentally ill.
have Low Self Esteem, and Negative Self Worth, and need Mental Counseling.
Those who promote this hate-message are Passive Aggressive cancers attempting to kill off the Healthy Life around them.
It turns out that the person who has been posting “whites only” stickers around Austin, Texas is actually a liberal “social justice warrior” looking to bring attention to the racism of whites.

These stickers had been posted around stores in Austin:

For days no one knew who had posted them and why could only be speculated.

The answer has been solved today: the stickers were posted by Austin lawyer Adam Reposa who did it to point out the “gentrification” of Austin and the displacement of minorities.

More with video @ Pundit Press

Illegal Street Racing Gaining Attention

 LA Street Racing

Recent Behind The Wheel featured Top Fuel Driver, Lex Joon had his own ideas of offering a safer version of street racing.

“The form of auto-racing that Valenzuela was involved in and what the Discovery Channel seems to want to promote is illegal which makes it hard to understand why its promoted at all,” said Joon.

“Sometimes I get the idea some scenes are staged as it is illegal but the actual scene is filmed on a closed location. In the Netherlands we have an airfield that is open three times a year for ‘street-racers’, which is similar to what these drivers are really doing on this show.  Any form of racing should not be done on the street, as a street is not made for high speed racing.   Giving the viewers the idea that what these drivers are doing is all illegal is not right. Now with two people killed it is out of control and shows like this should be banned from television. I agree with the NHRA when they make a statement to drivers who have a NHRA race license. There is no reason what so ever to be part of illegal racing, especially not when you are a licensed driver.”

Although most drivers in this sport are completely against street racing, there are those who continue to support those who just want to do what they love.  Performance Consultant, Bruce Kit and Morris Rogers, Owner of Big Mo’s Parts in San Antonio, TX both agree that street racing are part of this sport’s history and possibly it’s future.

“Although it is Politically Correct to say street racing is bad and illegal, it always was and attempting to stop it will be as effective as prohibition, and as effective as the war against drugs,” said Kit.

More with video @ The Burnout

Where Are Pro-Islamic State Tweets Coming From?

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A new study released by the Brookings Institute on Friday claims Twitter accounts from the United States make up the fourth largest group sending pro-ISIS (Islamic State) messages on the popular social media outlet.

More @ The Blaze

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback 429/375 HP 4-Speed MCA Concours Gold

More @ MECUM

Evidence Surfaces Of The Tax (Jizya) That Muslims Are Forcing Upon Christians

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Islamic Jizya Tax has been absent for nearly a century after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. No one dreamt that it will revive until ISIS established a Caliphate. When ISIS captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, in June, Christians and Muslims lived together in peace until ISIS told Christians to pay the  protection tax (jizya), convert to Islam, or leave. The majority chose to flee the city. The letter “N” for Nasrani (“Nazarene”) was painted on Christian buildings and homes. Now we come back to see, perhaps for the first time in history, evidence for a receipt from northern Syria for a Jizya payment that should open the eyes of Christians to what happens to Christians in Syria and Iraq:

More @ Shoebat

Ammo ban? NRA warns it's more than bullets

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The federal bureaucracy, in the form of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, recently announced a ban on ammunition used in AR-15 rifles, which are among the most common firearms in America, but then suddenly backed off.

So breathe a sigh of relief and move on?

Not if you like the Second Amendment, according to a National Rifle Association commentator.

Colion Noir, a practicing attorney who graduated from the University of Houston, has been described by the Los Angeles Times as someone who doesn’t fit the stereotype of NRA members: “Old, fat, white guys.”

More with video @ WND

Matrimony, Holy or Otherwise

 photo Marriage_Facts.jpg

If you are a young man, and contemplate matrimony with the love of your life, it is well to look at marriage from the standpoint of reason rather than sentiment. Men are, after all, male, and occasionally capable of reason. The first question to ask yourself is: Why marry? What would you gain? Would your troubles disappear? Would sex be better? Would food be more savory? Would you get tax breaks, enjoy more freedom? Do stock options come with marriage?

Is there any practical advantage at all?

MIDNIGHT RIDE Trailer - 3a

Job needed

Image result for pe mechanical engineer 
David Hunt is on my blogroll and he has some fun stuff.  Check out his blog and, if inclined, his Portfolio, and his About Me and Why I Blog pages to get a sense of who he is.  He's a Mechanical Engineer with two Masters degrees, a background in plastics among other things, and experience in both design and manufacturing.

He's not getting a lot of traction in his job search in New England, and is opening up his search.  He's looking southward, e.g., the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, with some specific criteria.  If you have any thoughts on places to look, companies to apply to, or are willing to be a networking contact, he can be reached at davidhunt (at) outdrs (dot) net.  Please mention in the subject that you heard about him here.

His criteria for a target area:

An established Conservative (denominationally) Jewish community

Masonic Lodges

A Montessori school that - ideally - goes through 8th grade

Other preferences (negotiable):

Not pure-flat landscape

Trees / forests

A large city within an hour's drive

'Please Don't Shoot Me': Heartless Teens Accused Of Killing Man While He Walked His Dog

Via Joe

Philadelphia police are searching for a 15-year-old boy who they say shot and killed a middle aged man while he was walking his dog.

James Stuhlman, 51, usually brought his 13-year-old daughter along for his nightly walks through his Overbrook neighborhood, but on March 12 he decided to go alone.

He was approached by three teenagers who attempted to rob him and one of the teens opened fire, NBC 10 reports.

“At one point, he did plead for his life,” Homicide Captain James Clark said at a news conference. “He said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, please don’t shoot,’ and they still shot him one time.”

Authorities have arrested two of the suspects, 15-year-old Brandon Smith and a 14-year-old boy whose name was not released. The 14-year-old is facing lesser chargers after cooperating with police.