Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Judge Lightens Convicted Child Rapist’s Sentence, Says He Did Not ‘consciously intend to harm’ 3-year-old

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A California judge has reduced a convicted child rapist’s jail term by 15 years, claiming the sentence is too harsh because the man did not “consciously intend to harm” the three-year-old girl he sodomized.
Orange County Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly last Friday moved to lighten 20-year-old Santa Anna resident Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto’s 25 year sentence, asserting the jail term violates the US Constitution’s Eighth Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment.

Rojano-Nieto was convicted last December on counts of having sexual intercourse with a child 10 years or younger and committing a lewd act with a minor “for sodomizing a female toddler and making her touch his penis,” according to a press release from the Orange County District Attorney’s office.

The Orange County Register laid out in horrific detail an account of Rojano-Nieto’s crimes:
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".........decreased IQ the product of mass Third World immigration........"

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 Typical controlled media spin: The Daily Mail attempts to explain the decline in “Western” IQ in any way except the obvious–that the racial make-up of Europe is changing.


The measured IQ of “Western” nations—specifically Western Europe—is dropping dramatically as the percentage of whites—expressed as a part of the whole—becomes smaller, new statistics have shown.

 Although the drop in IQ levels was recently presented in the controlled media (and the Daily Mail in particular) as some type of mysterious drop to which no easily-identifiable cause could be attributed, the decreased IQ is obviously the product of mass Third World immigration from countries with much lower IQs.

Full Video of Walter Scott shooting by Michael Thomas Slager & Attorney Statement

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Seems completely unjustified to me.


The Wehrmacht 5/5 - To The Bitter End

Ex-Boyfriend Has A Brick, New Boyfriend Has A Gun; Guess Who Won?

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The ex-boyfriend showed up to his ex-girlfriend’s house in the 11000 block of Canyon Star in northwest Harris County with a brick in hand attempting to attack the new couple early Wednesday morning, according to HCSO.

Officers say the woman’s new beau had a gun and shot the man to death.

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Alabama State sued by white professors for discrimination

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Alabama State is the subject of a lawsuit brought by white professors accusing the institution of discrimination, according to a report in USA Today earlier this week.

Steven B. Chesbro and John Garland claimed that Alabama State uses race as a determining factor in hiring as well as accepting students.

Alabama State is primarily a black college.

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A Priest Stuns Wedding Guests With Unbelievable Performance Of "Hallelujah"

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Delightful, but as a child I would have no more thought of clapping in church than taking the Lord's name in vain there. :)

As Chris and Leah O'Kane wait to finally say their vows, Father Ray Kelly steals the show for a few minutes. Father Kelly sings Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" at Oldcastle Church in Meathe, Ireland using his own lyrics, tailored to the happy couple.

Black Kid Admitted to All 8 Ivy League Schools Isn’t What Media Claims – Part 2; Affirmative Action Still Rules

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The media is once again slobbering (like they did last year) because, yet again, a Black kid got admitted into all eight Ivy League schools. And, yet again, the kid isn’t what the media is making him out to be. While he’s incredibly smart, affirmative action definitely played a role, unless there are a whole buncha White and Indian students (of the Asian variety) who got into all eight and the media isn’t telling us about it.

Mass Graves of Islamic State Victims Found in Iraq

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A Shiite militiaman kisses the grave at the site believed to be a mass grave where Islamic State militants killed hundreds of Iraqi soldiers when they overran Camp Speicher military base last June, in Tikrit, Iraq, 80 miles (130 kilometers) north of Baghdad, Friday, April 3, 2015. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Iraqi forensics teams have begun exhuming the bodies of soldiers killed in last summer’s massacre by Islamic State militants.

A mass grave in Tikrit near the former U.S. Army base Camp Speicher is believed to contain as many as 1,700 bodies of Iraqi soldiers.

The killings were widely publicized after the Islamic State group posted photos last June showing the captured Iraqi soldiers, most of them Shiites, being loaded by the dozen onto trucks, then gunned down into shallow ditches with their hands tied behind their backs. The soldiers were in civilian clothes in an effort to hide their government affiliation from the approaching Islamic State fighters.

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Court: DHS Must Say Why Secret Plan to Shut Down Cellphone Service Is Legal

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The government will soon have to defend its position as to why it should be allowed to shut down cellphone service in the event of a “critical emergency,” while keeping any such plans to do so a secret.

Referred to as Standard Operating Procedure 303, the government’s power to effectively render your phone useless under extraordinary circumstances was billed as a “unified voluntary process for the orderly shut-down and restoration of wireless services during critical emergencies,” ArsTechnica reported. Such an emergency could include the “threat of radio-activated improvised explosive devices.”

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Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? - The People Speak

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VICE News traveled around the world speaking to people about guns, gun control, and differences in global attitudes on firearms.

In this episode, we asked you whether the US should have stricter gun control laws, and how effective stricter gun control laws are in other countries.

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NC: James Best "Rosco P. Coltrane" Dead at 88

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James Best, the actor best known for his portrayal of bumbling yet endearing Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on TV’s “The Dukes of Hazzard,” died at 9:28 p.m. ET Monday after a brief illness and complications of pneumonia. He was 88.

The youngest of eight brothers and a sister, James was born Jewel Franklin Guy in hardscrabble Powderly, Ky., on July 26, 1926, to parents Lena Mae Everly Guy (sister of Ike Everly, who was father of musical legends Don and Phil) and Larkin Jasper Guy. After spending a short time in an orphanage following his mother’s death in 1929, the young boy was adopted by Essa and Armen Best and moved with them to their home in Corydon, Ind.

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We the People: VICE on HBO Debrief

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I understand that in the full episode on HBO the “III-%” is called out by name and labeled as a “great terrorist threat to America”   What do you expect from the people who brought you Bill Maher?

The comments following video are typical.  What a sad, sad state we are in……"


Top White House Aide Tells Israelis That Obama’s Security Commitment to Israel ‘Has Been Greater Than Any President’s to Date’

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Deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes says President Obama’s “security commitment to Israel has been greater than any president’s to date.” (Screenshot: Channel 10)

Must be brain damaged...........

White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes took to Israeli television news shows Monday to try to persuade jittery Israelis that the framework agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is the “best deal” that could have emerged from negotiations and that President Barack Obama’s commitment to the Jewish state has been unmatched by previous presidents.

“This is a president who has a deep understanding of Israel and its history and the Jewish people’s commitment to Israel,” Rhodes said. “His security commitment to Israel has been greater than any president’s to date in terms of his ability to secure the assistance and have the cooperation that Israel needs.

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America's Decay Is Speeding Up

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As one who loves America -- not only because I am American, but even more so because I know (not believe, know) that the American experiment in forming a decent society has been the most successful in history -- I write the following words in sadness: With few exceptions, every aspect of American life is in decline.

"Decay" is the word.

The Decline of the Family: Nearly half (48 percent) of American children are born to a mother who is not married. Forty-three percent of American children live without a father in the home. About 50 percent of Americans over 18 are married, compared to 72 percent in 1960. Americans are having so few children that the fertility rate fell to a record low 62.9 births per 1,000 women in 2013. And in an increasing number of states, there are now more deaths than births.

The Decline of Education: Compared to nearly all of American history, the average American school teaches much less about important subjects such as American history, English grammar, literature, music and art. Instead, schools are teaching much more about "social justice," environmentalism and sex.

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Divisive Anti-White, Anti-Christian U.S. Military Indoctrination Program Targets Patriotic Citizens As Domestic Enemies

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What follows below is an outline not of how America is working to build a cohesive military for the defense of our nation but an alarm bell of how our once-cohesive military forces are being converted into divided and resentful groups targeting a particular sector of those within their ranks as well as the American population in general. What is being sown are the seeds of dissent and rebellion against the American principles and our nation within the ranks of those sworn to defend it, and it’s been going on since 1971.

The foot in the door of this subversive, dangerous nonsense are the “Equal Opportunity” officers and an entity called the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI). Why are they needed? They are a Trojan horse of mind manipulation and entitlement. They serve to purpose in the advancement of the fighting abilities of our troops, but they do serve to compromise and misdirect their loyalty.

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Obama: I’m Concerned by ‘Less Than Loving’ Comments From Christians

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President Barack Obama on Tuesday used the White House Easter prayer breakfast to accuse some Christians of lacking love, then said he was “pulling back” from saying any more.

“On Easter, I do reflect that as a Christian Muslim, I am supposed to love,” Obama said. “I have to say that sometimes, when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that’s a topic for another day.”

Some in the audience applauded, and laughed.

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Democrats: Get A $2,000 Tax Credit For Turning In Your Assault Rifles

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I'm all for this if it is changed to $2K cash, then I can buy four for each one I turn in. :)

Congressional Democrats have a grand scheme to make America’s streets safer; incentivize people cannibalize to their Second Amendment rights for tax credits. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) will introduce the Support Assault Firearm Elimination and Education of our Streets Act, which will do just that (via the Hill):

“Assault weapons are not about hunting, or even self-defense,” DeLauro said. “There is no reason on earth, other than to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible, that anyone needs a gun designed for a battlefield.”

Though DeLauro is in favor of stronger guns laws that would completely ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition, she emphasized this bill would not force gun owners to turn in their firearms.

The legislation would provide up to $2,000 in tax credits for gun owners who voluntarily hand over assault weapons to their local police departments.

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The $PLC, PayPal, and Tortious Interference

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 Image result for Heidi Beirich pig ugly bitch commie
 Sooie, sooie, sooie, pig, pig pig.........

Dr. Greg Johnson of Counter-Currents Publishing declared on his website recently that his project is “under siege” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which—along with other leftist outfits—is putting pressure on PayPal and Amazon to cease permitting him to raise funds and sell books.

Dr. Johnson relays in his article that Heidi Beirich “has been writing letters to Amazon.com and PayPal to get them to stop doing business with Counter-Currents.  The SPLC wants to put us out of business because they fear the ideas that we advocate.”  He also notes that just days after the Washington Post ran an article about the matter, Amazon shut down Counter-Currents’ Amazon Affiliate Marketing account, which earned Dr. Johnson approximately $6,000.00 per year when viewers of his website purchased goods from Amazon after visiting that website.

Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?

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