Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Full Video of Walter Scott shooting by Michael Thomas Slager & Attorney Statement

Via LH

Seems completely unjustified to me.



  1. Murder....plain and simple. And I have NO DOUBT the badgemonkey thought he could get away with this. Thank god for the video or he put obably would have been able to cover this up. News reports are the officer will be charged. We'll see if he actuallyngets what he deserves.

  2. It sure looks difficult to me for his defense.

  3. What was the victim running for? I've yet to hear why he was running.
    Was it more than just a broken tail lite.

  4. Heard on Fox he had an outstanding warrant for not paying his child support and
    had been arrested ten times regarding the non-payment of child support.
    Now days one has to be on guard; think video. I guess here comes the protests
    yet no protests for the little baby in Brunswick, Georgia. Oh yea, that's right, they
    protested because the killer's mother was arrested.

    1. Looks like the protests aren't as many as expected considering the past, but the cop is already in jailed and charged with 1st degree murder, I read.