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"Loyalty to your comrades, when you come right down to it, has more to do with bravery in battle than even patriotism does. You may want to be brave, but your spirit can desert you when things really get rough. Only you find you can't let your comrades down and in the pinch they can't let you down either.
-- Audie Murphy, born on this date, June 20th, 1924.

Trump: 'We don't need any more wars'


President Trump reportedly called those pushing for a war with Iran 'disgusting' and said the country does not need to get themselves into any more wars.

"These people want to push us into a war, and it's so disgusting," Trump told a confidant about his security advisers according to the Wall Street Journal. "We don't need any more wars."

Trump told the source that he was unhappy that $130 million was wasted when Iran shot down the U.S. Navy drone, but said he thought killing Iranians was not something he wanted to do either.

Stand Watie: The Last Confederate General to Surrender

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A good friend of mine who is now gone, most unfortunately, especially for the history of the Cherokee, as he wrote what I consider THE book on Stand Watie. (He was working on another book when he died and his worthless daughter and son were not interested and would not let me have his writings, so that I could do something with them. ) His wife's grandfather rode with Watie. The book is called Red Fox, Stand Watie's Years in Indian Territory, by Wilfred Knight. He begins the book with this poem that he wrote:

No monuments or marble shafts
Keep silent record of the time
When grey clan ranks of warriors rode
The Indian Nation line.

But mists of time have not eclipsed
The ancient stories of the day,
And still the whispered words are heard,
"Stand Watie passed this way."

The noon of darkness casts its spell:
Dutch Billy's bugle sounds once more
And Watie heads his column out
To ride through legend's door.

Now once again the muskets fire
While "Eagle" Buzzard spirits soars,
And smoothbores spew their deadly hail
As Watie leads to war.

But now - the Red Fox rides no more,
No bands of men, with muffled sound
Slip through the night to strike at dawn;
The fight is thru, the moon is down.

Now who will sing old Watie's song,
And who will tell his tale,
And who will keep the rendezvous
Along the Texas Trail? 

Below: Hollywood Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA Confederate Memorial Day 1992? I'm wearing my father's blue seersucker suit on the left standing beside my friend in the blue blazer, Wilfred Knight, a true Confederate and a gentleman. 


President Kennedy at Chapel Hill

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"There is, of course, no place in America where reason and firmness are more clearly pointed out than here in North Carolina. All Americans can profit from what happened in this state a century ago. It was this state, firmly fixed in the traditions of the South, which sought a way of reason in a troubled and dangerous world. Yet when the war came, North Carolina provided a fourth of all of the Confederate soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice in those years. And it won the right to the slogan, “First at Bethel, farthest to the front at Gettysburg and Chickamauga, last at Appomattox.”
President JF Kennedy
Oct. 1961, UNC Chapel Hill

'A gangster masquerading as president': American Communists plan Trump 2020 takedown

 President Donald Trump speaks during his re-election kickoff rally at the Amway Center, Tuesday, June 18, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

America’s Communist Party concluded its national convention seemingly united on two themes: that they are a significant ally of the increasingly powerful left wing of the Democratic Party and that a viable future remains for the Communist Party USA.

As to the question of whether the CPUSA emerges in control or is absorbed into the broader socialism movement peppering the platforms of Democrats running for president in 2020, officials expressed confidence that the red star of their party will continue blazing.

In the meantime, all goals should be subsumed by one: defeating President Trump, CPUSA Chairman John Bachtell said in his keynote address.

Jefferson Davis Memorial Arch and Park at Fort Monroe-Need Your Help

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Dear Friends,

The June 21 meeting of the Fort Monroe Authority was very disappointing.

On June 13, David Stroud, the Historic Preservation Officer at Fort Monroe issued letters of his findings to the Board. His task was to determine the impact to nearby historic properties if the Arch is removed or altered.   His task also included reporting on what would be required to minimize or mitigate any adverse effects to historic properties if the Arch is removed.

In the letter of his findings, he answered the first question, but left the second question open for a second survey.  I am asking you to answer this second survey.  It is due by next Saturday, June 29, 2019.  An explanation and link to the survey is below.

Basically his conclusion to the first task stated that removal of the Jefferson Davis Arch would “have an adverse effect on historic properties”.  I have copied his finding from the letter below:

“Determination of Effect

After considering the direct and indirect effects for the undertaking and applying the principles provided in Stipulation of the MOU, the FMHPO has determined that the proposed undertaking will have an adverse effect on historic properties by altering directly and indirectly characteristics that qualify them for inclusion in the VLR and/or the NRHP.”

The entire letter can be found on the Fort Monroe website, but I have attached a pdf copy of the letter to this email.

On the surface the letter seems to be in favor of leaving the Arch intact.  That is misleading.

At the June 21 FMA Board meeting, David Stroud read his letter to the board.  He made no other comments, other than a rather dry reading of his letter.

After the meeting, I approached Mr. Stroud as to how much weight his findings would have on the final decision.  His answer to me, was that the next steps would be determining how to minimize the adverse effect upon other historic properties – when the Arch is removed, not if.

I want to emphasize to you that his replies to me were very guarded and formal.  But everything he said indicated that he was studying impacts of when the Arch is removed, not if.

I questioned him several times about the impact of the answers to the survey.  Incidentally, the survey was not mentioned at all during the proceedings – as if it never happened.  He said that when he makes his final report, he will place all of the pro survey replies in one folder and the cons in another and turn them over as part of the report.

When I continued to press him as to how much weight the survey answer would have on any decision, he repeatedly answered, “They will be considered”.  He refused to elaborate any further.  Frankly, I am not sure if Mr. Stroud was afraid to say any more, because our conversation was certainly being observed.

I learned from my discussion with Mr. Stroud, and by re-reading the wording of the second survey, that it is asking only for concurrence or disapproval of his “determination of effect” from removing the Arch.  Which he considers to be, if you agree with his finding as to the Impact to other historical property, not if you agree with removal.   After probing him further, he kept reiterating that the real intent of the survey is to determine how to “minimize or mitigate any adverse effects to historic properties” when the Arch is removed.

He also said that he had already received some “creative” suggestions on how to minimize the impact.  He did not say anything further as to the creative suggestions, but it makes one wonder if they suggested putting up other wording to replace the current wording, “Jefferson Davis Memorial Park”.  Mary Bunting, Hampton City manager had suggested at the April meeting to remove the lettering on the Arch.  Knowing the hatred some of the activists causing this issue have spewed in public, I can imagine how degrading some of the suggestions could be.

Although the surveys are not geared to count votes for or against removal, it is important to show a strong public opinion against the removal or any changes.  These survey results may be important in future meetings or discussions, possibly even in at the General Assembly or in court.

I suggest that your comment on the survey should say, in your own choice of wording, that:  The Arch and Park should stay, exactly as it is.  The Arch should not be removed nor altered in any way.

The survey itself is very simple.  But, it appears to be purposely organized to confuse.  You are required to give your:

Name, Mailing Address, Email Address and to make a Comment.

Do Not give your Organization! The survey will kick back if an organization that it does not recognize is entered.  Remember that you are giving your opinion as a Citizen, not as a member of any Organization!

In the comment section, answer in your own words that you feel that the Jefferson Davis Arch and Park should not be removed nor altered in any way.

The website address is:

Push the “Learn More” button in the Tan Box showing the picture of the Arch.  This will take you to the survey.

The Fort Monroe Preservation Officer is asking the public to answer this second survey by NEXT SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 2019! 

It is obvious that everyone on Fort Monroe is taking Governor “Blackface” Northam’s letter seriously, and is working diligently to find every loophole possible to subvert Virginia Law and allow him to destroy the Arch and remove all reference in history to it and the Park.

This will only be the beginning.  Once the radical Left makes this first hurdle removing a little known memorial, Virginia’s law against removing war memorials (15.2-1812) will effectively be ineffective.  The current Attorney General certainly won’t defend it.  Next the Left will go after every Confederate memorial in Virginia.  The radicals won’t stop at that, soon it will monuments to any of the founding fathers who can be associated with slavery in any way.  Then any monument or building with any religious context will be desecrated.

After you complete the survey, I suggest that you make every effort to contact every General Assembly Delegate and Senator that you can contact.

After sitting in this FMA meeting, I have become convinced that the Virginia Executive department will conclude that removal of the Jefferson Davis Memorial Arch and any reference to the Park will be within their right.  The Governor is frantically trying to make amends with the Left over his blackface incident.  The Attorney General, who is also under racial bias scrutiny, will agree.

The only force left to challenge this aberration is the Virginia General Assembly.  Please make them well aware of this attack on Virginia’s values!

Contact for General Assembly House Members

Contact for General Assembly Senate Members

Email Addresses

Senate Phone Numbers

I would appreciate, if you would let me know that you have written.  That way I will have a rough count of comments submitted to save the Jefferson Davis Arch from demolition.

Thank you!  You may share this letter, with any family or friends, who will help us!

Christine J. Gergely

92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed, study of Berlin protesters finds

 The figures, which were published in daily newspaper Bild revealed that 873 suspects were investigated by authorities between 2003 and 2013

Figures were compiled by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution
Of those arrested for politically-motivated offences, 84 per cent were men
The majority, 72 per cent, were aged between 18 and 29
Of offences against a person, four out of five cases were against police officers

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Burned Down Colonial Tavern that May Have Doubled as a Brothel Found in North Carolina

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Illustration of an old tavern. Credit: Chorazin / Adobe Stock

Archaeologists examining a recently discovered colonial tavern in eastern North Carolina were stunned to discover that when the 18th Century building burned to the ground a “treasure trove of merchandise” was trapped beneath the charred floorboards, and many of the artifacts hint at the building’s use as a brothel.

Dr. Charles Ewen, who led the dig with teams of students from East Carolina University, discovered that the 1760s fire had caused the tavern’s walls to collapse onto the floors, effectively sealing the crawl space “like a time capsule,” according to a report in the Miami Herald .

The Democratic Comedy Of Errors Is About To Get Even More Interesting

 The Democratic Comedy Of Errors Is About To Get Even More Interesting

Ever since the campaign for the Democratic nomination first began, basically on November 9, 2016, America has been treated to some truly comedic moments, from Hillary Clinton’s delayed concession speech, to two years of “will she, or won’t she?” speculation at a second - strike that - third, run for the presidency, all of which peppered with her $100 speeches to smaller crowds than a Bee Gees reunion concert would draw. And let’s not forget the Costco book signings for "What Happened" by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the only mystery novel with the mystery and answer both printed clearly on the cover.

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Holy Mother of Mary - I just inadvertently discovered the golden goose of all TRIGGERS!

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Stay with me Pedes. Let me preface this by saying I have friends that are cucks. I don't hold it against them. I tend to believe they will come to their senses one day.

So I am talking with one of my cuck friends that is a Facebook shill reposting a bunch of Huffington articles. I was talking to him about his kids and school and which school they are going to attend because they go to private schools. He starts talking shit about Trump and Betsy DeVos and how they are going to ruin the school systems. And I say, "well you made your decision to go to private schools long before Trump and DeVos had any influence." He chuckles sheepishly and says the public schools in his area suck.

So I give him a little shit and say, "Oh yeah, so you are all about open borders as long as those kids don't go to the same schools as your kids."


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General Flynn Uncovered Massive Clinton Scandal Linked to Terrorist Funding – Was Immediately Targeted by Obama Deep State

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 On November 10, 2017, we reported how the Wall Street Journal had received information from anonymous sources who said that General Flynn and his son Michael were involved in a plot to kidnap Muslim cleric and return him to Turkey.

The Wall Street Journal reported

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me

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 "Clemens Forell is a German Wehrmacht soldier who was captured by the Soviets in 1945. Forell is sentenced to 25 years hard labour for "crimes against the partisans" and sent as part of a large group of prisoners to a Gulag labour camp in the Siberian region of the Soviet Union. After a huge cross-continent railway journey on starvation rations, and a long-cross-country trek by foot into the bleak wilderness, they arrive at the gulag. This is run by a cruel commander, Lieutenant Kamenev. After one unsuccessful attempt, Forell ultimately does escape with the aid of the camp doctor, Dr. Stauffer.

Stauffer had planned to escape himself, but is terminally ill with cancer, so he gives Forell warm clothes and a loaded pistol, and explains where he has hidden supplies for a long journey. Forell promises to visit the doctor's wife in Magdeburg and tell her that he is already dead. Forell heads north to avoid the guards, who would expect him to go west. When the supplies given to him by Dr. Stauffer run out, he kills a seal for food. Over the winter, he wanders across northern Siberia, until he meets Anastas and Semyon, two gold prospectors. Although initially suspicious of them, Forell eventually joins them. After Semyon falls in a river and Forell rescues him, Semyon kills Anastas when he suspects him of stealing his gold. Semyon and Forell then continue their journey. 

When Semyon can no longer continue, Forell offers to carry his pack for him, but a suspicious Semyon throws him down a slope, thinking he too will try to steal his gold. Beset by wolves, Forell is rescued by nomadic Chukchi herders, one of whom, named Irina, falls in love with him. After he makes a successful recovery, the Chukchi find out the Soviets are looking for Forell. Much to Irina's chagrin, Forell leaves, with the dog the Chukchi give him for companionship. When he runs into a logging operation, Forell is sent on the train with the freight as a brakeman. Betrayed, he is nearly captured by the Soviets, led by Kamenev. Although Forell manages to escape, his dog is shot and killed when he attacks and mauls Kamenev, leaving him permanently scarred. 

Over the next year, Forell makes his way to Central Asia. A Polish Jewish man helps him acquire a passport despite the fact that Forell is German, and Forell makes his way to the Iranian border. As he is walking to freedom, he sees Kamenev walking towards him from the Iranian side. Petrified, Forell stares at Kamenev and a showdown looms. However, Kamenev steps aside and lets Forell pass, declaring that "the victory is mine". Once on the Iranian side, Forell is believed to be a Soviet spy and taken prisoner. His uncle who works in Ankara, Turkey, however, is brought to identify him, and Forell is freed. Arriving in West Germany at Christmas, Forell sees his family leave for church. He then arrives at the church, where he is reunited with his family." 

-Wikipedia Based on the true story of Cornelius Rost, with the audio of the movie in its original language (German) with English subtitles.

'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall' on Obama's Bad Cops and Spies

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The skies are growing dark and increasingly ominous for dirty officials at the top of Obama-era law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Leading the “I’m really worried” list are James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Loretta Lynch, and their senior aides, all political appointees. They expected Hillary Clinton to win in 2016 and bury any traces of malfeasance, just as they had buried hers. It didn’t work out that way.

Now they need protection themselves. House Democrats and anonymous leakers are busy providing it. Many are delicately called “current and former senior officials” by the New York Times, Washington Post, and other legacy media. Gee, I wonder who they are?

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