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Instant Grits and Plastic Wrapped Crackers: Southern Culture and Regional Development

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In 1928, an unusually far-sighted southerner named Broadus Mitchell pondered the implications of the South’s impending modernization, wondering “whether these great industrial developments [to come] will banish the personality of the South … or whether the old spirit will actuate the new performance.” “Will industrialism produce the same effects here as elsewhere,” he mused, “or will it submit to be modified by a persistent Southern temperament?” A half century later, the South has certainly seen its share of industrialization, urbanization, and all the other -actions that sociologists call development and most of us would optimistically call progress, but the answers to Mitchell’s questions are still not clear.

When he wrote, a majority of southerners were engaged—un-profitably, for the most part—in agriculture. Only a third lived in the South’s towns and cities (“cities,” with a couple of exceptions, that didn’t amount to much anyway). The South’s per-capita income was roughly at the level we use today to distinguish between “developed” and “less developed” countries, and was substantially less than that in the rest of the United States. Since then, both the proportion and the absolute number of southerners working on farms have declined dramatically (fewer than one in twelve does so now, only slightly more than the national figure), and the nature of southern agriculture has changed: the size of the average southern farm has doubled, and it has itself been very largely industrialized.”

Per-capita income in the South is now recognizably American and is a good deal closer to the national figure (although a gap still remains). The South has become, like the rest of the United States, an urban society. Two-thirds of its people are now city or townsfolk, and a half dozen of its cities are grand enough to have teams in the National Football League.

Star Parker: Fix families to fix gun crime

Felon, Pedophile and Deadbeat Dad AltonSterling Shot Dead After Wrestling with Police

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alton sterling

Alton Sterling was pedophile and deadbeat dad who owed $25,000 in child support.
The Obama DOJ is going to investigate.

CBS News reported:
Disturbing new video has surfaced in the police killing of a black man who authorities say had a gun when he was shot on the pavement outside a convenience store.
The shooting death of Alton Sterling is being investigated by federal authorities.
Sterling, 37, was confronted by police and shot on Tuesday after an anonymous caller said he had threatened someone with a gun outside the store, where he was selling homemade CDs, authorities said.
In the video, filmed by store owner Abdullah Muflahi, officers are seen pinning Sterling to the ground. Officers can be heard saying “You [expletive] move, I swear to God,” and shouting, “Gun!” before shots ring out.

Giuliani: 'President Trump' could prosecute Hillary

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“She should at least resign as candidate on the grounds that, if she can’t pass a top security clearance, she can’t be president of the United States”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he’s “disappointed” in FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to charge Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, but that doesn’t mean the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president will escape prosecution if Trump is elected president.

Appearing on Fox News’ “The Real Story,” Giuliani, a former U.S. prosecutor who served in the Justice Department with Comey, took issue with Comey’s claim “no reasonable prosecutor” would indict Clinton.

“It would be unreasonable for a prosecutor not to go forward and almost an abdication of duty,” said Giuliani, adding it would have been a “no-brainer” during his time at the Department of Justice.

More @ WND

Trump's presidential qualifications…

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                            Leroy Fredrick Ritmiller                William Brock Townsend

Obama is against Trump... Check

The Media are against Trump... Check

The establishment Democrats are against Trump... Check

The establishment Republicans are against Trump... Check

The Pope is against Trump... Check

The UN is against Trump... Check

The EU is against Trump... Check

China is against Trump... Check

Mexico is against Trump... Check

Soros is against Trump... Check

Black Lives Matter is against Trump... Check

Move On is against Trump... Check

Koch Brothers are against Trump... Check

Bushes are against Trump ... Check

Planned Parenthood is against Trump....Check

Hillary & Bernie are both against Trump ... Check

Illegal aliens are against Trump ... Check

Islam is against Trump ... Check

Kasich is against Trump ... Check

Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump.. Check


It seems to me, Trump MUST BE the Best Qualified Candidate we could ever have.

If you have so many political insiders and left wing NUT CASES--- all SCARED TO DEATH, that they all speak out against him at the same time!

Most of all, it will be the People's Choice...


He's not a Lifetime Politician...Check

He's not a Lawyer.....Check

He's not doing it for the money...Check

He's a Natural Born American Citizen born in the USA from American parents. . .

Bonus points !

Whoopi says she will leave the country...

Rosie says she will leave the country...

Sharpton says he will leave the country...

Cher says she will leave the country...

Cyrus says she will leave the country...

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will prevail....

Hillary will go to jail.....

The budget will be balanced in 8 years....

Americans will have first choice at jobs.....

You will not be able to marry your pet....

You will be able to keep your gun(s) if you qualify...
(Not a criminal or crazy, etc.)

Only living, registered U.S. citizens can vote....


State Department: It’s Possible To Revoke Hillary And Co’s Security Clearances

In light of Hillary Clinton having top secret information on her private server, State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday that it was possible to revoke the security clearances of Clinton and her aides in the future.

During the State Department’s press briefing, Kirby commented on the possibility of revoking Clinton or her aides security clearances in the future. Kirby said, “The Department will determine the appropriate next steps following a decision by the Department of Justice… I am not hypothesizing or speculating, we’re going to let the Justice Department consider the findings of the FBI investigation and make whatever decisions they’re going to make.”

It Takes But Some Three Percent....

Comment by JWMJR on Will the West Survive the Century?

 CRUSADE 1096-1099 by mmmarcin

When any group of people gets pushed hard and fast enough into a corner there will be those who will simper like dogs but there will also always be a percentage of them that will be, perhaps slow to anger, but will reach their limits and fight back with a vengeance and without mercy, because they finally realize there will be no survival without s fight. Time we all asked our selves just what limits we will not be pushed past? Or are we to become the simpering cowards that clog the roads for the brave fighters trying to move forward against the enemy?

Since the assassination of John Kennedy the communist underground has been slowly and persistently pushing for the destruction of Western Judeo-Christian cultural and governmental structures and the rule of law with the intent that the foundations will become so riddled and rotted of any moral integrity that they will collapse of their own weight. Sensing that their goal was finally in sight with the election of Obama, they shifted tactics to a full on frontal assault against anything and everything moral, cultural, Christian, Constitutional and white. But as with all arrogant collectivists they have overreached and in result the last two years has created a sudden and determined backlash and the phenomenon of Donald Trump's political ascendancy.

They see him and the people and movement associated with him as truly capable of reversing the 30 years of destruction wrought upon Western civilization, Christian cultural identity and that great leap of faith that was and is the American experiment in self government.

There is no lie they will not tell, no depth they will not sink to, no perversion they will not promote in order to achieve their goal of not just collectivist physical enslavement but of a moral bankruptcy that will render many a man intellectually incapable of resisting against a bondage applied not just to America but the entire world.

Conversely those of us who are fully aware of the narrative and nature of their plot and the people who carry it out, must make ourselves ready for the fight that could well become violent at a moment's turn.  We must remember that our enemies are capable of and willing to do anything they see fit that is not expressly resisted by some force.

We all of course should, like the founders, pray daily for the divine guidance and intercession of God, but we will also need to temper those prayers with the full knowledge that God helps those who help themselves. If that means we must prepare and lay in wait with an out numbered force, like Nimitz at Midway, to strike at the highest crest of the enemies assault, then that is what we must do. If we are righteous in our cause and preparations and sacrifice, then God will provide the moment to strike the fatal blow, just as he did for the dive bomber groups who turned the tide of war with a single blow. May God preserve and protect us all in this our great endeavor.

Milo and Ann Coulter: If Trump Loses It Could Mean the End of the GOP

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Ann Coulter: The Washington crowd, but the mistake they’re making is, the idea that they think there is going to be a functioning Republican Party if they take Trump down, because if Trump loses there is one group of people who are going to be blamed. And that is the establishment Republicans, the #NeverTrump crowd
Milo: That’s half of the Republican Party gone. They will never vote for Republicans again.
Ann: They will never get that Trump vote. It is the end of the Republican Party and I think it’s the end of the country anyway if Hillary gets elected. You have Paul Ryan as the Speaker. You have Hillary pushing amnesty. Right now presidential elections are decided by a few million votes. They’re going to have 30 million new voters.

Donald Trump Narrows His VP Short List to 10 People “Some Names That Haven’t Surfaced Yet”

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Hillary Clinton Plays Her Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

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America’s nutty liberals fly off the handle every time a cop escapes indictment for a self-defense shooting, but they are pleased as punch to see Hillary Clinton make a mockery of justice. If there was any good reason for Bernie Sanders to remain in the race for the Democratic nomination, that reason disintegrated on Tuesday when FBI Director James Comey announced that his agency would recommend no criminal charges be filed against the former Secretary of State.

If you haven’t listened to Comey’s full 15-minute speech, it’s worth taking the time to do so. In a way, it was reminiscent of Joe Biden’s “I’m not running for president” speech a few months back. In that case, Biden announced he wasn’t running and then gave the exact same speech he would have if his decision had gone the other way. Here, Comey laid out a list of reasons why Hillary Clinton should be slapped with federal charges…and then let her off the hook.

Germany: Leftist pol raped by Muslim migrants, lied to police to avoid encouraging racism

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Selin Gören

“She now says people must never ‘twist the truth’ even if it is politically expedient to do so.” If the Left in the aggregate took her advice, it would have to close up shop. Lying because it is politically expedient is the hallmark of the Left’s approach to the Muslim migrant inundation, and to the jihad threat in general.

“Left-wing German politician who was raped by migrants admits she LIED to police about her attackers’ nationality because she did not want to encourage racism,” by Allan Hall, MailOnline, July 5, 2016 (thanks to Milad):

More @ Jihad Watch

Punching a White Woman After Yelling ‘I Hate White People’ Not a Hate Crime, Judge Rules

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Well, of course not.  It should have never crossed anyone's mind............

An indigenous woman in Calgary, Canada who yelled “I hate white people” before punching a white woman in the face and knocking her tooth out did not commit a racially motivate hate crime, a provincial court judge has ruled.

Judge Harry Van Harten’s written decision in the case argued that the motivation of the perpetrator, Tamara Crowchief, in the attack on the victim, Lydia White, was not related to racial bias.

More @ Heat Street

Will the West Survive the Century?

Will the West Survive the Century?

“Nativism … xenophobia or worse” is behind the triumph of Brexit and the support for Donald Trump, railed President Barack Obama in Ottawa.

Obama believes that resistance to transformational change in the character and identity of countries of the West, from immigration, can only be the product of sick minds or sick hearts.

According to The New York Times, he will spend the last months of his presidency battling “the nativism and nationalism” of Trump and “Britain’s Brexiteers.”

Prediction: Obama will fail. For rising ethnonationalism and militarization of frontiers is baked in the cake, if the West wishes to remain the West.

Behind that prediction lie the startling figures of the U.N.’s “World Population 2015” chart, which just arrived.

Consider but a few of those figures.


Honorable Members of Congress:

After the latest terrorist aggression in Orlando, gun control advocates wasted little time to cynically exploit tragedy in pursuing their pre-ordained agenda to restrict or eliminate Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment.

President Barack Obama immediately renewed his calls for banning semi-automatic firearms, which are functionally identical to many common hunting rifles, knowing full well that bans on such firearms – indeed, some of the world’s most stringent gun laws – recently failed to stop two mass killings in Paris (November 13, 2015, 137 dead, 368 injured and January 7, 2015, 19 dead, 22 injured) and Brussels (35 dead, over 300 injured). Given the terrorists procured guns illegally, they did the only logical thing by using not the semi-automatic firearms used in Orlando and San Bernardino, but rather fully automatic machine guns.

Meanwhile, Senator Chris Murphy first filibustered for and then caused to be introduced
S. Amdt. 4750 to H.R. 2758 for “universal background checks,” knowing full well that Orlando killer Omar Mateen underwent two such background checks on June 4 and 5.

                                                                             More @ GRNC 

Government claims power to control content of sermons: 'This is something that should be deeply troubling to every American'

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The Iowa Civil Rights Commission is being sued for claiming it has the right to control the content of church services that are “open to the public.”

The lawsuit filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of Fort Des Moines Church of Christ is part of a nationwide battle against the implementation of President Obama’s declared foreign-policy priority in his final year in office: “gay” rights.”

At issue in the Iowa case are state mandates that protect “transgender rights.” Among them are allowing men to enter women’s shower rooms, dressing rooms and restrooms if they say they are women, and banning statements in meetings “open to the public” that “might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity”

The lawsuit charges the mandates violate the U.S. Constitution’s protections for free speech, religion, expressive association, due process and the right to peaceably assemble.

More @ WND

“Those who lived under communism understand exactly what just happened”

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Hillary Cell Phone Blurred

FBI Director James Comey delivered the verdict on Hillary Clinton today – not guilty by reason of … of … of ….

There are a lot of details on why this was a miscarriage of justice. The best starting place is Andy McCarthy’s column at National Review, FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook.

But those are mere details. Important details, critical details, details worth writing about — but not the big picture.

Noah Rothman at Commentary wrote:
No amount of cynicism could have prepared Americans for what they witnessed on Tuesday morning, and 2016 has not been short on cynicism.
Getting closer.

The best truly big picture view I saw was from Karol Markowicz, a columnist for the NY Post and an ex-Soviet who moved the the United States as a child.

In response to the Comey verdict, Markowicz tweeted out a statement as to how others who came from the USSR expected no other result:

Face It: These RATs (Republicans Against Trump) Are Traitors To The Party—And To America

Via comment by Anonymous on FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Ho...

 The button is PhotoShopped--but Ryan and other GOP "leaders" are de facto supporters of Hillary.

A new poll has Donald Trump within one point as “Crooked Hillary” continues to bleed support because of her reputation for corruption [Trump Nearly Tied With Clinton in New Survey, by Eli Yokley, Morning Consult, July 5, 2016]. FBI Director James Comey just essentially admitted Hillary Clinton broke the law by mishandling classified information, but shrank from charging her because of her last name.

The shockingly radical Democratic Party platform now endorses de facto open borders with an end to “raids and roundups,” a full defense of Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesties, and a “path to citizenship” for the tens of millions of illegals  [2016 Democratic Party Platform Draft, 2016 Democratic National Convention, July 1, 2016]. The GOP might never recover from this demographic death blow—but this is the moment that Republicans Against Trump [RATs] have chosen to stab him in the back.

More @ V DARE

Tennessee Businesses That Disarm Concealed Carry Permit Holders Now Liable for Their Safety

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Cory Doctorow/Flickr

On July 1, businesses that disarm concealed carry permit holders with gun-free signage will be liable for the safety of those permit holders.

When the law, contained in SB 1736, takes effect, business owners who demand law-abiding citizens disarm themselves will assume liability for injuries they incur while on the “posted premises.”

Moreover, the business owners will be liable for injuries a concealed permit holder incurs while retreating from the business to a vehicle–during an emergency–to retrieve the gun the business owner barred.

The summary of SB 1736 makes is clear:

More @ Breitbart

Three Eyewitnesses Allege Hillary Called Aide A ‘F**king Jew Bastard’

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Given the media feeding frenzy over the allegedly Jew-baiting tweet by Donald Trump’s campaign last weekend, maybe reporters should examine well-sourced allegations that Hillary Clinton once angrily uttered an anti-Semitic slur.

What is good for the kosher goose is good for the gander.

BOGUS: Gee, Another Coincidence.......Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

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Christian Times Newspaper has learned that Guccifer, the Romanian hacker currently being held on charges for hacking Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, has been found in his Virginia jail cell, dead of an apparent suicide.

Guccifer, also known as Marcel Lazar Lehel, was extradited to the United States to face charges after openly admitting to repeatedly hacking Hillary Clinton’s email server.  This claim occurred in the midst of an FBI probe that was concluded this morning by Director Comey.

More @ Christian Times


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Q&A on Nullification and Interposition

 fort moultrie

 The Tariff must be reduced; it was grinding the South to powder. The northern manufacturers were declaring dividends of 25 and 30 per cent per annum, while the poor farmer at the South could scarcely "make both ends meet." The Tariff  must be reduced - it made the rich richer and the poor poorer.

 23. " Tarif"
When the Saracens and Moors, in the 8th century invaded and devastated the rich and beautiful provinces of Spain, they were commanded by a general whose name was Tarif, who had but one eye (See Anquetil's Universal History) - Our Tariff must be a descendant of this infamous destroyer, and inherits his defect of having but one eye, as it can see but one interest, and in one direction."

“Nullification” was a derogatory, negative-sounding term invented by the opponents of the right. The proper name is State Interposition.

Q: What can I read that can give me a serious overview of the true impact of the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 on South Carolina?

A: I think the question of the impact of the protective tariff on South Carolina is the wrong question to ask. It is something of a diversionary tactic, for reasons I will try to explain below.

The questions to ask about that period of American history are 1) was the protective tariff just? 2) was it good policy? 3) was it constitutional?. A believer in free markets and constitutionally limited government can only give a resounding NO to all these questions.

It was not just South Carolina that objected to the tariff. From the earliest national period John Taylor’s writings and John Randolph’s speeches, along with many other Southern spokesman, were eloquent and firm on the unjustness of the “protective” tariff. From 1824 on, every Southern legislature strongly condemned the tariff. The only difference was that only South Carolina was willing to go to the extent of actual nullification. This was not because South Carolina had suffered any more than others, but because South Carolina was the only State in which decisions could be made without the input of national party leaders who wanted to avoid hard issues.

Universal Mourning in the South


Do you know of author Brenda Chambers McKean? A friend gave me a recent book by her (Blood and War at My Doorstep) and you (and I) are mentioned in the acknowledgments. Seems to be a solidly-researched book on the fate of NC civilians during the war, most interesting and well-written.



With their men away at war, American women in the South did the farm work, raised children alone, and prayed their husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, and uncles would return home alive. Lincoln’s war upon the South cost the lives of some 260,000 Southern men.
Bernhard Thuersam,   The Great American Political Divide

Universal Mourning in the South

“Cornelia Phillips Spencer was married six years before becoming a widow at age thirty-six. Her journal read: “May, 1862, My hearing is going, and with it youth, hope, and love. There remains for me nothing but to sit at home and remember.” Commentating on Spencer’s diary, author Wright described the “universal mourning” in the South had made her own loss seem less burdensome because at least her husband had not died “horribly in battle, or lain lingering and mutilated in hospitals.”

Another diarist, Sarah E. Mercer, recorded that her brother Oliver (called Buddy), had to return to camp even though he was not well. She said, “Tears are such a solace . . .” In less than three weeks, he would be among the dead at Gettysburg.

“I cannot look to the future, it is too dark. All is dark, dark, dark. The fate of our country is in a thick mist, too dark and thick to see through.” Still grieving, Mercer three days later declared, “Pity that the politicians were not obliged to do all the fighting themselves. Me thinks there would be considerably less blood shed . . .” Major Brooks visited the family and gave them the contents of Buddy’s pockets. Mercer said, “We can have no hopes of ever getting is dear remains, as they were left on Yankee soil. We do not even know if he was buried.”

Elizabeth Robeson had several sons in service. A religious woman, she questioned her faith as did other women. Entries in her diary are as follows:

“May 18th – but all God does is right, though he moves in a mysterious way. He takes the young and leaves the aged for some wise purpose, but we shortsighted mortals cannot see it.”

“Jun 1, 1862 – Mr. W. Cain came in and said that he heard our boys (Bladen Guards) were in the battle and were cut to pieces. Many a better woman than I am has been bereaved of their only child, but I feel as if I could not bear up under it.”

Henry Fuller was wounded in June of 1862 at Seven Pines, Virginia. His wife Ann “went to Richmond in search of him but was unable to find even an ambulance driver, since it was almost impossible to keep up with the troops. She did find the man who placed him in the ambulance and was told that he was seriously wounded with a Minnie ball through his head. After several days of fruitless inquiry, she was forced to return home empty handed and the fate of her husband was never known.”

Fuller remained on the farm and raised her three children. Foraging Union troops took everything on the place at the close of the war. “

(Blood and War at My Doorstep, North Carolinians in the War Between the States, Volume II, Brenda McKean, Xlibris, pp. 640-641)