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Illegal immigration/government and what to do about it



You see, before ’49, if you were a Crow or an Arapaho or a Cheyenne, you might sit on a ridge and watch the schooners crawl across the empty prairie, one at a time, perhaps only a solitary train in a week.  You might trade with it, or take a slap at it for devilment, to run off a few horses, but mostly you’d leave it alone, since it was doing no harm, apart from reducing the grazing along the North Platte or the Arkansas, and thinning the game a little.

But the Indian just had to turn his back and ride a few miles to be in clear country which the caravans never touched, the bison herds ran free, and game abounded.  There was still plenty for everyone.

It was different after ’49.  A hundred thousand folk need a power of meat and wood and fodder; they must forage wide on either side of the trail, in what to them is virgin country, and wreak havoc among the buffalo and smaller game; they must strip the grazing to its roots–and it ain’t in human nature for them to think, in all that vastness, what it may mean for those few figures sitting on the ridge over yonder…but if  you are those figures, Crow or Arapaho or Cheyenne, watching the torrent that was once a trickle, seeing it despoil the Plains on which you depend for life, and guess that it’s going to get bigger by the year, and that what was once a novelty is now a menace–what d’you do?  Precisely what the squire in his Leicestershire acres, or his New England meadow, would do if crowds of noisy, selfish foreigners began to trek through ruining the place.

Remonstrate–and when that don’t work, because the intruders can’t see what damage they’re doing, and don’t care anyway–what d’you do then?

I’ll tell you; Leicestershire squire, New England farmer, Cheyenne Dog-Soldier or Kiowa Hose-Cap, you see that there’s only one thing for it:  you put your paint on.

Merkel finally admits that pseudo-refugees will change Germany forever

Via comment by Anonymous on Germany faces massive anti-migrant vs. pro-migrant...

 Goodness, look how impoverished they seem to be...............

Germany will be a Muslim majority country by 2050 without any more immigrants and the only way this can be prevented is sending many of those already in-country back.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has admitted, albeit in positive undertones, that Germany will be changed because of the 800,000 pseudo-refugees her government wants to squeeze into the country.

What we are experiencing now is something that will occupy and change our country in coming years” said Merkel.

We want that change to be positive, and we believe we can acomplish that.

September 5, 2015: A Day that will Live in Infamy

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I refuse to be negative. Never say die. 

The walls have come tumblin’ down. The Germans and Austrians have thrown their borders wide open. Syrian migrants in their tens of thousands are pouring in. Soon there will be almost a million of them, with an endless queue forming behind them. Word will get out to Africans and Asians: “The West is weak. They have given up. Their resistance is broken. Pick up your bags and let’s join the stream.” Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints nightmare has come to pass.

We will remember this day for the rest of our lives.

Commie Ken Burns sees an unfinished Civil War (sic)

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 Image result for Ken Burns: 'Slavery is why the Civil War happened'


Jim Crow sharecroppers experienced the pernicious substitute for slavery: ‘Well, if we can’t own you, we have to pay you something, it won’t be very much, but we’re going to own every other aspect of you.

(The Flimflam man conveniently leaves out white sharecroppers and he, as well as other 'experts', refuse to debate as they know full well they will go down in flames)

there was no law that protected African Americans in slavery  
(An unmitigated lie as my g, g, grandfather won the first case in 1834.)

pointing squarely at the South Carolina articles of secession: “Is there the words ‘states’ rights’ in their articles of secession?
(Yes, Einstein, but try reading the many other articles of secession.  Typical, liberal cherry picks what he likes and omits what he doesn't.)

 More nonsense @ The Washington Post

ISIS Punks and USA Vandals

 statue vandalized

Too good not to post verbatim

This article was originally published at the Fleming Foundation.

When the Islamic State blows up the Temple of Bel in Palmyra, the UNESCO (the cultural arm of the United Nations) condemns the act as a war crime.  UNESCO’s director-general declared that in destroying ancient monuments, IS was “seeking to deprive the Syrian people of its knowledge, its identity and history.”

In America, when political activists and legislators call for the removal of Confederate flags and symbols from public places, the destruction of Confederate monuments, and the desecration of the graves of Confederate officers, we do not hear a peep out of UNESCO.

Indeed, the entire world of right-thinking men and women applauds the attempt to deprive the Southern people of its knowledge, its identity and history.

The hypocrisy of America’s ruling class would seem to be gagging, were it not for the fact that they are both too stupid and too malevolent to be capable of thinking straight on any issue that can be connected, no matter how implausibly, with the rights of blacks, women, homosexuals, or adorable lions in a Zimbabwean game preserve.

Over the centuries Christendom has endured attacks from many dangerous and pernicious external enemies: from Mongols and Huns to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, but none is so persistent, so alien, and so malevolent as Islam.  They rape our wives and daughters—and our sons; they burn our churches and dynamite our graves; they destroy what they could never create by themselves, namely, a high civilization.  They were doing it a thousand years ago, and they are doing it today in Iraq, in Kosovo and even in Greece.

Although it has received little attention, Christian sites are also under attack in Syria.  Just a few days ago, according to the Catholic News Agency, IS forces bulldozed the ancient Catholic monastery of  Mar Elian:

“The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, on Aug. 20 said that the Islamic State had destroyed the monastery using bulldozers. Photos of the destruction were soon released online by the militant Sunni Islamist group.”

But even the worst of our external enemies are minor threats when compared with the threat posed by the great internal enemy, which is the liberal revolution, which, since the Renaissance, has been devouring its own children in every generation.  Today, so-called American conservatives speak the language of Robespierre, and self-described liberals, on moral and cultural issues, are well to the left of Marx and Lenin.  They will not rest until every public manifestation of Christianity has been eliminated, until all the children of USA are taught nothing but the religion of anti-Christ and the history of Anti-West and Anti-America.

On the surface, no two groups could be more opposed than the Muslim punks who have flocked to join the IS and the effete secular liberals of the American ruling class, but they are joined at their hip in their hatred of the Incarnation and all its symbols and in their contempt for the cultural and intellectual traditions of the West, from Homer to T.S. Eliot.

Western liberals may wear suits—at least they used to—and sit in legislatures and preside over courts and classrooms, but they are no less vandals than the rapist-thugs of the IS.

They too destroy what they cannot create; they too have subjugated our women to the Playboy philosophy; they, too, enslave our children’s minds.  In the short run, our vandals are safer to deal with than IS punks, but in the long run, the outcome is the same.

Alexandria to take up its Confederate memorials tonight

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The symbols of the Confederacy in Alexandria extend far beyond the memorial statue to the Southern war dead that greets northbound travelers on Washington Street in Old Town.

There’s the matter of the city flying the Confederate flag twice a year in the public right of way. There’s the name of U.S. 1, otherwise known as Jefferson Davis Highway. More than 33 streets and a public elementary school are named after Confederate military leaders. A plaque at a prominent Old Town corner presents a skewed version of a shooting at the start of the Civil War. In the council chambers itself, a portrait of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee silently watches the civic discourse, across the room from a portrait of George Washington.

The council on Tuesday night will consider what to do about all these markers of its Southern heritage and whether the time has come to excise reverence for the losing side of a divisive war over whether half of the nation could continue to enslave African Americans. (Straight out of the commie playbook.)

We are headed for a disaster of epic proportions

Via comment by Anonymous on Refugee Resettlement Watch: European Invaders 75% ...


Editor:  This is a comment we received from a regular reader ‘misterpaul5a’ to this post this morning.  To say he is frustrated would be a gross understatement. The events of the last week should be galvanizing all of us to do more, to dig deeper into our reserves of energy, to save Western Civilization for OUR children and grandchildren.

Misterpaul5a (we have broken the text into paragraphs for easier reading and highlighting is mine):

Once again Cameron has reneged on a promise. “We will not be taking refugees, we will be taking refugees”, “we will reduce immigrants to TENS OF THOUSANDS” (as if that were not thousands more than we need) instead of which we took in ,wait for it, 350,000. These people simply have no SHAME. What a coward he is proving to be. In the Obama mold to a great extent The man is a pathetic puppet being pulled this way and that by forces we do not see but certainly devoid of courage.

The only person we can trust in British politics today is Nigel Farage. The only person in the USA, Donald Trump.

The Real Sodomite Agenda--It sounds somewhat Marxist

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To anyone with a brain it has to be apparent that the Christian faith and biblical truth are under attack today as never before in our history. Unfortunately, most of the Church is sleeping through this and under no circumstances does it wish to be disturbed. Ignorance is bliss has, it would seem, been replaced by "complacency is bliss."

There was a recent article on www.massresistance.org  that outlined much of the sodomite agenda for the near future and it didn't all have to do with just "gay" marriages. That was the foot in the door, the camel's nose in the tent. An article in the leftist Nation was cited for this information.

The massresistance article said: "The Nation article, "What's next for the LGBT movement" quotes four high-profile LGBT activists who reveal that 'gay marriage' was never their final goal.  The LGBT will not be stopping to rest, they say. Their plan is to delegitimize and crush all opposition to their agenda everywhere in America--particularly in the churches--no matter how small." So those naive Christians who think this will all just go away if they are "nice" to the sodomites have got a rude awakening coming. These people are trying to destroy your churches and your faith, folks, and you've got to wake up to that fact. Oh, I realize that will take some effort. Even though the Lord is in control of it all, you will still have to get out and DO something, unpleasant as that thought is.

According to the massresistance article this is their plan:

1970 Plymouth Cuda Resto Mod 528/650 HP = Travesty, but I'd drive it. :)


Outside is still good except for the tires and wheels.  Needs classic Cragars.

This Pro Touring 1970 Plymouth Barracuda pulls out all the stops. The product of a professional rotisserie build, this Lemon Twist hardtop features extensive use of carefully selected aftermarket components to surpass even the performance of an original Hemi Cuda, a lofty goal even in the Pro Touring arena. Hemi power rules under the Shaker hood, in this case in the form of a dual four-barrel carbureted all-aluminum 528/650 HP engine topped with a Shaker hood scoop and driving through a Torqueflite automatic to a Dana 60 third member.

More @ MECUM

Walter Scott Shooting Update – Michael Slager Attorney To Offer Evidence Similar To Our Previous Outline…

Via comment by Sioux on NYPD officers fire 84 shots at suspect, miss 83 ti...

 Walter Scott map 2

Officer Michael Slager has been in jail since April charged with murder.  The first judicial hearing for Officer Slager, and the possibility for bond, will take place this Thursday.

Today media reports begin to surface from attorney Andy Savage which glean a considerable similarity in defense to our initial research discoveries:
  • Walter Scott was “on top” of Slager during the initial struggle. (link) [we first discovered this in our initial research]
  • Walter Scott’s DNA is on the tazer Officer Slager deployed. (link) [this was anticipated as a result of the visible struggle identified ]
  • During the struggle Officer Slager was “tazed” twice by Scott using his own weapon (link) [our research previously identified this distinct probability]
  • Walter Scott was “fleeing” Officer Slager due to outstanding warrant (child support)
  • A strong possibility exists that a weapon was on the scene between the originating point of the initial chase to the final disposition where the video of the lengthy struggle begins. (link)
Here is the current media release containing defense attorney Savage comments.

More with pictures and video @ The Last Refuge

Go West Young ISIS Man?

Via comment by Quartermain on GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS in Germany Ordered to Cover Up ...


How come all these Lefty feminists are not bothered by the 'patriarchy' of the Syrian refugees?

I thought that during an emergency it is always 'women and children first' and not healthy, smirking and well dressed young guys in their 20's and 30's holding selfie sticks. Like anyone with a sense of human decency, I have no problem with folks with disabilities, young children and their mothers being helped during this crisis. In fact, if human rights actually meant something in this globalist world, this would be the only priority. 

We have seen almost none of this so far.

I am not going to be lectured to by some silver spooned Socialist Workers Party types either, because I can see that most of these young male Syrian refugees look like they have recently escaped a shopping mall and not a war zone.

Three Illegal Aliens Charged in Death of Virginia High School Student

Via Skynet

A Virginia teen’s death last Friday is being blamed on three young immigrants who entered the country illegally.
Police say 17-year-old Danny Centeno-Miranda, who came to the US from El Salvador in 2013 to live with relatives, was the victim of a possible gang related attack while waiting for the school bus Friday.

Centeno-Miranda, who was attending Park View High School in Sterling, was shot twice in the back about 50 yards from the bus stop and later died at the hospital.

Three people were arrested and charged Saturday in connection with his death, including one 17-year-old charged with second-degree murder who was not named due to his age.

More @ Info Wars

GRADE SCHOOL GIRLS in Germany Ordered to Cover Up – So As Not to Provoke Muslim Refugees

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 german school girls
"Revealing tops or blouses, short shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.”
The grade school sent a letter home this week.

The Local reported:

A school in Bavaria has sent a letter home to parents warning them not to let their daughters wear revealing blouses or short skirts, because emergency accommodation for refugees has been set up next to the gym.

A week ago emergency accommodation for 200 Syrian refugees was erected right next to the gym of Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium in Pocking, Bavaria, Die Welt reports.

The gym has been closed as a result, and PE lessons have been relocated to a nearby primary school, but the school is still worried about the refugees interacting with students.

So worried in fact that the headteacher recently sent out a letter to parents to give reassurance about extra security measures.

Boy’s $20 Gift to Soldier Multiplies

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One of the few chimes with a history based in the United States. Although the bells for this chime were cast in London, they were installed in St. Michael's Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 1764. During the Revolutionary War, the British captured the city and the bells were returned to England as spoils. After the war, a London merchant purchased them and returned the bells to Charleston, where they were re hung amid great rejoicing. 

In 1823, cracks were discovered in the bells and they were again returned to England to be recast. During the Civil War, the bells were removed to Columbia for safekeeping, but were ruined in a fire set by Sherman's Army. Only fragments of the bells were found. 

After the war, the remains made a third trip to England (where the original molds still stood) for restoration. They were once again installed in the Charleston church steeple in February 1867, where on March 21, 1967 they joyously rang out:

Home again,
Home again
From a foreign land.

Listen to St. Michaels Chimes:

Five Wealthiest Muslim Nations REFUSE Syrian Refugees – Fear Terrorism

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arab refugees

On Monday Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu criticized the “ridiculously small” share of foreign refugees Europe was accepting, calling the continent the “Christian fortress of Europe.”

350,000 migrants have fled to Europe this year.

Almost 50,000 asylum-seekers reached Greece in July alone.

But the wealthiest Muslim nations – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Kuwait have accepted NO SYRIAN REFUGEES!

** The wealthiest Gulf nations argue that accepting large numbers of Syrian refugees is a serious threat to the safety of its citizens because terrorists could hide themselves among civilians.

The Huffington Post reported:

Wingsuit Proximity Flying BASE Jumping Compilation

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698K Native-Born Americans Lost Their Job In August: Why This Suddenly Is The Most Important Jobs Chart

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After the Fed admitted over a year ago that the US unemployment rate (which in 2012 was supposed to be a rate hike "threshold" once it hit 6.5% and is now at 5.1%) has become irrelevant in a country where a record 94 million people have left the labor force, and with the Fed poised to hike rates even though US hourly wages have not only not increased for the past 7 years, but for the vast majority of the labor force continue to decline, some have asked - is there any labor-related chart that matters any more?

The answer: a resounding yes, only it is none of the conventional charts that algos and sometimes humans look at.

The one chart that matters more than ever,has little to nothing to do with the Fed's monetary policy, but everything to do with the November 2016 presidential elections in which the topic of immigration, both legal and illegal, is shaping up to be the most rancorous, contentious and divisive.

No votes for turncoats!

Via Carl

On September 18, 2015, Heritage Action for America will host a special presidential candidate forum in Greenville, South Carolina at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. In addition to candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016, the forum will feature South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, and Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham.
WHERE: Bon Secours Wellness Arena (Follow I-185 downtown)
650 North Academy Street
Greenville, SC 29601

WHEN: Friday, September 18, 2015
3:00 p.m.     Doors Open
4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.   Heritage Action Candidate Forum
We are asking all Flaggers to be at the arena (former Bi-Lo Arena) at 1:00 pm. Please bring your flag, your signs (especially those noting Haley) and dress casual. Please portray a good attitude and do not give the press any reason to call us hicks, or any other dismissive names! We want to continue flagging until 7:00 pm. Those willing can stay until it ends at 10:00 pm.

VIDEO: Greek Island Turns Into War Zone as Syrian and Afghan Migrants Clash

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The Greek island of Lesbos has been turned into a war zone by rioting migrants, leaving the island’s 85,000 residents in despair. Around 25,000 migrants are currently camped out on the island with hundreds more arriving daily, leading to frequent violent clashes and rioting despite their claim to be fleeing violence.

Located just 6 miles from the Turkish shore, the migrants come over in inflatable boats which they cut up on arrival to prevent being turned back, expecting to be able to quickly travel on by ferry to mainland Europe, German station RTL has reported.

More with video @ Breitbart

Germany faces massive anti-migrant vs. pro-migrant standoff amid refugee crisis

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Germany faces massive anti-migrant vs. pro-migrant standoff amid refugee crisis

Germany is once again in the midst of massive anti-immigration rallies, which are often met with counter-marches, dividing the country in two.

The latest demonstrations saw thousands of right-wing protesters expressing anger over the influx of refugees.

Around 10,000 members of PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against Western Islamization) marched through, Dresden, Germany, where the group was founded. The crowds decried the tidal wave of migrants coming to Europe and, in particular, the arrival of Muslim refugees en masse in Germany.

More with videos @ Info Wars

Christians warned to pull kids from public school: 'All the garbage and debris and waste from this faulty model is washing up'

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Imagine an America in which all children are educated according to biblical, Christian principles instead of modern, secular, liberal values.

Chaplain E. Ray Moore (Lt. Col. USAR Ret.), such a scenario is not just possible, but essential if Christians wish to reclaim the American culture.

“We take the position at the Exodus Mandate that the Scripture and sound theology teach that the education of children belongs to the family and the church or private associations, not government,” said Moore, the founder and president of Frontline Ministries, Inc. and director of the Exodus Mandate Project. “We don’t believe that government, even at the state level, has any role in K-12 education, and the Scriptures are clear and explicit on this. There’s no wiggle room.”

In order to wake Christian parents up to the dangers of public schools, Exodus Mandate has released a new documentary called “Escaping Common Core: Setting Our Children Free.”

More @ WND

Roll Alabama


An English “sea shanty”, or shipboard working song, it chronicles the history of the most successful ship in the Confederate Navy, the C.S.S. Alabama.  The original author is unknown.

When the Alabama’s keel was laid
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

Twas laid in the yard of Jonathan Laird
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Twas laid in the town of Birkenhead
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

Down the Mersey way she rolled then
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Liverpool fitted her with guns and men
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

From the Western Isle she sailed forth
Roll, Alabama, Roll
To destroy the commerce of the North
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

To Cherbourg port she sailed one day
Roll, Alabama, Roll
To take her count of prize money
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

Many a sailor lad he met his doom
Roll, Alabama, Roll
When the Kearsarge it hove in view
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

Til a ball from the forward pivot that day
Roll, Alabama, Roll
Shot the Alabama’s stern away
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

Off the three mile limit in sixty-five*
Roll, Alabama, Roll
The Alabama went to her grave
O Roll, Alabama, Roll

South African folk song commemorating the CSS Alabama's visit to Cape Town in 1863

Via comment by Anonymous on 150 years since the CSS Shenandoah docked in Melbo...
Traditional song arranged by Jeffrey Haskell. Sung by CCHS Choralaires in concert 2011-03-23