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Lee and Jackson Banquet

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 Lee honoring Jackson


What:   Lee & Jackson Banquet

When:  6:00 pm on February 12, 2022

Where: King’s Restaurant on US 70 east in Kinston, NC

Why:    To celebrate the birthdays of Generals Robert E. Lee and Jonathan "Stonewall"  Jackson

Who:    Anyone who cherishes the memory of these two Southern heroes

The Goldsboro Rifles, the Dr. B. T. Person and the Smithfield Light Infantry Camps are hosting a Lee and Jackson Banquet. Please come and help us celebrate the birthdays of these two great men and Confederate leaders.  It is General Lee’s 215th and General Jackson’s 198th birthday.

We are proud to have as our speaker for this year’s banquet, another of our favorites, Mike Parker.  Mike is a member of the CSS Neuse Camp 1427 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Three of his great-great grandfathers served the Confederacy during the War Between the States. He enjoys serving as a tour guide on the CSS Neuse II, a full-size replica of the original CSS Neuse. He serves as secretary of the CSS Neuse Foundation, caretakers of the Neuse II.  He has had a thirst for history all his life and has done extensive research on many of its subjects.  His topic this year will be the first seventeen years in the life of General Stonewall Jackson, “Before Stonewall”.  It promises to be very interesting and given Mike’s talent for delivery, there is no doubt.

The meal, served family style, will consist of King’s barbecue, fried chicken, Brunswick stew, slaw, potatoes, tea and hushpuppies.
If you would like to be a part of this special celebration, please send your check made out to Allen Aycock.

                  $32.00/couple--$16.00/single to:        
                   Allen G. Aycock, Sr.

                   1128 Aycock Dairy Farm Road

                   Fremont, NC 27830

Please send it to Allen by February 5th , 2022 so we can give the restaurant a head count in time for them to prepare for us.  In the past, quite a few have waited to pay at the door.  When you do that, we cannot give the restaurant an accurate head count, so, please, send your check to Allen.  It really helps us as we want to have enough food and seating for everyone.  Thanks for your co-operation.

Please feel free to pass this along to ANYONE that you think might like to attend.  You do not have to belong to the SCV to be a part of this celebration. It is open to all General Lee and General Jackson admirers.

A s usual we will be having a silent auction to raise money for the upkeep of the General Joseph E. Johnston Monument on the Bentonville battlefield.  We encourage you to bring items for the auction.  Who knows, someone else may bring just what you have been looking for and you might bring what he or she has been looking for.  Items do not have to be War Between the States theme items, just any items you would like to donate to help us care for the monument.

For questions, you may email me at tobaccodog@gmail or call me at 919-222-8441.

Hope to see you at the banquet,

~~John Pippin

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Auto Glocks

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When the wall fell......


Via David " Berlin, I was there. Some see me as a symbol of hate and white supremacy.They see that out of their own fears and hate. I am a symbol against hate and tyranny."

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