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Flashback: Roger Stone Was Set Up by FBI Informant ‘Henry Greenberg’ Back in May 2016 – Who Attempted to Bribe Him with $2 Million

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Roger Stone was set up by the FBI.

Then he was targeted by the Mueller team.

Now he faces 9 years in prison or until death.
In June 2018 The Gateway Pundit posted a Roger Stone Exclusive.

In the report Roger Stone reveals he was set up by and FBI plant in May 2016 posing as a Russian who attempted to bribe him with $2 million.

ROGER STONE EXCLUSIVE: Comey’s FBI Tried to Entrap Me and Compromise Donald Trump
Roger shared this in his report:

Rand Paul Blasts YouTube over Censorship of Speech on Senate Floor

 Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., responds to reporters at the Capitol after he threatened to reveal the name of the Ukraine whistleblower who helped initiate the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump by providing details of Trump's call with the Ukrainian president, in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/J. Scott …

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has called out Google-owned YouTube after it blacklisted a clip of him speaking on the Senate floor, an act of censorship he calls “chilling and disturbing.” Google censored Paul because he read out the name of the alleged “whistleblower,” Eric Ciaramella.

Politico reported the story as “new,” even though Breitbart News first revealed that YouTube was blocking clips of the Senator mentioning Ciaramella’s name last week.

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President Trump to attend Sunday’s Daytona 500

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President Donald J. Trump will attend Sunday’s Daytona 500.

Daytona International Speedway president Chip Wile made the announcement Thursday morning.

Trump and his wife are expected to fly into Daytona International Airport, which adjoins the Speedway, on Air Force One.

Wile issued this statement:

“The Daytona 500 is one of the greatest events in sports and the prestigious season-opening event to the NASCAR Cup Series. Daytona International Speedway has been privileged to have hosted several sitting Presidents of the United States over our history.

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Deep State Mayor Pete: Could Former Naval Intelligence Officer Pete Buttigieg Be a CIA Asset?

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Deep State Mayor Pete: Could Former Naval Intelligence Officer Pete Buttigieg be a CIA Asset?

Former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a rising star in the Democratic Party. A mere year ago, few could have picked him out of a police lineup. Now he’s the presumptive front-runner of the centrist faction of the party and – for the moment, at least – the most likely person for “Stop Bernie” forces to coalesce around.

But few know much about him, if anything. His personal biography seems to revolve around two data points. First, that he’s a gay Christian. Second, that he’s a former Navy intelligence officer.
The latter of the two has not had any significant scrutiny. When “Mayor Pete’s” military record is subjected to even the slightest bit of observation, however, some disturbing facts and damning questions begin to leap out. The question at the bottom continues to be: Who is Pete Buttigieg?

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As gun rights die in Virginia, 9 states could soon form pro-2nd Amendment bastion

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Image result for As gun rights die in Virginia, 9 states could soon form pro-2nd Amendment bastion

As Democratic lawmakers in Virginia chip away at commonwealth residents' firearms rights, one bill in a Southern state seeks to undo the damage and form a pro-Second Amendment bulwark across the south.

Mississippi House Bill 753, sponsored by seven Republicans in the state Legislature, was introduced Monday.

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Troubling Revelations About Roger Stone Jury Foreperson and She Wasn’t the Only One With Issues

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Troubling Revelations About Roger Stone Jury Foreperson and She Wasn't the Only One With Issues

The question involving the Roger Stone sentence exploded this week after the DOJ said the sentence recommended by the prosecutors was excessive. Democrats then tried to claim that the DOJ was ‘interfering’ in their own case, implying it was on behalf of the President.

A senior Justice Department official said that they were shocked with the sentence recommended by the prosecutors and said Stone should be sentenced to far less than what the prosecutors had recommended, 87-108 months, 7-9 years for the first offense and non-violent offense. The DOJ official said the excessive sentence was far different from how the prosecutors had briefed DOJ leadership that they would proceed on the case. The “general communication” between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the main DOJ had led senior officials to expect a more moderate sentence, the official told Fox News.

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Faith in Elections in Relatively Short Supply in U.S.

"We as a nation have an election system which is, in too many places in this country, essentially operating on an 'honor system.'
This is nowhere truer than it is for the State of North Carolina which has become the "poster state" for all that is wrong with American election laws.  A virtual 'stew' of racist organizations, a political party, and activist federal judgesbhave conspired to keep it that way.Other countries do not rely on the honesty of voters; they verify them.  Thus, the higher confidence in their elections, as you will see in the Gallup survey report below.And we know, without any doubt, who is obstructing the state of North Carolina and be extension, the nation from having more 'faith' in elections by refusing to allow fraud-proofing of the electoral process and even refuting the growing body of evidence that such reform is sorely needed."
 Faith in Elections in Relatively Short Supply in U.S.
59% of Americans say they are not confident in the honesty of U.S. electionsConfidence measurably worse only in Chile and Mexico

Although their faith has been shaken for some time, Americans are heading into their next presidential election with relatively little confidence in the honesty of the process. Four in 10 Americans (40%) interviewed in 2019 said they are confident in the honesty of elections in the country, while the majority (59%) said they are not.
 Americans' current level of confidence in their elections is far from the lowest it has been at times in the past decade, but it is notably one of the worst ratings across the world's wealthiest democracies. Ratings were statistically lower last year only in Chile (31%) and Mexico (30%).

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Stephen Strang: The Catastrophic Consequences of Trump Losing the 2020 Election

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Charisma Media founder and CEO Stephen Strang doesn't pull any punches. If President Donald Trump loses the 2020 election in November, the consequences for America could be no less than spiritually catastrophic.

Strang's book God, Trump and the 2020 Election highlights the dark spiritual path the country will almost certainly take if voters don't keep the president in office for the next four years. Topics include religious freedom, immigration, the Supreme Court and the LGBT agenda.

"Just listen to the Democratic candidates and what they say they want to do from Day 1," Strang told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "They want to pass the Green New Deal. There's something called the Equality Act that all of the Democrats in the House supported, all of them. There's some kind of scary new bill I was seeing on TV the other night, and it has to do with basically totally open borders and how illegals are treated by the justice system.

Virginia Senate passes bill giving localities authority to remove Confederate monuments

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 The Virginia Senate voted along party lines Tuesday to pass a bill giving localities the authority to relocate or remove Confederate monuments. Virginia law currently prohibits local governments from removing or altering monuments and memorials.

The 21-19 party-line vote came as lawmakers work to advance legislation on crossover day, the session’s midpoint when bills must pass the Senate and House to be considered and approved by the other chamber before becoming a law. The House is expected to vote on its measure later in the day.

Democrats’ wins could revive efforts to bring down Virginia’s Confederate statues
In January, the majority of the Richmond City Council agreed to pass a resolution asking the Virginia General Assembly to enact measures to allow Richmond to decide what to do with Confederate monuments owned by the city.

Ag Barr Turns up the Heat

 William Barr To Testify Before House Judiciary Committee About Giuliani 'Feeding' Info to DOJ, Jessie Liu, Roger Stone and More

A double dose of Bill Barr: a real Ukraine investigation and new sanctuary city policies

Well, lookie here! Attorney General Barr announced that a group outside Main Justice at DoJ (led by the US attorney from Pittsburgh) is reviewing documents associated with Ukraine – and has been for some weeks now, as reported here by NPR. That includes the information about which Rudy Giuliani has been podcasting for some time now. There are six podcast episodes available at his website linked here. The information conveyed in those podcasts is breathtaking and little-known by most Americans! Corruption, money-laundering, etc., etc.

As a result, Joe Biden is feeling that investigative heat, too, as he is continually being asked questions about it and claiming that “nobody has accused him [son Hunter] of doing anything wrong except the thug Rudy Giuliani.” America’s mayor is a “thug,” Joe? Only your sycophants buy that malarkey.

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